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D a r g o n s
Species concept and design concept by me, made 2015. Lines by iownfish, made 2018
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Welcome to the home of the Dargons


What are Dargons?

    A Dargon is an alien species that greatly resembles a dragon. However, they are not. While they have four legs and can fly, they have large ears, a layer of fur under their scales, and are not able to manipulate any element. Males of all subspecies have underscales, left over from more primitive days of fighting over females. The genome of the Dargon is vast and complex, allowing for innumerable color and pattern combinations. However, they do have their distinctions between breeds.

    Dargons live in systems called Tribes. Each Tribe has a Chief or Chieftess, who decides who can and can't be a part of the tribe. Tribes can war, be allies, and even interbreed. They are intelligent enough to fashion simple tools and decorations with their opposable thumbs. Dargons communicate with a language of spoken sounds vaguely like English. They are omnivores who hunt and forage in groups. They make their homes in cave systems somewhat like a prairie-dog town.

    Dargons were first found by human explorers when their home planet was in crisis, mere months away from being devoured by a black hole. Using technology and some Dargon magic, humans managed to transport many Dargons back to earth. After initial lab testing, it was found that Dargons would make great, though large, companions and pets for humans.

      Windgons are a very common subspecies. With their lean bodies and large wings and tails, they are masters of the air around their mountaintop homes. Their manes are short and mainly cover their crown. Their large tails are tipped with two formidable horns, which they use as rudders against gale-force winds.
      Blazegons are another common breed, renowned for their ferocity and bravery. They can dwell anywhere but prefer warmer, drier areas. Their manes extend to above their shoulders, are short in hair length, and appear slicked back. Their tail contains yet another weapon for these fighters: a scorpion sting, complete with venom.
      Rockgons are an uncommon breed and are extremely large, dwelling in caverns and other earthy places. They are built for strength, and their wings are rather small. Their mane is thick and extends halfway down the neck, like a helmet. Their tail bears a large spade, useful when working the earth.
      Dimgons are a rare subspecies, and are very small. They are built for stealth and can see in the dark, for they dwell where sunlight can be scarce. Their manes grow in long, luscious tresses. Their tail bears six smallish spikes, three above and three below.
      Freezegons are an uncommon breed of Dargon, and have elongated bodies and rather short legs for easier maneuvering in their icy northern home. Their mane, over time, has developed into a slicked-back affair that peaks behind the ears, the result of eons of being battered by relentless winds. Their tail bears a hard, jagged plate for traction and defense.
      Beastgons are actually rather common, and a large and stocky. They are good fighters, and have large, sabre-cat fangs to aid them. Their tails are tipped with quills that, while they cannot be flung off, can come off the tail if stuck in something. Their mane is not a proper mane, but rather a thick tuft of crown hair that ends near the ears.
      Treegons are an uncommon Dargon breed and complete pacifists. Unlike the other breeds, these Dargs prefer to live in trees, and their tails are even slightly prehensile to accommodate this lifestyle! Their mane is rather long, and some would describe it as being a cross between the manes of a Rockgon and a Dimgon. Their tail is graced with a tuft of soft fur.
      Another rare, small breed. Raingons are swimmers and can be found near lakes and rivers. They can't stand saltwater, though. While their paws sport to webbing, their limbs and tail and strong and their paws are large. Their mane is thick and dense, kept short and extending in a line down to the shoulders. Their tail sports a semi-transparent fin that is reminiscent of a tadpole's tail.

Scottish9 @ Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:22 am

How things work

    Dargons is a a multi-pronged species, with many breeds and all sorts of events!

    You can start adopting right away now, and you may have as many as you like! You can also breed Dargons for cool hybrids and participate in events to get neat traits or items!

Rules operate on a three-strike system. The first two times a rule is broken, you'll get a warning, maybe a suspension. The third time, you will be barred from Dargons. Your Dargons will be rehomed and you will be reported if you are caught messing with Dargons, either the adopts or the community.

Staff, the rules apply to you too!
    Species Rules
    ~Dargons may be used as characters, OCs, or sonas.
    ~Dargons may not be created by a non-Dargon-artist.
    ~However, you may make art of pre-existing Dargons as long as credit to the species is given.
    ~You may take your Dargons off-site (say, to stash or ToyHouse), as long as you link back to the main Dargons page and give credit.
    ~The re-sale of Dargons is not allowed. If you wish to evict a Dargon from your ownership, PM a staffer and Scottish9 will note its readoption status on the Community post.
    ~To trade Dargons, you must have the permission of a mod and both artists. You must also tell the archivist each time a Dargon changes hands (trade/gift/evict) and who it is going to (if applicable)
    ~Editing of Dargon lines without written artist permission is not allowed.

    Community Rules
    ~Feel free to PM Scottish9 with suggestions and feedback!
    ~Please be polite and respectful.
    ~Please do not argue with staffers. If you ask for an explanation politely, however, we'd be delighted to clarify things!
    ~Artists have the right to make the competition any way they want as long as no currency except for Dargon or CS currency is involved.
    ~If you see a fight or harassment, tell a CS or Dargons mod. Don't mini-mod. Hopefully this won't happen :)

    Miscellaneous notes
    ~You can have as many Dargs as you wish.
    ~You must own a Dargon for a week before you can trade/gift/evict/breed it
    ~Use this form to redeem a code (both the redeemer and the giver will get 2 SC, more information in Bazaar). Post it on the main thread
    Code: Select all
    I'm redeeming a code!
    Your username:
    Giver's username:

    here’s a list of some questions and their answers!

    Q: can I use a Dargon in my signature?
    A: Yes! Either as a linked image or just an image, this goes along with being allowed to use a Dargon as a character. Just please do not claim the art as yours

    Q: should I pay for breedings? For customs?
    A: nursery artists cannot accept payment. However, stud/dam owners may ask for it. Payment for customs outside of their specific prices in the Bazaar is optional, but a nice way to thank the artist for taking the detour.

    Q: Who gets the payment for SC for a Dargon?
    A: Send all payment for SC to Scottish9. If the wanted artist is not Scottish9, then PM the wanted artist. Once that artist finishes the custom, Scottish9 will transfer half the payment pets to the artist as part of their salary.

    Q: what if I see a Dargon that I really like, can I offer for it? And if there’s a Dargon that’s not up for breeding, can I ask to breed to it?
    A: no, you may not make an offer on a Dargon that is under ownership. You may also not try to breed to a Dargon that is not listede publicly unless you and its owner have arranged something.

Scottish9 @ Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:25 am


    ~BG competition here!
    ~Check the linkbar on the first post for a link to some giftlines!
    ~keep your eyes peeled for something cool coming up!

Unclaimed Adopts
    All dargons listed here are automatically FCFS, regardless of what competitions may have been originally instituted. They were not adopted before their competition ended. Just fill out the form on its page!
    ~Marking guessing game for 5 SC

Dargon readoptions

Unclaimed Whelps

Scottish9 @ Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:29 am

Scottish will hire non-artist staff based on her observations

    ~Scottish9. I'm the owner and also an artist/nursery artist. Feel free to PM me any questions!

    Help Scottish9 run the place. They get two customs a month

    General and Nursery Artists:
    They make adopts and babies. They get a custom per month and a weekly salary
    Occasional Artist: iownfish

    Archivists keep track of who owns what Dargons to make sure adopts are being logged correctly. They get a custom per month

    Mods make sure things keep nice and civil. They get a custom

    Guest artists:
    Guests artists are trying to become full artists


    Looking for affiliates! If you want to be a Dargons affiliate, please PM me.

    Want to support Dargons? Use this nifty stamp!
    Code: Select all

    Or this one, made by Willowbud!
    Code: Select all


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welcome to birds ღ
by bird ღ @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:43 am [Reply]

Creatures from outside our dimension, falling in through strange portals - our little business, 'Birds' yes that is our name, has been trying to keep them on the down low; but people fall down the cracks. Like you. So, I have a proposition. You can walk out of here and turn a blind eye. Or. Or.
You could help us. What will it be?

is for you to take one, or a few, off our hands for a short time. We have quickly become overloaded. Take some time, learn about them, report back to us and help us figure out what's happening here. And if you prove yourself the best choice for looking after the creature, you can keep them - at least, until we figure out how to reverse the portals and send them back home...

Joining us? Check out The Nest first, the Birds' hub for all your needs!

bird ღ @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:43 am

- reserved

bird ღ @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:43 am

- reserved

bird ღ @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:44 am

- open ! feel free to mark, etc <3

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Kalon Adopts based on this drawing by Mintiature
by Karmel @ Thu Jan 26, 2017 3:36 pm [Reply]

nursery | growths + transfers | customs | artist search | nursery artist search | archive | customs archive
fanclub | announcements | tumblr | kalon myos | edit shop | suggestion thread | artist alley

Welcome to Kalon Adopts!
Thank you for visiting our species today.
We invite you to see if there's any up for adoption that interest you!


    ◤--- Image

    QUICK FACTS wrote:eupleridae
    → iridescent tail shines
    fossa whiskers & teeth
    → textured manes
    long tongues
    minkish paws
    sheepish noses
    social, tame, clever
    → woodland habitats
    → adore colorful things
    → fruit, insects, fish
    Kalons [ka·lon] are generally long-furred omnivorous creatures similar in body structure to fossa. These eupleridae vary in size from a house cat to a full-grown liger (9”-60” high). They are red blooded, viviparous, and highly protective of their young until the offspring reaches maturity. Their paws are dexterous for grasping food, climbing trees, and to groom one another. The diet of a Kalon tends to consist of fruits, nuts, fish, and insects although some are also known to eat other meat.

    A unique trait specific to the species is a shining, flexible iridescent material found on their tails used mostly for identification and showing off which is helpful when spotting another Kalon from afar. The shine can be compared to a hummingbird or snake’s natural iridescence, and this shimmering association to their own kind has led to many Kalons hoarding shiny or colorful objects they come across. They also tend to create close bonds with fellow species members, especially those within a family unit. They communicate through a series of chatters and growls, each succession of noises unique to form a sort of language. These creatures are active both during the day and the night cycles usually spending time napping in the sunlight or hunting prey after dark.

    Monitored in forests across the globe for years, these animals have recently been declared naturally tame as well as sapient. Scientists have urged the general population to consider adopting Kalons for further study into their aptitude. Their intelligence has been called similar to that of dolphins.

    Human interference with the species, such as radiation or their sensitivity to airwaves, has caused hundreds of these creatures to form harmless mutations. These genetic transformations vary greatly such as additional limbs, excessive fur growth, and even glowing body parts. The most elusive Kalons are known as legends that walk the earth capable of possessing wings or transparency.


    ◤--- Image

    [ kalon species trait guide - coming soon]

    Hair edits that stay above jawline when wet, Custom Tail Shine, Teeth, Claws

    Hair edits that go beyond the jawline when wet, Backmanes, Custom Tails, Longer Fur

    Short/No Fur, Custom Ears, Custom Pupil, Custom Tongue

    Extra/Missing Eyes (maximum of six eyes total), One Halo, Extra Limbs (up to six total), Missing Limbs (up to two total, does not pass in breeding without mutation/autopass item), Glow, Two Tails, Height Mutation (Munchkin or Reverse Munchkin), Horns on the Head, Extra Ears (maximum of two sets), Colorful Blood, Approved Natural Mutations (i.e. goop, polydactyl, etc.)

