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More Kittens! based on this drawing by Tealea
by CatMagics @ Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:23 pm [Reply]

Cat Lines Credit

Selling these kitties! I'm not entirely sure how much my artwork is worth, but I put my effort and time into creating this, so please don't send a bunch of 2018 very commons over ;w; C$ and rares are very much appreciated and preferred, but I'll accept WL uncommons/commons and items ;3

Please make a post here saying that you sent a trade if you did! | Send separate trades if you're bidding on multiple kittens please!

Kitties are not FCFS; By the end of the day, whoever is willing to pay the most for it will get the kitten c; Other trades will be cancelled. I'll select winners once a day around 4:00 am CS time until they're all adopted!

1. Open - none
2. Closed - Molly.
3. Closed - Kitzy
4. Closed - Obsidian
5. Open - none
6. Closed - Mewfle

Thank you! ;3

Molly. @ Mon Feb 18, 2019 5:40 pm

Sent an offer for #2 <3

Mewfle @ Tue Feb 19, 2019 3:58 am

Sent an offer for #6 c:

CatMagics @ Tue Feb 19, 2019 11:23 am


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Kittens! based on this drawing by Guest
by CatMagics @ Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:32 am [Reply]

Cat Lines Credit

Selling these kitties! I'm not entirely sure how much my artwork is worth, but I put my effort and time into creating this, so please don't send a bunch of 2018 very commons over ;w; C$ and rares are very much appreciated and preferred, but I'll accept WL uncommons/commons and items ;3

Please make a post here saying that you sent a trade if you did! | Send separate trades if bidding on multiple kittens

Kitties are not FCFS; By the end of the day, whoever is willing to pay the most for it will get the kitten c; Other trades will be cancelled. I'll select winners once a day around 4:00 am CS time until they're all adopted!

1. Open - none
2. Closed - Honeycreeper66
3. Closed - Toomin
4. Closed - Toomin
5. Closed - Toomin
6. Closed - oh yea mr. krabs

Thank you! ;3

Timer's not correct because I accidentally posted this in the wrong place so I had to save and delete that and then repost it here. I actually spent an hour and a half on these ;w;

idle automaton @ Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:44 am

I have submitted a bid for 3, 4, and 5!

CatMagics @ Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:46 am

Toomin wrote:I have submitted a bid for 3, 4, and 5!

Eek thanks!! I wasn't sure if I'd actually get any trades >^▽^<

CatMagics @ Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:56 pm

#3, 4, and 5 are now taken!

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Snap Head Adopt #3
by Zonbitaigā @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 7:51 am [Reply]

Name: U pick

Age: u pick

Gender: Female

species: Megladon

Diet: Fish

Habitat: oceans and beaches

Personality: Sarcastic,funny,attention loving,and always hungry

To get this Snap Head try and impress me with an animal fact. I’ll give this Snap Head to whoever finds a fact that I did not already know. This will be difficult because I know a lot about animals but who doesn’t love a good challenge uwu.

Zonbitaigā @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:04 am


Zonbitaigā @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:30 am


Leafy. @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:26 am

armadillos choose mates by essentially racing each other

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V.1 - Fanclub - Nursery - Discord - Archive
SPRING EVENT- 3/20/2019

Many years ago now, Nagalines were bred to stop an aggressive, invasive species. This species couldn't be eaten by natural inhabitants, and there weren't many alternate options. Nagalines were the perfect combination of big cat and reptile, creating a fuzzy little cat noodle... A cat noodle that is good at eating invasive rodent species. They have now become very friendly and loving towards humans, and have become domesticated pets over time. People now breed them in their homes, and some are very expensive. There are wild Nagalines, and some are on the streets. They are a common pet, kept in or outdoors and prevent invasive species from overpopulating. They're super intelligent and people love them! The first attempt to create a Nagaline was a gene splicing experiment on mountain lions, sphynx cats, and very large alligators. The gene splicing helped them create a result, and with many failed attempts, created a stable species. The first attempts did not work out so well, but rejects were still unintentionally released into the wild-- considered ferals. They are considered close to extinct, but they do exist. They're typically considered to be dangerous, as the first outcomes were very aggressive. Now they have adapted well, due to breeding, and are actually a very stable and healthy species. They are no longer bred in labs, but for the last few years of creation, the main focus were snakes and spyhnx cats, sometimes small mountain cats and little crocodiles. They are now just bred in captivity. Occasionally, two Nagalines whose kind aren't commonly bred together will hatch eggs. The outcome can be very miniature Nagalines or other mutations, even occasionally a feral.They are a great pet option for someone looking for a loving companion, so if you'd like to have an intelligent friend that will keep you on your toes, a Nagaline is right for you!
Adopt one today!
Rarity Charts
Common - Uncommon - Rare - Very Rare
- Each user may only own 12 Nagalines total at this time, however this number will be raised in the future as the species grows.
Staff may own 15.
- Mini-modding is not allowed. If you notice any rule breaking activity, please report it to a member on staff. Do not take matters into your own hands.
- Nagalines may only be traded for other Nagalines or Nagaline customs/MYOs and items may only be traded for other items. Trading for non-Nagaline items/species, art, or currency is against the rules.
- Please do not beg or whine for free Nagalines.
- Staff may revoke Nagalines from banned members.
- Be kind towards the staff and community.
- We all have lives outside of CS, you never know who you are affecting.
- Please don't be impatient!
- Harassment of any kind in the species will not be tolerated. If you or another user is being harassed, please contact staff immediately so it can be dealt with correctly.
- As a closed species, only Nagaline staff is permitted to create a Nagaline unless you are in possession of a MYO or custom.
- You may create roleplays for your Nagalines, may they be public or private.


lil stat

Splatter, Kiffell, astral., dave., prospecte, ☁Lady Raincloud☁, Akemi-chan, .lucifer, imperials,junkratss
capone., lokisaurus, cooperthecatx, softea, owltoes.jpeg, Golden-Boy, Trollish, jennfreckles, strinisaur, Medd

*~Blizzard~*, Dimi., ♡Chocolate♡, Digiibug,

By Softea!
Code: Select all

pearlcollie @ Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:40 am


Golden-Boy @ Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:40 am


lil stat @ Sat Nov 24, 2018 7:42 am

    mark !!

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Milk's Creatures!
by GalaxyMilk @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:43 am [Reply]

Oki so ima make some origional speciessssss
that I will give away (BUTTTT I will get to be an artist and I get 2 MYO's a month lol)
And ye

Ideas rn-
-Dragon foxes (Already sketched on paper, basically long foxes with floof, horns, and loooong wiskers, and whatever else the owner will want to add) -Turned out different but done
-Something with long legs and lots of fluff XD
- Small animals that live in trees and are deer like and kinda have tree features-?- Didnt turn out exactly how I wanted it, but, done
- Chinchilla + Sugar glider mix (too cute lol)
- I had an idea that it would be like little creatures that used to be wonderful animals but were forgotten and became... different? idk lol
- L i z a r d f e r r e t s XD
- Maybe something like a dragon (yet not the scaly thing, I cant draw scales, I can only draw floof) that can turn into a lizard to hide the fact that its a dragon (floofy lizard tooo XD)


NenaNightshades~ @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:44 am


GalaxyMilk @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 9:45 am

wowo that was a hecca fast mork XD

GalaxyMilk @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 11:16 am


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Adopts! based on this drawing by DI-TimeHunter
by DI-TimeHunter @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 11:07 am [Reply]

Lines by Queenie!

