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B e a n i e P a l s
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Basic Info -
They are cuddly creatures! BP's love their buttons so watch out
they're button thefts! They come in many sizes and shapes. The Unique thing about them is their tail and button
charm, their tail holds cotton in it. Their tails are like pillows! They also got their cute little button charm.
They live almost any where and make great companions, so come grab a Beanie pal to be your new best friend! ^^


Rules :
- this a closed species, meaning non-staff members are not allowed to create their own Beanie Pals
- do not post forms after the deadline, continually bump an un-judged adopt, or attempt to blackmail/persuade the artist for you to obtain any adoptable
- do NOT post forms for customs/breedings/etc. unless an artist has a slot open.
- do NOT ask an owner if they are selling their Beanie, if they are up for sale the owner will say.
- trading requires proof of both owners accepting the trade
- you may NOT recreate Beanie into another species/character
- be kind and courteous to every member, do not whine or beg for anything within the community.
- no spam/advertisements/arguments please.
- all questions posted here to be answered by staff only and if there is a question/problem contact a member of staff directly. [preferably a mod or Owner]
- do NOT edit lines, if you want changes made contact an artist.

Owner Info :
- you may own unlimited Beanie Pals
- making your Beanie Pals a Fursona/Character/OC is perfectly fine
- roleplays are fine and such without permission
- you may openly ask on main page for breeding request/trade

- Anyone is allowed to put their Beanie Pal up for a readopt/sell as long as the Beanie Pal is owned by seller

Customs/MYO -
- all staff gets 4 free customs that reset the 1st of every month
- all customs/MYO has to be approved

Breeding -
- can be bred after being adopted for 2 weeks
- breeding cool down is 4 week
- gender doesn't matter when breeding
- Beanie Pals can breed unlimited times
- can have up to 1-5 per litter [without items]
- only 2 Beanie pals can breed together [unless you use item]

Sloth_-_ @ Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:41 am

Owner -


Artist -


Guest Artist -

PinkAngel -12/4
j i j i - 12/11

Mods -


If you would like to be a moderator for this species pm me this form ^^

Code: Select all
Little About Yourself:
Experience with modding:
How often online?


Sloth_-_ @ Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:41 am

Here you can find what BP is still looking for a home!


Sloth_-_ @ Fri Oct 25, 2019 9:42 am

Open Events -

Events that ended -

x Fall Event 2019

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edit guide
[url=link]Flame colors[/url]
Adopt Archive

Buzz Aesthetic wrote:
Wow! Miles sure is excited to see you!
Welcome! Glad to have you at our humble abode!
Chicoon are a unique type of dragon somewhere settling between
an Amphithere and a furred Western Dragon!

However that doesnt explain a lot of their weird traits such as their
head wings, long slender neck, large nose, or floating infinity-flame

More and more of this species seems to be coming out of hiding,
are you interested in adopting one of your own?

Artist competition wrote:link

Buzz Aesthetic @ Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:17 pm


Buzz Aesthetic wrote:Hi! i'm the species owner, i use she/her pronouns and am always open to messages! thank you for finding interest in my weird species i hope we can have you around for a long time!


Miles wrote:
    krrrr raaooh
Species mascot


quote wrote:
    info blurb

-_______________________________ Guest Staff _______________________________-

Imagexxxxxxxxxxxxguest words [hired date]
Imagexxxxxxxxxxxxguest words [hired date]

Buzz Aesthetic @ Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:17 pm


  • This species is closed, meaning you cant make your own without permission from the owner.
  • Users should respect others including staff. I'd you have a problem with our staff members please dm the owner.
  • Any user can own as many Chicoons as they want, however a user can only win 1 chicoon every 3 adopts put out.
  • Chicoons can be sold, bought, traded, or gifted.
  • There is not a warning system, if you get in trouble for something you can be banned off the bat, or you can be given a warning. Users should behave like it's their last chance.
  • Not knowing the rules is not an excuse, they are public and easy to access.

  • Chicoons can be any gender or sexuality, limits on this rule during a competition is not allowed.
  • Species cant be bred outside of the species, but are welcome to have relationships outside of the species.
  • You're welcome to have a character from our species as your sona.

  • Permanent artists must make atleast 1 adopt every 2 weeks
  • Permanent artists can sell custom slots to the general public for any price, the slots do not count towards their 1 weekly adopt.
  • Guest artists must make a minimum of 4 designs in a month to be considered for a permanent position, guest artists who do not meet the minimum are welcome to reapply when the artist spots reopen.
  • Staff should not use rare traits on customs or adopts unless permission is given from the owner of the species. (They will most often be for '50s, '00s, and event closures)
  • Rarity should match with the rarest trait on the Chicoon, a common chicoon wouldnt end up with uncommon edits, but an uncommon may have common edits.

Adopt Creation
  • Young designs can be grown after 2 weeks, growths can be done by anyone but need to be approved by any member of staff (staff cannot approve their own growth)
  • Only species artists can edit/add to a design (with approval from the species owner)
  • Every design on the species must have atleast 1 edit/trait. Any of the listed edits in the guide are fine (including sclera or pupil color, excluding single color flame) no "unedited" chicoons
  • Flames must be one of the specific flame colors. Close color or anything other then color pick are not allowed

Buzz Aesthetic @ Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:18 pm

Breeding wrote:
    Chicoons, being a type of dragon, are oviparous; meaning they lay eggs and care for the eggs until they are ready to hatch. Once the Chicoon egg hatches it is fully able to survive on its own outside of learning some hunting techniques and taught abilities. Young chicons can either go survive and build their own pack, or join the pack their parents are in. From what we know, there is no physical difference between parent chicoons, one parent decides to host the eggs, and after about two weeks the eggs are laid and the parents start caring for their unhatched children.

Personality wrote:
    Chicoons have a variety of personal traits and defining features so no two chicoons are ever alike; however it seems generally chicoons seem to have an excited, curious personality. Even the most grumpy of chicoons are curious to a large extent!

Territory wrote:
    The species seems best suited for large, jungle trees and climbing surfaces, however Chicoons have been more-often found without high tree-top canopies. They are spotted in biomes such as swamps, temperate forests, and occasional Boreal forests. While they spend most of their time like a squirrel, they may also thrive in holes they've dug or shallow caves they've stumbled upon.

Diet wrote:
    Their main diet consists of fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables, however eating grains and legumes have never had a bad effect on the species' diet. They cannot nor will try to eat meat, they dont seem to like the metallic flavor, even if it is spiced up with a variety of vegetables. Vegetable patties that were made to taste like meat (ie vegan patties) will not cause dietary issues however the species will naturally be against eating it.

Flame wrote:
    The flame of a chicoon is not alive, nor is it possible to be out out. Putting your hand near the flame can cause uncomfort to the chicoon, the chicoon will shy away from the hand and take the flame with them. Two chicoons merging flames is similar to proposal and betrothal and is normally only done in intimate situations, or public relationship events (like a marriage).
    The flame can not normally light things on fire, however chicoons have a hidden ability to be able to use the fire as they wish, but using this ability is difficult and takes many years of practice. Young chicoons will never 'accedentally' set things on fire.
    Usually the flame floats above the end of the tail, but a chicoon can move the flame how they wish as if by second nature, moving the flame is natural to them, as if moving your hand.

Tail Stripes wrote:
    The unique features of each chicoons seem to share a relationship with the number of stripes on their tail. Most commonly you will see chicoons with many stripes, most often 4 or more. While the stripes can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, it still proves to be one of the key defining features to rarity!

Anatomy wrote:Fur
    It seems their fur is naturally medium-short length, growing longer along the tail. The fur of the species are not hairs, but rather slender down feathers, narrow enough to brush through with, but strong enough to block out water or unwanted pests. The head of the species seems to be the only common place feathers form, and mostly on their winged appendages.
    The eyes wide and sharp, they seem large compared to their rectangular head shape, however when taking into account the nocturnal habits of the species it can be understandable that the species needs large eyes, and good eyesight. Their pupils have a similar dilate to a feline, slitting and widening in darkness and light
    Their head bares what resembles a pair of wings, set almost directly above a pair of limp-hanging ears. The wings are movable and rotatable, however do not seem to work as appendages for flight. They are a prime key to understanding emotional ques and body language.
    All four limbs have opposable thumbs and are uniquely flexible! The underside of every hand is bare and tacky to the touch, almost sticky, but not quite. All thumbs can flex about as wide as a lemur's.
    the neck of a Chicoon is strong and flexible, while not entirely prehensile, the neck can still bend and stretch as its owner wants it to. Chicoons do have a danger of suffocating if something is lodge in their throat, and young chicoons have had survivability issues from suffocation if they were to get caught by a predator or lodged in a tough place.
    the tail of a chicoon is prehensile and strong! It can be used to lift, push, or move some heavy objects, as well as grip tree branches for balance or casual hanging. The flame usually floats around the end of the tail, and is most often controlled by the movement of the tail, but this is not the only way to move the flame.
    Chicoons are a medium-large species, generally ranging from 21 to 38 inches (53-97cm) at the shoulder and about 48 inches (121.92cm) at the top of the head. The average length of the body is 30 inches, with an additional tail length of aprox. 50 inches! (their body is roughly the size of a Labrador (dog) with a really long neck!)

