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New species in progress! by AutumnMutt

Artist AutumnMutt [gallery]
Time spent 20 minutes
Drawing sessions 1
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New species in progress!

Postby AutumnMutt » Mon Dec 19, 2016 3:11 pm

Hello! i am AutumnMutt!
i just had this idea of a new species idk if this okay
is still in progress

i am still searching for aname for this species

-These species is Domestic Dog/Bunny/deer
Bunny 20%
deer 60%
Domestic dog- 80%

Characteristic or wathever Xd
-Bunny; Small Puffy Tail,Jump soo high
-Deer; The paws are form of a hoove,They can have Anthlers or horns, and they are super fast
-Dog; smal like a Corgi,have always long Ears,bark,play,very active, have a fluff butt, they are super puffy
thats all xD
sorry about the eye xd
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