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Art credit:
username by me

Long ago, in the dinosaur era, there were beautiful fluffy creatures that we now call ‘Nims’. They looked like a cross of dog and goat. These creatures used their magnificent horns to protect themselves, and though no one knows how they got them, they have beautiful magical chains on their horns. Many say that it is a accessory of luck, others believe its to defy their tribe. No one really knows how they got them, but Nims are slowly going extinct because people hunt them for the chain. People started to adopt them to keep the species alive, and you are possibly one of them, helping to keep this wondrous species flowing.

CorgiTheFluff @ Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:44 pm


-For everyone-

•Please ask for permission from me to sell a Nim (offsite or on site.)
•If you’re using them offsite, please link them back here!
•Please don’t be rude! We don’t like Debby Downers.
•All of Tess’s rules! :)
•No profanity will be tolerated.

-For Artists-

•I will only allow slight gore, if I see you going over the top (loads of organs showing) I will do a short ban on you. (A ban for 2 days-2 weeks, depending on how bad it is.
•Please don’t be rude when deciding who wins! I don’t need,” oh, you don’t win because your back story sucks”! If you’re gonna explain why, try something nice like,” Sorry! I just didn’t think your backstory/name fit too well, though it was good!”
•If you sell a Nim for pets/items/C$, at least 1/4 of the profit should come to me.(sorry!)
•If you sell a Nim for our currency (beads), then all the profit will go to you!
•Please do not violate any of Tess’s rules or my rules.
•Also, please do not become an artist and not make any Nims. You must make 1 Nim per month (at least, there may be more if you’d like.) or you will have a short ban.
•Please, DO NOT put anything inappropriate on it! Even if it’s hidden, CS is child friendly, and we don’t want to be dirty!



Archive (by Wolfpups99)

CorgiTheFluff @ Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:45 pm


Normal Tail
Normal Horns
Normal legs
Normal fur
Normal chain

Small leg edits

Leg edits
Fur edits
Edited on wings

Tail edits
Horn edits

Chain edits
Goopy fur
Extra limbs

Extra eyes

Note to artists: You will have to draw on the stuff, sorry. :)

Also, for artists:
Code: Select all
Long ago, in the dinosaur era, there were beautiful fluffy creatures that we now call ‘Nims’. They looked like a cross of dog and goat. These creatures used their magnificent horns to protect themselves, and though no one knows how they got them, they have beautiful magical chains on their horns. Many say that it is a accessory of luck, others believe its to defy their tribe. No one really knows how they got them, but Nims are slowly going extinct because people hunt them for the chain. People started to adopt them to keep the species alive, and you are possibly one of them, helping to keep this wondrous species flowing.

CorgiTheFluff @ Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:46 pm





Guest artists


Artists slots open:
1. Closed
2. Closed
3. Open
4. Open
No limits on Guest artists. :)
Application for Artist:
Code: Select all
[color=#800040]I want to be an artist![/color]
Preferred color for staff list: (what color you want your name to be on the list)
Art expirience:(link please)
Guest or permanent artist?:


Application for Mod:
Code: Select all
[color=#800040]I want to be a mod![/color]
Preffered color for staff list:(what color you want your name to be on the list, hex please)
Interested in being Head Mod in the future?:
Will you be rude?:

Correct way to apply:
I want to be an artist!
Username: Correct
Preferred color for staff list: #4040BF
Art expirience: here
Guest or permanent artist?: Guest

NOTE: it doesn’t have to be exactly like this, just somewhat similar

Wrong way to apply:
I want to be an artist!
Username: Look up. It’s there
Preferred color for staff list: any blue idc
Art expirience: Go through my gallery. If not, go on my FrameCast. @🌿Fern🌿
Guest or permanent artist?: Whichever, idc

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Puppos based on this drawing by Tealea
by TheKwakiutlTribe @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:23 pm [Reply]

Incomplete, just started working on basic lines

*Signature is off temporarily to colour the legs, they still belong to the original owner*

Kiuii Adopts - Main page
by jennfreckles @ Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:20 am [Reply]


DiscordXCustomsXNurseryXGrowthsXArchiveXShopsXArtist SearchXFanclubXClaim your prizes here!


Kiuii [Key-oo-ee]
Kiuii are mammals that can grow up to 4 feet tall and 6 feet long, they eat mostly fruits but are also known to eat vegetables and other plant life if food is scarce. Kiuii, much like the Eye eye monkey are known for their large eyes in comparison to the rest of their bodies, but in addition to that their feet are also quite large. Good luck finding one of these little guys to take home with you, they can be hard to find in the dense forests they love to sleep in. Kiuii have a naturally tooth-like upper lip made of a thick membranous material, this helps them to hold on to very large fruits when picking and carrying.

jennfreckles @ Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:21 am

~Closed species, it is not permitted for a non-staff user to create their own.
~Do not post forms after the deadline, do not post forms for breeding without a breeding slot open, continually bump [more than once a week] an un-judged adopt, or attempt to blackmail/persuade the artist for you to obtain any adoptable.
~Trading requires proof of both owners accepting the trade.
~You may NOT recreate Kiuii into another species/character.
~Be kind and courteous to every member, do not whine or beg for anything within the community.
~No spam/advertisements/arguments please.
~All questions posted here to be answered by staff only and if there is a question/problem contact a member of staff directly. [preferably a mod]
~Do NOT edit lines, if you want changes made contact an artist.
~Anyone [staff or not] can put a Kiuii up for readoption/auction as long as the Kiuii is owned by the seller.


