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Happy pride!
by Sixbane @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:16 am [Reply]

A little pride editable! im not feeling super artsy this week but i wanted to do a little something

Do whatever! colorin,edit, make adopts
please do not use this base for discriminatory, hateful, or otherwise rude/disruptive flag choices. I do not condone such uses of it.

The png version is here, same rules apply

I have a gallery here of all my f2u lines with various species

Offline_now @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:16 am


Androys @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:37 am

AWW!! <333

redhorizon @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 7:00 am

Awww mark, tysm for making this sixbane! ^^

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by Jezze7050 @ Sat Apr 20, 2024 6:29 am [Reply]

just some colour in bits :mrgreen: do what you like its just an outline :thumbup:

wiggle avatar [with tutorial !]
by allinian @ Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:21 am [Reply]


Image Image Image Image Image
avatars/characters belong to their respective owners. not free to use.

    oh man,, it has been a while since i last made a wiggle avatar o:
    i used to do em a lot but just havent had the feel for them as of recent :/

    so i decided to make an editable !!

    - dont remove my signature (the little thing in the bottom left corner).
    - dont claim as your own.
    - credit me for the lines. [ if on th, link back to this page ]
    - no profit can be made from these lines.

    - you dont have to make a wiggle, feel free to just color in the lines !

    going to do a lil' how to make this into a wiggle avatar tutorial in the next post -->

allinian @ Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:22 am


    these wiggle avatars are 3-frame avatars... so there are 3 different lines !
    this means you will have to save/make 3 different versions of the drawing and put them together to make it wiggle !

    so let's get started o:

    1. upon loading up the oekaki, the first thing you should take note of is the layer opacities.
    all three frames' lines are intentionally at 33%, and i strongly suggest you keep all of them visible and at that opacity until you are done coloring in your character.

    i personally like to do this so i can see relatively where the design is going across all three lines.
    you dont want to draw a star in frame 1 and have it disappear in frame 3 !

    -------< click to enlarge >

    2. color in your character !
    the 'eye shade' layers are for the darker, lower half of the eye.
    i suggest you choose a color several shades darker than your character's actual eye color for a nice effect !

    -------< click to enlarge >

    3. once you are done with step 2, it is time to save and make your three frames !
    change all layer opacities back to 100%, then save each frame separately !

    -------< click to enlarge >

    -------and now you should have your three frames:
    -------Image Image Image

    4. animate !!

    i personally use photoshop to animate my wiggle avatars, but that is a whole process i wont go into since it can be quite complicated. i also understand not everyone has access to this program, so let's do it the less-effort no-money way ! cx

    i suggest using this handy dandy website: https://ezgif.com/maker--it is what i use when i do not have immediate access to my animating programs, and is overall really great in that it has a simple interface and does not slap on one of those pesky watermarks.

    -------A. upload your three frames.

    ------------< click to enlarge >

    -------B. change the delay time.
    --------this might seem like a lot at first but dont worry !!-- it is actually quite simple !!

    --------just find the "Delay time" option in the "GIF options:" section and change it to 10.
    --------this translates to 0.1 seconds per frame, which is what i normally use for my wiggles.
    --------feel free to play around to see what you like though !

    ------------< click to enlarge >

    -------C. finally, press "Make a GIF!" and boom! you have your wiggle avatar !!

    ------------Image Image


    so yeah !!
    i hope that was helpful and informative, and you were able to make your wiggle avatar by the end of it !!

    if somewhere along the way you got confused/lost, dont hesitate to ask on this thread for help !
    ill try my best to help you out c:

    all the best ! ♡

Charli13 @ Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:23 am


quarryagae @ Sun Jan 10, 2021 2:36 am

    mark :0 tysm for making this <3

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pride icon editable
by kageyenova @ Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:08 am [Reply]

    ive got like 19 diff flags in there, lmk if i should add any others fhaskhfs
    edit as you see fit! ive got a few options in there to help you out :>


    i use default pen settings for lines + pencil to color
    idk what else to add
    have fun???? FHSHFSDFH happy pride!

DizzyGlitchez @ Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:08 am


Glowingsaltshaker @ Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:11 am

mark!! <3

transparent cow! @ Mon Jun 07, 2021 10:11 am

your drawings are always amazing! <33

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Animal Signboard Avatar
by Cerulean Wake @ Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:40 pm Attachment(s) [Reply]

Here's an avatar where you can send a message to the world (^o^)
Please feel free to use!

Line edits are allowed!
Also, tell me if you have any requests for animals that should be in this editable.

Don't use for profit (pets, C$, etc.)