    Wings, Gems, Transparency, Multiple Heads, Multiple Halos, Elemental Aspects, Multiple Tails (more than two, up to nine total), Scales, Shine on the Body, Horns on the Body, More than Six Limbs (maximum of eight), Gene Splicing (with species owner approval only)

    Retired Traits:
    (These can no longer be used on Kalons and cannot pass in breeding.)

    Eyes on the Body, No Tail, No Shine, Body Parts made of Goop/Slime

    Non-Rarity Traits:
    (These do not automatically pass in breeding and hold no trait rarity.)

    Weight (Plump/Skinny), Sclera Color, Heterochromia


Species banner art by PrismicPuppy @ DA

Karmel @ Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:35 am


    ◤--- Image

    • Kalons are a closed species and it is not permitted for a non-staff user to create their own Kalon adoptable.

    • Selling or purchasing Kalons for any type of payment be it art, currency, or likewise is prohibited.

    • You may not use the Kalon base to sell designs for the species. You may only offer your services to create a design for another user, but you cannot pre-make designs for profit. Designs purchased on other bases may be transferred into the species as Kalons with the appropriate MYO level so long as the original design also allows transfers.

    • Kalons/MYOs may only be traded for other Kalons/MYOs, and Items can only be traded for other Items. You cannot exchange these adoptables or species items for art, currency, or outside species.

    • You may roleplay Kalons.

    • A Kalon may be your fursona if you have written proof of permission from the original artist. Permission from the owner of the other parent(s) must also be obtained if using anything other than a first-gen Kalon such as a kit.

    • Transfers out of the species must be first discussed with the original artist of the design, and then secondly with the species Owners and run on a case-by-case basis. If these steps are refused to be taken, and the transfer goes forth anyway, it will result in a ban on the user. A transfer will only be approved for special circumstances.

    • Be kind and courteous to every member, harassment within the species will not be tolerated. Please do not whine or beg for Kalons.

    • Respect Artists and their adopt competitions. Do not post forms after the deadline, continually bump an unjudged competition, or attempt to blackmail/persuade the artist into picking your form.

    • We would appreciate it if you asked a species Owner before making public Kalon based threads. Roleplays and such are fine to proceed without permission.

    • Please do not mini mod the threads. Allow all questions posted here to be answered by staff only and if there is an issue contact a member of staff directly. Please message a species Owner if you have any complaints or concerns instead of posting them here.

    ◤--- Image

    • You may not edit your Kalon's lines (including all traits and colors) unless adding accessories, changing expression, or coloring the line-art. You may add as many accessories as you desire. Message a species Owner for approval on adding scars to existing Kalons.

    • Kalon muzzles cannot be edited to change the length, shape, etc. This includes the nose. The only exception is matching the line thickness to your style, but everything must remain the same look.

    • A list of edits must be posted on all Main Adopts, Kits, Transfer, and Customs.

    ◤--- Image

    • Custom lined MYOs/Adopts must have a secondary reference on the Official Kalon lines to be used for approval, breeding, and archive purposes. A copy of official off-oekaki species lines in PNG and PSD format can be found here.

    • Growths, Transfers, and MYO Customs may be made by any user, staff or otherwise.

    • Transfers, Growths, and Customs must have clear approval from a staff member to ensure accuracy and assess potential issues. To receive approval you must send a screenshot of the completed Kalon to any staff member along with the link to the original design/kit reference/MYO slot proof. If a screenshot is not possible please add the staff member you're messaging to the covered image.

    • You cannot regrow a Kalon that has already been approved and is accurate to the kit reference. Only exception is moving from V.1 to V.2 lines or transferring to oekaki.

    • You can receive permission from Wicced!Witch or Karmel to reline a growth/transfer. It must be on the same reference, you cannot make an entirely new growth, and the purpose of a reline is for accuracy to the kit or original reference.

    • Users may revamp customs, so long as they have the current species Owners express permission as well as posted proof of written approval of the revamp from a species Owner. However, revamps cannot occur if the Kalon has had kits.

    ◤--- Image

    • Users may own an unlimited number of Kalons, but you may only win up to 3 main adopts in one month including any awarded Runner Ups. The following do not count toward this cooldown: Customs, Nursery Batches, Readoptions, and special adopts (events, 50s, 00s).

    • A user must own a Kalon for 2 weeks before they are allowed to trade it and may only make a trade once every 30 days. This cooldown includes the trading of MYO/custom slots. You must fill out the proper form found on the Kalon Archive Update Thread for the trade to be valid.

    • A user may gift a Kalon at any time without waiting for any ownership cooldown, and you may gift an unlimited number of Kalons a month. You must fill out the proper form found on the Kalon Archive Update Thread for the gifting to be valid.

    • Users must wait one week after obtaining a new Kalon before they can breed it.

    • Kits can be grown three weeks after their batch was posted.

    • Users must wait three weeks after breeding any of their Kalons before they can request another batch. This cooldown starts when the ticket was accepted by the artist, not when the batch was posted.

    ◤--- Image

    • Kalons can be any romantic or sexual orientation and have as many relationships as they'd like.

    • Kalons can breed with one or two other Kalons, regardless of gender, so long as the other owner(s) condone the breeding.

    • Kalons may breed a maximum of three times during their lifespan. The mate does not have to be the same in every breeding.

    • One breeding will result in 1-4 kits (number randomly rolled).

    • Incestuous relationships and relationships involving kits with adults are not allowed. You may not look for breeding/adult romantic partners for your kit until they have been grown and approved by staff; this includes kits that are "ready to be grown" or have a "growth in progress."

    • Users may not PM artists about obtaining breeding slots. Breeding slots will remain public so everyone has a fair chance at obtaining the slot. Proof of user and/or artist sidestepping this rule will result in a strike.

    • Users may not switch nursery artists for two weeks after they send in their breeding ticket/reserve a slot, unless the artist cancels their open slots. If switching nursery artists after two weeks, users must provide proof that they gave a day's notice to the initial artist that they would be switching, and then wait at least one day before switching to a new artist.

    • Batches involving Legendary traits must be rolled for via live stream.

    • All breeding based items must be on the ticket when posting.

    ◤--- Image

    • Artists may hold any competition type for their adopts (raffles, FCFS, impress, etc.)

    • Staff may not take payment for HM Customs or Nursery Batches, but can be paid for MYO Customs and Growths.

    • Staff may make or have another artist make their Personal Breeding after every 4 staff duty related tasks are completed (Adopts or Nursery Batches, can be a mix of both or four of one thing).

    • Staff will not step in to decide the fate of a nursery batch as those must be determined by the owners themselves. If needed and all breeding partners agree, a staff member can randomly roll for the fate of a kit via live stream.

    • Guest artists receive one unlimited uncommon custom slot after the staff vote, whether they are hired or not.

    • Staff will receive one custom slot each month based on activity. This slot is a One Rare Trait and Under custom that they can use, trade, or sell if desired.
      • Defined activity for Artists is 2 Adopts or Nursery Batches per month. Activity for Moderators is defined by species owners on a case-by-case basis.
      • There is a document that labels activity each month at the end of the month, please contact Karmel or Wicced!Witch for access to this document. If labelled as inactive, you can contact either owner to plead your case for activity.
      • If you choose to not use/trade/sell the slot, you can combine it with the next month’s slot to get an Unlimited Rare and Unlimited Under custom. However, you cannot get a Legendary from this by combining more.
      • If you do not want a custom, you can opt for one or more Edit Items. This excludes Breeding Mutation (unless adding up two months activity similar to the customs system) or Single Trait Autopass (unless adding up three months activity). Contact Karmel or Wicced!Witch for this option.


    ◤--- Image

      Occasionally, if an artist feels that an entry for a Kalon that didn't win is deserving of recognition they will award an honorable mention. If a user accumulates a specific number of honorable mentions then they are eligible to trade them in for a custom Kalon. These are earned through one's effort put into adoption competitions.

        10 HMs for Unlimited Standard MYO
        15 HMs for Unlimited Common and Under MYO
        20 HMs for Unlimited Uncommon and Under MYO
        35 HMs for One Rare and Unlimited Under MYO
        50 HMs for Unlimited Rare and Under MYO
        90 HMs for One Legendary and Unlimited Under MYO
      Any user may make an HM Custom, whether staff or community. To get approval after their made simply have all the appropriate honorable mentions that you are using linked with your custom and message a member of Staff so that they may look it over. Once approved, these HMs are now obsolete and cannot be used again.


    ◤--- Image

      You'll get three strikes before a ban. Bans mean that users cannot breed their Kalons, interact with any of the Kalon threads, participate in Kalon events or the community chat, adopt or try out for new Kalons, create customs/MYOs or have HM customs created, or grow/trade their Kalons.

      - #786095 [1 Strike]
      - #700324 [1 Strike]
      - #736952 [1 Strike]
      - #700444 [1 Strike]
      - #752840 [2 Strikes]
      - #444478 [2 Strikes]
      - #396703 [1 Strike]
      - #799095 [1 Strike]
      - #734990 [1 Strike]
      - #777089 [1 Strike]
      - #433 [1 Strike]

      - #682934
      - #274656
      - #806233
      - #914600
      - #477626

    • Kalon Adopts reserves the right to issue a strike or ban to any user via majority Kalon staff vote in accordance with the assessed severity of the situation.

    • Kalons of banned users may be readopted based on the severity of the case.


Karmel @ Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:35 am


    ◤--- Image

      By Schnuffel Bunny
      Code: Select all

      By Aillurophile - Non-animated:
      Code: Select all

      By Aillurophile - Animated Text:
      Code: Select all

      By aromantic
      Code: Select all

      By LivvyAh
      Code: Select all

      By Takura.
      Code: Select all


      ◤--- Image

        Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image


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KittyHead Adopts [OPEN]
by Gamingerve31 @ Fri May 11, 2018 8:41 am [Reply]

Adopts || Breeding/Nursery || FanPage? || Masterlist || The Pound || Customs! || Artist Search!

What are KittyHeads?

Small round cats that are created from the nightmares of people. These creatures are easy to train but they are also very good at tricking you. They come in many sizes and designs so choosing the right one can be really hard! These pets are currently really rare on the Site of Chicken Smoothie.


Gamingerve31 @ Fri May 11, 2018 8:43 am



KittyHeads are known to live in any dark areas but KittyHeads that live in Bright areas are really rare to find. These are the areas these creatures can be found in.


Fur is medium sized and they usually don't weigh too much. The weight is less than others due to the fact that they are known for living in trees and are able to jump from branch to branch. Tails are usually long and are capable of grabbing branches if they manage to fall off.


Fur is really short, as well as tail but ears are usually known to be long and blend really well with the grass


Salt Water Areas
Fins are large and they don't really have fur


Fresh Water Areas
Fins are small and the fur is mixed with the scales


fur is super thick and tails can be long if they have offspring and short if they have no offspring


short fur and may have horns


fur is thick from the cold but can be thin if the cave is hot, fur will get short


Have wings and looks like a forest KittyHead


Have very long fur and galaxy eyes


fur is thick and they are able to run long distances


have really thin fur that is fireproof


Populated areas(Homes, apartments, etc.)
Can look like any other kittyhead but has longer claws


Small and fast runners


Toxic Areas
fur is spikey and toxic oozes from ears and mouth


Tropical Areas
soft fur and usually have plants growing from them


Dangerous Areas
usually have spikey hair and have dangerous items growing out of them(glass, knives) - nearly extinct


Gamingerve31 @ Fri May 11, 2018 8:50 am


They eat anything that can be found in their habitat

Gamingerve31 @ Fri May 11, 2018 8:50 am


Rarity Sheet



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Welcome! So you're interested
in a Hellund of your own?
Wonderful! Read below to learn about them and
to find out how to adopt one!

