Tyra Bellson by StarSea

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Tyra Bellson

Postby StarSea » Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:04 pm

Daughter to Jack Bellson and Emily Bellson, Tyra was born of high command in her township, but power goes only so far when you're blind and living in Outswords. Tales travel all around of the living dead residing in Outswords, and although Tyra may not be able to see such, she knows the lies in those words.

Name-........ Bellson, Tyra Noel
DOB- .......September 23, 2538
Age- ............................17
Gender- ..................Female
Mother- .....Bellson, Emily Lynn
Father- .....Bellson, Jack David
Keeper- ...........Snow Leopard

(Anything I'm missing? Please tell me!)

What is a 'Keeper'? In Outswords - or rather anywhere - when a child is born a gift is given to them by all relatives. This gift is a small plush toy with special systems and tools implemented into the structure of the fabrics it's made from, every one given being different. These systems and tools can pick up personality information and everything it needs to know to 'activate' the toy's life. For every child, only one 'keeper' can ever be activated. The keeper and the owner's jobs are to protect each other and look out for on another. The two grow together and the Keeper cannot die of natural causes. A Keeper dies from someone killing it, or the child it grew with dies. An owner does not die if their Keeper dies, but they can feel each other's pain and suffering.

So a child gets just one toy? No, a child gets several many toys, but there is only one specific one for them that will actually grow. In some cases, a child will live several years, even die, without ever finding their Keeper. Though this is rare, it can happen.
(Have any questions? Post 'em! :))

Right now, as it's just female lines, I can only do females. But if Luzifer does a male then I'll start working on the males as well. :) All recolors here will be of the other females. ^_^
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