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Shadow Flitz based on this drawing by Scei
by JessKnight @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:46 pm [Reply]



Why are you highlighting/quoting this?
shoo I'm supposed to be hidden

WHAT IS A FLIT? wrote:Shadow Flitz (Singular; Shadow Flit) are a long bodies species that have long since lost their hind legs, tail, and eyes to the power of the shadow and have replaced them with mold-able wispy appendages. these large, friendly beasts have been recently tamed to be ridden by humans and anthros alike. They have large, wide front paws, long pointed ears, and short, smooth fur. They can be naturally found in dark caves, wetlands, or thick forests. however have also been spotted in pastures while hunting. They are carnivores- meaning they are only meant to eat meat and they often prey on birds, deer, rodents, and bats.

                  Code: Select all
                  [size=75][quote="[b]WHAT IS A FLIT?[/b]"][color=#606060]Shadow Flitz (Singular; Shadow Flit) are a long bodies species that have long since lost their hind legs, tail, and eyes to the power of the shadow and have replaced them with mold-able wispy appendages. these large, friendly beasts have been recently tamed to be ridden by humans and anthros alike. They have large, wide front paws, long pointed ears, and short, smooth fur. They can be naturally found in dark caves, wetlands, or thick forests. however have also been spotted in pastures while hunting. They are carnivores- meaning they are only meant to eat meat and they often prey on birds, deer, rodents, and bats.[/color][/quote][/size]

Yes, these are Flitz! Welcome! Won't you have a look around?


JessKnight @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:46 pm

    An owner of the species is required to upkeep threads, manage staff, solve issues with the species, build events, and find ways to make the species stand out to gather more users. Their job does not require them to design/breed flitz but they are allowed to.
Owner wrote:JessKnight

    A Moderator does not make designs at all. Their role is to watch the people, solve issues/confrontations and report back to the owner about any issues they might see.
Our Mod Team wrote:Scei (Inactive/Quit; If Comes Back)

    Archivists should be archiving the adopts, currency, items, tokens, and etc. they help keep everything up to date and easy to see.
Our Archivist Team wrote:General/Nursery/Customs Bloth Hoondr
Myo tokens/Items/Bitz JessKnight

    Artists are in charge of making designs and hosting/judging the competitions for them. their role is to provide new adopts for any users looking to gain a shadow flit and join/keep up with the community.
Our Artist Team wrote:


Casperphobia (Ghost)


      Nursery Artist
    Nursery artists provide designs for the species much like artists but instead of hosting competitions they focus on using two pre-existing designs to make a new one.
Our Nursery Artist Team wrote:Casperphobia (Ghost)

      Guest Staff
    Guest staff are temporary positions compared to their permanent counterparts. they focus on showing the best they can do to earn a position on our team. if they don't manage to earn a position now they are still welcome to try again later
Our Guest Team wrote:[url=xxx]Nobody located here[/url]

JessKnight @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:47 pm

All Rules must be followed by Group members, Adopters, Staff, Owners, and Outsiders!

    • Shadow Flitz are a Closed Species; You cannot make a shadow flit without a "MYO" (make your own) Item or permission from the owner of the species *This rule has a FAQ!
    • All Myos need to be approved by a permanent artist from shadow flitz. If a user is an artist for the species and wishes to get it approved it still needs to be publicly (not through pm) approved by another artist besides themselves.
    • Warnings are issued based on a strike system. If a user breaks rules consecutively (up to three times) they will be punished accordingly.
    • Respect and be nice to other community members whether they are staff or member, arguments must be taken to pm. Guilt tripping, actively complaining about not winning a competition, or trying to persuade another user to let you win a competition is not allowed. Bribary is also not accepted. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • You may not sell a character that has come from this adoption center. to 'sell' includes trading a Flit for Chicken dollars, Deviantart points, CS pets, Furcoins, Treasure, Gems, Irl currency, etc. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • If banned from the species, all characters under this center will be repossessed from the banned user and re-adopted/sold to the community.
    • Post on the archive update thread when you trade or sell any of these characters or items from this thread. Otherwise, it will not be considered a True trade/sell and ownership will not be changed. (The trade won't count!)
    • If you have recently changed your username please post an archive update form on the update thread so your username can be updated in the archive and someone doesnt try to steal your flits by using your old username!
    • Shadow flitz can not be transferred out of the species. If the shadow flit was posted as an adopt, myo, custom, or etc from this thread series then it must stay as a shadow flit. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • Do not steal designs or characters from this thread, if a design you made looks 'strikingly similar' to a pre-existing shadow flit you will be banned from the species.
    • A User must wait 2 weeks after earning a free flit to be able to trade, or gift them. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • Duplicating a licensed character into the form of a shadow flitz will be considered copying a design. While flitz can be themed off a certain character or licensed product, they must still be able to represent themselves. (this rule is for myos)
    • A user banned from the shadow flitz species will have all of the shadow flitz listed under their name in the archive revoked and readopted. The moment the ban is put in place the user no longer owns the shadow flitz and can not gift or trade them, any attempts to do so will not count as a real trade.
    • Not giving the credit to the adopt to the correct artist or atleast to the adoption center will be considered 'stealing a design' give credits where credit is due.
    • A user can only win 4 shadow flitz a month *This rule has a FAQ!
    • Only the original artist of a shadow flit or the owner of the species can approve edits done to a flit via 'store items'. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • Do not beg/ask/imply that you want free pets, flits, art, etc. Not only is this already a chickensmoothie rule, we also really so not support this. Offering is different then asking for free.

These Rules must be followed by Staff members
    • all staff members should be in the shadow flitz discord chat to be able to talk to their fellow staff. Any major updates or discussion will be posted there and will need to be seen by all staff.
    • A 'Staff myo token'
        > Myo tokens can be sold for up to 2500 points or $25 USD
        > The 'Staff myo token' can include up to 15 edits of any type.
        > Paid adopts do not count towards the myo token- payment from these is received from the Buyer
        > Offsite free adopts do count towards the myo token as long as they are archived
        > Runner ups (RUs) do not count towards your staff myo
        > The 'staff myo token' can be used to do a personal breeding but only if used by a permanent staff member
        > Nursery flitlings count separately then normal adopts so one user can be working towards up to 2 staff myo tokens at once
        >Guest staff can not use a myo token for a person breeding unless they have been accepted as a permanent staff member
    • A '100 adopt myo token'
        > After an artist has designed 100 Adopts they may have an ∞ Edit Myo with no limitations (see edit guide for details)
        > Runner ups (RUs) do not count towards the 100 adopt myo token
        > Paid adopts do not count towards the 100 adopt myo token- payment from these is received from the Buyer
        > Offsite free adopts do count towards the 100 adopt myo token as long as they are archived
        > Both flitlings and normal adopts count towards the 100 adopt myo token
    • Nobody can approve their own myo(s).
    • Myo(s) can not be approved through private/direct messages (pm/dm)
    • Every flit made should have a list of their edits in the post below them- to avoid confusion for the nursery and future transfers.

These Rules must be followed by Permanent Moderators (Mod)
    • A mod must be active within the community. If they need to take a break longer then a week, let the species owner know.
    • They must be able to deal with conflicts in a peaceful, and non-biased, non-harsh manor.
    • A mod should be willing to speak for the community if it is needed.
    • They will need to know how to deescalate a situation if the offender becomes out of control. (if on CS it should be taken to staff)
    • Moderators receive 1 staff myo token every month they are active in the community.
    • A moderator can issue a warning at any time (to staff or members!) but must tell the other moderators as well as the owner of the species when they have issued one (in the mod chat is the best place.).
    • If a moderator deems it necessary to ban an offender they should discuss it with the owner and other moderators first.