1) Be respectful and follow all CS rules.
2) Follow all the rules for each adoption, as they will
change from one Hellund to another.
3) Customs may be available at different times, so
make sure you look in the appropriate place.
4) Make sure to either put them in an existing adoptables thread,
or make a new one for the ones you adopt, at least until I get an archive up.
5) No trading or selling your hellunds! If there is a re-adoption,
trading, or selling event, then you may be allowed to transfer
ownership to someone else. DO NOT DO SO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
6) Upon receiving a Hellund, you MUST write out a story about the ritual you use to summon them.*
7) Check the Ritual Callendar for what to include in your summoning ritual story. YOU MUST ALWAYS INCLUDE ALL 3!!!*

All the beautiful coding and words, courtesy of Spaceinmyhead. Thank you!

Inkeyu @ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:40 am

As far as scientists have been able to determine, they are somewhere between the fabled Hellhounds, and Kistune. They are rather small, so they can only figure that they are somehow related to fennec foxes. They are not technically from this realm, and are believed to dwell mostly in the spirit world, but come over to our side to seek out partners such as witches and general companions. They do not discriminate based on species though, as they have been known to attach themselves to humans and animals alike. They seem to be able to switch between our dimension and the spirit one easily, and by choice, though it has been discovered that they will completely cease to exist in our realm if their flame is extinguished.
They are a closed species, made by me. As a closed species, they can not be replicated outside of this adoptable without my permission. That being said, if more art is wanted of them from other people, you may get art of them, but only after discussing it with me, as I would prefer them not to get stolen. I am on several art websites that I check regularly for just such a reason. As I flavor them, they are almost entirely spiritual energy, wrapped around a skeleton and with a metal head, with a jaw attached with a bolt on either side of the face. The 'ears' aren't actually ears, they are channels for their energy. The ball of flame that is perpetually at the end of the tail, is an embodiment of their energy and shows what kind of magic they can do. The flame is kept there by a small outlet at the tip of the last vertebra of the tail. It is an outlet for the excess energy, and so keeps them anchored to our world. If the flame were to ever go out completely, the Hellund wouldn't exist on our plane anymore.
Most Flametail Hellunds are good tempered, tending to prefer being travel companions or companions for the lonely. However, when their bonded comes under threat, they don't usually hesitate to protect their chosen companion. They can sometimes decide to switch companions, but this is rare and an arduous process they prefer to avoid. They are very active and high energy, but don't tend to need much maintenance as they appear to be made mostly of spiritual energy. They do have favorite treats though. Mochi seems to be the most common for them, though they tend to like all other sweets as well. Hellunds are hoarders as well. So beware leaving anything shiny out, they will take it and stash it in the other dimension. That being said, usually you can bribe them to bring you things from their stash.
To get one of these little guys vary from one Hellund to another. Some require a ritual be performed (to be role played or written out), or some may simply require a bit of food. Most commonly, just the right kind of sweet for them is enough to bond them to you. Just make sure you read about how to get each one so you don't anger them; they tend to tell their fellow Hellunds about those who don't do their reading.
It is possible to summon specific Hellunds, however those rituals tend to be a little more intensive, usually involving some sort of potion, sacrifice (special payment), or gift (special currency). These such rituals can only be performed during certain times, so it is best to keep up to date with the Special Ritual Calendar (custom open/closed update).
Sure! Breeding is allowed and encouraged, as they are a newly discovered species, and our researchers would love to learn more about them! So far very little is known about their breeding habits nor the way their genetics pass from one to another! Be sure to check the Breeding Season Calendar for when litters may be available!

Inkeyu @ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:40 am

Not available yet!

None yet!

None yet!

Inkeyu @ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:41 am


6/2 - 2 Male slots, 2 Female slots
6/3 - 1 Male slot, 1 Female slot!

XxDemonCrowxX - Completed
Haruspexx - Completed
DoorKarmaQueen - Completed
redwolf466 - Completed
master killer - Both Completed
DunkleBatter! - Completed
Spaceinmyhead - 6th in queue Pixel image = Image
Annalisette - 7th in the queue (red, blue, black)

For these slots above ONLY, A SINGLE RARE TRAIT IS ALLOWED! (No major line edits, no ultra rares!)
Code: Select all
[center][size=150]I'm claiming a Special Ritual Slot![/size]
Hellund Name:
Preferred Hellund Traits:
Other information you want on your hellund's page:[/center]

Pixel Hellund Queue
Redwolf - Complete and on their pages
Master Killer
Light Bringer

For every Ritual for every Hellund, you must include:
1) What you put on each corner of the 5 pointed star, and what you put in the middle
2) What you said during the ritual to summon the hellund
3) What the hellund did after being summoned

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Adopts! based on this drawing by Tealea
by CorgiTheFluff @ Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:29 pm [Reply]

Oki so these are some of my first adopts ;-; so the6 will be 1 C$ or a WL rare (if it’s a 2018 rare, then two of them).
1: Doritos - OPEN
2: Blueberry - OPEN

CorgiTheFluff @ Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:31 pm


CorgiTheFluff @ Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:51 pm


CorgiTheFluff @ Fri Jun 22, 2018 9:43 pm


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3c$ obo based on this drawing by Bean_Cake
by DI-TimeHunter @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:11 am [Reply]

lines by Bean_Cake

3c$ each obo

1 - Available
2 - Taken by plisetsky
3 - Taken by recklessgod
4 - Taken by jazzyyazi
5 - Available
6 - Taken by aello

Times not quite right cuz I'm watching a livestream

jazzyyazi @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:53 am

Sending for 4

DI-TimeHunter @ Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:20 am


Moon Wolf Star @ Wed Jun 13, 2018 11:22 am

Sending for 5

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Longneck Adopts! based on this drawing by crowshy,
by ThePaintedPitBull @ Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:31 pm [Reply]


Longnecks are a rather shy species. They are mammals, who always cover their face with a skull. Almost every Longneck has an array of three spines on it's back. Longnecks are native to basically any environment except for Deserts and The Arctic. Most commonly however they are found in the rainforests where they thrive in dens made of rocks and moss. Some, however,
manage to live in trees. They live in small packs, and are very social creatures.

ThePaintedPitBull @ Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:13 pm


Longnecks rarities mostly depend on tail type and colors. Almost every single Longneck is a natural color.
Very few should possess colors not found in nature or on mammals.

Here’s our Rarity System:

Common: Short Tail, Back Spines, All Natural Colors, any variation of Brown Eyes, No Line Edits.

Uncommon: Long or Short Tail, Back Spines, All Natural Colors, Brown, Green or Blue eyes, No Line Edits.

Rare: Long, Short or Stem Tail, Optional Back Spines, Hints of Unnatural Colors, Any Eye Color, Line Edits Allowed (No Added Tails or Wings).

Extremely Rare: Any Tail, Optional Back Spines, Any Color, Any Color Eyes, All/Any Line Edits Allowed, and a Striped Tongue.


Longneck’s now have their own currency which can be won through being a runner up!

These little stone’s are inspired by a story created to go along with Aphotic’s little Longneck, Scooter!

They are redeemable for MYO’s, Customs, and Breedings.

Prices can be found on each individual thread.

The number of Scooter's Stones a user possesses will be recorded [url][/url]

Fiern @ Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:24 pm

Fierns Status

Archive: Updated March 19th
Customs: None currently owed, open to being requested
Breedings: Open as hec
Growths: Grow some stuff Fiern, due dates coming up! Flamingo and Cunning are due for sure.

ThePaintedPitBull @ Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:38 pm

- Follow All of the CS Rules
- Do not harass the artists! This will result in being banned
- Longnecks can only be sold or purchased for CS currency
- Do not claim the species as your own
- Do not cpmplain if you don't win a Longneck
- There is no limit to how many Longnecks you can own
- For readoptions notify the original artist and our archivist
- Do not post adoption forms after the deadline unless the artist has yet to judge
- Longnecks may be used in roleplays
- You may make Longneck related threads

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fanclub | artist search | nursery | nursery artist search | growths | customs | the giving tree
archive | FAQ | artist alley | official store | official readoption thread | discord




★ -- about the species

the chokii are a species of sentient mammals that have evolved over centuries to possess human
levels of intelligence, compassion, and community. while originally they were primarily quadrupedal,
they have much longer hind legs than those in the front, allowing for bipedal movement and function.
their front paws possess complicated phalanges, which are set widely apart and are independently
movable, giving them the ability to grasp items--in fact one toe is opposeable, much like a thumb.
the most noticeable traits of this species are their small, felted horns, their long, velvety ears, heart
shaped noses and tufts of fur on their crown that closely resemble hair.

they vary in size from 4 to 7 feet [approx. 121 to 213 cm] in length from the tip of their nose to the
base of the tail, and weigh between 60 and 180 lbs [approx. 27 to 81.5 kg]. chokii are primarily
omnivores, with a small portion of their diet consisting of meat. they can survive off of a non-meat
diet, as long as they consume appropriate amounts of protein. they are capable of understanding
and speaking complex human languages, but have their own means of communication that is based
heavily on body language.

these creatures share a unique idea of origin, stemming from the belief that all life came from the
roots of a single tree. this sacred object, dubbed "the giving tree" by the chokii species, is said to
give their kind anything they ask for as long as the chokii return its favor with acts of kindness.
furthermore, it is said that once a month an orphan litter of pups is born from this trees roots
[called "fairy batches"] and is offered to the community to adopt and care for.

the chokii have very tightly-knit communities, and are markedly social. they prefer to stay in close
groups of families and friends, and value emotional bonds to a high degree. as such, they will
commonly adopt orphaned pups, and care for those who need it among them without hesitation.
most chokii mate for life, though this is not always the case, and polyamorous couples are not
uncommon. chokii do not have distinguishable sexes, and instead sort gender [or the lack thereof]
by the identity of each individual.




