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Custom Balls!! [Editable]
by mialovesbunnies @ Tue May 18, 2021 4:55 am [Reply]

Some Cute balls!!
Feel Free To Use Them For Whatever, Just Don't Claim The Lines As Your Own.
Have Fun Editing!!


Dragon Avatar Editable!
by TheUnknown @ Fri May 07, 2021 5:28 pm [Reply]

guess whos bored
bored again
unknowns bored
grab a dragon- wait what?

enjoy :) please follow the rules!

So many edits! Not enough time!
- Wings are removeable! Most of the edits fit with the wings too! Even the manes!
- "Erasable Wings" means you'll have to erase some parts to make it fit with the wings!
--The Edits--
Eye Edits!
- Regular
- Slitted eyes (cat eyes)
- No pupils
Ear Edits!
- Regular
- Short
- Long
Whisker Edits!
- Eastern Dragon Whiskers
- Cat Whiskers
Mouth Edits!
- Smiling
- Angry
- Sad
Horn Edits!
- Regular
- Curved
- Two sets of regular horns
Mane Edits!
- Regular
- Fluffy mane
- Dramatic Fluffy mane
- Spikes (big and small - erasable wings only)

Edits to add in!
- Scales / Colorable Scales
- Fins
- Feathered Wings?? (Maybe)
- N/A (suggest?)

- Don't remove my signature (though feel free to move it around/switch the color! Must be visible though!)
- Feel free to do whatever, just don't sell my lines nor sell them as adopts or etc. (basically, they must only be sold for free)
- Credit my TH if taken offsite/onsite (TheUnknown)!

A few notes:
I'd recommend grabbing the folders that you want on your dragon and moving them to the dragon folder and deleting the rest, and then combining all line-art with the dragon line-art, and all bases with the dragon bases. Makes it a lot easier to color(imo)!

Also, might add in more edits so feel free to suggest a few! :)

feel free to mark!

Wandering Spirit @ Fri May 07, 2021 6:54 pm


TheUnknown @ Sat May 08, 2021 5:16 am

blep <3

HowlingHooves @ Sun May 09, 2021 2:45 am

    marking! <3

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by Tallpoppy29 @ Sun May 16, 2021 3:36 pm [Reply]

Feel free to do what you want with this lol
No rules

A bunny
by AvaDarkWolf @ Sun May 16, 2021 12:11 pm [Reply]

Includes - 3 head types - 2 body types - 2 tail types - :)

Plague Rot @ Sun May 16, 2021 3:35 pm

bunny :)

Wanna See My Creativity?
by Absolute In Doubt @ Sat May 15, 2021 9:34 am [Reply]

I made a STICK!
Do not remove sig =]

by Gothamitez @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:39 am [Reply]


zealouzie @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:39 am

me love,,,,,,, <3

enokimoon @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:40 am

    ! ! ! 😳 ! ! !

djkitty! @ Wed Jun 03, 2020 3:45 am

thanks you for the sandmich

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that thing dogs do
by ƜαтєяƜσƖf600 @ Fri May 14, 2021 2:00 am [Reply]

    what's this? i'm never going to use this and this came out ok for a rlly rlly quick doodle so i'm throwing it out here

    just don't remove my signature please

Paws ♥️ [editable icon]
by Minu @ Mon Apr 19, 2021 7:11 am [Reply]


I haven't seen many chibi icons for humanoids so far, so I made one! >:3
I'm doing a similar to this one as new ych on DeviantArt, but pixels and animated!
Oh, even if it's mostly made for kemonomimi characters it's not a problem if you want to make other species! ♥️

EDIT: I added colors under the base, so now you can color the character faster! Just make these layers visible ♥️


Image You can edit the lines, change species etc
Image Don't use for profit
Image You can use it offsite, but please credit me (DA preffered, but CS profile is ok)