These are the Rules and Guidelines for permanent general Artists!
    • These designs/Characters may be sold for up to
        > 2000 Deviantart points
        > $20 USD
        > 380 Chicken$s
        > ∞ Tokens/Pets (if too expensive you will be asked to lower)
        > Nothing/free adopt
    • Permanent Artists must make a minimum of 4 designs monthly to be considered active, exceptions should be asked about in pm to me.
    • Duplicating a licensed character into the form of a shadow flitz will be considered copying a design. While flitz can be themed off a certain character or licensed product, they must still be able to represent themselves (this rule is also in the general rules)
    • If an Artist fails to make their minimum number of designs they will get 1 warning at the end of the month. They will have 2 weeks to finish atleast 4 designs, if they do not finish the designs they will be removed from the staff and will need to try out again during an artist competition.
    • "Special adopts" ('50s & '00s) should be discussed before you do them- if you would like to do one please ask in the staff discord chat
    • An artist will be allowed a maximum of 2 weeks after their adopt contest had been closed. They will be given 7 days to respond after the 2 weeks. If they don't respond, the adoption will be confiscated and will be judged by another artist within 7 days. If this happens, the artists' Custom will be given to the artist who judged the competition as punishment.
    • all artist members will be paid if they are active, every 8 free adopts an artist makes, they earn 1 staff myo token
    • This position does not include being a Nursery artist, that role is now separate. However one user can be an artist and a nursery artist- but the role will be considered two separate roles. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • It is not up to an artist to stop an argument or issue warnings, an artist can only tell a moderator or the species owner of things like that going on.
    • An artist can make as many paid adopts as they would like as long as they understand that the paid adopts do not count towards the staff myo token or their 100 adopt myo.
    • As of 3/13/2019 the deviantart page is Inactive, artists should not post adopts there and should instead post them in the discord adopts thread in the discord channel.
    • If an artist makes a discord adopt they must also mention in the "discord adopt staff-chat" channel to announce an adopt has started. when the adopt has ended and a winner has been chosen the artist must post in the "discord adopt staff-chat" announcing who has won to the archivists.
    • Artists should understand some shadowflitz subspecies are only allowed on certain events or milestones, it should be specified when looking at the subspecies guide howedver if an artist has questions they should ask in the staff chat

These Rules must be followed by Permanent Nursery Artists
    • Nursery slots may not be sold for any currency.
    • A Nursery artist can not be an owner of a flit in a breeding slot claimed by themselves unless a staff myo token is used.
    • Using a staff myo token earned by a different staff then bought by the nursery artist can be used for a staff breeding. (any staff myo token is fine!)
    • If a user is a nursery artist and they do a personal breeding the flitz from that breeding can count towards their staff myo token and their 100 adopt token. This rule is only allowed for nursery artists personal breedings do not count towards tokens for general artists.
    • Permanent Nursery Artists must claim and finish a minimum 2 nursery batches a month to be considered active, exceptions should be asked about in pm to me.
    • personal batches do not count towards the minimum batches required monthly by a nursery artist
    • Orphans can be made by Nursery artists to be adopted out, an orphan can be sold for up to
        > 1000 Deviantart points
        > $10 USD
        > 180 Chicken$s
        > ∞ Tokens/Pets (if too expensive you will be asked to lower)
        > Nothing/free adopt
    • After claiming a nursery ticket please follow this powerpoint to control the number of flitlings in a nursery
    • Artists do not need to show screenshots of the generated number, no matter what any other user says. They can but do not have to.
    • It is up to the artist to grow the flitling from the nursery batches they have done. This rule is in place because more often then not an artist will know how to replicate their design better then a newcomer.
    • a growth does not need to be approved, however if something is pointed out to be missing then the artist should fix it.
    • The growth for a flitling should be a 'colormein' of the original nursery batch.
    • After a flitling is grown the archivist should be notified, a link should be included.
    • a flitling must be grown in order to add a store item to it.
    • "Special batches" ('50s & '00s) should be discussed before you do them- if you would like to do one please ask in the staff discord chat. These will be reserved for orphan adopts.
    • all nursery artist members will be paid if they are active, every 8 single flitlings an artist makes, they earn 1 staff myo token
    • This position does not include being a normal artist, that role is now separate. However one user can be an artist and a nursery artist- but the role will be considered two separate roles. *This rule has a FAQ!
    • It is not up to a nursery artist to stop an argument or issue warnings, they can only tell a moderator or the species owner of things like that going on.
    • If a nursery artist has opened slots for a breeding however no tickets have been filled out within the month that artist will not be penalized for not finishing any breedings.

These Rules must be followed by Archivists
    • An Archivist must be willing to update the archive when they can.
    • while the archive does not need to be updated instantly every time, the archivists should atleast be updating monthly.
    • every month an archive is updated accurately the archivist earns 1 staff myo token
    • after 12 months of updating the archive actively an archivist earns 1 '100 adopt myo token'
    • When making the nursery archive if a grown option of the flitling is available it should be used instead of the young link
    • in the archivist position there are sub positions (main/event adopts, nursery, and shop/items) an archivist gets a staff myo token for each position they are in (all three means 3 myo tokens each active month)

These Rules must be followed by Guest Staff
    • Guest moderators get to try out for up to 1 month.
    • Guest moderators can earn 1 staff myo token at the end of their trial if they have been active.
    • Guest artists have 1 month to do up to 8 designs if they do not finish the 8 designs in the month they do not get to finish the remaining adopts. If they finish 8 designs by the end of their guest month they will earn 1 staff myo token.
    • Guest artists can not sell any adopts.
    • guest nursery artists can not sell or create any orphan adopts
    • guest nursery artists have 1 month and can claim up to 4 nursery tickets, if they finish 4 tickets by the end of their guest month they will earn 1 staff myo token.
    • After a trial the guest staff should pm the species owner and explain what they had done during their trial period.
    • After a trial the current mods and owner will discuss whether the guest nursery/artist/moderator should be moved to the permanent position, if they don't get the position the guest will be pmed by an owner or moderator and told so.
    • Major complaining from a guest staff is not tolerated and will be treated as "actively complaining about not winning a competition"
    • All guest staff must follow the rules of their permanent counterparts.

All rules can be changed at any time.
When adding to the rules the new ones will be in Red

By Adopting a Shadow flit from any of our threads you are saying you
accept and will follow all rules here.

Code: Select all
[color=#4080FF]*[/color][color=#BFBFBF]This rule has a [url=link]FAQ[/url]![/color]

JessKnight @ Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:50 pm

      Ban/Warning Explanation wrote:Breaking a rule results in a strike.
      After 3 strikes a user can get banned (depending on the warning reason)
      Major faults may lead straight to ban or multiple strikes given out, such as severe harassment.

Current Warnings

Current Bans

all appeals should be PMed to JessKnight with the given format
This is just the location for the form layout and coding so users can better find it.
Do not post your appeal form here!

    If you think your ban or warning was unjust or a jump to conclusions, or if your ban/warning was a long time ago and you'd like to announce yourself as a different, changed person... please fill out this form and pm it to JessKnight.
    fill out all parts of the form, and please do not add or remove anything

    >>>> A User must wait 1 month after their original ban or warning to be able to appeal.
    >>>> A User can only appeal for a warning once a year, despite how many warnings you have.
    >>>> A succeeded appeal will remove one warning from your account. if you had been banned, you will be unbanned, but still have 2 warnings, the only warning removed will be the one you managed to appeal.
    >>>> If you become unbanned your flitz/items/etc will not be returned to you. you are welcome to try to trade the new owners for the flit, but consistent bugging or asking for them for free will return your account to a ban.
    >>>> Fill out the appeal code for only one of your warnings, not all of them.

Code: Select all
Ban Issued date:
Ban Reason:
Why you should be appealed:

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Pysgod #3 based on this drawing by Bachata
by |Perse| @ Sun Nov 10, 2019 5:09 am [Reply]

{the timing on this is not correct I got distracted a lot ;; }

[NR/Standard]- Hair, Any eye color, Markings, Any Sclera marking
[Uncommon]- Custom Tail
[Rare]- Horns

Code: Select all
Prompt- What's this babs fav piece of clothing??;

Ends on: Nov 17th

SonOfStarGod @ Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:03 am

Username; SonOfStarGod
Name; Miyatase
Gender; female
Prompt- What's this babs fav piece of clothing??; kimonos, she thinks they both look cool and are comfortable, fitting any kind of weather. She was bullied as a child for what she wore, but now she wares kimonos because if she gets bullied it would be racist.

|Perse| @ Sat Nov 16, 2019 1:15 am


|Perse| @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:57 am

Forgot to close this but the winner is SonOfStarGod :^)

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All are OTA

x1. I'm tired
⠀⠀2. How ya doin
⠀⠀4. What're you lookin at? (might keep)
x⠀5. Sneezed

I'll take DA points, C$, Pets, etc. No items.
Wishlist pets are boosters.