★ -- rarity guide

chokii have many recorded mutations that occur naturally within the species, and can be found
listed below in the order of frequency in which they can be observed:

standard traits
nubby horns, sclera edits, teeth edits, claw edits

common traits
horn edits [small], short hair edits/no hair, backmane, shorter fur

uncommon traits
horn edits [medium], small antlers, long hair edits, longer fur, tail edits [long]

rare traits
horn edits [large], antlers [large], no fur, ear edits [must remain floppy], tail
edits [short], tongue edits, extra toes, missing toes/limbs [max of 2], bio-
luminescence/glow, feather growths [small], missing eyes, scale growths [less
than 10% of body], colorful blood, dwarfism

extraordinary traits
wings, extra sets of horns [max of 2 sets], ear edits [upright], extra tails [max
of 2], extra eyes [max of 2], extra limbs [max of 2], extra ears [max of 2], bob
tail/no tail, halos [max of 2], horns on body, scales [less than 50% of body], plant
growth, tail mouths, gems, goop [less than 25% of body], horns on body [small]

banned traits
extra heads, transparency, eyes on body, iridescence/any kind of shine on tail

in addition to this written list, Bigby Wolf has made us this wonder visual rarity guide, so that limits
on editing horns, tails and ears can be viewed.



iceypopCS @ Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:08 pm



★ -- species guidelines

chokii adopts are a closed species. only members of staff may create their own chokii.

selling or trading a chokii adopt for anything but another chokii is not allowed under any circum-
-stances. however, chokii adoptables and myos may be traded for chokii adopt items, myos or
other chokii adoptables.

a user must own a chokii adoptable for at least 10 days before trading them. users may only trade
a chokii once per every 30 days, but may trade items as many times as they like.

users may create chokii designs to sell, or may offer their services to create myos for the
community, but pre-made designs may not exceed one-half of the price of the myo required to
use the design. in addition, all users must accept at least one form of CS payment, such as pets
or C$, when selling their designs or services.

all roleplay and alternate-universe headcanon of choki adopts are accepted, welcome and

chokii adoptables may not be transferred out of species, but may be used as a user's fursona as
long as the artist has given express permission for this to be done.

chokii adopts may not be forcefully removed from their owner[s] or readopted without the owner[s]
consent for any reason. should a user be banned, they will lose the right to participate in the chokii
adoptables community, including the fanclub, trading, breeding, creating chokii art or selling chokii
services, or contributing to the giving tree.

chokii adopts may be co-owned, but if one of the owner[s] is banned, all chokii adopts co-owned
by them will no longer be eligible for breeding or item edits of any kind. they will also no longer
be eligible for trading.

please do not spam or bump chokii adoptables competitions or threads. this includes bumping
unjudged competitions, saying "good luck" after the end date, posting forms after the end date
of a competition, or attempting to guilt users into feeling bad over winning. congratulating
winners is permitted, but only for the first 72 hours after a competition has ended.

please be kind to all users. this community will thrive off of kindness to all users, and it is
expected that you treat others how you would like to be treated. harassment, bullying, and
slander are very different from criticism and critique, and will not be tolerated.

please do not mini-mod chokii threads! unless you are 100% sure you know the answer to a
question, and can quote evidence for your answer, then let the mods handle the question. we
value the help and input from our community, but this way we can keep confusion to a minimum.



★ -- staff guidelines

here in the chokii adopts community, the staff are the ones who turn the cogs that keep us going.
artists, moderators, and archivists alike are all extremely important, and we want to make sure
they always feel appreciated! that said, there are some guidelines that staff, too, need to observe
to keep things fair and functioning:

staff members may not alienate, threaten, or show bias against or for any particular members of
the community. even if you may not like a person, you must not go out of your way to ignore,
dismiss, or outright reject their entries, questions, or attempts for interaction.

staff members reserve the right to create any kind of competition they would like [fcfs, raffles,
prompts, etc.], and are entitled to the right to choose whichever winner they deem fit. unless
there is significant proof of bias, other staff members cannot step in to take over a competition
in progress, and may not attempt to interfere with the competition in any way.

staff members do not hold the right to decide the fates of nursery batches. this right belongs alone
to the owners of the parent chokii. however, should a user or user[s] have trouble deciding fates,
they may ask for help from staff to decide who gets which kit. this must be done in a randomized
and public manner.

staff must stream all rolls for extraordinary or rare traits. likewise, staff must stream all traits rolled
for a planted seed of faith.

staff may take payment for myo services, but payment options must include some kind of CS currency.
additionally, artists may not charge users for planted seeds of faith.

staff members must judge competitions within an orderly period of time after a competition has
closed [within one month]. if staff cannot judge their own competitions, then other staff member[s]
of the artist's choosing will be assigned to judge that competition. while we understand that real life
can often get in the way of things, repeat offenses [more than three competitions within a three-
month period] will spark a review of the artist.

staff compensation depends on how active a staff member is. artist compensation can be found
listed here. nursery artist compensation can be found listed [work in progress]. all other staff
members [i.e. moderators, archivists, etc.] will receive one common myo per month as long as
they remain active.

staff members are obligated to help community members whenever necessary. if you cannot answer
a question, or do not have time to solve a situation, then please forward the question or concerns to
one of the founders [iceypopCS, Bigby Wolf, Dolly or Midnightkitkat]. if possible, let the user know if
you need time to search for an answer or do not know how to solve their issue.




★ -- seeds of faith

every now and then, an artist may decide that a user or multiple user[s] have created entries to their
competitions worthy of special recognition. when this happens, an artist may award the user or users
with a "seed of faith," a token that denotes an act of excellence. when a user acquires 5 of these "seeds,"
they may "plant" them using the form below. after the seeds are planted, an artist will claim the posted
form and roll for rarity: 2 thru 40 will be standard, 41 thru 70 will be common, 71 thru 90 will be un-
-common, 91 thru 100 will be rare, and 1 will be extraordinary. then, the artist will roll for each trait of
that rarity and below, and a random chokii of that rarity will be created for the user. below, all rarity
percentages are listed:

Code: Select all
[list][b]I would like to plant my seeds![/b]

[url]First Seed[/url]
[url]Second Seed[/url]
[url]Third Seed[/url]
[url]Fourth Seed[/url]
[url]Fifth Seed[/url]

[b]Thank you for your time![/b][/list]

extraordinary chokii | 1
standard chokii | 2 - 40
common chokii | 41 - 70
uncommon chokii | 71 - 90
rare chokii | 91 - 100

standard traits | 40% chance
common traits | 30% chance
uncommon traits | 20% chance
rare traits | 10% chance
extraordinary traits | 1% chance




★ -- strikes and bans

chokii adoptables staff reserve the right to issue strikes for repeated infractions against community
guidelines. the first strike will not result in any consequences. the second strike will result in a
temporary ban. the third strike will result in a permanent ban from the community. users will not
be banned for their first offense--a user must be given a strike before they can be banned. however,
if the infraction is bad enough, staff members may vote to ban the user on the second strike, with-
-out warning. banned users will have one chance to repeal their ban, and have their situation
revisited by staff. below, all users with strikes and bans are listed:

★ strikes ★
user ID | strike number

★ bans ★
user ID | ban length



iceypopCS @ Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:08 pm



★ -- species staff membersxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

★ owner[s] ★

★ archivist ★
Bigby Wolf

★ artists ★
Bigby Wolf

★ nursery artists ★

★ moderators ★


★ -- trial staff membersxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

★ guest artists ★
☼ Red Beanie ☼

★ guest nursery artists ★

★ trial moderators ★
Maxy Max
Saturn's Street




★ -- chokii adopts buttonsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Code: Select all


Code: Select all



★ -- chokii adopts gift linesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chokii Gift Lines! by squidioms



iceypopCS @ Thu Jun 07, 2018 5:25 pm



★ -- frequently asked questionsxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

★ are chokii a feral species, or can you use them like other anthro ocs?
chokii are actually bipedal! while they can stand on four legs, and usually use all four limbs to run quickly,
they are sentient and function a lot like today's humans. of course, there was a time in their evolution
where they were feral--it's up to you to decide how exactly your chokii acts. c:

★ how do i win a chokii?
to win a chokii, all you need to do is enter for the desired chokii's competition, following the guidelines
the staff member has provided. so, if it's a raffle, all you'll need to do is fill out the form on the first post,
but if it's a prompt then you'll need to answer the question, too. if you ever have any questions about a
competition, just pm that staff member! they'll be happy to help.

★ can we put items or pets on our chokii's reference?
of course! as long as items or pets are on a separate layer and remain removable, they're definitely
allowed. you don't need staff to approve them, and you can get any community member to do items for
you, or do them yourself if you like.

★ are you hiring?
right now we have a lot of staff, so we're pretty pleased with where we're at. always keep an eye on our
artist search, though--if a position opens, there will be an update there. c:

★ can i make threads of mini-games, rps, or unofficial events for chokii adopts?
of course! you're welcome to do whatever you like in that regard, as long as it follows cs rules. we would
prefer you give us a heads up if you make one, but only so we can participate! we won't bite your head

★ how do i tell if my chokii is a boy or a girl?
chokii have no identifiable gender! all chokii have both biological organs necessary to breed, so there is
no need for gender-specific labels for them. however, they are free to identify as whatever they like, or
to use whatever pronouns they wish. if a chokii had she/her pronouns for one user, but they get traded to
you and now have he/him pronouns, you are 100% welcome to have them identify as a transmale, and so
on and so forth. we don't judge here!



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    Welcome to my adoptables. I am aniyeu and these are my designs & Teala's lines!
    . . . Also to help me practice in oekaki boards with designs c:


I will create themed "litters" --basically just same color pallets or related designs-- & customs!

Simple Rules.
Please be respectful to everyone!

There is no arguing over pets, there will be more.

New rule: you may only have limit of 2 custom orders!
ALSO no re-selling the adopts, if you no longer want them,
return them to me. I would more than happily take them back.
It’s happened a lot and it’s annoying that they take credit ($/points/etc) for what I design.
So please, no more. Just give them back to me.

Adoption Forms
May fill out here or in the tab of the creations.
Code: Select all
Pup Name:

Custom Forms
Fill out on this tab or pm me!
Code: Select all
Number of Pups:

Payment Plans!

>> Rare Pets
>> C$ 10
>> dART+30
>> Art/Character Trade
>> Wishlist Pets

>> OTA autobuy is C$50/dA+50

Customs Waitlist


ZeroTheWolf10416 @ Mon Jan 22, 2018 7:37 am

Payment:sent wl pets
References: dont know
Theme: star sign Aquarius
Number of Pups: 1
Accessories?: Taurus sign on necklase

Payment: wl pets
References: don't know
Theme: Taurus
Number of Pups: 1
Accessories?: Aquarius sign necklase

aniyeu @ Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:21 am

Ooo, I'll have fun doing this one!

ZeroTheWolf10416 @ Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:33 am

Can Aquarius is male and Taurus is female please

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pup designs up for auction! based on this drawing by Tealea
by sunnyfaerie @ Thu May 10, 2018 11:53 pm [Reply]

auctioning off these pups!! rares, c$, art, and other pup/character designs are most preferred for bids! auto-buy for any one of them is around C$65, give or take a bit
just send me a trade with the bid and make sure to mention the number of the design the bid is for! if offering designs / art, link to the designs / art examples as well
the auctions will end on june 1st! if there are any that have no bids / bids worth less than 20C$ by that time, i'll keep them
1. tree imp: auto-bought by hugs100
2. grass lion: highest bid so far tied between Silver Pandorica and Ajax.
3. moss bear: highest bid so far by (ωнιѕρєя)
4. fern squirrel: taken by silver pandorica, a fool.
5. vine mouse: auto-bought by hugs100
6. mushroom giraffe: highest bid so far by Procyonidae

KathrynKat @ Fri May 11, 2018 12:17 am

Mark! :)

DoorKarmaQueen @ Fri May 11, 2018 12:40 am


Ana the Derp @ Fri May 11, 2018 1:44 am

can I reserve them all? I will pay alot

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WCH adoptions based on this drawing by Inkiing
by Inkiing @ Tue May 15, 2018 6:39 am [Reply]


Artist Search // Archive // Affiliates // Store // Adoptions // Discord // Staff




You may own as many as you can regularly use.

