ConLangs- Constructed Languages

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ConLangs- Constructed Languages

Postby e.mbr » Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:05 am

noun: conlang; plural noun: conlangs

a language that has been artificially created; a constructed language.


Famous Conlangs

Dothraki Created by David J. Peterson

Valyrian Created by David J. Peterson

Trigedasleng Created by David J. Peterson

Klingon Created by Marc Okrand

Esperanto Created by L.L. Zamenhof

Elvish Created by J.R.R. Tolkien

Na'vi Created by Paul Frommer

Dovahzul Created by ??

Introduction to conlangs

Constructed Languages or "conlangs" have been created and used for various reasons since the 1700's and 1800's. One of the most famous early conlang's was Esperanto. It was created to be a language that everyone would learn and speak and help to break the language barriers. In modern times though, most conlangs are used for tv, movies and entertainment. Famous languages in this category are Elvish and Klingon as they are a few of the older but very well known and even spoken languages. Many conlangs have been created by people though for their own use whether for their books, show, universe or even just for fun.

Conlang Wikia is where many of these languages are stored.

Member Conlangs

Here are some of the people on Cs's Conlangs.
Let me know if you want yours posted

Enelkan by e.mbr

Discussion about conlangs can be here along with speaking in your language or sharing info about yours/other languages
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Re: ConLangs- Constructed Languages

Postby Yamakari » Mon Oct 16, 2017 2:41 am

Ooh, I was waiting for a thing like this! Linguist here, almost, and very appreciative of this kind of work. >u>
Let's see. I have... qOrowa, qiLeng, qiYang, parts of the rest of the Qi tree, Anekoilantu, Lanhala, Melati, Akala'iki, Yem Na and Naylte Saru. Also Irmi and Yehena.
In somewhat less detail, a tonal conlang based on Vietnamese, to be spoken by the culture of an oc -- but the detail jump is huge, such that aside from his name and a few words, I have no idea about anything in it. ;v;

qOrowa, qiLeng, qiYang and Yem Na are all languages in the same rough geographical area, spoken in a headworld I have; qOrowa would have been spoken in the lowland regions and had counterparts qArawa and qSul, but that branch died out completely, leaving it as the only remainder. qiLeng is another language about as close to qOrowa as Romanian is to the more commonly spoken Romance, qiYang is to qiLeng as Italian is to Latin, and Yem Na is an isolate with heavy lexical borrowing from the qi tree, a collection of languages with, among other things, a q- genitive in common.
Anekoilantu is a polysynthetic agglutinative language spoken by ridiculously widespread but reasonably isolated nomads with a phonology that deliberately looks like it was chosen by a typewriter on drugs.
Lanhala is... kind of like its world's Nahuatl, honestly, with a lot of grammar borrowed from Quechua... and Inuktitut... and then of course a vocabulary and phonology with no system whatsoever. :P Aliens, that's why.
Melati resembles an Austronesian language in construction but has grammatical elements found in Arabic and Hindi.
Naylte Saru is a hot mess spoken by sea creatures that I'm slowly trying to rescue from adolescent mediocrity, where it languished until I found it in my old Google. I'm not even sure it's mine, but no one has stepped up to claim it that I'd been speaking to then, so I guess it's my cross to bear.
Irmi is a sort of concreole-cum-sorta-proper-conlang mashed together from pieces of the Semitic languages, some Hindi and some Chinese, to be spoken by jinn in a fictional city (Iram, hence the name).
And Yehena is a.... a thing written because I told myself I could be messier than Na'vi, with ergative-absolutive alignment.
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