Aseria Greane @ Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:12 am


Aseria Greane @ Fri Nov 15, 2019 1:09 pm


Aseria Greane @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 9:23 am


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exiting the shopping center, you notice a line of gachapon machines. a light blue one catches your eye, and the "adoptable characters" logo slapped across the front piques your interest. you shrug, pulling out a coin and inserting it into the machine - whats the worst that could happen? upon twisting the knob, your prize pops out - a small friend for you to enjoy!


hello and welcome to soda's adoptable character gachapon! this magical machine is filled with friends - and it seems to never run out! please remember to read everything on this post before you turn the knob!

the gachapon has a label on the side - the top reads RULES in big letters.
1. please dont beg for a free character or complain about what you get!
2. dont try to haggle the price ^_^
3. be nice!
4. have fun - gachapons are meant to be enjoyed!


the small label above the coin slot is labeled PRICES. it seems to have a few options - what a fancy machine!
30 c$ ( or pet equivalent ) per gachapon prize!
this will get you a completely random character - you can include up to three words to describe what youd like
add 5 c$ to choose the species of your character
add 5 c$ for a longer description of what youd like ( try to keep it under 30 words - if you need more tho thats ok ^_^ )
add 5 c$ to choose a color palette / moodboard / item that youd like the character based on
add 2 c$ per accessory


theres another label on the side, this time it shows potential prizes!
these are the species im best at drawing ( and what youll probably get if you dont choose the species ):
canines, felines, rodents, furby
i am ok with drawing reptiles, humanoids, or birds, but theyre not my strong suit so id advise not going for them if youre looking for hq art ^_^;;
i am also ok with drawing for original species, as long as theyre an open species!
here are my examples


although the machine never runs out of prizes, it can only hold a certain amount of coins before it has to be emptied. currently, it seems it can hold about ten coins.
slot 1 - 10. open!


finally, youre ready to put a coin in the slot! you just have to tell the machine what youd like...
heres the form! delete all the 'X' and put your answer there ^_^ feel free to pretty up the form if ya want to, just dont delete anything
Code: Select all
[size=150][b]I'd like to put a coin in the gachapon![/b][/size]
[b]Username:[/b] X
[b]Are you paying with C$ or pets?[/b] X
[b]Theme:[/b] X
[b]Add-ons:[/b] X
[b]Total:[/b] X

kazuichi! @ Wed Nov 20, 2019 2:07 am

bump :-0c

Dragon Adoptable based on this drawing by Sixbane
by _guacamole_ @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 4:40 am [Reply]

Dragon Adoptables

I have made these lovely dragons here for you to adopt!
All you have to do is read below :)

Tan, Yellow, Gold, and Brown Dragon with Amber Eyes

C$6 OR any 2019 Halloween or Fairy Event RARE!
This dragon is: UP FOR ADOPTION!

Purple and Grey Dragon with Pale Green Eyes

C$6 OR any 2019 Halloween or Fairy Event RARE!
This dragon is: UP FOR ADOPTION!

Thank you! Have a nice day/night!!
You can also check out my other adoptables if ya want :)

_guacamole_ @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 1:16 am


_guacamole_ @ Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:07 am


adopts wrote:

What's up? (´・ω・`)

Shortstripe12 @ Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:20 pm


e u p h o r i a @ Tue Aug 29, 2017 2:36 pm

ohh something dragon themed? Dragon warrior... queen.. etc!

lysander @ Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:54 pm


nature themes?? elements??
like smoke, fire, ash, air, wind, lightning, darkness, sun, earth, water, ice... poison.. etc... steel.. rock....
or palettes!! rpg classes?? flowers!!

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glitchiis [closed species]
by rippi @ Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:10 pm [Reply]

artist search discord
glitchiis are dragonlike programs that have manifested into physical beings!
though successfully being able to cross over, they can be unstable and 'crash', 'freeze' or 'lag',
meaning they don't tend to move around much and like to sleep! they are very docile, but
if they get sick they become violent (virus, hehe.) and tend to remain that way.
their size depends on what device they came out of! if they came out of a phone, they
would be small, and if they came out of a television they'd be large, ect ect!

scientists are currently researching how and when glitchiis managed to escape from our
devices, but for now it is a mystery!

trait list

➳ standard edits
sclera, hair edits above jawline, accessories, glitching on tail/horns/paws/claws

➳ common edits
hair edits below the jawline, extra fur, backmanes, custom tails, custom horns

➳ uncommon edits
custom ears, short fur, no tail, halo, glitching anywhere on body, custom tongue, custom pupils

➳ rare edits
missing limbs (up to two), glow, multiple tails, munchkinism/reverse munchkinism, more than two horns, 2 sets of ears

➳ legendary edits
elemental powers, wings, multiple halos, multiple heads, scales,
gene splicing (ask about this!) more than four limbs (up to eight), crystals on body

rippi @ Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:08 pm

rules !
general species rules

➳ glitchiis are a closed species! this means you may not make your own glitchiis without a myo ticket or explicit permission from me.

➳ selling or buying glitchiis for any type of payment (outside auction/flatsale adopts), whether it be dA points, c$ or usd is not allowed!

➳ glitchiis may not be co-owned, they may only be owned by one person!

➳ in general, be respectful!

➳ you may own up to five glitchiis currently! this may change if the species grows large enough.

➳ you may use a glitchii as your fursona! just credit the designer and me for the original species :D

artist rules

➳ each artist must make at least two glitchiis a month!

➳ each artist is allowed one custom glitchii with unlimited rare edits
each month! (these may be combined up to two legendary edits and unlim below!)

➳ the majority of adopts should only have uncommon and below edits!

more rules will be added as required!

rippi @ Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:08 pm


rippi / they/he

rippi @ Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:08 pm


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Best offer wins; I'll end the auction when I get a good offer. Thanks!

Нүхтэй Слизерин @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:00 pm

Status: open

Нүхтэй Слизерин @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:01 pm





Welcome to the mystical land of cows!
Stay a while, take off your shoes and feel the
soft grass beneath your toes. Cuddle up with a
couple bovine and make yourself at home. If you're
lucky, one just might come home with you!
Buttermilk Cows are tradable for other
Buttermilk Cows, sellable for milk bottles, and also
are giftable! There is no limit to how many you can
own so feel free to fill your heart entirely of adorable
cattle and nothing else!


Nursery | Fanclub v.2
Discord Chat | Artist Search
Guide (Updated)

(All other links located in the Guide)

Main Archive | Nursery Archive
Event Archive | Barn Archive


Dino Kittens
Dainty Donkeys
- R U L E S -

⊳ Buttermilks with a collar have already been adopted!
⊳ Always check end dates on Buttermilks without a collar, to be
sure it hasn't already ended.
Updated! ⊳ Buttermilks and their slots can be traded for other Moos, gifted, or
traded for art with other users.
⊳ Buttermilks cannot be traded for outside characters or currency.
⊳ If a Buttermilk is traded or gifted, both the original and new owners
must post on the adoption page.
⊳ When you receive a Buttermilk through a gift or trade, you,
as the new owner, are responsible for messaging the correct archivist
and getting it updated in the archive. (Main, Nursery or Event)
⊳ If you have a slot permission from V.1 and the owner is no longer
active, that slot is still valid. Screenshot proof is required, with the date
and owner's username visible.
⊳ Buttermilks may not be sold or purchased for any type of currency.
⊳ Once you trade or gift your buttermilk, you cannot get it back. All
transactions are final!
⊳ Do not bully other users, this will not be tolerated.
⊳ There is no limit on how many Buttermilks you can own!
⊳ Please be respectful of all staff, cowmunity members, and new comers!
⊳ Do not pester, complain or harass staff about new adopts or breedings.
⊳ Don't be a spoil sport if you don't win an adopt!
⊳ You may not alter your Buttermilk's design in any way.
⊳ You may not steal another user's Buttermilk or its design.
⊳ You can not make your own Buttermilk.
⊳ If you are banned, you cannot apply for adopts, post on any Buttermilk
related topics, or send in breeding forms.
⊳ I reserve the right to re-posses any Buttermilks made on or after 7-24-18 for
any species related reason.
⊳ If a user is banned from the adopt, any Buttermilks in their possession made
past 7-24-18 will be re-adopted.
Regarding FCFS adopts: The adopt will be awarded to the user who
posts a correctly filled out form first. Editing your form before the artist
announces the winner will result in your being disqualified and the adopt
will go to the next correct form.
Rules are subject to change

sprig @ Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:15 am

Need to know who's who on the Buttermilk staff? This is a great place to look!
All of us are always open to PMs on CS, or DMs on Discord, if you need anything at all!