Stay respectful of staff and others.

If someone is bothering you about your horses,
or if your an artist and someone is bothering you about an adopt,
please inform Inkiing/Me

Please DO NOT PM an artist about a custom,
you may gently remind or ask how its going if its been a week,
but DO NOT PM them your forms or pester.


CrazyB @ Wed May 16, 2018 1:43 pm


Esforza @ Sat May 19, 2018 7:00 pm


lovestruck @ Fri May 25, 2018 9:38 am

mark c:

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Lykaios V.2! based on this drawing by annaebell
by Firnenfire @ Fri Sep 01, 2017 5:59 am [Reply]


RU system added! (26/2/18)
Back from haitus!
Grand re-opening! (31/6/17)
Always looking for new artists!
Lykaios are now open! (1/11/16)

Staff | Artist search | Rarities | Adopting | Breeding/Trading offers | Customs | Breeding | MYOs | Idea Thread | Discussion thread | Archive | Fanclub

Lykaios (or Lykaio if there's only one) are a cross between a fish, an otter and a wolf. They are slightly larger than a pet cat and have sharp teeth and front claws. Lykaios are omnivores but most of them prefer meat and fish over fruit or veg. They prefer water but are willing to go on land aswell. Lykaios LOVE humans or any species that is not their own due to their adventurous nature. A Lykaio can also be somewhat territorial of their belongings. When sleeping in water with a mate or a friend Lykaios will hold hands to prevent driffting away from each other.

"Welcome!" A red, black and white Lykaio calls out to you, "My name is Fern and if you ever want to know more about my species I'm the Lykaio to go to!" She then pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to you. You look at the paper and see the title 'Rules'. "Before you go on I need you to read these rules, alright?" You nod and read the rules.

- All cs/Tess rules apply.
- This is a closed species and can only be made by the designated artists.
- Trading/Gifting is allowed but Annaebell must be informed of the user change.
- A max of 30 Lykaios may be owned by one person (This will go up as more are made)
- Don't use Lykaios that do not belong to you unless you have been given permission by that Lykaio's owner.
- Any Lykaios that are up for adopt and don't get any entries by the end date become FCFS (Name and gender can be posted on the wanted Lykaio's thread or you can shoot a PM my way with the Lykaio's number, name and gender(so that I can keep the archives updated))
- The above rule is slightly different for Legendary and mythicals. They will NEED to have the form filled out in order to get it (all required parts of the form must be filled)
- Do NOT post drama/bullying/arguing/Etc on any of the Lykaio threads.
- If you don't get a Lykaio you enter for please don't be sour about it. You'll have many more chances.
You finish reading and hand the piece of paper back to Fern. "Now that you have read the rules you can go and explore around," Fern pauses, "You may also be able to befriend some Lykaios if you impress them!" She smiles at you. You smile back at her and begin to explore.

"These people have helped make it possible for Lykaios to exist so treat them nicely ok?" Fern says pointing to a wall that had something carved into it.

Base lines drawn by Jayfrost
Designed by annaebell and Firnenfire

Firnenfire @ Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:06 am

Hiya, I'm Firnenfire, now owner of the floofy otter wolf babs that we call lykaios. If you've got any suggestions, questions or just want to chat feel free to send a message my way, I'm on almost every day so you'll probably get a pretty quick reply. Have fun and enjoy your stay~!

King of Bleps 30/30
vanilla.bean 2/30
Darkreh' 11/30
♫♪Howling♪♫ 23/30
A lycanroc appeared! 8/30
Coolwhipp 14/30
Penelope. 0/30
Blissie 8/30
Rainfallish 4/30
~*~ LAURENTIA ~*~ 14/30
Steel Dragon 13/30
North Dakota 4/30
ennard 2/30
☂ .4/30
• Knuckle Bine 4/30
• Penelope. 4/30

Dawny. 1/30
Bulbsaur 3/30
God of Mischief 15/30
•Ravenwhisper's Wish 5/30

Blackbirds 2/30
growl.lingo 0/30
ikimaki 1/30
My Horse Rocks 6/30

- Any Lykaios that are up for adopt and don't get any entries by the end date become FCFS.
- Artists may have as many open adopts as they like.
- Artists may make a custom Lykaio for themselves that is uncommon or below.
- Artists will get a rare custom for every 30 Lykaios they make.
- When judging entries for adopting artist may give out fish to users whos forms impressed them but did not win (basically fish are hounarable metions and can be used to create custom Lykaios).
New! -If there have been at least three entries, an ru (runner up) lykaio can be given to a user who's form was as impressive as the winners! This ru will be a very similar lykaio with a different colour pallete.
- Artists will have 3 days after an adopt ends to judge.
Last updated at #186

Guest Artists: 2/10 slots taken

• Spoopy Fandom Trash (1/5)
• ToxicShadow (4/5)

- Guest artists can make 5 Lykaios.
- Guest artist will be able to make themselves a common custom After they have made their 5 Lykaios.

Moderators: 2/3 slots taken
Wild :3

- Mods can issues strikes to users who break the rules.
- Mods can issues bans (with owners approval)
- Mods can help out users who may have any small problems.

Firnenfire @ Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:07 am

Staff | Artist search | Rarities | Adopting | Open Adopts | Customs | Breeding | Idea Thread | Discussion thread | Archive

Lykaios (or Lykaio if there's only one) are a cross between a fish, an otter and a wolf. They are slightly larger than a pet cat and have sharp teeth and front claws. Lykaios are omnivores but most of them prefer meat and fish over fruit or veg. They prefer water but are willing to go on land aswell. Lykaios LOVE humans or any species that is not their own due to their adventurous nature. A Lykaio can also be somewhat territorial of their belongings. When sleeping in water with a mate or a friend Lykaios will hold hands to prevent driffting away from each other.

- Lykaios is many and Lykaio is one.
- Lykaios can have many different mutations that can come from wondering into radiated areas or chemical filled parts of the ocean.
- Lykaios hunt and live in packs of 30-40 but it is not uncommon to see lone Lykaios or small groups of them.
- Their main diet consists of small animals like mice, rabbits and rats along with fish and sometimes fruit.
- Because Lykaios eat small rodents some humans will use them as pest control.
- The bits on the end of a Lykaio's tail is made of shell.
- Lykaio Pups are small and can easly get lost from their parents. They could also get easly sweapt away if they try to swim in the sea while they are to young.
- Lykaios can be attracted to any gender be it the same sex or the opposite sex.
- Some mates that are unable to breed will adopt abandoned or lost pups and raise them as their own pups.
- A Lykaio's ear fins can move to express emotion much like a dog's ears do.
- Some Lykaios create human like civilization, jobs and communities.
- Lykaios are very powerful swimmers and are also able to breathe underwater thanks to their gills.
- Although a Lykaio can breath underwater with their gills if their gills are blocked they would then become unable to breathe unnderwater.

Firnenfire @ Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:08 am

Staff | Artist search | Rarities | Adopting | Open Adopts | Customs | Breeding | Idea Thread | Discussion thread | Archive

If you send me a stamp please may you include the word "stamp" in the title!
If you would like to be affiliated please send a PM my way.

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Made by ~*~ LAURENTIA ~*~
Code: Select all

Made by Aesthetically Fine
Code: Select all

Made by God of Mischief
Code: Select all

Made by God of Mischief
Code: Select all

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kel • ept • a • gon | "The Thieving Dragon"
All we know is that they're as big as us, stronger than us, maybe even smarter than us... and that's scary.

Kleptagons are an anthropremorphic mamillian species that has evolved on a completely isolated timeline to human beings. Their ecosystem, Triassica-2 has been distinct from humans for the millions of years that followed the prehistorical mesozoic period, more specifically the early triassic and jurassic devisions. Kleptagons resemble larger forms of modern flying rodents, such as bats or sugar gliders. It is suspected that they share an early common ancestor with bats, and have just evolved beyond what was expected of them.

Kleptagons in their truest and most honest form, mean absolutely no harm. They are as curious as a child, personable as an adult, and learned as a student. Kleptagons are capable of cognative thought and complex emotion, similar to a human being and are adapted to learn languages, customs and sciences like human beings are. Due to an extensive gene pool, a product of their isolation and lack of natural speciation, kleptagons have evolved and rendered normal all sorts of physical mutations such as coat pattern/colour, size, and other individual characteristics like bioluminesence! This makes them incredibly unique and diverse, and an interesting wildcard for evolutionary study.

punkopup @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:01 pm

June 1976, the privately funded Δ-Genesis climate program begins it's expedition in the midwest of Greenland. One of the first project's of it's kind, the paleoclimatologists at Δ-Genesis were determined to discover solutions modern and developing climate problems, that may rooted in the beginnings of our earth it's self. The president and founder of the revolutionary research company had developped a wonderous, in-depth, two year plan to drill into glaciers and observe the rich and thriving history within them. What they didn't expect to discover was Triassica-2, perhaps one of the most fascinating and well thriving isolated ecosystems on the planet earth.

A ravine, spanning miles into the planet's crust, completely and utterly sealed from the outside; Triassica-2 is your little slice of life from the Mesozoic period. It's been preserved and allowed to evolve all on it's own for millions of years.

♠ ♠ ♠

September 1988, Δ-Genesis, after being offered financial compensation by the government for their incredible and innovative research in climatology and paleontology, suffers detrimental budget cuts. The interests of the public have changed, and the company is not sure what direction to take with the information they've gathered during the passing 12 years. Not much else is disclosed about these budget cuts or about the company's fate, which leaves many conspiracy-indulgers curious about the progress of the research. Later in the year, the founder and spokesperson for Δ-Genesis declares bankrupcy. The organization is absorbed by the government.

♠ ♠ ♠

August 2007, the legendary discovery of Triassica-2 is left unpersued for the 20 years that follow it. Then, an anonymous tip forwarded to WikiLeaks gains global attention as the ravine's discovery and the downfall of Δ-Genesis returns to the mainstream. The WikiLeaks article discloses copies of transcrips suggesting the discovery of a comparitavely intelligent and cognitive species, they are nicknamed Kleptagon and are described as threatening, curious, and thieving creatures. The transcripts date back to the early 2000's, and the world media is absolutely outraged by the distrust the world goverments have had in their citizens. Animal-activist groups rage against the potential that our world leaders have been less than kind with the treatment of the newly discovered brethren. Biologists, Anthropologists and Historians alike declare that this is a crime in it's self against science and the very definition of discovery. Humanity lives in fear of what this means for us, and what else the world has to hide from it's people.

We are terrified of these aliens.

punkopup @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:02 pm


    ♠ Kleptagons, their concepts, backstory lineart and design are all a product of hard work and thinking. You may not simulate, recreate or heavily reference the species in any way, shape or form without the permission from punkopup.
    ♠ You may not make your own kleptagon without permission from punkopup.
    ♠ You may not alter your kleptagon without proper permission.
    ♠ Kleptagon may not be bought / sold unless they were:
      a) purchased from the artist who created them
      b) are of added value (additional digital or physical goods has been commissioned of them) they may only be sold for prices of equal or lesser value and punkopup MUST be notified before the sale takes place.
    ♠ Be respectful to other members of the community, treat everyone with care and courtesy.
    ♠ Please keep conversations on any kleptagon thread on topic and in accordance with subject matter.
    ♠ Please ask punkopup if you are unsure of the rules or have any questions regarding them! I’d be happy to help you out.

punkopup @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 4:02 pm

can never go wrong with an extra y'know?