SputnikSplash @ Mon Apr 19, 2021 7:23 am

So cute!
Using this base later definitely <3

Lex. @ Mon Apr 19, 2021 8:24 am


Minu @ Mon Apr 19, 2021 10:14 am

SputnikSplash wrote:So cute!
Using this base later definitely <3

Thank you <3

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creighton's pride editable icon !
by creighton @ Thu Jun 04, 2020 6:22 am [Reply]

- you may edit the lines!! (adding hair, more clothes, etc...) the brush settings i used are the cs default for convenience
-the only flags i dont allow the bootlicker ones.. if you dont see yours feel free to edit it in !
-no straight pride flags plz, but straight ally is ok
-if used on toyhouse, credit me as creighton plz

sorry for not adding a sclera and eye color layer... theres a couple of eye options and i didnt wanna clog up the layers ;;
feel free 2 mark !

werewolf @ Thu Jun 04, 2020 6:41 am

mark !!

malware @ Thu Jun 04, 2020 3:07 pm


Skyshale @ Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:12 am

aaa mark

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Canine Editable Avatar
by Iou-Cat @ Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:51 am [Reply]

Don't remove signature or claim as own, credit if taken offsite <3

Glowingsaltshaker @ Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:53 am

Mark! :0

ahirked @ Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:53 am

ah this is so prettyyyyyy

ForestOfDreams @ Thu Feb 11, 2021 11:54 am

mark aaaa

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Cat Eye Icon V2
by TheCalicoTabby @ Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:26 am [Reply]

    Wanted to try redrawing this old editable icon of mine.

    Like that one, this one is free to use and edit! The shading and highlights will look best if you use slightly duller colours.

Yibeullin @ Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:26 am


186lilly @ Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:37 am

oh wowzer, it's even more detailed. so cool.

Jughead Jones @ Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:38 am

Ahh was checking on the first icon, and saw this was linked

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big cat
by videlicet @ Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:53 am [Reply]

only rule is don't remove my signature/claim as your own

happy colouring!

watana @ Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:54 am

this is so cute !!

Inupait @ Tue Mar 15, 2016 2:53 am

Mark!!! so awesome

sprite, @ Tue Mar 15, 2016 1:18 pm

Ahh! This is sooo cuute!

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Cat Avatar
by lilpupin @ Thu Apr 01, 2021 5:42 am [Reply]

Simple little cat avatar for anyone to edit!
It has three different face options and the collar is removable. Everything is one different layers and named, so hopefully it should be easy to navigate. Do whatever you'd like with this! Use it to color in your cat characters, make an avatar, change the lines, you do you. My only request is that you credit me for the lines- if taken onto TH my toyhouse username is lilpupin

KestrelTheFirecat @ Thu Apr 01, 2021 5:43 am


lil667 @ Thu Apr 01, 2021 6:03 am

hee hee ✨Fuzzy✨

ForestOfDreams @ Thu Apr 01, 2021 4:41 pm

Mark! I love this so much omg

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pride cat editable!
by ARKYQ @ Sun May 02, 2021 8:59 am [Reply]

happy (really) early pride month! i can't wait! hope you guys like this quick little base i made! if this gets a lot of attention, i might make some more options, like fur types

do whatever, have fun!
don't remove my signature
credit me!
if taken offsite, my th and artfight are linked in my sig! if that ever changed or the links break, feel free to shoot me a pm!
please don't make for-profit adoptables or challenges with this base


Nekro_Gaming @ Wed May 05, 2021 5:28 am

WOAH!!!! Definite Mark!

ARKYQ @ Thu May 06, 2021 6:21 am


Tiny Cat Pixel Avatar based on this drawing by Placebo
by Placebo @ Mon Dec 24, 2018 3:50 pm [Reply]

Just a simple cat pixel avatar ;v; / It's surrounded by a 51x51 box, so to make it 50x50 just crop it so that the white border is gone! There are longhair and shorthair options <3

Credit isn't necessary if you use it (but it is appreciated), but I just have some rules!