3 wl pets each! rarity doesn't matter

A1 - Available
A2 - Available
B1 - Available
B2 - Available
C1 - Available
C2 - Available

adopt the long furby army
by eckvanet. @ Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:12 pm [Reply]

so im quite obsessed with long bbs
and these exist now
theyll be some freebies, raffle i guess
itll end eventually
just plz give em a name, enter for any of em?

wHy wOuLd aNyOne In tHeIr RiGhT mInD GeT OnE ? ? ?
((cue me saving every last penny to make my own long boi))

1- a n g e r

2- dapper

3- longer boi

4- centifur

AngelSpores @ Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:28 pm

Om g are these like long furbies i am dying

eckvanet. @ Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:38 pm

the long furbs are complete
if you want, give em a name
raffle i guess

KarKat Vantas ♋ @ Sat Mar 16, 2019 12:43 pm

I hope that you don't mind that I try out for all of them! ;O;

1- a n g e r: Shanshi Broccoli

2- dapper: Pennysworth Glitterjingles

3- longer boi: Sriracha Sauce

4- centifur: Airstore Jetfluff

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TEEKS - Teacup pets!
by TheSwamp @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:57 pm [Reply]

Teeks currently up for adoption:
Image #03
Image #04

Teeks are tiny pets that live in teacups!
Teeks are tiny versions of normal animals, most commonly being cats, dogs, birds, lizards, and snakes. They are usually about 8-10 inches long at adulthood.
They move from cup to cup as they grow, just like hermit crabs, and cup exchange is the only time they ever leave their homes. They're very friendly to humans, and love to be noticed. Teeks live on an entirely liquid diet of, you guessed it, tea! They can drink over 2x their body weight in tea in a day, which they use to convert into pure joy.
Teeks are very good at being put into forum signatures, and love the attention. This is Ringo, the first Teek bred in captivity, and the Teek Adopts' mascot!

Teeks are a closed species.
If you do not own a Teek, do not put it in your signature/icon without permission. Ownership is automatic permission.
There is no maximum amount of Teeks to own, but if you have recently adopted one, wait for at least 2 adoptions to pass before applying for more.
Teeks cannot be sold for any currency, or traded for pets/items.
Teeks can be traded for other Teeks, or gifted to other users, but an admin must be notified before the trade is official.
If you want to put your Teek up for readoption, notify an admin.

TheSwamp - Admin/Artist/Owner

AestheticNature @ Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:26 am

mark! These are adorable!

Pastel ☹ Hyena @ Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:37 am

These look awesome! I might try to apply for staff if I ever get the chance

I Like Bees @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:43 pm

These are so cute!
I don't normally mark, but I definitely don't want to lose track of these little guys, so...

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welcome !
lines by aldan & .lucifer

fanclub - archive - artist search - main thread - items shop - bank - discord

17.03.19 - opened up the artist search, opened the applications for mods and archivist
20.03.19 - opened up our items shop, bank, and archives!
22.03.19 - opened the fanclub!
23.03.19 - discord was opened!

what is a kyro?

Kyros are fairly small and fluffy animals that seem to be distant descendants of the reptilian family. Some of their distinct characteristics include their sharp front teeth, poisonous & colorful tongues, and overly fluffy tails and necks. Although they are poisonous, they do not harm other beings unless it is in self-defense. They are not easily tamed as they hate to seperate from their families. However, once they do bond with someone they will most likely never bond with somebody else. Kyros can be found in mountainous or forest-like areas and live with very few to no other beings due to the fact that they are incredibly shy.

nyall @ Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:28 pm

rarity list

common - pastel color range, no add-ons

uncommon - any colors (no neon), added hair (anywhere
on the body), missing limbs, tail change (length-wise or style-wise), ear style change.

rare - height mutation, multiple tails, horns, glow.

legendaries - unlimited changes allowed - no restraints.

nyall @ Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:29 pm


- Kyros are a closed species, therefore anybody who is not staff is not allowed to make their own.
- Please be kind to staff and all users.
- Do not spam or mini-mod the threads.
- If you would like to give away your Kyro, please get permission from the artist & myself.
- You may not sell your Kyro for any type of currency.
- Users may own as many Kyro's as they like, however, if a user wins more than
5 adopts in a month they must wait for a cool-down into the next month before owning more.
- Users may only receive a custom/MYO if they pay for a ticket. (refer to the items shop link in the
first post).
- Full-time & guest artists may have 2 customs per month. This limit is only counted
by customs made for the artist themselves - if they make a custom for a regular user
their count does not go down.
- Full-time artists must make at least ~2+ adopts bi-weekly, while guests artists must make
2-3 adopts per month at minimum, with a maximum of 20 adopts.
- On-call artists do not have to make adopts. They still get the privileges of regular
artists like having 2 customs per month, however, their main job is to fulfill MYO/custom
requests instead.

HM system
HM -> honorable mention

5 HMs - 1 common MYO Kyro
10 HMs - 1 uncommon MYO Kyro
15 HMs - 1 rare MYO Kyro
50 HMs - 1 legendary MYO Kyro

*once you have used your HMs for a MYO Kyro once, those used HMs become
**you must show proof of HMs to get approved for a MYO






currently searching

guest artists

currently searching

on-call artist

Lucky The Dog





nyall @ Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:29 pm

strikes & bans
you may have 3 strikes before you are banned



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species concept based on this drawing by tikki-tak
by peachyfae @ Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:29 am [Reply]

making a species with my boyfriend! wahoo! im gonna rework the hooves and babies a little so keep an eye out for that

notes to self:
covered babies in plants
forest bg

spindly back legs for babies
just. fix the babies entirely

edit;; yes i know they look extremely similar to planteries. mine were posted first so im trying to get a moderator involved in this.

midnight08 @ Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:36 am

i need

AestheticNature @ Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:45 am

very cute !

Deercan @ Sun Mar 24, 2019 2:51 am

These are too freaking precious,, call the cute police

Excited to see the species when it's done!! Uwu

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archive - artist search - nursery - fanclub - customs and agings

welcome! thank you for visiting. please refer to the posts below for more information.

synthesize. @ Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:06 am

what are they?
nilei are a species of mustelids that have magical properties. this magic is stored in the gem on their chest; the color of the gem is directly linked to their elemental power. if cracked or shattered, it can cause serious damage to both the magical ability and health of the nilei. there are other traits shared among all nilei as well; a small nose, long limbs and body, short muzzle, large eyes that show little to no eye white, non-retractable claws, four toes in front and three in back, and connected paw pads. they average around the size of a large ferret. besides the features listed, they have a large amount of genetic diversity. this allows them to adapt to a wide variety of habitats (excluding extreme heat). however, they are most commonly found in grassy fields and peaceful woodlands. unlike other mustelids, they are omnivorous and primarily eat bugs, berries, fish, plants, and small birds. they are sociable creatures that live in small to medium sized family groups when in the wild.

discovered recently, there is still much to be learned about this species and the full extent of their magical abilities. there have been reports of very powerful nilei, capable of wielding a multiple elements, but they have yet to be found.