Owner & Co-Owner
sprig. . . . . . . . . . .vanilla bean.


Areater. . . . . . . . . . .Kassypen. . . . . . . . . . .♔Voltaire♔

Original lineart made by Tealea
Previous owners: Marilu., SeargentWinter
Calf lineart made by bulletcorgi
Icon Lineart made by Kiboku (DA)
Header made by Snowflakette


LivingLethal | Main Adopts & Nursery

mierose | Event & Item



hiraeth + hound
- G U E S T A R T I S T S -
Term: 7 / 10 - 8 / 10


Nursery & Main Adopts






Evils @ Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:21 am

Mark!! 🐄❤

ℋoney @ Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:21 am

hecckkk marking

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WIP based on this drawing by iStarz & Everly
by iStarz & Everly @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:58 am [Reply]

Silver Sooty Dunskin Sabino

wIO based on this drawing by iStarz & Everly
by iStarz & Everly @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:48 am [Reply]


Potters' Customs {CLOSED} based on this drawing by Potters
by Potters @ Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:29 am [Reply]

Ok, so I'm new to customs but I would like to give it a go. Price is C$3 or 1 rare. I also sell adoptables out of these lines too.
1- I prefer natural colors but if you want a colorful doggi I'll try.
2- I could try to draw hair, clothes, accessories, etc. But no promises it'll look right
3- One per person per post.
Message me and describe your doggio! You can be as specific as you want.
You'll send the trade.
I'll let you know when their done and then add you to it.

Potters @ Sat Nov 02, 2019 1:20 pm


Potters @ Mon Nov 04, 2019 8:22 am


Zombiehund @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 11:15 am

Mark ^^

by kivr & fireflii @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 7:22 pm [Reply]

was gonna finish but feeling too sleepy hhh

feel free to offer C$/USD/Art for this buddy

aethillie @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 8:32 pm

    bel u did so good theyre SO cute omg

bluewingz @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:31 pm

Hands down 150 C$ xx
They are so cutteeeee x

Georgie Denbrough @ Tue Nov 19, 2019 2:43 am

125c$ + 2 fullbodys + 4 headshots + a custom :3

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FELAIRS - fall event! based on this drawing by tiny
by EmberWolf @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:30 am [Reply]

Backgrounds + text by tiny
Lines by EmberWolf

tiny @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:31 am


    ✧ what is a felair? ✧

    Felairs are a species of cat that are little-known but far spread. They have been around since ancient times, with a powerful legacy passed down through each cat’s heirloom. They exist as keepers of their biomes, nurturing growth and acting as a caretaker for their environment. Their presence is vital to the natural world, and they have maintained their strong legacy with a family heirloom.

    ✧ rules ✧
    - don't claim Felairs as your own, and always give proper credit (offsite use is allowed)
    - there is no limit on number of Felairs you can own, but special event Felairs may be limited
    - do not add any additional items to Felairs as it would go against the lore

tiny @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:31 am


    ✧ the importance of heirlooms ✧

    heir·loom [ˈerlo͞om/]
      · a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.

    Each Felair has an object that is held near and dear to them: their family stone. Depending on their biome, they treasure a beautiful stone that their ancestors gathered and passed on to them, be it a beautiful emerald from the desert, striking granite from the mountains, or anything in between. They’re more than just a rock, though – these heirlooms contain the souls of their ancestors, and therefore, their entire family history.

    Keeping their heirloom close to them is of vital importance to every Felair. Some have chosen to have their stones crafted into jewelry, while others have chosen to keep the stone in the raw as their ancestors discovered it. If a an heirloom became lost, the cat would lose their entire family legacy and lose the ability to pass it down. Should a Felair not be able to continue its legacy, the environment in which it lives would suffer without a keeper to inherit it.

    Heirlooms allow each Felair to breed and pass on their legacy to their offspring. Since they only have one heirloom, each cat may only breed once. Their stones drive the breeding, and each breeding produces two offspring, one to inherit each heirloom.

    Since the heirlooms are the main factor of breeding, and pairing of any gender is allowed but once their heirloom is passed, they may not breed again and permanently lose their stone so that their offspring may begin to carry on their legacy.

tiny @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:31 am


    ✧ where felairs live ✧

    A Felair's primary purpose in life is to preserve and protect the environment they live in, and to continue to ensure that it is taken care of for eternity by passing on their heirlooms. Each biome has unique traits and heirlooms.

    ✧ forest ✧

    Temperate in climate and conducive to lots of life, forests are the most common place to find Felairs. Most cats in this area are seen with standard fur, standard tails, and standard ears. Their heirlooms may be stones such as quartz, emeralds, amber, and garnets.

    ✧ mountains ✧

    At higher altitudes with chillier temperatures, mountain-dwelling Felairs are a hardy bunch! They are slightly less common, and can be typically seen with standard or long hair with the potential for bobbed tails or tufted ears. Their heirlooms may be stones such as granite, limestone, aquamarines, or sapphires.

    ✧ desert ✧

    To thrive in the hot and arid desert, Felairs living in this biome typically have shorter hair and are lighter in color to avoid absorbing heat. They are uncommon to see, but their presence is felt across the desert. Their heirlooms may consist of things such as gold, copper, and opals.

    ✧ coastal ✧

    Felairs that reside on the coast enjoy sand, sea breezes, and ocean air. These rare cats are hard to spot, and typically have shorter hair with longer tails. Their heirlooms may be items like seashells, pearls, or sand dollars.

    ✧ arctic ✧

    Equipped for the harshest temperatures and deepest snow, Arctic Felairs can almost never be found. They have thick coats to weather them through the cold and may have tufted ears and any length of tail. Their heirlooms may consist of ice crystals, spectrolite, and diamonds.

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    Breed Information
    Scottish Beranhunds (Canis ursidae) are apex predators originating in northern Scotland. They are mainly carnivores and mostly eat deer, fish, and seals. Depending on their location they sometimes come in to contact with cattle and will prey on them. All Beranhunds are wild until captured by their handler or it is a breeding. . The breed wears a Halti. the canine equivalent of a halter.

    • Lifespan 1-20 years domesticated, 1-13 in the wild.
    • Height ranges from 160 cm to 220 cm with an ideal weight ranging from 700-900 pounds.
    • Average speed is 50mph when running, 75mph when sprinting, and a normal lope at 20mph.

    Thick skull structure with a light frame. Thick double coat with a standard long tail or the uncommon bear tail. Ears stand on their own at three months of age. Well muscled and sloped backs that make them idea for riding. They have curved canines and short claws that help in hunting. Their pads are usually rough to the touch. Beranhund tongues are slightly similar to that of a cat's. Average gait similar to that of a wolf though they are not as light on their paws.

    Beranhunds come in many different colors, some patterns altered through the years. Some patterns have never been seen in the species, such as brindling. Other newer patterns have occurred but are rare in the species as a whole. All berans are fluffy and show thick coats though there is a legend among of people of a short-haired variation of the species. Eye colors are generally normal in the of canines, generally speaking, only blind berans tend to have the washed out eyes. Berans do not have neon bright colorations.

    Beranhunds have very unique personalities, they are goofy at times but mostly almost as docile as dogs once they have formed a bond with someone. Very rarely will you hear of an attack on humans from a domesticated Beranhund. Wild Beranhunds are not known to attack unless threatened or provoked.
    Communication between one another is mostly whines, barks, and chuffing. Long distance communication is established through certain pitched howls that cannot be compared to with any other species in the canidae family. Up until a year old pups vocals are usually higher pitched and not as pleasing to the ears as adults.

    Scottish Beranhunds breeding habits are very competitive with males. When there is more than one male around a female in season, these males will fight until one backs down or is killed. Once you have a male courting a female, behavior consists of rough playing and chasing that can sometimes lead to an altercation. The gestation period is 92 days. Litters usually consist of one or two pups that will stay with their mother until full maturity at two years of age. Pups are born with a smooth coat minus very fluffy ears and tails. Tail type is know by three weeks of age.

