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Postby MistyAutumnDays » Sun Nov 03, 2019 3:12 am


Name: Lithefoot
Gender: Male
Gang/Clowder: The Sakura Fox
Owner: MistyAutumnDays
5/5 Health
4/5 Strength
5/5 Defense
3/5 Speed
1/5 Empathy
1/5 Longevity
No known ancestors

Siblings/Extended Family
No known siblings
No known aunts/uncles
No known nieces/nephews
No known cousins

No known children
Sector: Traveler
Coat: Black bicolour
Eyes: Blue&Green
Scars: Scratch on nose ridge
Genotype: ll, BB, oY, DD, wsw, aa, McMc, spsp, Tata, cucu, fdfd

Personality: Lithefoot is steadfast in his beliefs. Being the ruler of his gang, The Sakura Fox, he plans to lead a wonderful nation. He's deeply rooted in the heavens, believing his ancestors will come back to him in another life. Therefore, he treats all life with a delicate paw, praising the skies when a mouse is killed or a duckweed patch is collected. Naming is special to Lithefoot, as his name signifies his fast feet and lean body. All names in his gang should fit the cat, or they must be told otherwise by Lithefoot.
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