gem color
the power a nilei has corresponds to the primary color of it's gem
red - fire and heat
orange - telekinesis
yellow - electricity
green - plants
blue - water and freezing
purple - healing
white - wind
black - light and shadows
brown - earth

rarity chart
no rarity - items, facial edits, heterochromia, custom lines, default options for gems/tails
common - shaped pupil, longer claws, custom tail, hair tuft, back mane
uncommon - custom gem shape, custom ears, longer/shorter fur, hairstyle
rare - one pair of horns, munchkinism, gigantism, weight, multiple tails, glow, no pupil
legendary - multiple element control (up to three)*, wings, multiple pairs of horns, multiple limbs, multiple heads, body spikes, species crossing, halos
*multiple element control is something that all legendary nilei have and does not count the 1 for 50's, 3 for 100's rule

synthesize. @ Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:07 am

main rules
all regular cs rules apply.
as these are a closed species, you are not allowed to create your own (unless you have a custom).
design theft or transferring your nilei's design to a different species is not allowed
begging is not allowed.
do not be rude or dramatic.
don't mini-mod. if you see something going on that shouldn't be, contact a moderator.
nilei are allowed to be drawn in any way you desire, whether that is feral, anthro, humanoid, whatever. the only art you are not allowed to make is nsfw art.
you are allowed to roleplay your nilei.
nilei are allowed to be either gender and any sexuality.
nilei can only be owned by one person at a time.
do not remove the signature.
while you may add items and change the expression, do not add any other line edits.
nilei, items, and customs can only be exchanged for other nilei, items, and customs.
nilei are not allowed to be traded until you have owned them for at least two weeks.
as of right now, you are only allowed to own up to ten nilei.
the archivist must be contacted before you wish to readopt, trade, or gift your nilei.
a winner must be chosen for a readopt.
if someone is banned, all of their nilei will be readopted.
you are given three strikes before you are banned, unless you break a major rule.
every fifty nilei, there is a nilei with one legendary trait. every hundred nilei, there is a nilei with three legendary traits.

custom rules
anyone is allowed to create your custom once you have your token.
while you can pay someone to create the design, you cannot buy a custom token.
staff members receive one custom token per month that allows one rare trait and any amount of lesser rarity. the custom token will not be given if the staff member has been inactive in that time period.
custom tokens can be traded at any time.
customs must be approved by a staff member.
your custom must follow the rarity guildlines.
customs count towards your total nilei count.
legendary customs cannot be obtained at this time.

item rules
when using an item to edit traits, the edits must be approved by a staff member before it can be uncovered.
when using an item in breeding, it must be included in your form.
items can be traded at any time.
legendary trait items cannot be obtained at this time.

nursery rules
both straight and gay couples are allowed to breed.
any relationship between a kit and an adult or between two related nilei is not allowed.
kits can be grown after four weeks.
kits must be grown before they may breed, even if the four month time period has already taken place.
there is a one week cool down before you and the nilei involved may breed again. this is unless it is a personal breeding for staff members, in which in the cooldown will be two weeks.
nilei can breed a maximum of five times in their life.
breeding slots are not allowed to be bought in order to keep it fair for everyone.

staff rules
any form of competition is allowed. however, please do not have a bunch of fcfs unless things are moving slow.
the rarity and edits should be listed for each adopt you make.
feel free to create custom-lined adopts at any time; as long as they include the necessary information, they are okay.
if you do not think you will be able to judge a competition or create a runner-up in a reasonable amount of time (two to four weeks), contact another staff member so they may do it for you.
please try to stay as unbiased as possible, both when judging competitions and moderating.
contact me if you are going to be inactive for longer than a month.
legendaries require approval on the idea from me and other staff before creation.



synthesize. @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:10 am


creates designs for the species
none atm

nursery artists
breeds two nilei together
none atm

monitors fan club and competitions
none atm

keeps track of who owns what
none atm

application forms
please post these on the thread; do not pm them to me. if you wish to become an artist, go to the artist search.
looking for around three to four moderators
Code: Select all
[b]past experience[/b]:
[b]how many days in a week are you online, on average?[/b]:
[b]what hours are you online?[/b]: (please specify which timezone)
[b]why do you want to be a moderator?[/b]:

looking for one archivist
Code: Select all
[b]past experience[/b]:
[b]why do you want to be an archivist?[/b]:

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by Zailune @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:42 pm [Reply]

A random jumble of things, for you

WIP, will prob make a better cover

Feel free to mark if ya want

redwolf466 @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 6:44 pm


AestheticNature @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:05 am

tis a mark

Yuroshi @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:59 am


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      - gacha - nursery - fanclub - main adopts archive -
      - gashapon archive - shop -
      - archive
      - design suggestion thread -

      welcome to pastel pop adopts!
      pastel pops or 'pops' are cutesy
      little anthros/humanoids that mainly
      use pastel palettes, and have aesthetically
      pleasing designs, color schemes,
      and outfits!

      this species is still being worked out so
      please be patient!

      ✦ this is a CLOSED species
      so you cannot resell or trade offsite/
      use as an original character

      ✦ PM Softea for the discord

      ✦ You may only own up to 10 pops
      as of 03/06/2019
      this will most likely be enlarged in the
      future as the species grows!

      ✦ you may only win one pop every week,
      this does not include gachas

      ✦ you may not change or edit
      the outfit of your Pop without
      permission or an item from the
      shop. The outfit must then after
      be approved by a mod, or softea.
      [small add-ons like bandaids or bracelets
      are fine. but it is not part of the official

      ✦ continuation from rule 3,
      you may have more then one
      outfit with the purchase of an
      item from the shop!

      ✦ you may not resell these for anything
      other than $C, and even then you must
      get permission from me

      ✦ if taken offsite it must follow all cs
      rules no matter what

      ✦ again, you cannot trade/sell for anything
      other then Pastel Pops OR $C
      (exception to this is the FREE adopts)

      ✦ If you get three strikes you’re banned

      ✦ If you’re banned, Pastel Pops reserves
      the rights to revoke/readopt your pops.
      You do not get to keep them. Paid for or
      ✦ staff get a monthly gacha roll
      (or items of their choice/nursery batch)

      ✦ no mini-modding!! if you fix the
      problem our mods can't get paid :^(

      ✦ mini-modding is accepted for late
      forms though/over-excessive good lucks

      ✦ you may only resell your Pastel Pops
      for the same amount of C$ you bought them for

      ✦ if the Pastel Pop was won for free or gifted
      to you, you many not sell them for C$, but
      you are allowed to trade them for other Pastel Pops

      ✦ please have a thread/storage for your
      pastel pop within 2 weeks of
      owning a Pop!
      [otherwise you will be contacted,
      and if
      you do not respond your
      Pop will be readopted]
      [this storage may be off-site,
      but please provide
      a link in your sig or somewhere
      visible to staff
      so we can mark you down that
      you have a storage
      + all your pops updated in there!]

      ✦ Pastel Pops can be any gender, sexuality
      or age; however incest, or any below 18(kit lines)
      pop cannot breed or be in any romantic relationship.

      #916791 - 1 strike



















The forest seems sunny today, when will the rain come?

Softea @ Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:22 am



        ★ star child ★
        main adopts & items

        gacha & nursery
        storage & trade archive


        [wip on the pfp and links]

        link + pfp wip

        saltybirb 2/4[2nd one covered until Friday]
        bug; 1/4

        - zero stars;
        simple design
        ex. #3
        a zero star pop exhibits no special traits or markings,
        basic species and usually no clothes, or very
        basic ones.

        ★ - one star;
        mediocre design
        ex. #1 & #2
        your basic everyday pop, these are more common
        and often showcase basic species like wolves,
        foxes, rabbits or cats. They have clothes,
        but not very special ones. Just your everyday

        ★★ - two stars;
        'pleasing' design
        two star pops show off pretty designs
        and different clothing, the species
        can be anywhere from a turtle to a lion.