What's Included:
Cat lines
Dog/Wolf lines (ears vary)
Tiger lines
Mouse lines
Cow lines
Bird (cockatiel) lines
Fox Lines
Lizard (bearded dragon) lines
Horse (head) lines
Lion lines
Chicken lines
Bear/Panda lines
Rabbit lines
Monkey lines
Betta Fish lines
Otter Lines
Hamster Lines
Deer Lines

"Killing is not a sport"
"I support animal rights"
"Help endangered species"
"I'm not your dinner!"
your own message

Safe_Haven @ Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:42 pm

Mark. I need to get this out

Violet Berries @ Sun Feb 12, 2017 2:59 pm

Aw, this is adorable and good idea!

L.V.L @ Sun Feb 12, 2017 4:35 pm

Marking. <3

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Blank pfp!
by Lilynose @ Tue Apr 16, 2024 4:27 am [Reply]

You can use this anywhere as long as you give credit :D

Editable cat icon! based on this drawing by Whovian5EVA
by Whovian5EVA @ Tue Oct 04, 2022 5:51 pm [Reply]

I finally tidied this up so that it could become an editable!
Please don't remove my signature, but you can recolor it or move it to fit your final piece better! Please also link back here!
Other than that, use for whatever!

cryptpuppy @ Tue Jan 23, 2024 1:11 pm


Hawk WillowWatcher @ Mon Apr 15, 2024 5:54 am

Mark! Ty <3

(please give credit )

PheonixThunderslayer @ Sun Oct 01, 2023 7:41 am

this got likes fast!!!111!!!11!!!1

PheonixThunderslayer @ Sun Oct 01, 2023 7:44 am

this got likes fast!!!111!!!11!!!1

PheonixThunderslayer @ Mon Oct 02, 2023 1:43 am


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🐾 Editable Canine Avatar 🐾
by Flummoxing @ Tue Apr 02, 2024 9:46 pm [Reply]

Cute little avatar base I doodled now that I think I’ve got the hang of Oekaki. Lmk what you think! :3

BeetleDragon @ Tue Apr 02, 2024 10:49 pm

This guy is absolutely adorable! <3

Flummoxing @ Wed Apr 03, 2024 5:42 am

BeetleDragon wrote:This guy is absolutely adorable! <3

thank you!! :D

Flummoxing @ Sun Apr 14, 2024 7:18 am


seasonal kitty icon
by castiiian @ Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:03 pm [Reply]

      i needed a refresher between goobie projects,,
      so i worked on this!! a cute little kitty with a few different background options :3c
      hope you all enjoy it!!

      yes, this is ok!
        ✔ adoptables ( paid or unpaid! )
        ✔ breedings/fusions ( paid or unpaid! )
        ✔ species use ( paid or unpaid! )
        ✔ any edits, changes, etc, all ok!
      just please make sure that my signature is visible and credit me when possible!
      thanks, i hope u all have fun!!

      posting a character/adopt made on this base on toyhou.se?
      credit my toyhou.se: castiiian


ducks ! @ Fri Dec 09, 2022 4:04 pm

this is adorable! mark :]

minknip @ Fri Dec 09, 2022 5:40 pm


wolfhaunt @ Fri Dec 09, 2022 5:45 pm

cutie!! : O

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MD oc PFP base.
by -Darkxwolf17- @ Tue Apr 09, 2024 6:19 am [Reply]


Please do not sell the lineart or finished ocs for c$. Other than that, go wild ^^

For the eyes, just re-color the ones provided (Unless you want to add one yourself)

Tails are optional :3 (Found in 'Lineart' folder)

A few things considering MD:
Dissasembly drone hair is (usually) gray, and they have yellow eyes with a black headband, which appears to have bulbs on it - those bulbs are actuallythe dissasembly drones eyes. The eyes on the screen are just to show emotion (This has been confirmedby the creatorof the show)
(Ex: Serial Designation N)

Worker drones hair can be litterally any color - their eyes can also be any color. Most of them seem to have a hair peice.
(Ex - Doll)

Zombie drones are just worker drones infected with the absolute solver.
(Ex- Uzi Doorman)

(Link credit- MD wiki. Char credits - Liam vickers)

wowowo!11! much wow!!11!1

Cat Eye Icon V2
by TheCalicoTabby @ Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:26 am [Reply]

    Wanted to try redrawing this old editable icon of mine.

    Like that one, this one is free to use and edit! The shading and highlights will look best if you use slightly duller colours.

Yibeullin @ Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:26 am


186lilly @ Sat Apr 11, 2020 8:37 am

oh wowzer, it's even more detailed. so cool.

Jughead Jones @ Mon Apr 13, 2020 8:38 am

Ahh was checking on the first icon, and saw this was linked

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Editable goofy kitsune avatar.
by -Darkxwolf17- @ Mon Apr 01, 2024 8:09 pm [Reply]

Extra tails + inner ears are optional - Do not remove the signature, though you can re-color it.

Just transferring it over here if anyone wants to use it as their profile

Editable Teddy Avatar!
by *42 @ Sun Mar 31, 2024 8:05 am [Reply]

I have named the layers which are the colorable layers!

