Have: FR | W: Exlists!

Post here for trades involving items, pets, points or currency from other websites (FR, Wajas, mweor, etc)

Have: FR | W: Exlists!

Postby FluffyMilo » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:16 am

If you're looking to trade your Exlists for gems, you're at the right place!

If interested, send a PM! Please don't post here.
Here's my FR: https://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&tab=userpage&id=275617

Rules to prevent me from being scammed:
- PM me with your FR username/link.
- Send the trade of the pet I'm buying, ready to accept. I will cancel suggestions.
- Once I get that trade, I will send a one-way crossroad OR a PM on flight rising of the gems/treasure/items; whatever you prefer.
- I'll accept the trade immediately or after you accept the gems; whatever you're more comfortable with!
- In trade messages on CS and FR, I'll include trade links that way it's there for future reference.

Anyone who scams/attempts to scam me will be reported.

All trades will be posted on the successful off-site trades later on! ❤

Some successful FR trades I've done:

UR Tiger - 43k FR gems
Black Advent - 12k FR gems
Pink sorbet - 6.5k FR gems

Currently buying...

Vixen Advent: 3k gems
Spotted tribal bun: 800 gems (1.5k if true date)
Green toxic bun: 800 gems (1.5k if true date)
Green Toxic: 5k (6k gems if true date)
U-nick-corn: 8k gems
UR s'mores: 10k gems
UR banana: 10k gems
UR avocado: 9k gems
Sunjewel: 10-25k gems
T7 Advent dogs: 1.5 gems each (2k if truedate)
Rare warrior cats: 900 hundred-1k gems each (only cats based on warrior characters)
VR warrior cats: 1-2k gems each (Only cats based on warrior characters)

Don't like my prices? I can haggle! ❤

Currently selling...

None atm!

FR items for CS pets....

None atm!

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