        ★★★ - three stars;
        wonderful design
        these designs show off beautiful clothing
        designs and often more complicated markings
        and colors! The clothing is more "show-offy" then
        before, becoming more complex.

        ★★★★ - four stars;
        mythical design
        ex. 001 Capsule
        These designs are often complex and complicated,
        the clothes and species becoming more rare and
        harder to come across. The clothing, markings and design
        have become more surreal and difficult to explain/replicate.

        ★★★★★ - five stars
        variant - EXTREMELY RARE
        who knows what these are???

Softea @ Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:22 am

      Code: Select all

      stamp by me !!
      show your support by putting
      this or any below in your sig !

      all of these stamps below
      were made by ThatPinkThing
      Code: Select all

      Code: Select all

      Code: Select all

      Code: Select all

      Code: Select all

      Code: Select all

      featured art
      by bug;

      by SaltyBirb

Softea @ Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:22 am

      okay kiddos feel free to post ;0

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Permi-Baby Snap Head #1
by Zonbitaigā @ Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:46 pm [Reply]

Name: Magenta (Maggie for short)

Age: u pick

Gender: female

species: Dwarf crocodile

Diet: fish and other sea food

Habitat: anywhere with water

Personality: kind,shy,anxious,patient,gets easily embarrassed

Since this is the first baby Snap Head I’ve made this will be given to the first person who can guess my favorite flavor of gum. Guess it right and you get this baby uwu. Keep in mind this is a permi-baby and will never grow up. (like a pps cs pet)

I’ll post a hint after every guess

Zonbitaigā @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 5:08 am


Leafy. @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:11 am


Zonbitaigā @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 10:27 am

Leafy. wrote:watermelon

Nope that’s actually my least favorite

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Ota - OPEN
by Pesagus @ Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:26 am [Reply]

I wanted to try out my oekaki abilities again so here we are!!

I'm actually really proud of this one so I may be a little picky, but we'll see! I'll accept the following in order of priority:

USD, points, ocs, lioden currency, cs pets, art (picky)

Comment below to offer, I'll leave this open for a while or until I get an offer I can't refuse!!

Pesagus @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:28 am


Pesagus @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:57 am


for reference later

trashbin + racoon dog = trashdog

um yea
I saw these guys
and Im like
I gotta have it

so have a crappy sketch while I set to work

ear variants,, all need mask,, thin or thick fur,, creame/tan coloring,, black/tan coloring,, red/tan coloring
grabby handos

Alavii @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:38 am


      harness = adopted

      trashbin sanctuary
      you'll need to have some sort of "kennel" to adopt more than one

Alavii @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:47 am

round ears [s]
pointed ears [uc]
flop ears [r]
short fur [uc]
thined fur [r]
long fur [s]
short claws [s]
long claws [s]
standard coat color [s]
natural variant coat color [uc]
non natural coat color [r]
docked tail [uc]
standard tail [s]
curled tail [uc]
no tail [r]
round pupil [s]
slit pupil [uc]
cataracts [uc]
standard set [s]
fangless [r]
overbite [uc]
underbite [uc]
enlarged fangs [uc]
5 toes [s]
6 toes [uc]
4 toes [r]
stubby leg mutation [r]
malnourished [uc]
standard weight [s]
overweight [s]
wild [s]
10% human interaction [s]
30% human interaction [s]
50% human interaction [uc]
80% human interaction [uc]
100% human interaction [r]
wild ancestry [s]
captive parent ancestry [s]
unknown ancestry [r]
standard tongue length [s]
long tongue length [uc]
registered pedigree [r]
unregistered pedigree [uc]
lab pedigree [s]

Alavii @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 2:56 am

foundation ticket
- can only be used once
- if you do not complete your level 0 inspection within a month from the time of founder creation, your foundation trashdog will be readopted.
- you cannot apply for another if this happens, you will have to find another way to get a trashdog.

inorder to advance your kennel to the next level you must pass inspection!
- all Trashdogs must be healthy and have a standard weight
- all Trashdogs must be registered in the archive
- all trashdogs must have atleast 10% human interaction
-> gain percentage through writing and art

kennel levels
everyone starts out at zero

i'd like to request inspection:
level in need of inspection:
Kennel link + name:

level 0 inspection requirements:
- must have a foundation trashdog in the works
- must have their kennel registered with the association
- must have a proper built kennel with all sub requirements met

level 1 inspection requirements:
- must have a grounds map in place
- gather a vet, trainer, grounds keeper, groomer, handler, and manager.
- meet all sub requirements
- have all trashdogs at 10% HI

you'll find wild trashdogs out on the reseve!
all you have to do is interact with them to get them to trust you!

whee more things

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NB #2605 based on this drawing by Karmel
by hiraeth + hound @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:53 am [Reply]

        funky colors

        [ghost jade]: top left
        Standard: Shine
        Common: Hair, Longer fur, Tail
        Uncommon: Ears

        [sugar overload]: the other one
        nr: sclera color
        Standard: Shine, claws, teeth
        Common: Hair, Longer fur, Tail
        Uncommon: Ears
        Rare: Horns

        edits used: x2 standard edits (claws, teeth), 1 nr edit (eye color)

junkratss @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 4:56 am

sugar overload?? fonky boy. give him kisses for me

Softea @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:27 am

ghost jade is so good,,,

S-Simplicity @ Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:26 am

what a spectacular batch, hound they are oh so funky!
wonderful batch, congrats to the owners!

Pycales (Vrs 2) Form up!! based on this drawing by norang
by redwolf466 @ Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:06 pm [Reply]



    ▶ sᴘᴇᴄɪᴇs ɪɴғᴏʀᴍᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    Pycales (pie-kaH-leH-s) are a lizard species found around Central and South America. Some children claim that having a pycale allows them to rest at night as the lizards are nocturnal, and "guard" them as they sleep. This has given rise to their nickname, "guardian lizards" or "magical lizards". These lizards are well-known for their docility and colourful patterns, making them a huge hit amongst children and adults alike. There have been reported cases of harmless genetic mutations which have resulted in some very beautiful lizards, with frills and the like!

    Pycales, while they are usually covered in scales, are reptilian, and give lay eggs. Because of their colouring, some researchers suggest that their patterns and colour may serve a role in courtship.

    Because of their calm demeanour, researchers have begun a breeding program as part of their efforts to learn more about these animals in captivity. The general public are allowed to go through a selection process before they are given the opportunity to adopt a pycale.

    ▶ ᴛʀᴀɪᴛs ᴀɴᴅ ᴍᴜᴛᴀᴛɪᴏɴs (well, at least whatever's been discovered so far)

    Full more detailed traits guide can be found here

    standard; natural markings(brindle, calico.etc)
    common; unnatural markings(hearts, stars.etc), tail edits, horns
    uncommon; fur/hair, frills
    rare; no scales(fur covering whole body), missing limbs, extra eyes, goop
    mythic; feathers, no legs(like a small snake), goop limbs, shadow limbs, Melanism, Albinism


redwolf466 @ Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:10 pm


    - Please read and follow all CS rules
    - Signature should NOT be removed
    - Any questions should be posted on this thread and an admin will reply to you as soon as possible.
    - Please do not mini-mod the thread. Although we're sure you mean well, please allow the official moderators of this thread to do their jobs.
    - Pycales are a closed species. It is not permitted for users to create their own pycales without purchasing an MYO

    note; failure to follow the rules will result in a strike. after receiving three strikes, you will be issued a ban and will no longer be allowed to participate in activities within the community.

