Some Cats by Eleya

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Some Cats

Postby Eleya » Mon Aug 26, 2019 3:39 am

As I needed some more cats, here we go xD They all need names, but I got some info for each ;3

1. Has a huge love for raccoons. They were actually raised by some and now belive they are no cat but an oddly coloured raccoon.

2. Smoky black maine coon. Seems to be very cold at times. Loves winter and snow.

3. Ragdoll mix. Very girly, and very pink. Would love to be a princess and have a unicorn. Everything in pink of course.

4. Abesinian. Shy girl as she has markings her breed shouldnt. Was laughed at a lot and feels worthless quite often.

5. Russian blue mix. Has tear shaped marking under blue eye, and arrow on breast. Is often harsh and will always get into fights. I might add some scars to him later...

6. Is that an owl? European shorthair. Loves to be outside at night. Is a great hunter. Prefers birds over mice.
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