    When it comes to tack, this species does not need a bit. All halters must fit properly and not hinder then beranhund from seeing, breathing, or hearing. Saddles must have at least two straps that secure it to the beranhund, underneath and the chest. Any and all designs are allowed as long as they will not hinder the animal in movement. Tack for pulling carts is also allowed. For showing purposes, the beranhund will have a thin chain collar connected to a lead. For other accessories, all are welcome.

lines © Emberwolf
backgrounds © Error
species concept and information © eleutheromania
topic art © jackkdaw on DA

eleutheromania @ Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:20 am


      ownership limit is based upon levels.
      You are allowed to gift beranhund pups to other users if they are a level 1 or higher.
      Accessories can be added but must follow species guidelines on tack, harnesses etc.
      This is an interactive species, role playing you and your canine is highly encouraged.
      You do not have to level to keep your beranhund, though if you want more it is required.

      This is a closed species, you cannot make your own or breed them with other species.
      Your username cannot be the name of the handler.
      They cannot be any sexuality but hetero as the species is as realistic as possible.
      They cannot be depicted as anthros
      You may no sell or trade your canines.
      Do not ask for a staff position or harass the staff.
      Do not edit the species lines unless you have permission from myself, this includes adding scars if they are not present in the original design. You are allowed to add accessories
      08.18.19. If you do not claim your founder in a week, it will be put up for adoption
        -- Note: If within that week you are inactive on CS, another week will be allowed per your last time ac
        tive on the site/last active post.

      Customs and HM wrote:Customs will be given out as the artists see fit along with honorable mentions.

      ----- Full customs will be available to be bought or won at a later date.

      • 10 honorable mentions = custom with two gene picks
      • 20 honorable mentions = custom with four gene picks and phenotype.

      Strikes and Bans wrote:You will get three warnings before your first strike. Once you have three strikes you will be banned from the species. You will no longer be able to breed your beranhund, adopt, and participate in events but you will still be able to post on all topics.

      > none

      > none

      Basics all forms should include wrote:
      Code: Select all
      [center][quote][size=150][b][color=#00BFFF]Breed Information[/color][/b][/size]
      [size=85]Scottish Beranhunds ([i]Canis ursidae[/i]) are apex predators originating in northern Scotland. They are mainly carnivores and mostly eat deer, fish, and seals. Depending on their location they sometimes come in to contact with cattle and will prey on them. [b][color=#FF0000]All Beranhunds are wild until captured by their handler or it is a breeding. [/color][/b]. The breed wears a Halti. the canine equivalent of a halter. [/size]

      [url=]ARCHIVE[/url] ||  [url=]Genetics[/url]  || [url=]Nursery[/url] || [url=]Fanclub[/url] || [url=]Artist Center[/url]
      [url=]WORLD BUILDING[/url] || [url=]DISCORD[/url][/quote]

      To adopt a Beranhund, you must be a level 1 or higher. If you are not, you can apply as long as
      you do not have a founder dog/founder dog form posted.

      Contest Details Here.
      End Date:[/center]

      [b]Handler's Name;[/b]
      [b]Beran Name;[/b]
      [b]Age;[/b] ( always preset by artist )
      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] SSS: Foundation
      [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] SS: Foundation
      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] SSD: Foundation
      Sire: Foundation
      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] SDS: Foundation
      [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] SD: Foundation
      [color=transparent]-------------------------------------------[/color] SDD: Foundation

      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DSS: Foundation
      [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] DS: Foundation
      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DSD: Foundation
      Dam: Foundation
      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DDS: Foundation
      [color=transparent]-----------------[/color] DD: Foundation
      [color=transparent]------------------------------------------[/color] DDD: Foundation[/size][/list][/list]

eleutheromania @ Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:21 am


  • Eleutheromania

  • emberwolf
  • error
  • Schainukan

  • Sandy Hoofprints
  • paradise,


Former Staff
  • ezai
  • dia
  • -Undyne-
  • Krycifer
  • toastedtea
  • ~Soul~

eleutheromania @ Wed Jun 21, 2017 1:22 am

The Levels

    level 0 [ allowed 1 beran ]
    - create a kennel
    - create your handler
    - tame a beranhund
    - write or draw how your handler tamed their beranhund. [ 200 words ]

    level 1 [ allowed 2 berans ]
    - create a personality for your handler [ 100 words ]
    - create a personality for your beran [ 100 words ]
    - write or draw about how your beran reacted to the saddle. [ 200 words ]

    level 2 [ allowed 2 berans ]
    - create a history for your beran [ 100 words ]
    - describe your kennel set up [100 words ]
    - write or draw about your beran's first ride with its handler [ 200 words ]

    level 3
    - create a history for your handler [ 100 words ]
    - create a toy for your beran [ must be colored ]
    - write or draw about your beran's first hunt with their handler [ 200 words ]

    level 4 [ allowed 5 berans ]
    - give at least two berans a personality and history [ 100 words each ]
    - describe your beran's favorite snack [ 50 words ]
    - write or draw about beran's first race [ 200 words ]

    level 5
    - describe your handler and beran's relationship [ 100 words ]
    - describe the area surrounding your kennel [ 150 words ]
    - write or draw about your handler teaching your beran a trick [ 200 words ]

    level 6 [ allowed 10 berans ]
    - describe your beran's relationship with other berans [ 100 words ]
    - write or draw about two of your beran's hunting together [ 200 words ]
    - write or draw about your handler showing your beran in conformation [ 200 words ]

    level 6+ [can own one additional beran per level up. ]
    - write or draw a scene of your choice. [ 300 words ]
    - write or draw about your beran competing in an event [ 300 words ]
    - write or draw about your beran getting into some mischief [ 300 words ]

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creature doobl- (sold)
by trashguts @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:18 pm [Reply]

strangely shaped wings are used as forearms; they can't be used for flight anymore... why would something evolve like this?

idk if there's any market for like, one-off oekaki designs or anything, but if anyone wants im they can offer like c$ or wl pets or whatever ig?

#25 Cremello Dun Overo based on this drawing by Vinson
by Arkinhallow @ Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:24 pm [Reply]

    gender: stallion
    height: 16.0hh
    coat color: cremello dun overo
    genotype: ee/aa/CrCr/Dd/Oo
    eye color: loam brown
    breeding notes:
      -will always pass cream.
      -50% chance to pass dun, overo.
      -cannot breed with another overo.
    Describe this stallion's personality in 10 words or less.

    end date: 24th Nov, 12pm AEST
Code: Select all
halter colour:

sapphirespirit @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:04 pm

username: Sapphirespirit
halter colour:dark leather
prompt:Kind, Courageous, loyal, paternal ,goofy, excitable,loving,curious,wanderer,energetic

Chaniwa Kois lineart
by StarryNightz @ Mon Nov 18, 2019 5:02 pm [Reply]

Coming soon.
Do not post

Moons ago, the five warrior clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, and SkyClan were destroyed by a massive storm. A tornado tore through the territories, and a massive forest fire ran through ThunderClan. The cats who were able to escape alive fled. With the remaining cats, StarClan contacted many warriors, even kittypets, to create new clans. If their plan failed, the warrior code may just be lost forever.

. . Leveling and Scar Archive . . Cat and Clan Archive . . Nursery . .
Artist Customs . . Discord . .Sales and Trades . . Fanclub (thanks rain)
Getting Started . . Leveling Up . . Challenges

Welcome to Rays of New Light. For short, it may be referred to as RoNL or Rays. With the cats you gather, you can create your groups, whether it be a clan, a tribe, or whatever comes to mind. Please remember that the leveling up tasks and limits must be met. This includes no more than one leader or one deputy depending on your level unless you complete the "Expansion Challenge."

  • DiamondDogg Caverns - Owner and Artist
  • ☁Lady Raincloud☁ - Fanclub Owner, Artist
  • FaededFyre - Cat and Leveling Archivist
  • WolfTales - Artist
  • Dewly_Noted - Artist
  • Oceanfosh - Artist
  • Goner. - Artist
  • Mythz - Artist
    General Rules
  • Respect each other and staff equally. Report to CS staff
    or RoNL staff if a problem arises.
  • Positivity only!
  • You will not be added to the cat's reference.
  • Do not hesitate to ask staff questions! We are here to help.
  • You may only receive ONE free founder. If you decide to give it
    away, you must get another from regular adopts, customs,
    or MYO's.
  • You have one month to claim your founder and level up.