- none
- none


redwolf466 @ Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:13 pm


Species Owner(s)


Species creator


Guest Artists
- n/a


redwolf466 @ Mon Feb 11, 2019 6:15 pm


    Please read the following if you would like to become an affiliate of Pycales.
    - you must be willing to display the Pycales stamp, (and I will display your species stamp).
    - Must be willing to edit or change the stamp if needed



    Current Affiliates
    None, Pm me if upyou would like to become one.


    Feel free to display these anywhere.

    Code: Select all


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BWSDA v.3 - Poll based on this drawing by canis,
by crim. @ Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:24 pm [Reply]

Please vote in this poll over what you'd like to see BWSDA become!

adoptionbreedingkennel clubarchivebankartist threaditem logfanclubdiscord
Welcome to Baltic Winters Sled Dog Association (BWSDA)! Here you will have the chance to adopt,
train and race a sled team consisting of Baltic Huskies. Please be sure to read our rules below. Enjoy!

About the Breed wrote:Baltic Huskies lines consist of multiple working dogs added for a specific purpose. Siberian Huskies, Alaska Malamutes, and Akita were bred into the breed for build and strength. The Belgian Tervuren was added for intelligence. The Samoyed was bred into the breed to create a more passive temperament. Baltic Huskies were bred purely for the sport of sled racing. They are often know as the "perfect sled dog." Baltic Huskies are heavily built and muscled. They have a double coat, as well as a wide range of colors and markings. Their necks and chests are thick and wide, allowing them to pull a sled. Their legs are well-muscled, as are their shoulders and hind. Baltic Huskies are very loyal and hard working dogs. They also have a high intelligence capability, higher than most other working dogs. They are pack-oriented, so they do best in groups. Baltic Huskies can be a bit stubborn and headstrong, though that also makes them great sled dogs. They are highly protective of their pack and their owner. They are typically easy to train and work with.

crim. @ Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:24 pm

information information, applications will be open at some point

crim. @ Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:27 pm

any information about events

crim. @ Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:28 pm

information about customs and ribbons here
(if customs end up do becoming a thing- just to reserve in case)

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Buttermilk Nursery based on this drawing by sprig
by sprig @ Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:28 am Attachment(s) [Reply]



Main Adopts
Fanclub v.2
Discord Chat
Artist Search

- FORM -

Code: Select all
[b]Artist:[/b] (open artist only)

[b]Heifer:[/b] (Link to adoption page)
[b]Barn:[/b] (Link to heifer's barn post)
[b]Permission:[/b] (Quoted or screenshot permission
from Heifer's owner)
[b]Last time bred:[/b] (screenshot of last accepted
breeding with this heifer, whether you or someone
else bred her.)

[b]Bull:[/b] (Link to adoption page)
[b]Barn:[/b] (Link to bull's barn post)
[b]Permission:[/b] (Quoted or screenshot permission
from bull's owner)

[b]Collar Color:[/b]
[b]Items Used:[/b]


⊳ Breedings can only be accepted if updated and correct
information is shown on the barn page.
⊳ If a cow has a mutation, consult the guide for passing rates.
If it is not listed message me.
⊳ If the breeding(s) you accept is not complete within 60 days,
you will be removed from staff until further notice.
⊳ When a user uses items, please be sure to update the FM archive!
⊳ Always post on the nursery when you are open for a breeding.
⊳ Do not accept more than 3 breedings at a time, until all are complete
you cannot open more slots.
- R U L E S -

⊳ In order to breed your heifer/bull, you must have an
updated barn page for them.
⊳ Bull x Heifer breedings are standard, and same sex
breeding can only be done with the help of an item.
⊳ Heifer's have 4 breeding slots.
⊳ Heifer's have a 2 week cool-down period before they
can be bred again.
⊳ The owner of the heifer keeps the calf, unless otherwise
⊳ You must wait 2 weeks after it's born before breeding
your calf.
⊳ Bulls have no limitations on slots.
⊳ Do not harass/spam/annoy/bully bull owners for breeding
⊳ Bull and Heifer breeding slots can only be obtained via
gifting or trades.
⊳ You may not sell slots for real money, or CS currencies.
⊳ If after 60 days from the time an artist accepted your
breeding it is incomplete, the breeding is voided.
⊳ Do not ask for a calf unless it is being offered.
⊳ If you are searching for slots, post an advertisement on the
Discord or the Fanclub.
⊳ Twins are only obtainable through a special item that can
be gotten through events.
⊳ There is an legendary chance that your calf will be born
with PCS (permanent calf syndrome), causing it not to grow
or be breed-able.
⊳ You may not change the design of your calf
⊳ Please be polite and kind to others
⊳ Buttermilk calves are always female, unless a special item
is used. (Item only obtainable through events)
⊳ Only post a form when an artist is open, otherwise you will
be ignored.
⊳ Post your form on this thread, do not PM to artists!
*New!* ⊳ If you have a slot permission from V.1 and
the owner is no longer active, that slot is still valid.
Screenshot proof is required, with the date and owner's
username visible.
*New!* ⊳ Once you post a form for a slot you cannot
delete it to switch artists if a new artist posts. You can repost
if your form is not chosen by the original artist.

sprig @ Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:34 am

this is not yet completed and official

If you are a non-owner wanting to get your first Buttermilk through a breeding, this is the right place!
Listed below are a selection of slots given by your fellow cowmunity members, just for you. These slots are limited, so they are only available for those who do not own any Buttermilks. These breedings will be made by any artist who has the time.

If you want to donate some slots, please message me with a link to the cow's adoption page and correct permissions!

Code: Select all
slots, stipulations

King - 5 slots available

Rusty - 3 slots

Pluto - 3 slots
Dolly - 1 slot available

Olivia - 2 slots

Cookie - 2 slots

Iridize @ Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:37 am

mork ;w;

Kassypen @ Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:38 am

Mark ^-^

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🍂 main adopts - nursery - artist search - customs - fanclub - discord 🍂
🍂 about the species - info on traits - archive 🍂

Code: Select all

      still working on rewriting the Infos buuut hopin this works out nicely
      the discord is lit, come chat n hang out! <3




    • you may own 12 komo adopts as of right now

    • myo's do count into the limit, staff customs do not

    • follow competition rules, don't post after deadlines, don't be rude to other entrants, etc - have common decency

    • no mini modding, let the mods do their work or theyre not getting paid

    • follow all cs rules, ofc

    • komos are a closed species; you may not make your own unless you have permission to do so

    • komos on the kid lines may not have romantic relations with komos on the adult lines

    • growths, transfers and myos may be made by any user, however they must be approved by a staff member before posting

    • komos reward generous and kind behaviour; it is not rare to see admins gift items or myos to users that leave have a positive influence on the community - if you wish to nominate someone to receive a reward, please pm an admin with the user and the reason for nominating them! <3

    • you have the chance to give your komohaerts edits without needing an edit item! if you miss events easily but are willing to put in a bit of effort to get the edit you want nonetheless, then this is the thing for you! check it out here

pIanted @ Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:35 am

      feel free to mark!

junkratss @ Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:40 am

marking what squishy little babes i’m <3

theatrekid @ Sat Mar 03, 2018 2:42 am

mark!! what a beautiful species! ♡

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--Kiragon Dragon Adopts--
by mint_fox @ Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:22 pm [Reply]


I am always looking for artists! Check out the artist search if you are interested!