You CAN:
--Color in your characters or someone else's FOR FREE
--Edit the lines
--Make a cover for all ur feline bbies (ocs, characters, etc.)
--Make icons outta them
--Add stuff to the bg

--Claim as your own
--Sell the lines for profit
--Color in characters on these lines for profit
--Make adoptables on these lines of ANY type (Big no-no, that's not what these are for; if you wanna make pixel cats just make your own christ)

I'll change these rules as I see fit! Enjoy<3

lunaire @ Mon Dec 24, 2018 4:34 pm


>> Leafstorm515 @ Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:34 am

Marking <3

Rescue2001 @ Wed Jun 19, 2019 1:05 pm


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Editable Pixel Cat Avatar
by sylveonsweetie987 @ Wed May 05, 2021 10:31 am [Reply]

was in a pixel art mood so here you go
please dont remove my siggy at the top. you may move it around or change the color though
best way to color it is by using the pencil with the round pixelated tip at size 1 to draw patterns and then using the fill tool for color

if this is well received i may add other options like premade patterns, a longhaired lineart, etc.

enjoy <3

FluffyMilo @ Wed May 05, 2021 10:32 am


Wandering Spirit @ Thu May 06, 2021 1:09 am


FNF Avatar base --
by o1Mandy1o @ Mon Jan 18, 2021 11:37 am [Reply]

The only thing that i actually pre-added to this was eye selections! ;
-Eye shine upper
-Eye shine lower
-Basic eye shine
-Pico eyes
-BF eyes
Do whatever layer, for your own eye edits!
No rules really, Self-explanatory things!
-Credit me if used offsite
-Don't remove my signature
-Don't sell adoptables with this base

I listened to Pico on loop while i drew this,,,U should also listen to Pico, it SLAPS
I left him bald so you can go buckwild with hair and hat accessories
The background can be EDITED, I just made that background as a placeholder, do whatever you like with it


Spookiez remind u to stay hydrated and drink water!!!!

o1Mandy1o @ Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:22 am


o1Mandy1o @ Wed Jan 20, 2021 1:43 pm


o1Mandy1o @ Sat Jan 30, 2021 7:11 am


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so uh,, editable based off the increasingly popular meme/emoji????? Also ya'll remember autotune baby? thats there too dsvdsjfhs

theres actually like!!! a buncha stuff in this, so go crazy with this. theres a buncha pride flags too!!! and if u wannna request a pride flag that isnt on there, just comment and say the flag and PLEASE include the hexcodes!! it makes it a lot easier for me to put em in

sajkdfjbsdffsjkb okay bye

frog_demonz @ Sun May 31, 2020 7:19 pm

hehe don't mind me i'm just gonna mark this page for future reference 👉👈,,,,,

spiders @ Mon Jan 18, 2021 1:33 pm

    oh,,,, oh i love this,,,,, mark

foolishbedcrawler @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:28 pm

haha what if i bumped this

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Poodle Editable
by Syelfavaki @ Tue May 04, 2021 11:50 am [Reply]

WYSIWYG: 1 poodle, lock alpha, eyes and nose on separate layer.

1. Leave my sig on and visible, preferably where it is.
2. Do not claim lineart as your own.
3. You may add accessories, backgrounds, etc.
4. You may sell recolors for CS ITEMS, PETS only. (Please do not sell for C$, and no selling for other currencies.
5. This may not be used for a species without my express consent. You may make individual adopts.

YES, You may use this off-site. YES, you may use on SDG and other dog sims, if you want to credit me there shoot me a PM here for my ID/info. (There's only one sim I don't allow but chances are you're not using it for that one lol.)
TH to Credit: LorenFangor
dA to credit: do NOT use my dA, use TH please.
YES, you may edit or add accessories.

