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Snow Day | Background One by luca rayne.

Artist luca rayne. [gallery]
Time spent 37 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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Snow Day | Background One

Postby luca rayne. » Mon Jan 20, 2020 11:30 am

Background One / Five

( POV: You woke up Monday and looked outside your window. You gasp as you gently pull the blinds aside. It had snowed! The ground was covered in blissful, dewy drops. The snow was fluffy, puffed up against the wind. You hear your parents say that school/work are closed for the day. You throw on your snow clothes and run outside. Its time for a Snow Day! )

I worked so hard on this. Lol. I was going to draw the photo listed below, but the little seal wasn't coperating. Then, my little sister Rosie said that my background was cute. So, I decided to create this and let anyone use it if they comment below. I would like to be given proper credits i.e. "background credits; @luca rayne." Anywho, have fun! Enjoy!

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