-What are Kiragons?-
Kiragons are a species of dragon that live on Kiragon Island! They are Omnivores. They come in 15 different breeds!(Normal, Grass, Floral, Air, Water, Rock, Electric, Desert, Tropical, Fire, Ice, Poison, Crystal, Galaxy, and Magic) all varying in rarity. They also have different horn types and can be hornless! A Kiragons breed is based on where they are born on Kiragon Island. You can learn more about each breed in the post below!

-Community Rules-
-There is no limit to how many you can adopt, but you can only get 1 per day!
-You are allowed to take these off site. Please credit me for the species and the artist for the design.
-You can not sell or trade these designs! Trading a Kiragon for another Kiragon is ok.
-Only myself and artists are allowed to create Kiragons.

-Artist Rules-
-Do not make a cover!Post your adoptables on this thread plz!
-You are allowed to make yourself 3 Kiragons. Any more must be adopted by another artist.
-There is no limit to how many you can make per day!
-All adopts must be adopted using a form. I will leave it up to you to decide what to put in it and if you want to do a first come first serve or decide from a number of offers. No payments!
-You may accept payment for customs!Do Customs on custom thread.
-Line edits are allowed! I especially encourage it for Normals, Florals, and Tropicals. Normals just have normal hair, so style it however you like! Floral can have any kind of flowers, and Tropicals can have any kind of fruit. You can edit any breed, just be sure they stay true to the breed they represent!
-Mix breeds are allowed
-Accessories are allowed
-Please keep in mind the rarities of each breed! You can make as many very commons and commons as you like! Uncommons can be done every so often. Only one rare a week and each artist is allowed to make only 3 Magic types!
-Please pm me if you have any questions!


mint_fox @ Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:23 pm




Has no special abilities, but does tend to be physically stronger than most of the other breeds. They can be found in almost any environment. They like to stay in big groups and are generally friendly. They are also the most common breed to be found.


They are most commonly found in the forest or by streams. They use their leaves as camouflage from predators. They will spend some time out in the open plains to absorb sun light. Grass types are considered the protectors of the forest and tend to be territorial. They travel in clans, so some grass types won't get along with others. They get along well with floral and water types since they have similar needs and help each other out.

Florals are found in the open plains and sometimes in the forest. They have bright vibrant colors that attract insects to help pollinate their flowers. They have a very strong smell that can be smelt from a mile away. They like to fly around and shake off pollen onto the gardens below. They are very friendly and like to stay in large groups.


They spend most of their time in the clouds, but usually perch in a tree to sleep. They are usually out flying on clear sunny days, so they are easy to spot. They have a lighter bone density than the other breeds, allowing them to fly faster. Because their wings are so strong, they use them to blow away clouds. They are very friendly and get along with just about every breed.


Water types can breath in both air and water. They can live in both the ocean and in lakes, depending on weather they are saltwater or freshwater types. They prefer to spend most of their time underwater to keep their skin moist and to munch on kelp and small fish. The only time they really use there wings is when they migrate from one body of water to another. Like fish, they travel in schools.


Rock types can be found in caves and at the bases of mountains. They can have a temper, so they usually travel alone. They use their heavy tails to smash and break up large boulders to make clearing in caves and mountains. They are the heaviest breed and are rarely seen flying. When they do fly, they don't reach very high off the ground. The only breed they can really tolerate are the crystal types, since they tend to keep to themselves.


They are usually found in the forest. You can tell how lethal it's poison is by how bright the colors are. If they have dull colors, their poison may leave a mild rash. But if they have very bright colors, they can leave you paralized for hours. Their skin is a lot more slick than the other breeds. Other breeds usually steer clear of them. If they accidentally poison some one they didn't want to poison, they can use their healing saliva and lick it clean.


Fire types like to live in rocky environments like volcanoes or mountains to avoid catching stuff on fire. They can breath fire and can withstand high temperatures. They like to munch on coal to keep their fire lit. They tend to be more aggressive than the other breeds, so they don't stay in groups. Because they live in such harsh environments, they are less common to come across.


They live in the storm clouds, so they can only be seen when a storm is rolling in. They are very energetic and enjoy zapping each other for fun! They get along very well with the Air types and are often seen playing together. Electrics can shoot bolts of electricity from a mild zap to a painful shock, so don't piss them off!


Ice types can be found high up in the mountains or in snowy fields. Because they are so secluded, they tend to be timid around others. They stay in groups of 2-3 to hunt better since food is scarce in their environment. They can shoot ice crystals from their tales for defense. They can withstand temperatures below 0 degrees. When they fly, it creates a blizzard like effect.


Desert types are found in very dry environments. They can go for days without water by storing it in the cactus in their necks. Their thorns are used for defense and they usually have very earthy tones to help blend in with the environment. Their skin is dry and kinda scaley. They fly up high to keep cool and sleep on warm rocks at night.


Tropical types can be found on islands or by the beach. Although the species are omnivores, tropicals diets mostly consist of a variety of fruits. They are pretty chill and will get along with just about any type. They like to spend their time napping in the trees or eating some juicy fruit under the shade of a palm tree. They like to fly over the ocean looking for islands that might have new fruit to bring back and plant. They like to stay moist to keep their leaves fresh.


They are only found deep in the caves in the mountains. They are greedy little thieves that like to keep their stashes of gems and goodies hidden. They are very mysterious and only come out when there is nobody else around. At night, some of their crystal can glow! They are known to have a little sass.


They are only seen at night and tend to blend with the sky. There have been sightings of them in the mountains, so that might be where they sleep during the day. They can turn slightly transparent to blend with the sky better. Of all the breeds, they can fly the highest. They can exit the atmosphere and have the ability to hold their breaths for long periods of time.


Very very rarely seen. Nobody knows where they can be found. They can use the magic in their horn to levitate things and help plants grow. They travel by themselves and are very careful not to be seen. They have been known to be friends with the galaxy types. They are very gentle and very graceful. They can also use their magic to turn invisible, only making it harder to spot them!

mint_fox @ Fri Feb 08, 2019 6:23 pm

mint_fox @ Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:51 pm

we are now open and looking for artists!! Adoptables will be available soon <3

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Snow Cats
main threadnurseryfanclubarchiveartist search
Many thanks to Sixbane for the revamped lines!


Snow Cat Adoptable Rescue (hereafter called SCAR) is a character development centered species. The goal of these little guys is to work on character development, though worldbuilding is encouraged as well!

What is a Snow Cat? Well I'm glad you asked. A Snow Cat is a cat-like creature with a long tail and thick fur. They live in the snow, as their name suggests, carving out dens in the ice and often living in large social groups known as packs. The markings on a Snow Cat's forehead tells you their family clan. Each Snow Cat you adopt will have a unique marking, unless it is a cub you have bred, in which case the marking with be the same as its mothers.

Snow cats are a closed species at this time.