Up In The Stars V 3.0
by Bean_Cake @ Sat Jun 06, 2015 3:02 pm [Reply]

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But, baby I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars
Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But, baby I've been, I've been praying hard
Said no more counting dollars, we'll be-we'll be counting stars

*edit lines
*color in
*use as your avatar
*Take off sight
*keep sigg on at all times

Do Not:
*clam as your own
*remove/edit my siggy
* you may NOT charge any type of payment to color the lines in for someone else (Added 12/6/15)
* you may NOT use my lines for any type of profit (added 12/6/15)

All (c) Bean_Cake

6/5/15: please enjoy this cute little pixel wolf/fox on a dreamy cloud. its free to edit and you can use it anywhere you want, just credit me or keep my sigg on! enjoy :D

3/5/16: Okay, so since this was my very first avatar editable; the lines are now a bit out-dated. so I updated them for you guys! if you liked the old style better just politely ask someone if you can color in their color-in.
hope everyone likes the new lines! :3

10/17/17: I've now re-updated these lines with a 2017 re-vamp! Enjoy the updated lines, everyone. :D

miri_v @ Sun Jun 07, 2015 3:45 am

Cute :3

Bean_Cake @ Sun Jun 07, 2015 7:53 am

thank you :D

Spitz. @ Sat Jun 13, 2015 6:12 am


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by ThundersFriends @ Wed Apr 28, 2021 10:53 am [Reply]

for EONS i a have been searching for a dragon editable avatar where you can change the spikes and the horns. I MADE IT MYSELF!!!
i hope you all like it. i worked so hard on this so i have some rules and some tips before you start editing this.

look i dont like rules so i made it easy for everyone.


do not remove my signature
you may edit lines if you must. i did not know how to do this with the layers so you may have to edit a bit. i made it as easy as i possibly can.
if you have requests PM ME PLZ ill find those faster and get working on it quicker.
PLZ if you must edit the lines LET ME KNOW WHAT YOUR EDITING. somethings are to edit others are not to be edited and im to lazy to list a thousand things rn.
Keep CS rules!
you may make your own background for you dragon OC
that is everything thank you so much.
oh yeah and remove he cover. its lame and covers your beautiful art.


Goat Horns
Long smooth horns (classic)- comes with a set of second SMALL horns if you want.
Bendy horns- if you don't like smooth.
Ram horns.- the only problem is you need to use them with the long horns. I'm sorry.


NOTE they all work with either the bendy horns or smooth horns. you can add the extra with either FWI if you want just the ram horns or bendy horns PLZ PM ME and ell me you will edit them to fit. thank you.

Fluffy mane
Normal spikes (classic)
Long spikes (OPEN JAW)
Long spikes (CLOSED JAW)
Fish fins/spines



small ears
ear hole
(later will ad big ears, long ears, and fluffy ears)


small nose spike
(i only know one if you have any other things you would like to put on the nose of the dragon pls PM ME and ill add whatever you want)

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS! i know it was painful. and its kind of a lot to remember. but its what you need to know! other than that do what ever you want! i hope you enjoy i spend a lot of time on it. ill make my own dragons eventually im really sorry for the messy layers i grouped them as well as i possibly could. i made it as easy as i possibly could for you. I'm SO SORRY but you may have to do editing. just a little though. but i hope you enjoy!

if you have any problems with i please let me know i will see what i can do to fix your problem!

frog avatar editable
by nana cabana @ Tue Apr 20, 2021 5:51 pm [Reply]


emblo @ Tue Apr 20, 2021 5:52 pm

    this is so cute!!

nana cabana @ Tue Apr 20, 2021 5:52 pm

emblo wrote:
    this is so cute!!

thank you

Mr.Leah @ Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:08 am

Oh my god ADORABLE!!!

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Happy Birthday sis
by Winxsle @ Mon Apr 26, 2021 6:05 am [Reply]

Happy Birthday! I can't even believe your -removed-!!!! :clap: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Angel Cat
by Winxsle @ Sun Apr 25, 2021 1:48 pm [Reply]

I made this specific cat for my friend Sharpclaws. She is the best friend I could ask for :D :thumbup: :clap:

Wolf editable based on this drawing by Eroo
by Ashie! @ Sat Apr 24, 2021 6:18 am [Reply]


Comes with 3 backgrounds!


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