Nightstar by Yoshikage~kira

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Artist Yoshikage~kira [gallery]
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Postby Yoshikage~kira » Sat Jun 12, 2021 6:09 am

Name: nightstar

Warrior name: nightfall

Clan: moon clan (formerly) night clan (current)

Mate: stonepine

Apprentice: stagpaw/stag thorn (formerly), ash paw/ash tooth (formerly), oakpaw (current)

Status: leader

Kin: daysight (sister), yellowclaw (sister), darkwhisper (brother), thorngaze (father), mossfur (mother), raven paw, bark paw, shadepaw (sons), solartail (eldest son)

Allie clans: none

Note: this is NOT a adoptable, this is my oc from my fan series and it will not be given away

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