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look at em by Scei

Artist Scei [gallery]
Time spent 1 hour, 12 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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look at em

Postby Scei » Wed Aug 14, 2019 8:31 pm

1: Abanobites (Abano= fan | bites= nom nom)
    Because the territory they live in is so hot, abanobites have evolved to have a rotating appendage on the end of the tail that strongly resembles a man-made fan! It works almost exactly the same except Abanobites have water under the skin in the blades of their fan that is always circulating; this keeps the air from their fan cool and crisp!

2: Stavumoth/Juicefae (Stavu= juice | Moth= adorable flutterbug)
    Stavumoths are a very small species that have a nose resembling an elephan, and the uses for the nose is actually quite similar! Stavumoths use their long nose to drink nectar and juice in the wild, they flutter to and fro looking for fresh fruit and flowers to drink from, the need plenty of sweets to keep going!

3: Amphibeans (amphibian + beans)
    named for their strangely shaped heads amphibeans are in fact an amphibious species, they spend part of their time in the water, or similarly moist areas, and have to keep their skin wet otherwise they'll dry out. These bug-eyed bundles spend most of their time playing in mud puddles and splashing around, they move with ease in water due to their wide fins found on their head, and prehensile tail!

4: Carninis (carnies + nininininini)
    these silly looking doggos seem to most resemble a clown! they have long, semi-floppy ears, a big nose, and some weirdly placed patches of fluff! It seems every carnini has a shape on atleast one side of their rear, but the shapes dont seem to matter when it comes to rarity. All carninis have the natural-born ability to make balloon animals, whether its because their tail is a balloon or not we don't know, but it sure seems to help them practice!

I mean, theyre technically open for offers? but they might be hard to nab xD

the timer is all-knowing I was working on other stuff and trying to get wow to load

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Re: look at em

Postby BluntForceTrauma » Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:43 pm

I absolutely love the Stavumoths! I feel like they would probably exist in lush areas of Africa, and have a miniature society. I'm actually researching names using different words that the locals might call them :3
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