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Posting Open!

What are Cream Kitties?
Cream Kitties are just like any normal cat, except for they're made of whipped cream! They are fairly about the size of a house cat, or Felis catus. Each Cream Kitty is roughly 9.5 inches tall, weighing in at about 10 lbs when full grown. Instead of a tail, there is a dollop of cream, in which design varies from Cream Kitty to Cream Kitty. Rarely, a Cream Kitty will not have a tail. Cream Kitties can have many traits, including glaze, marshmallows, a lollipop on their tail, candy cane horns, boba, and syrup. These traits help make each Cream Kitty unique in their own way!


Rarity Chart

No edits / No toppings / Syrup
Glaze / Lollipops / Boba / Small custom toppings / Extra fur / Marshmallows / Mouth edits

Cream edits (tail edits) / Large edits / Large custom toppings / Multi colored eyes / Missing eye / Candy cane horns

More than one cream (Tail) / Aura / Clothing / Unsweet toppings (toppings without sugar)/ Prosthetics / Hair

Missing limbs / Custom lines / Claws / Wings / More than 2 eyes

lines by snakebean ♥♥

cakney. @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:06 pm


-Cream Kitties is a closed species, only staff members can make adopts unless the Cream Kitty is a readopt.
-Cream Kitties cannot be sold or purchased.
-Do not use the cream kitties line-art without permission, the only people who can use it are the artists and people with a MYO slot.
-Cream Kitties may be traded for other cream kitties/MYO slots
-Unfinished forms for an adopt will be ignored. Please make sure you finish your forms before the end date!
-Please treat all users with respect.
-Respect artists and their competitions, please don't spam after a competition has ended (a healthy reminder to judge is okay, but please don't do it constantly.) Don't post forms after a competition has ended, and don't complain if you don't win an adopt.
-Roleplaying with your Cream Kitties is fine.
-Do not claim Cream Kitties as your own artwork.
-Don't steam or insult anyone's cream kitties.
-Please don't mini-mod.


Editing Cream KItties

-You may only add change of expression/additions of accessory. You may not add anything like different toppings to your Cream Kitty.
-All edits must be listed in the description of the Cream Kitty itself.


Rules For Customs

-Anyone may make your custom. Please ask me to add them to the Customs Thread so I can allow them to make it. They will be removed after unless they have a slot of their own.
-Customs must be approved by me.
-Customs must list traits and edits they have.
-Customs may only use a trait of that rarity (meaning if you have an uncommon custom, you are not allowed to have any rare or legendary traits)



-Cream Kitties can breed once a month
-Cream Kitties can breed with another Cream Kitty regardless of gender
-If you plan on breeding with another Cream Kitty that isn't yours, please provide proof of the owner of the other Cream Kitty allowing this. If proof is not given, the breeding will be declined.
-Cream Kitties can breed unlimited times, but please take note of the one breeding a month rule. (subject to change)
-Cream Kitties will have 1-2 kits per litter.
-Kits cannot breed until they are full-grown.
-A Cream Kitty that shares the same bloodline cannot breed.
-For getting a growth, it can be done by anyone, but same with the customs, they will be removed once they're done.
-You have to wait 2 weeks to get a growth of your kit after it is done.



-You may own unlimited Cream Kitties
-Cream Kitties can breed once a month
-Cream Kits can be grown after two weeks of being done.
-Cream Kitties have unlimited breeding slots, but please be mindful of the rules above about breeding.


Staff Rules

-Staff get Unlimited Uncommon or under slot after making their first cream kitty as an artist. (If they are banned, the slot will be revoked) They can also trade this for a Cream Kitty.
-Any previous artists interested in getting rehired after I'm done finishing this thread can tell me on the artist search c:
-Artists can hold competitions in any form, including FCFS, art comp, story comp, impress me, etc.
~Comps should be judged within 1 month of them closing. If a comp you're participating in has taken longer, please PM me so I can remind them to judge it. If they do not in 1 week after that, I reserve the right to judge the comp.
-For adopts, artists cannot receive payment (subject to change)
-Guest Artists will get an unlimited common or under slot after making their first cream kitty. This can also be revoked if said guest artist is banned.
-Artists get 2 unlimited uncommon slots twice a month.
-*new* Please limit the amount of rare/legendary CK that go out. I'm not so concerned about rare (if it only has 1 rare trait go ahead and post it) but any CK that have legendary traits/more than 1 rare trait need approval. If they don't have approval, they may not be adopted.



None currently! Let's keep it this way.


None currently! Let's keep it this way!



Owner; cakney. (also mod/artist)

Co-Owner(s); Amelia

Chocolat chaud


cakney. @ Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:58 pm

Support Cream Kitties!

Wanna support Cream Kitties? You can use the stamp below! <3


Use this code below vv !!

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cakney. @ Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:48 am

mod application
please pm me form

Code: Select all
when did you join cs/find out about it;
previous experience moderating; (if not that's fine)

artist application (if you don't wanna use artist search)
Code: Select all
when did you join cs/find out about it;
examples of designing/art;
also looking for a co-owner. please note that I'm going to be more tentative on this position than a mod or artist. i can also reserve the right to take away this position at anytime if rules have been broken.
looking for one more co-owner. c:

co-owner can;
act as a mod (approve customs/myos, give a warning to someone who broke the rules, etc)
act as an artist
issue strikes/bans (but I can overturn a strike/ban if necessary, please pm me about user/their behavior)
gets an unlimited rare custom/myo every month
help run the species if I'm on a hiatus/gone

co-owner cannot;
sell the species (if I find out you're trying to sell the species, you will get an automatic ban)
cannot claim the species as their own

please pm me form
Code: Select all
when did you join cs/find out about it;
previous experience running a species?; (if not that's fine)

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by Pyreice101 @ Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:57 am [Reply]

Ah,so you wish to adopt a Flamefoal?I guess you can,they really like people,some prefering people to they're own kind!

What is a flamefoal wrote:Flamefoals look like horses,but they have manes made of fire that go all the way down they're back,they also have flames near they're eyes that are the same color as they're eyes,but not always the same color as the mane.Some are nocturnal,those usually have darker coats and flames for hiding in the night,but most come out during the day,which results in them being easier to see.
Flamefoals live in herds,with the stallion and mare who have the longest manes of flame leading,and the ones with the shortest flames caring for or defending the rest of the herd.Foals are raised by the whole herd,though a mare will sometimes push the others away from her foal if its young enough.
Mares generaly have longer,hotter manes then stallions,but they are not as calm as stallions.Stallions are often training foals or scouting out places to eat or stay for the night.
The lead stallion and lead mare in the herd is often the one who defends the herd the most,although there is a exceptions.If a normal herd member appears stronger then the leaders,they will defend the herd more often.

edits wrote:common:Different length mane/eye flames,short horns,different expression.
uncommon:small unusable wings,medium sized horn,regular horse mane.
rare:Fangs,flames replaced with water,large wings,long horns.

How to adopt a flamefoal wrote:Just fill out the form on they're picture!

JerseyDusk @ Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:04 pm

This species is such a neat idea! I think that you may get more interest if you hire someone to create lines for you...I'm not saying that your art is bad, because it is quite good! But successful adoptable species seem to have high quality lines. Also if you flesh out the species a little more, perhaps creating a detailed world for the Flamefoals; then more people may become interested in the species.

People seem to expect a certain image when it comes to adoptables, and if you add some more of these elements you may get more interest in this super cool species you've started!

Also I would have PM'd you this but it appears that I can't... I really really like this species and I think that they have real potential! If you want any help with Flamefoals, let me know!

Pyreice101 @ Fri Jun 15, 2018 11:43 am

Ah thanks,i really would like some idea of what needs changed on the lines.I was going to redo the legs,but i kinda liked how they looked really excited with that pose.

Pyreice101 @ Sat Jun 23, 2018 10:43 pm


Neo's Nursery based on this drawing by ty_tay
by NeoLikesWolves @ Wed May 23, 2018 7:34 am Attachment(s) [Reply]

Welcome to Neo's Nursery! Here we take in dogs of all shapes and sizes. When you adopt newborn puppies, you can watch then grow! And guess what... The puppies are FREE! To get your litter, Fill out this form:

Code: Select all
Link to Father:
Link to Mother:
GIF of cute doggooo's:

Furrocious @ Wed May 23, 2018 10:17 am

Username: Furrocious
Link to Father: Image
Link to Mother:Image
GIF of cute doggooo's:

Scottish9 @ Wed May 23, 2018 1:27 pm

Username: Scottish9
Link to Father: Mac the Scottie
Link to Mother: Kodak the coyote
GIF of cute doggooo's:

NeoLikesWolves @ Mon May 28, 2018 11:22 pm

Furrocious wrote:Username: Furrocious
Link to Father: Image
Link to Mother:Image
GIF of cute doggooo's:


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KYLIG FOXES based on this drawing by winter & fireflii
by Morelull @ Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:43 am [Reply]

xxxxx Image

xxxThe Scandinavian Kylig [cher·lig] Fox is a thick-coated, medium-sized vulpine native to the Scandinavian Mountains that cross through Norway and Sweden. They are carnivorous and generally feast on small mammals such as shrews, hedgehogs, and squirrels, however, they are known to be exceptionally clever in their hunting tactics and have been sighted using their hind legs to leap upwards and catch birds. They have non-retractable claws similar to that of a dog or skunk, which they use to dig into the earth, where they make compact burrows. They are highly protective of their young, and mate for life. They are able to communicate in sharp, shrill barks and chitters, and are able to mimic simple human words and sounds, despite their brains not being capable of understanding any complex language.

xxxThe average Kylig Fox has a large, fluffy segmented tail used to swaddle themselves and their offspring. The fur is thick but compresses easily under pressure, and is chiefly used to keep warm in harsh, bitter conditions and to help blend into the environment. Because of this unique trait, they were often illegally smuggled out of the country to sell as exotic pets in countries that were dramatically different than their familiar climate, which caused a significant decline in their numbers. Thankfully their swift mating habits have replenished a large chunk of their population, and they are now only classified as vulnerable. This excessive breeding resulted in many different variations of the species, with unique coat colors, fur styles, and other appearance-related 'mutations' that would appeal to children and adults alike. Kylig Foxes have large eyes that enable them a superior ability to see in the dark, which assists in hunting for prey. Their ample ears also give them an exceptional sense of hearing, around four times as great as a human's. They also possess a vomeronasal organ which enables them to test the air for food using quick flicks of their tongue. Because of these heightened senses, they have no need to hunt while the sun is up, and thus they are nocturnal, spending most of the day snoozing while it's still light.

xxxBecause of the general public's predilection for the species, they are still kept as exotic pets in many regions of the world. Due to their exposure to warmer conditions for many years, Kylig Foxes that have been exclusively bred in western countries and are accustomed to warmer climates are accepted as pets that require an Animal Welfare Act license. It is still illegal to own a wild-caught Kylig Fox, as foxes smuggled from Norway and Sweden perish quickly in warmer climates, and are a protected species. Because the foxes brought in from the wild do not have any fancy coat colors or visible 'mutations', they are easily distinguishable from a legally bred Kylig Fox.

xxxAlthough they recently have had this boom in popularity, they were once thought to be a mythical species that were only known to exist through small wooden or bone carved sculptures crafted by the early Sami people. Known only by the name 'Snöstjärnarävar' (literally 'Snow Star Foxes'), they were speculated to be ancient, magical deities that originated from the sky, could create stars with a flick of their tail, and were able to heal any living creature with their breath. They were only just discovered in 1968, by the late Dr William Ardell, who was studying an old Sami site. Although they are known as a regular fox species nowadays, some still swear they have witnessed the supposed Snöstjärnarävar of legend.