Pixel Cat Editable
by 0Zero0 @ Mon Jul 05, 2021 2:24 pm [Reply]

+ Credit me, and Link back to here if taken Off Site
+ Signature must always remain visible
+ Do not sell for Real money
+ Have Fun!

How to make pixels on Oekaki
+ Use the pencil tool, not the pen tool.
+ change from 'round hard brush' to 'round pixelated'
+ I used size 3, pen pressure on for the base lines, and size 1 no pen pressure for the smaller lines but use whatever your most comfortable with!

+ Short and long fur
+ Several tails and ears
+ Simple base shading.

Lex. @ Wed Jul 07, 2021 6:33 am

cute! mark :)

0Zero0 @ Wed Jul 14, 2021 7:01 am

just a lil bump to give this fella attention

foreverthesickestsam @ Thu Aug 12, 2021 1:30 pm


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Kool Kat!
by *42 @ Fri Mar 29, 2024 4:48 pm [Reply]

Editable Cat Avatar!
I have named the layers that pertain to colors/not lineart. I hope yall like it!

CaninePC @ Fri Mar 29, 2024 4:49 pm

Very cute c:

*42 @ Fri Mar 29, 2024 4:51 pm

CaninePC wrote:Very cute c:

Thank you so much!

he has a bit of the stupid

credit my th (SAME USER AS HERE) otherwise do whatever with it :]

axelandria @ Fri Feb 23, 2024 3:47 pm

    omg mark

Cady55again @ Sat Feb 24, 2024 12:52 am


berketex @ Fri Mar 08, 2024 6:41 pm


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Pasture avatar
by khenney @ Sat Dec 03, 2022 12:02 pm [Reply]

Have fun!
Don't remove siggie
Make sure you recolor it in some way
You may use off site with credit
Feel free to edit as you please :)

COOLDOGOOO @ Sat Dec 03, 2022 12:03 pm

mark! amazing as always! <3

*Willow* @ Sat Dec 03, 2022 12:10 pm


Sunniedew @ Mon Dec 05, 2022 8:16 am

    beautiful! marking

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Generic Horse Head Avatar
by EmberWolf @ Mon Aug 14, 2017 6:41 am [Reply]

Just a lil somethin simple for free use c: Just don't remove the sig or take credit for the lines. Comes with a bunch of different manes and forelocks, but you have to do the highlights for the hair your self (I just use a white airbrush) and they aren't the cleanest ever, but they do give you a few options.

Dia. @ Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:07 am

Your art makes me happy <3

sunshineem @ Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:55 am

Marking this ... Wow

StormSerpent @ Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:43 pm

super awesome! thank you!

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blep avatar (different species)
by YukkiMons @ Mon Mar 25, 2024 1:14 am [Reply]

HENLO!! Due to my school and alot of irl stuff goin on, i have no time making bases, but now i did!

This base contains:

- Folders of said species: Wolf, Bird, Bunny/Mouse
- Those folders have subfolders for each species, those layers in said folders are seperated so coloring will be easier, like the lineart is seperate from fur, fur is seperate from tongue, ya get the deal!

Brushes settings to mimic the style
- Round Pixelated
- Opacity 255%

thats all!!

Banditø @ Mon Mar 25, 2024 8:48 am


Image Image

Don't remove my signature, don't claim the base as yours. If you want to credit me link to this post or to my profile on here. Other than that just have fun and show me what you make!

A simple frog friend with Rick & Morty Pupils... Perhaps they have seen some things. The frogs above are the original frog (left) and the revamped (right) beside each other.


Locked transparency colouring layers
Badly done shading layer
Tolerable highlights and texturing


on my puter (editable)
by sweathie @ Sun May 21, 2023 1:25 pm [Reply]


dont remove my sig. everything else can be changed however you want!

available pride flags
feel free to edit with your own or change to a non-pride flag :)
progress pride

pen settings
default pen tool
size 2
opacity pressure on
size pressure on

Swishy & Broken @ Sun May 21, 2023 1:31 pm

this is so cute <3

FatalCollapse @ Sun May 21, 2023 2:34 pm

Marking for later >:)

Banditø @ Sun May 21, 2023 7:43 pm


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by friend_of_furbies @ Sat Mar 16, 2024 5:20 pm [Reply]


This is my first time making an editable avatar, so please excuse my layers if they're weird or confusing ;;

Line edits are okay! within reason
DO NOT REMOVE MY SIGNATURE please and thank you
Free for personal use on or off-site! If you take it off site please credit either this post or my account here on CS!


That's all! Thank you for looking, and if you make you own, an extra Furby thank you!!

noch @ Sat Mar 16, 2024 5:20 pm

oh my god. HEAVY mark

znailien @ Sat Mar 16, 2024 7:17 pm

mark! :3

slifer @ Sun Mar 17, 2024 12:58 am

omg cute

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