★ owner + creator - savannah-the-caracal ★
★ archivists - none, closed ★
★ artists - that1idiot ★
★ guest artists - thesongofthestars and inky. (term ends august 4th) ★


★ no changing of snow cat designs ★
★ no creating your own personal snow cats without permission ★
★ be respectful! ★
★ you may only have one pack of snow cats at a time if you are below golden skies level. if you are golden skies, you may have two packs only. ★
★ your pack can only have snow cats you have adopted or been gifted ★
★ you are entitled to a total of one free snow cat, whether this be used for a founder, or a member later down the road. you may only have one free custom without winning an event ★
★ you have three weeks to claim your commander by posting their name on the commander's thread, and completing the bare-ground tasks. you will be alerted once, one week prior, as a reminder. if you still fail to complete the bareground tasks, your commander will be put up for public readoption and you will not be able to reclaim them. ★


Savannah-the-Caracal @ Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:40 am

(no lineart needs to be altered)
Normal Tail
Minimal Scarring

(minimal lineart needs to be altered)
Small Horns
Open Mouth
Sectoral Heterochromia
Large/More detailed scars
Overgrown Claws
Tufted Ears
Short Tail

( large amounts of linart need to be altered )
No Tail
Missing a Limb
Ram's Horns
Different Expression

( can only be found in special releases )
Alt Tail


getting started
step one
( obtain a commander )
In order to get started with SCAR, you're going to need a Commander Snow Cat. Commanders are shown by a special marking that appears somewhere on their body after they have been ranked up, and vanishes if they are ever ranked down. Though you may set up the hierarchy of your pack however you like, you must have a Commander as the Snow Cat in charge.

In order to get your Commander, you may do one of two things. You may redeem your free Snow Cat using the form just below, or you may adopt one through our normal means and rank them up into Commander position. To do this, you must not have a Commander form posted.
Code: Select all
[center][size=150][color=#40BF80]★ Free Ticket! ★[/color][/size]
★ Username
★ Pack Name (not required if you haven't decided yet)
★ Snow Cat's Gender
★ Snow Cat's Appearance
★ Traits: (any combination of common or uncommon)[/center]

step two
( create a home for your pack )
In order to keep track of which Snow Cats you own, SCAR asks that you create a home for your pack to live in. Whether this is here on ChickenSmoothie, or on a CS-Approved site. Once you have your Commander, you will be given three weeks to create a home and level up. If at the end of two weeks you have not, a moderator will message you, giving you a reminder. You will then have one more week to finish the bare-ground tasks. If you still fail to do so, your commander will go up for public adoption and you will have to adopt a new commander if you wish to continue with SCAR.

step three
( leveling up )
Everyone starts off as a Bare-Ground. A Bare-Ground is entitled to have a single Snow Cat, their Commander.
In order to level up and be able to have more Snow Cats, you'll need to preform some tasks, simple things like creating personalities, or histories for your Snow Cats, in order to develop them.

When you complete all tasks needed to level up, please post on the fanclub so that our archivists can mark you off. You don't need anyone to confirm you've marked up, but we will be checking every so often, and if we think you skimped on a task, we'll let you know, and your leveling up will be put on pause until it's fixed.


Savannah-the-Caracal @ Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:40 am

( level one )
You may have one total Snow-Cat (1 Commander)
★ Obtain your Commander
★ Create a Home for your Pack
★ Describe the nature of your pack

( level two )
You may have three Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 2 Non-High Ranks)
★ Successfully adopt OR order a new Snow-Cat
★ Give your Commander a Personality OR History
★ Write a quick story about how your Pack was founded

( level three )
You may have five Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second in Command, 3 Non-High Ranks)
★ Describe the relationship between the Commander and their Second in Command
★ Complete your first breeding
★ Draw a scene of your Snow Cats interacting (two of them or all)

( level four )
You may have ten Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second, 1 Healer, 7 Non-High Ranks)
★ Collaborate with another Light-Snow member to create some sort of scene (art or writing) of your packs interacting
★ Create a Personality OR History for three of your Snow Cats

( level five )
You may have fifteen Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second, 2 Healers, 11 Non-High Ranks)
★ Create a Personality or History for three of your Snow Cats
★ Create a History or Personality (whichever you didn't in first-frost) for your Commander
★ Draw or order from a non-SCAR artist, fanart of any 1 of your Snow Cats

(level six)
You may have twenty Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second, 2 Healers, 16 Non-High Ranks)
★ Collaborate with another blizzard, heavy-snow, or light-snow member in a way of your choice (story, art, breeding, etc)
★ Create a personality OR history for two of your Snow Cats
★ Write or draw a scene of your own Snow Cats (this CAN be combined with the collaboration above)

sleet storm
(level seven)
You may have twenty-five Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second, 2 Healers, 21 Non-High Ranks)
★ Complete at least two breedings (previous breedings do not count)
★ Write about the first time your pack met a pack that lives on the border (can be an npc pack)

freezing rain
(level eight)
You may have thirty Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second, 2 Healers, 26 Non-High Ranks)
★ Describe how your pack reacts to a natural disaster
★ Make sure at least 15 of your Snow Cats have a Personality AND History

hail storm
(level nine)
You may have thirty-five Snow Cats total (1 Commander, 1 Second, 2 Healers, 31 Non-High Ranks)
★ Describe a ceremony or tradition of your pack
★ Write or Draw a scene of said ceremony/tradition taking place

golden sky
(level 10+)
You may have 5+ Snow Cats for every time you level up (level 10: 40, level 11 45, and so on) (1 Commander, 1 Second, 3 Healers, Infinite Non-High Ranks)
★ LEVEL 10 ONLY: You've come this far, and now it's time to say goodbye. Write the death of one of your Snow Cats. This Snow-Cat will gain a glow on their reference to depict death. Deceased cats can no longer be used for prompts, so choose wisely. You can of course 'kill' one of your SCs before this, and you can also do it after. Simply message the artist of the SC informing them that the SC has died. Be warned, you cannot bring a dead SC back to life! Once they die it is permanent, so choose wisely.

★ EVEN LEVELS ONLY: (10, 12, 14, etc) Collaborate with another user of any level in any form of your choosing. This may be used to bypass the Light-Snow task if your partner is Light-Snow level.
★ ODD LEVELS ONLY: (11, 13, 15, etc) Write or Draw a scene of your own SCs.
★ ALL LEVELS: Use your imagination to add something to your pack, whether it be the history of your pack, the personality of a character, or a little one-shot (or even a multi-chapter story). Just add...something

★ At any time: Now that you've made it to Golden Sky, congratulations! It's been a long journey. Now that you've made it this far, and proven yourself an active member of SCs, you can create a second pack. The Commander must be custom ordered, and you cannot have your original pack members move to the new pack without a good reason, that must be verified by myself first. This pack will also level up separately of Golden Skies.

The requirement to make a second pack, is that you first have to make something for the community, for any SC user to use. Whether this be a banner, a stamp, or lines for the Oekaki.


Savannah-the-Caracal @ Fri Mar 01, 2019 11:40 am

Like was briefly covered above, you can have custom Snow Cats in your pack. In order to obtain these, you may redeem your free Snow Cat if you have not done so for your Commander. You may also order them from our artists, each of whom have different prices that will be listed below.

Code: Select all
    [center][size=150][color=#40BF80]★ Custom Ticket! ★[/color][/size]
    ★ Username
    ★ Pack Name
    ★ Snow Cat's Gender
    ★ Snow Cat's Appearance
    ★ Traits: (any combination of standard, uncommon, or rare)
    ★ Preferred Artist[/center]

★ Savannah-the-Caracal - OPEN for customs and breedings
Simple Designs: 10 C$ or 2 Wishlist Rares
Medium Designs: 15 C$ or 3 Wishlist Rares
Simple/Medium Designs with Rare Traits: 20 CS$ or 3 Wishlist Rares
Complex Designs: 25 C$ or 4 Wishlist Rares

★That1Idiot - OPEN for customs and breedings
Simple Designs: 10 C$ or 50 DA Points
Medium Designs: 15 C$ or 75 DA Points
Complex Designs: 20 C$ or 100 DA Points


In order to keep from exploiting, you must wait a minimum of three weeks before trading or selling your Snow Cats.
If you wish to trade or sell, you and your partner must confirm the transaction on the Snow Cat's page.