    Member Rules
  • Do not whine/cry/create a sob story if you do
    not win a cat. It is the artist's decision on who wins.
  • Kits can be grown 2 weeks after being won.
  • Please wait for an artist to claim your beginning
    founder form. DO NOT REPOST.
  • Customs are paid for with C$, DA points, HM's
    • Only order customs when an artist is open.
      Customs MUST be paid for (C$/DA points sent) before
      the artist begins working on the cat.
    • Customs can be also be won by getting 5-10 HM's
      (honorable mentions)
      • 5 HM's: Semi-Custom; Base color and amount
        of white.
      • 10 HM's: Regular Custom; Base color, white, markings,
    • HM customs COUNT towards your monthly limit
  • You may get a max of 2 customs per month.
  • Once an artist closes their customs, please wait until
    they post who will get their customs. Do NOT PM them
    or post on the thread asking who got the customs. This
    goes for regular adopts, too.

    Staff Rules
  • As an artist, you are expected to do the following:
    • Create at least one cat a month (please let me know
      if you are not able to create a cat that month)
  • Take founder forms and get them done in a timely manner
  • Open customs and accept the ones you know you will
    finish by the end of the month.
    • You are not required to open customs each month.
  • Accept founder forms at your will
  • Join the discord if possible
  • Ask other staff if you need help!
  • Kits can be grown 2 weeks after being won if/when
    requested by the owner.
  • As an artist, you can do the following:
    • Ask someone else to judge your adopt
      if something comes up
    • PM a user if they have not leveled up within the month
      with a possible extension

Banner by SurgeFire, edited by ☁Lady Raincloud☁

DiamondDogg Caverns @ Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:17 am


Looking to get started with your cats? Fill out the founder form below. An artist will claim it and create the cat to your liking. If you put random, then the artist will create a random design! Please stick to normal cat designs. Use this website if you need help!

Code: Select all
Cat's Gender:
Cat's Fur Length:
Cat's Fur Color:
  • No large line edits, Small scars and a torn ear
    are fine, however.
  • No rare mutaions/breeds.
    • No bobtails, munchkins, double ears/tails,
      albinos, etc.

DiamondDogg Caverns @ Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:18 am


Once you have your founder, you are able to level up!
Complete the tasks below (starting at the ones under "level 0")
to level up!

All art scenes should be at least lined and flat colored (or lineless
with shading) and the cats should be recognizable.
All writing scenes, unless otherwise specified, should be at least
101 words. If you go slightly over the limit, that's fine!

Limits: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 1 medicine cat, 15 other
    >Write or draw a scene with 2 or more
    of your cats.
    >Give three of your cats a history and personality
      >History: 200+ words
      >Personality: 50+ words
    >Describe your medicine cat and leader's

Limits: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 1 medicine cats, 18 other
    >Your medicine cat encountered a problem? What
    was the problem and how did they deal with it? (Min. 300
    >Write about your clan traditions (min. 200 words)
    >Describe three of your cats in 20 words or less

Limits: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 2 medicine cats, 20 other
    >Why did your medicine cat get an apprentice?
    >What was your leader's expectations for the clan?
    Did the clan grow this way, or did the leader have
    to make exceptions? (Min. 200 words)
    >If you could change one thing on one cat, what would
    you change? (min. 50 words)

Limits: 1 leader, 1 deputy, 2 medicine cats, 25 other
(each level after level 7, you will get five (5) more cats per level)
    >Give five (5) of your cats a history or personality
      >History: 200+ words
      >Personality: 50+ words
    >Write or draw a scene of your choice
    >Describe two cat's favorite prey and why (Min. 50 words)
Limits: 1 Leader, 0 deputy, 0 medicine cats, 0 other
    >Get your founder
    >Create your thread
    >Describe something about
    your clan in 100 words or less

Limits: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 0 medicine cats, 2 other
    >Write or draw how your deputy joined the clan
    OR became deputy (200+ words)
    >Describe your territory and the locations in as many
    words as you want (100 words or more)
    >Art scene of your choice (may be ordered)

Limits: 1 Leader, 1 deputy, 1 medicine cat, 5 other
    >Write or draw about your medicine cat's favorite
    prey (200+ words)
    >Give 2-3 of your cats a personality or history
      >History: 200+ words
      >Personality: 50+ words
    >Write or draw about your leader and deputy's first

Limits: 1 leader, 1 deputy, 1 medicine cat, 10 other
    >Give five (5) of your cats a history or personality
      >History: 200+ words
      >Personality: 50+ words
    >Write or draw your medicine cat trying to convince
    your leader or deputy to get an injury treated.
    >Describe a cat's or your clan's view on StarClan/the

DiamondDogg Caverns @ Wed Jun 12, 2019 8:18 am


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Beautiful words on cover by cinnabee!
Magic Academy
Artist Search | Main Students | Shop | Rolls | Spell Making | Library | Battles | Training | Event | Customs | Discord
You walk up to the gates of a beautiful, old school and watch as all the other students your age pass by. You head to the sign that says "School Start Check in" and smile as you hear the slogan of the entire school, "A place where anyone can learn magic"

Welcome to Magic Academy, where as you heard, is a place anyone can learn magic! Well, any humanoid at least. To start off your magical journey make a dorm for your students! It can be a post on cs, on toyhouse, whatever as long as I can see it! You will store your words, students, items, money, and exp there! Speaking of "words" you probably wonder what those are. You see, to do magic you need to earn or get words! They can be any word, and will be rolled by me. You can mix 2+ words to make spells, spells are your choice what to do as long as they make sense with the words creating them and are as creative and unique as possible! Once you make your dorm you need to get your main student! They will be your first, and most likely most important student. Each dorm is a team and your main student is the leader! After that you can explore around and get used to the place along with recruiting students for your dorm. Have fun!

uwu @ Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:25 am

-No begging or whining
-Obviously you can make your own magical wizard/which ocs and even arpgs but please don't steal the idea of using words for magic even if you do credit me! I think its pretty unique and I want to keep it that wau
-Be kind
-Don't be rude or mean
-Don't troll
-Follow CS Rules Obviously
-Don't advertise your species here
-Might be added to!

uwu @ Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:25 am

N/A For now

uwu @ Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:25 am

Magic words and species each have teirs! From roman numeral I to V (1-5). V/5 Is the rarest while I/1 is the most common.

Word Teirs wrote:Teir I -
Teir II -
Teir III -
Teir IV -
Teir V -

Species Teirs wrote:Teir I -Werewolves, Humans, Elves
Teir II - Half-Animals (Mostly Human), Part (50% or less) Anything Teir III-V
Teir III - Fairies, Giants (Not huge, just like bigger than normal)
Teir IV - Angels, Demons (Or imps), Shapeshifters
Teir V - Unknown

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w e l c o m e xxx t o xxx t h e xxx g o o b i v e r s e

main archive || customs/nursery archive || level archive

massive fractures spread from the core to the crust of omicron-06, in a galaxy many thousands of light years from earth. as a red dwarf star set for the last time on the ruptured planet, the last of its former inhabitants fled on starships and refugee cruisers, forced to watch their home disappear into the darkness of space. no one among them is quite sure how or why the planet splintered, but the surface wasn't the only thing that splintered. refugees from the lost omicron-6 broke into separate factions as a result, and now live spread far apart, on many different planets, space bases, and even starships throughout the known universe.
now they seek a new home, or revenge for what happened to their planet, or just a new purpose to call their own.

main || announcements || rules || staff || leveling up || about systems || stamps and affiliations || faq || res || res

byyrde @ Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:44 am


the leveling center has been updated with a new request !! please register your ship before leveling up !! if you have already done so, just register and we'll take care of the rest ;) if you don't have a gooby, you can still register the ship name !!

byyrde @ Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:00 am

usually im not a huge rules person, but i feel like it's really important to outline what is expected from both you and me in this venture !! if you have any questions about them, please don't hesitate to ask me!

species rules
goobies are a closed species, please do not make your own without myo permissions
please be respectful to everyone on this thread, staff and users alike
harassment of any kind, whether personal or over this species, will not be tolerated
please do not change the design of your goobies in any way, except to add items [meaning you cannot add scars without permission]
you may not sell or purchase goobies in any way
trading / gifting your goobies is currently not available, sorry about that
please do not minimod
you can only have one crew
as of right now, you are not allowed to reset your crew's system
you must maintain storage for your crew

staff rules
all staff are permitted to make an unlimited uncommon and under myo per month of service

guest artists
guest artists are on a one month trial and within that time should produce at least 2 and up to 4 adopts, once their month is completed / all of their adopts are made, they will be considered as a full time artist

artists must make at least two adopts a month
may not accept payment / bribes for adopts [this will result in termination]
must be limited in how many uncommon+ adopts they make [there will be better terms for this later]

active as much as possible
follow the species rules / guidelines as carefully as possible

warning / ban system
as necessary, i will record people who have received warnings or potentially bans here. please don't make me use this system !!