Morelull @ Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:41 am




xxxxx Image

xxxxx • Custom sclera
xxxxx • Custom claws
xxxxx • Small teeth

xxxxx • Minor fur edits
xxxxx • Minor ear edits
xxxxx • Custom eye shape
xxxxx • Custom tongue (non-forked)
xxxxx • Custom nose
xxxxx • Custom pupils
xxxxx • Short hair (can reach down to the neck)

xxxxx • Major fur edits
xxxxx • Major ear edits
xxxxx • Backmane
xxxxx • Small horns
xxxxx • Short unicorn horn
xxxxx • Forked tongue
xxxxx • Long hair (can reach down to the ground)

xxxxx • Extra eyes (up to six)
xxxxx • Extra limbs (up to six)
xxxxx • Heterochromia
xxxxx • Large horns
xxxxx • Long unicorn horn
xxxxx • Antlers
xxxxx • Large bandages/Eyepatch/Ect.

xxxxx • Hybridity
xxxxx • Goo/Slime
xxxxx • Wings
xxxxx • Glow
xxxxx • Halo (up to two)
xxxxx • Healing breath/Star powers
xxxxx • Major tail edits (must be similar)

xxxxx • Weight edits
xxxxx • Slit pupils
xxxxx • Scars/Small bandages (such as bandaids)



xxxxx Image

xxxxxKylig Foxes are allowed to wear any items you'd like, with no extra
cost or requirements. However, clothing items/accessories must not clash with
any of the 'mutations' listed previously.

xxxxxThis includes:

xxxxxFake wings
xxxxxFake halos
xxxxxFake horns

Or anything else that could count.


Morelull @ Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:41 am




xxxxx Image

• You must follow all of Tess's Chicken Smoothie forum rules.
• You are not allowed to create a Kylig Fox unless you are an approved artist or have been accepted to create a MYO.
• You may not create pre-designed Kylig Foxes for profit for any kind of currency.
• You may not co-own a Kylig Fox with any other person, purely for ease of administration.
• If you decide to sell, gift, or trade your Kylig Fox, you must first gain permission of the original artist. If permission is not granted, and you still decide to go through with this, you will be banned.
• If you end up being able to sell, gift, or trade your Kylig Fox, you must contact me with the new owner so I can update the Kylig Fox archive.
• You must keep track of your own acquired items and HMs, as staff will not do it for you. Proof must be given with each item and HMs you store.
• Do not bump any Kylig Fox related threads. You are allowed to reserve posts in competitions.
• Do not post forms after a competition has already been judged, beg to win, or harass any artists if you do not win.
• Do not mini-mod any Kylig Fox related threads. Questions should be answered by staff only (unless they are posted in the fanclub). If you have any issues, contact me.
• Please be kind to both Kylig Fox owners and staff members, they work hard to provide these adoptables!

xxxxx Image

• You may not edit your Kylig Fox's existing reference unless you are adding clothes, accessories, or changing the expression.
• You may not edit your Kylig Fox's reference to draw it in a different style, to change any proportions, or to add any mutations.
• All Kylig Fox adopts must be posted on the Chicken Smoothie oekaki. Designs and MYOs off-oekaki are permitted as long as they are under a cover that follows the Chicken Smoothie Oekaki Rules, specifically: "Don't make Oekaki drawings with just words or puzzles written on them. The oekaki is for sharing artwork, not for displaying a message or playing a forum game."
• You must list all mutations added to a Kylig Fox to the description of the adopt.
• All kinds of Kylig Fox artwork is welcomed and accepted, but any gore or NSFW artwork must not be posted to Chicken Smoothie.

xxxxx Image

• Users may not win more than 3 Kylig Foxes each month. This does not include any awarded HMs.
• Users must own a Kylig Fox for at least one month before attempting to breed it.
• A single Kylig Fox pup may be grown after two weeks. You must wait for a pup to be grown before attempting to grow another.
• You may not breed any more Kylig Foxes before already existing pups have been grown up.
• You must get approval before attempting to breed your Kylig Foxes or grow up pups.

xxxxx Image

• Kylig Foxes must be of the opposite sex (not gender) to be able to breed.
• Kylig Foxes may be of any romantic or sexual orientation or gender, but must have either a male or female sex.
• Only a pair of Kylig Foxes may breed. Three or more Kylig Foxes, or a singular Kylig Fox, may not be able to reproduce.
• A single Kylig Fox is only allowed to breed three times before it is rendered infertile.
• Incestuous, underage, or pairings of pups with adults for breeding are not permitted and will earn an immediate ban. Incestuous and pairings of pups with adults in a romantic context are also not permitted. Innocent crushes between pups are allowed as long as they are strictly non-sexual and should not include any graphic backstory or imagery.
Nursery artists must post when they are willing to accept a breeding slot/s and quote the person's form/s they are accepting.
• You must gain permission from the owner of a Kylig Fox before using their adopt for any kind of relationship or in a breeding ticket.
• Pup batches cannot include mythical mutations.
• Up to two pups may be created in a single breeding batch.
• All items that you would like to use when submitting a breeding ticket must be owned beforehand and should be posted on the form.
• Please only select an artist when submitting a ticket that has an open breeding slot.

xxxxx Image

• All Kylig Fox adopts must be created and posted on the Chicken Smoothie oekaki.
• Artists must list all mutations added to a Kylig Fox to the description of the adopt.
• Artists can hold any kind of competition they would like. However, please remember to post some non-Kylig Fox owner competitions to promote inclusiveness!
• Artists may not be paid to create Kylig Foxes or pups if not given permission or told beforehand.
• Artists, including Guest Artists, may receive one free unlimited uncommon Kylig Fox MYO after a week of service, and then every month after that, regardless of whether they are hired or not.
Nursery artists must post when they are willing to accept a breeding slot/s and quote the person's form/s they are accepting.
• If accessories or clothes are on a Kylig Fox in the reference, they must have the entire design exposed in a different post.
• Artists may hand out a maximum of three HMs when a contest is judged. More than one HM given to one person is not permitted.
• Artists must create at least one Kylig Fox per month, or run the risk of being dropped from the team.
• Artists may not hand out any HMs in a raffle.
• Artists must use the standard Kylig Fox text template for their adopts.
• Artists may not enter for regular Kylig Fox adoptables. However, moderators and nursery artists can!
• Staff must not use their power to decide the fate of a breeding batch. If a pup is not adopted, it will be left up to all of the breeding participants, including the artist, to decide the fate of the pup/s.


xxxxx Image

If an artist decides that they like your entry, but you don't end up winning,
they may give you an Honorable Mention, or a HM. These HMs can be traded in
for an MYO depending on what rarity mutations you would like your MYO to have.

xxxxx• 5 HMs = Unlimited Standard MYO
xxxxx• 10 HMs = Unlimited Common and under MYO
xxxxx• 20 HMs = Unlimited Uncommon and under MYO
xxxxx• 25 HMs = One Rare and unlimited Uncommon and under MYO
xxxxx 35 HMs = Unlimited Rare and under MYO

Mythical MYOs are not able to be obtained and are reserved for events
or special times only.

Want to buy an MYO with Chicken Dollars or Pets? Click here!


Morelull @ Wed Jun 06, 2018 9:42 am




xxxxx Image

xxxxx Image
xxxxxwinter & fireflii

xxxxx Image
xxxxx• x

xxxxx Image

xxxxx Image
xxxxx• x

xxxxxIf you would like to apply to be an artist, head over to the Kylig Fox Artist Search or Nursery Artist Search!
xxxxxModerator applications are open! If you would like to apply, please do so here!


xxxxx Image
xxxxx• vogelbiene

xxxxx Image
xxxxxget scared | 1/3 adopts created
xxxxxavriie | 2/3 adopts created
xxxxxsalty.sweet | 0/3 adopts created

xxxxx Image
xxxxxchamomile. | 0/3 batches created
xxxxxxLovetheHoly | 0/3 batches created


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      lysander wrote:hey guys!! this has been inactive for a while! i've rebooted my adopts on a different canvas size and am now doing anthros/quads in addition to humans! i got a lot better at drawing on oekaki so i wanted to kinda start fresh?


      if you have hms from this, they will transfer over!! also i'll... judge the remaining comps eventually... o-|-<

      ★ welcome !

      hi guys!! i decided to offer free adopts to practice my design skills! i saw other people do similar things and i thought it'd be a fun way to practice more! bear with me bc i'm new to adopts so a lot of things will probably change as i feel my way around!

        some guidelines:

        * themes are random
        * will use a base most of the time
        * 99% humanoid
        * credit me please!
        * feel free to suggest ideas/palettes!
        * i'll be making them whenever i feel like it aha
        * these are probably bad sry
        * i'd love to see art/writing/other works of my designs!!
        * you may trade/resell for currency (virtual or not)
        * ???

      tysm for checkin this out!!!

lysander @ Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:04 pm

lysander @ Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:05 pm

FlameFireDragon25 wrote:Oooooooo, ice cream! Maybe foods like fancy cakes, cotton candy, peppermint, ect.
FlameFireDragon25 wrote:Medieval times? Maybe something inspired by foods (kinda like that sprite one)
TheSongOfTheStars wrote:Maybe some warriors or mermaids?
Z y g a r d e wrote:How about Dinosaurs? Maybe a Pterodactyl, a Triceratops, or even a Velociraptor! Another idea: Pokemon. omg Do a magikarp for magikarp jump XD
SnakeScales wrote:
something relating to the ocean would be awesome! c:

lysander @ Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:05 pm

★ open!!!

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Welcome to the home of custom Longnecks!

Here you can place and order for a custom!

The prices for customs are as follows:

Common - 4 c$ or 1 '17 rare
Uncommon - 12 c$ or 1 '17 rare + 1 '16 uncommon
Rare - 15 c$ or 2 '17 rares or 1 '17 vr or 1 '15 rare
Extremely Rare - 20 c$ or 2 '10 rares or 2 '11 rares + 1 newer rare or 1 ‘09 Rare

The prices for customs in Scooter’s Stones are as follows:

Common - 5 Stones
Uncommon - 10 Stones
Rare - 20 Stones
Extremely Rare - 35 Stones

The form to fill out is pretty simple:

Code: Select all
Color Palette:
Anything Else?:

Once you fill this out and post it below, simply wait for an artist to contact you! When contacted if you could edit your post in some way to reflect this it would be greatly appreciated so that you aren't messaged by multiple artists :D

The rules are simple, as all we ask is that you follow all CS rules and don't bug our artists about your custom. Pestering artists is in no way acceptable.

winged-backpack @ Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:00 am

Username: winged-backpack
Rarity: uncommon
Color Palette: I'd really love one based on a red panda, but I'm on mobile so I can't actually link an image right now.
Payment: I have a bit of C$ so I hope we could work something out
Anything Else?: Thank you so much whoever contacts me!