It is up to you how much to sell your SCAR adoptables for, but once a trade has been confirmed and completed, it may not be undone without both parties approval.


In order to keep from exploiting, you must own a Snow Cat for two months before you gift it, and you must wait three months in between gifts. The exception is if you are disbanding your current pack, in which case you may gift all of your existing Snow Cats to people (they must confirm accepting before the gift is complete) and fully restart, but you must wait six months in between disbanding and rebanding your packs.

If you are recipent of a gift, you will be alerted via PM that the prior owner wishes to Gift their Snow Cat to you. In order to accept, you must post on the Snow Cat's original page confirming that you have accepted the gift. If you do not do so within wo weeks, the gift will be considered void and the owner will be able to offer it to a different person, or in trade. This is the only way to cancel a gift, so be absolutely sure you want to get rid of your cat before you do so.


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Lore foxes - Open
by Sixbane @ Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:27 pm [Reply]

Main Thread I Artist Comp I Nursery I Customs thread I Archive I Species discord

Marking is fine.

-Species information
-Currently Open contests
-Trait guide/rarities
-Species rules

AKA I have zero self control and I really like making species; and like to share them with others

Species information/notes
Lore Foxes are assistants used by magic-users in libraries and act as wonderful historians and messengers, gathering up and hoarding scrolls. They survive on knowledge itself, and thus are constantly searching to learn more and more to keep healthy and content.

All lore foxes carry a source of knowledge with them, as it is necessary for their summoning and often they place their favorite stories on these blank books/pages. These can be anything that can provide a story (within reason); including books, scrolls, etched/carved tablets, papers, carved jewelry, origami with writing on it, ect. for a more modern take, things like laptops-ipods, cell phones, ebooks,ect are also allowed.

Their source of knowledge is essentially their heart, their tether to life. It can sustain some damage, and is significantly more durable/strong than a regular scroll/book/ect; but if it is destroyed they too will vanish from the world. Lore foxes are summoned through these knowledge sources, and they are strongly tied to who they are. When provided, these objects are blank paper that the fox will fill up with elements making up their personality and what is important to them. Some, with more than others. All sources must be large enough for at least a paragraph to fit. The fox cannot go further than a few feet from these documents, or they will begin to suffer great pain.

First generation foxes may have their own families, by tearing off small parts of their own summonings and combining their stories with another lore fox; creating kits; Second generation foxes become blends of their parent's stories and lifestyles.

Technically speaking, the lore fox is the book/scroll/ect itself; only using the mammalian-creature as a vessel/way of moving and interacting with the world. If the 'fox' piece is destroyed or hurt, it will recover or be reborn magically so long as its 'heart' is intact.

Currently Open Contests


When they want to, Artists may open up slots for customs, either for payment (excluding USD) OR open slots for starter semi-customs for new additions to the species!

These are meant to be rare/will not be open all the time. Your main method of obtaining lore foxes are adopts or nursery.

Customs thread


Standard/non considered edits:
-Any of the six standard tails
-sclera/ect color
-magic use (NON VISIBLE), you are welcome to give them any powers to suit your character development
-scars/missing limbs/deafness/blindness/ect
-accessories (as long as there is a ref without them)

Common edits:
-Fur edits (Any length)
-Hair on the head (Any length)
-different pupil shapes
-Different braid attachments ("earring" shapes/style)
-Teeth edits
-claw edits

Uncommon edits:
-Different tail shapes (must have scrolls,books, or other 'knowledge' sources woven/attached in them somehow) Does include multiple tails (up to 7 max)
-different tongue shapes
-Glowing eyes (only eyes)
-Different braid lengths/style
-Ear edits

Rare edits:
-Knowledge source somewhere else on the body than the tail (as a note, they can have this normally- but on the tail is required, rare means there is none on the tail at all and it is only somewhere else on the body)
-Horns on the head
-Extra eyes (up to 5)
-Minor plant growth
-Minor feather growth
-SMALL fins/fin growth
-Small scale growths
-Minor gemstone growth
-Halos (up to 2)

-Gene splicing
-Major plant growth
-Mjnor feather growth
-Large fins/fin growth
-Large scale growths
-Major gemstone growth
-Visible magical traits
-Multiple heads

-No knowledge source anywhere on the design
-No 'earrings' - will always have one of some shape or another.

*if not listed here, please ask. ill add it

Basic species rules
-they are free- you may not sell them. Gifting and readopting is allowed. Trading for other lore foxes is allowed.
-They are closed-dont make them without permission.
-you can have as many as you want
-You may not co-own them.
-no stealing/claiming to own ones that you dont.
-No drama, being rude, or hateful to community or staff
-Dont whine if you dont win- theres always next time.
-Dont change an adopted design without permission (accessories dont need permission to be added)
-You are welcome to use them in any AU you please. They are not required to stay in the canon universe. Any gender/sexuality/ect is perfectly fine.
-breeding only permitted through the official nursery, don't breed your own
-may be removed from species with my permission + permission of the artist if its not me
-They are meant to be sort of generic shaped for easy drawing(Fennec fox+library/fantasy theme) ; I wont ever accuse you of stealing for having a similar character and I ask the same respect; just don't claim its one of these if they aren't. The lore + community is what matters.
-I will never revoke a design if you are banned from the species; unless the designs are stolen/scammed in the first place and under extreme circumstances. If you are banned, you will be asked to make new references/take your characters off species and do not use their lore fox artwork.

Staff rules/terms
-Guest artists may make 3 designs, and will be awarded a common custom once they are completed.
-After completion, they will be considered for full time artist.

-Full staff receive a 2-rare trait custom at the end of each month they are active
-To count as active, staff must complete at least two free things for the community during the month (Adopts, starter customs, or nursery batches)
-Staff are permitted to open customs for payment, acceptable payments are DA points, art, characters, C$, Cs pets. USD may NOT be accepted for these customs. Other payment types, ask me. These customs do NOT count towards their staff activity, UNLESS you do free non starter customs.
- Artists may only open 5 paid customs a month. These must be completed before they can accept more slots.




Guest Artists:
LostInTheEcho - 3/3 designs

Code: Select all

stars,, @ Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:32 pm

mark ❤

Marcy @ Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:35 pm


Zailune @ Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:37 pm

Mark ;v;

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ADOPTABLES!!! based on this drawing by Tealea
by xBunx @ Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:50 pm [Reply]

Hello! Thanks for clicking on the topic~

If you would like to adopt a pup, please read the rules

- Must credit both me and the base artist
- Do not remove the sig
- Do not take any as your own if you did not buy it
- To adopt, fill out the form before

For a pup that has already been made, it will be 5 C$ (am willing to negotiate other prices)

- If you want a custom, fill out the second form (base price is 5c$, will change depending on difficulty)


Code: Select all
I would like to adopt one!
Adopt number:

Code: Select all
I would like a custom
Colours: (can be multiple, but tell me what colour you want on what (etc. purple eyes, pink tail)
Details: (such as if you want them to have bent legs, closed eyes etc. Please note there are somethings I cannot do, and if so I will contact you about it)
Shading: (yes or no?)


xBunx @ Thu Mar 07, 2019 11:56 pm

3. Bewitching Beatrix
4. Drewbie
5. SilvertoGold

xBunx @ Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:06 am


xBunx @ Fri Mar 08, 2019 12:17 am


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