♡ I want to be with you ♡

"♡ I want to be with you ♡" by Zoroark Queen

Dressup entry

♡ I want to be with you ♡

Postby Zoroark Queen » Fri Feb 15, 2019 6:08 am

This sweet kitty came from the pound.
I randomly checked the pound a few days ago and there she was her name already was Azora.
At first i checked a few other pages to look for a different pet,but she kept following me for up to 3 pages and there were more than 200 pets still in the pound, then the last page that loaded just before i decided to not adopt any pet and exit the pound,had her on it again.
She really wanted to come with me,so i couldn't say no.And now she is all dressed up for Hearts day ♡

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Pet's name: Queen Elzahra
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