Contacted by an artist <3

ThePaintedPitBull @ Tue Feb 13, 2018 11:37 am

Bump! ^^

ThePaintedPitBull @ Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:13 am

Bump! ^^

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Bull Sharrier Adopts!
by WitchHazel @ Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:05 pm [Reply]


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Species Information

The Bull Sharrier (Carchanis Leupas) is a scientifically engineered hybrid between a Bull Terrier and a Bull Shark. They are warm-blooded semi-aquatic animals, and possess both lungs and a set of gills. Our scientists are currently debating whether this classifies the Sharrier as a fish, a mammal, or even an amphibian. They are mostly cartilaginous, yet have a bone skeleton similar to that of a Bull Terrier. Their short, water-repelling oily fur; webbed paws; and muscular build makes them excellent swimmers. They are also capable of jumping to great heights, but are terrible climbers. Sharriers have sharp, serrated teeth that are positioned in rows, much like shark teeth. These teeth are continually shed and replaced. Sharriers have a high jaw strength, and can easily crunch through wooden furniture and other items. Their pupils are similar to those of cats; they constrict and dilate depending on how much light is in the room, as well as their emotions.

Sharriers have a heightened sense of smell, as well as excellent hearing. Sharriers also have electroreceptors located in their snout, enabling them to pick up on the electrical fields of living things. Of course, electronics put out similar fields, so you might not want to leave your phone or laptop in a location where your Sharrier can easily get to it. They may mistake it for food.

Sharriers can survive in both salt and freshwater, as well as on land.


Pups are about the size of a domestic cat.
Teens are labrador-sized.
Adults are comparable to a shetland pony.


Sharriers were originally created to function as fearsome guard animals. However, due to their natural temperament, we found that they were better suited to be household pets. Sharriers tend to be curious, extroverted, silly, energetic, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, . They typically enjoy music, baths, giving kisses, swimming, carrying things around, playing, chasing things, socialising, digging, being petted, belly rubs, and chewing on various items. They don’t usually like cold weather or being alone. Sharriers require lots of attention and exercise, and have a constant need for stimulation. If a Sharrier is neglected, not properly exercised, or not mentally stimulated, it could exhibit destructive behavior. The most common form of said behavior is excessive chewing.

Despite their typically placid temperament, some Sharriers can be rather aggressive, particularly if they had a traumatising past. When exhibiting aggressive behavior, Sharriers tend to arch their backs like cats; wave their tails in slow, threatening motions; as well as bare their teeth and emit a low growl. They may get protective around food, or become excited upon smelling blood.

Sharriers have intricate social lives. They prefer to live in a pack and have a social hierarchy typical to that of wolves. The largest and most intimidating Sharrier is often in charge, while the smaller and more submissive Sharriers are ranked towards the bottom.
Sharriers are generally very talkative; making sounds similar to those a canine would. They don’t bark, however they do emit sounds such as whines, growls, huffs, yips, and grunts. They also pant when overheated or in pain. Body language plays a large role in their communication, often using many of the same cues that dogs do.

A Sharrier will eat almost anything: sticks, dirty socks, your favourite pair of shoes, or even part of your car tire. Sharriers need a lot of salt in their diet to stay healthy, along with proteins and lipids. The healthiest thing to feed them would be a salty mixture of fish, squid, kelp, and chicken. They possess a surprising fondness for peanut butter, sushi, leather items, and bananas.

Sharriers often have an attraction to shiny things, such as jewellery, loose change, silverware, or even your cell phone. They may hoard these objects and make a game of hiding them around your house.

WitchHazel @ Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:06 pm


No edits, Hair tufts, Fangs, Pupil edits, Claw edits, Small scars, Eyelashes, Eyebrow edits, Facial expression edits, Natural Colours
(any colour that appears naturally on a dog or shark, including oceanic colours like blue and green)

Tooth shape edits, Different shark species, Bright colours, Short hair, Weight changes, Heterochromia, Height changes, Body length changes, Ear edits, Tongue shape edits, Large scars, Missing limbs or eyes, Coloured sclera, Fins on other parts of the body (legs, head, etc), Scales

Small wings, Long hair, Extra fluff, Multiple eyes, Multiple limbs (not heads), Muzzle shape edits, Nose edits, Eye shape edits, Back manes, Short tail, Glowing eyes, Lion manes, Feathers, NGU (Never Grow Up), Spines, Coloured bodily fluids, Bioluminescence, Bionic body parts, Skeletal body parts, No fins

Large wings, Magical abilities, Horns, Multiple heads, Antlers, Halos, Sentient body parts, Growths (gems, plants, etc), Ooze, Body parts made out of anything other than flesh (crystal, glass, smoke, etc), Antennae

Each Sharrier must have more than one edit on one category, or one in that category and one in a higher category to be considered that particular rarity - unless they have no edits, then they count as common.

WitchHazel @ Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:06 pm


CEO & Demographist
Owner & Archivist


Laboratory Technicians





Love Doctors
Nursery Artists


Guest Artists


Laboratory Technician
This job basically consists of checking threads to make sure that everyone is following the rules. As an LT, you would have the authority to deal out warnings and bans. You would get the standard one custom per month like the rest of the staff, as long as you are active. You don't have to design it yourself - you can ask an artist to do it for you.
If you would like to be an LT, please PM this form to me after you've filled it out. Thanks!

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I Want To Be a Laboratory Technician!
Reason why you want to be an LT:
How active are you?:
Do you have past experience?:

WitchHazel @ Sat Mar 24, 2018 3:07 pm

Community Rules
♦ This is a closed species; you may not make your own without the CEO’s permission.
♦ There is no current limit for how many Sharriers you can own.
♦ Please be respectful of our staff and community members!
♦ You may not sell or trade your Sharrier at the moment. However, you may gift your Sharrier to another user.
♦ All Sharriers may be any gender or sexuality.
♦ You cannot transfer any Sharrier’s design to any other species.
♦ Please do not steal any existing Sharriers. If they don’t belong to you, you may not use them.
♦ Give the artist credit whenever credit is due.
♦ Customs are for staff only at the moment, but don’t worry! There will be plenty of events in which you can earn a custom slot or an MYO.
♦ When you win a Sharrier, you may not edit the lines, traits, or colours.You may, however, add as many accessories or scars to it as you like, or change the expression if you wish.
♦ You may only breed your Sharrier through the Nursery.
♦ Your Sharrier may have the same name as another Sharrier! It happens with people all the time, so why not Sharriers?
♦ Please do not whine or beg if you don’t win a contest.
♦ You get three strikes. If you break more than three rules, you could be banned from the community. If banned,
♦ These rules are subject to change however I see fit.

Staff Rules
♦ Most Community Rules apply to you as well!
♦ These are free adopts! Please do not ask for any currency.
♦ Scientists must make at least one design monthly. Please inform me of any inactivity.
♦ Every staff member can make one custom per month, and Interns get one custom as long as they make at least one adopt first. This custom may have up to two or less legendary edits. If you are not a Scientist and would prefer that a Scientist make your custom for you, then simply ask them.
♦ The dog breed involved in the creation of Sharriers is always the English Bull Terrier. Please do not change this.

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got some cosmic doggo's up for auction here

please only offer C$ and/or wishlist rares+, and include the number you're bidding for in your trade message as well as below

probably going to leave these up for a couple days while I try and catch up on art stuff

1. rue.the.fangirl
2. iiLovingBooks
4. Leo_space_Hound
5. AlexLeDraggu

~Lineart made by the talented Tealea~

SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:13 pm


Maxy Max @ Sun Jun 17, 2018 8:16 pm

i love 2 and 3 but don't have enough c$ and no rare's that I am willing to give away because of sentimental value ;;
But these are amazing designs! <3

SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 17, 2018 10:14 pm

purrfect Nepeta wrote:i love 2 and 3 but don't have enough c$ and no rare's that I am willing to give away because of sentimental value ;;
But these are amazing designs! <3

thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it a lot! ^^

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Adoptable Beonios based on this drawing by MoonPaw8033
by MoonPaw8033 @ Sat Jun 23, 2018 8:02 am [Reply]

Fill out the form below.

Code: Select all
Beonios Name:
Mutations:Un-comon head crest and Fabric bow
Up for breeding:
Number between 1-40:

MoonPaw8033 @ Sat Jun 23, 2018 9:26 am


MoonPaw8033 @ Sat Jun 23, 2018 3:30 pm

MoonPaw8033 wrote:Bump

Double bump

Deerssert // #444 based on this drawing by bat-ty
by HydraHiss @ Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:44 am [Reply]

Species Info wrote:
Deerssert are a mystical, mythological species that appear in history every so often. Sightings grew sparser and sparser through the years, but now they've started to appear more and more. Here at the HQ, a centre dedicated to keeping these creatures from being hunted, we cannot foster them all-- and that's where you come in!

The simplest way to explain them? Deersserts are deer with a twist! While the specifics vary from deer to deer, they all have a few things in common. Deersserts have muscle, skin, fur and bone, but they are described as tasting like sweets. Their scent lingers so much that hides carry a fragrant scent even after death. Instead of fluffy tails, they have a pouf of whipped cream or ice cream [depending on the deer!] with some manner of fruit on top.

Size-wise, they're about the size of a border collie, but have been known to grow to the size of a horse in rare cirucmstances. [In even rarer circumstances, they have gotten bigger. This is the largest deerssert known.] Likewise, they are born as small as a full-grown rabbit, and some never progress past this size.

lemon cake with purple seaglass (actually sugar crystals)

to win this bab, talk about their favorite place on the beach! ends june 21st

Code: Select all
fav beach place//

DoorKarmaQueen @ Mon Jun 18, 2018 11:48 am

username// DoorKarmaQueen
name// Rea
gender// Female
fav beach place// Well I’ve only been to two beaches! My favorite would have to be the gulf shores! I found so many pretty seashells! I loved it. Except for my bright idea not to wear sunscreen and swim for 3 hours in the hot Texas sun. ~w~” Everything else was amazing! I even found a expensive pair of sunglasses in the water! Some lady stole them from me tho. ;-;

giraffidae @ Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:12 pm

    oml i just had to

    username// giraffidae
    name// Oneiroi
    gender// male
    fav beach place// A shipwreck somewhere on a secluded beach, Oneiroi calls it his home. When its high tide, the water floods the area while during sunrises, the salty water recedes, now just caressing the wooden planks. A giant mossy patch is hidden inside the vessel where droplets of water still sit from the movement of the moon. The combination of water and plant creates the dark shadows of the wreck to glow bright shades of green.

Killawolf17 @ Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:45 pm

username// killawolf17
name// Candi
gender// female
fav beach place// Beneath the long docks at night! Constantly finding new things to poke at, while sometimes finding things that poke her! It's dark and spooky and she loves that. Otherwise she'll be off playing in rock pools or nearby caves hidden in cliffs. Generally loves secluded and/or spooky places

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by castiiian @ Sat Jun 23, 2018 2:45 pm [Reply]

      may or may not make these a species
      may or may not sell them

      for now:
      please don't post

      feel free to pm me if you got somethin to say or want to make an offer
      as of now i'll consider offers, but i might end up keeping the species
      and doing nothing with them, go figure


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