byyrde @ Mon Aug 05, 2019 3:08 am

a big thank you to all our lovely staff members !! their work is massively appreciated !!
lmaooo i need to hire some staff big oop

permanent staff
byyrde - owner/creator
bettalong - main line artist, general helper

corvidous - moderator
neonpastel - moderator

bloth hoondr - archivist
trial staff
kyum- - guest artist [3/4]

zaz - guest artist [1/4]

wolfwinter - guest artist [3/4]

thiqq - guest artist [3/4]

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Second Chance Shelter
by Neah @ Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:33 pm Attachment(s) [Reply]

Banner done by ~Hey Rei~
━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━
Staff Team - Artist Hub - Archives - Fanclub - Artist Competition - Information - Registry - Competitions
SCS Store - Discord Chat - Ask Questions - Canine Roleplay - Feline Roleplay

━ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ━

Second Chance Shelter wrote:Second Chance Shelter is a dog and cat rescue where you can come to find a new member of your family. We rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes so they may have the chance to be placed into a caring home. All of our animals are special and deserve a chance to be happy with an owner that will care for them. The question is: are you ready to love them?

    Stamp Credit
    Code: Select all

    Stamp Credit
    Code: Select all

Neah @ Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:38 pm

Shelter Staff wrote:Owner: The owner of the species appears as #A8431C in the chat. Italicized names on this list signify a co-owner or admin assistant. The owner and co-owner hold the same powers.

Artists: Any artist appears as #266694 in the chat. Italicized names on this list signify a ghost artist. Artists, of any kind, have the ability to make customs for users.

Guest Artists: A guest artist appears as #31a8dc in the chat. A guest artist has the ability to make an unlimited amount of adopts in a month trial, at the end of which the staff will vote on adding them to the team.

Moderators: Any moderator appears as #1F8847 in the chat. Italicized names on this list signify a chat-specific moderator. If you have any questions or something to say, you can message anyone on this list.
Almond Bark

Judge: The judge appears as #DD2A3D in the chat. The judge helps judge contests when the artist needs a guest judge or a second opinion on something.

Archivist: The archivist appears as #9959a5 in the chat. The archivist run the species archive.
Diamond Sapphire

Neah @ Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:45 pm


--> Follow all of Tess' rules.
--> Do not spam any of the threads.
--> Do not adopt just to breed an animal.
--> Do not adopt just to give the animal away.
--> Respect staff members.
--> Do not claim an animal that isn't yours.
--> Do not complain if you do not receive an animal.
--> You may only sell an adopt for as much/close to what you bought it for. Notify the archivist of the ownership change.
--> Right now you may own an unlimited amount of adopts. Don't abuse this right.
--> We are accepting of all sexualities/religions/nationalities here. This is a kind community. Don't join if you are going to cause a problem.


--> All animals from here start with two breeding slots. More may be gained through competitions.
--> Animals from SCS can be breed outside of it, but only offspring gained through us may participate in SCS events.
--> Litters can have a maximum of two offspring.
--> Litters can be produced from male/female, female/female, male/male, etc
--> Offspring from a breeding must wait at least two weeks after being produced to be bred.
--> If the second partner does not belong to you we require a screenshot proof of permission, not just a quote.
--> Our litters are realistic and decided through the parents' genes. You can influence them by buying litter customization items. (Note: Keep in mind this makes most of our things realistic, so if you breed two merles together and get a double merle it will have all the real defects.)
--> Once you submit your breeding ticket you have a month cool down. If the breeding is between two parties you may split this and each get two weeks.
--> Mutations have a 10% chance of passing (some exceptions). The chimeric mutation has a 1% chance of occurring. Mutations will be rolled only if the parent has them. Chimera will be rolled for in every litter unless you ask that we don't in your form.


--> You may only order one custom a month.
--> This cool down resets at the start of every month. You may order something the last week of one month and the first of another, this is up to you. Plan accordingly.
--> Customs may only have up to 25% of wild animal in them (i.e. wolf, serval).
--> I allow you to do most everything you want with your customs, don't abuse this.
--> The only things customs absolutely can't be is chimeric.
--> Go to the artist hub to find information on which artists are taking customs. Follow the directions on their post.


If I am notified of you breaking any rules I retain all rights to remove the adopt from your ownership and it will return to me so I may re-adopt it. If you see anyone breaking the rules please do not hesitate to let me know.

Neah @ Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:50 pm

    Code: Select all
    [b]Coat Color(s):[/b]

Please do not suggest more than one breed per form. Give each suggestion a different form. Mixed breeds are accepted.

442 replies not shown, show all

Welcome to Ashes! A game of survival. To start, your first step is to get a founder, and create your colony! This game takes place on an island, with a volcano! Your job is to help your colony survive. You grow your colony by participating in competitions where if you win, you will get the cat you where attempting to win! So, start by requesting your founder with the form below! One of our magnificent artists will claim it, and will create them for you! Want to become an artist? Pm WolfPackAlpha, and you may get a position in our staff!

V Founder form V
Code: Select all
[size=85][b]I want a founder![/b]
[b]Cat's name:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b] ( 1 year or older )
[b]Appearance notes:[/b][/size]

Founders are allowed to have common edits. ( Long tails, tongue out, scars, notch in ear, symbols on the scarf, etc. ) Pm WolfPackAlpha if you are wondering what rarity an edit is. If you don't specify the appearance of their scarf, the artist will make it random, or make it the color of the cats eyes.

Talonpawthewarrior @ Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:02 am

Hi guys, to start ashes you'll be needing a colony, which should be posted in the character storage forum. Then you must pm me or nootle to request it be aproved as you cannot adopt cats until it is aproved. We will soon have a discord for you to get involved in! Keep in mind ashes is still a work in progress so there are still kinks to be solved.

On ashes island, we use a currency called isle coins. You can buy many thing with them, in the market, such as food, herbs and items to be used in exporation. And myo tickets and edits in the myo section. And even buy a custom or breeding on the main page and nursery. You can earn currency by leveling up your colony, exploring the island, and purchasing isle coins from me or nootle with c$ or pets in the market.

In exploring it is important to keep your cats well fed and healthy. Health and hunger can drasticaly affect your cats and ultimatly your colony. Though we want to keep this fun, so you can always find ways to survive.

:*Lady Stardust*: @ Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:02 am


Owner: WolfPackAlpha

Owner and Co owner get 1 custom with 1 rare edit, and may do any job they like.

Artists: slughorn, Gabe., MadKiska

Artists get one custom with 1 uncommon edit. They may make 2 - 3 adopts every month, and MUST judge their competitions.

Writers: Steampunk_, , Looking for more!

Writers get one custom with 1 uncommon edit. They must tend to explore forms when they can, and will post about events. If writers want to make an event, they must pm WolfPackAlpha.

Guest staff will be added shortly.

Guest staff get 1 custom with one common edit. They will do one of the two main jobs, but will be a guest staff for 3 weeks, and make a maximum of 3 adopts, but you must pm me or Talonpawthewarrior for it to be approve, same goes for founders.

Interested in joining the staff? Read the artist search rules to be an artist, or reply to the main forum of Ashes asking to apply for the writer position, and we will pm you the info on what you must do to be apart of our lovely staff!

Talonpawthewarrior @ Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:10 am

everyone starts off with 125 isle coins! :D

isle coins (bought in bulk only)
isle coins:
1c$= 5 isle coins

pm me to buy things!

extra breeding slot (allows one automatic breeding slot ) :
50 isle coins
weighted breeding (use with a breeding for an automatic three kittens) :
125 isle coins
forever small (permanant kitten lineart) :
75 isle coins
forever young (permament teen lineart) :
myo ticket (includes two common edits and one uncommon edit)
175 isle coins
imortality (never dies):
250 isle coins
revive (bring one cat back from the dead)
200 isle coins

scarf shop:
red, blue, yellow dye:
10 isle coins

orange, green, purple dye:
15 isle coins

black, white, other solid color dye:
20 isle coins:

pattern/ symbol dye:
30 isle coins both pattern and symbol is 50 isle coins

tassels or charms on scarf:
45 isle coins

115 isle coins

to use tassels or dye, take one cat, and post that you are using the item on that cat. specify colors, pattern and size, and an artist will aprove. be sure to link to proof of purchase!

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