~You may own unlimited Kiuii.
~Staff have 3 free customs every month.
~Kiuii are able to breed 5 days after ownership is obtained.
~You may breed any Kiuii with each other regardless of gender
~Kiuii can breed unlimited amount of times with unlimited amounts of partners.
~Roleplays and such are fine to proceed without permission.
~May be your fursona/character/OC.
~You may ask openly on the main page for breeding requests/trades.
~Kiuii do not have traits or rarities, in breeding, artists will make edits/patterns based on the parents.

Also feel free to join our discord! we have music and pokemon bots so come have fun!

jennfreckles @ Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:21 am

Owner: jennfreckles
myth is trash.
~~Currently looking for more archivists!~~
Tomato Jam
Lilly Howlter
Comeback Kid
Ana the Derp
Erwin Smith

jennfreckles @ Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:21 am


Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

Gift lines by AnimalAtHeart:
Gift lines by ♡nebula♡:
Gift lines by Kenobi.:

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☆ Hounds of Kientra based on this drawing by Indominus~
by juice box. @ Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:28 am [Reply]



lines by Indominus~

|| Artist Search ||
|| Fanclub -- Discord -- Archive ||


    Welcome to Kientra, traveler! Here, you will find a species of reptilian canids known simply as Kiens.
    Kiens are a humble species that populate their world alone, excluding a few species of cervidae, birds, and rodents.
    Their diets usually consist of any sort of meat they can get their claws on and the occasional fruit that the trees bare for them.

    They live in packs that range in size with groups marked by ranks. They usually fill their ranks by birth rights or by strength.
    Kiens usually communicate with each other in a series of chirps, clicks, and growls. Their tails can be used to show emotions.



      Be respectful and kind at all times. Bullying will not be tolerated here.
      Even in the community Discord, you must follow CS and Kien rules.
      There is currently no limit on how many Kiens you may own.
      You may gift Kiens or trade Kiens for other Kiens. However, they cannot be sold.
      Upon gifting or trading a Kien, make sure to message the proper archivist and artist!
      Make sure to check out all adopts to see if they're still open or not before entering!
      As of 9-9-2018, if you are ever banned from Hounds of Kientra, your Kiens will be rehomed.
      Please listen to any and all warnings given to you be me or another Kien staff member.
      Do not pester or prod staff about adopts. They will be put out in time.
      Do not pester or harass an artist about judging an adopt.
      Do not complain or try to guilt trip if you lose an adopt.
      Please do not alter your Kien's design in any way.
      You may make any AU for your Kiens <3


      You must follow all general rules as well.
      All adopts MUST be made on Oekaki.
      There is a maximum of one runner up to an adopt.
      You may make up to one custom per month as long as it has been approved by me.
      If you are not active without notice, I have full right to remove you from your position.
      While it is not required, I'd like for you to join the community Discord so you can be up to date at all times.
      Do not copy designs, be it other artist's entries or other artist's designs in general, from anywhere.
      Rare and above edits must be approved by me. Anything below that can be done at your leisure.
      Do not restrict a Kien. A user can make their Kien any sexuality, gender, have disabilities, etc.



      Hounds of Kientra is a very, very relaxed arpg, sort of.
      There is only one requirement to get started and it's to adopt your first alpha!
      And those, well, you can get by filling out a form below! Once you get your
      first alpha Kien, you're all set to go! Have fun and enjoy the adopts.

      There will be plenty of opportunities to develop your Kiens with the community.
      You as well can make any AU you want with your pack but you may only have ONE pack.

      Please note that your first alpha will NOT have edits.
      Also, please do not link us to preexisting OCs/characters for the appearances.

        First alpha form --

        Code: Select all
        [b]First Alpha[/b]

        [b]Appearance:[/b] Optional
        [b]Artist:[/b] Optional[/list]

      You must have your first alpha to begin adopting more Kiens. However! You may also
      adopt through a regular competition to get your first alpha. The custom is not required.

      You must also keep a thread for your pack. Be it on CS or somewhere else.



      Once you are permanently banned from Kiens, you may not participate in any way within the community.
      Any Kiens you own WILL be revoked and rehomed, as stated in the general rules.

      The length of a temporary ban depends on what you have done, it varies case by case.
      You may not participate in the community during that given time period.


juice box. @ Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:30 am













      Message one of these forms to me, juice box., and if your form is appealing, you may become a part of Kien staff!
      Make sure to title the PM with what position you are trying for!

      Moderator --
      Code: Select all

      [b]How many hours do you spend on CS?:[/b]
      [b]Why do you want to be apart of Kien staff?:[/b]

      [b]Have you been a moderator anywhere before?:[/b]
      [b]What will you provide for Hounds of Kientra?:[/b]
      [b]Why are you a good choice to be on the team?:[/b]

      [b]Say someone is bullying another member, what do you do?:[/b]
      [b]Say someone insulted an artist or another member, what do you do?:[/b]

      Archivist --
      Code: Select all

      [b]How many hours do you spend on CS?:[/b]
      [b]Why do you want to be apart of Kien staff?:[/b]

      [b]Have you been an archivist anywhere before?:[/b]
      [b]What will you provide for Hounds of Kientra?:[/b]
      [b]Are you willing to make sure any archive is 100% up to date?:[/b]


juice box. @ Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:31 am


Image -- (keen tra)
A decent sized planet similar to that of our very own Earth.
It is around the same distance from its sun as Earth is from its own
sun. It is what they would refer to as a "Goldilocks" planet, a planet
made with perfect conditions to housing life on it's surfaces. Kientra's
climate varies over the planet. It is typically found to be a tropical
climate with higher temperatures. Though, there may be a spot or
two on Kientra where it is below the usual climate: an arctic
climate. The waters are typically warm and calm. Storms are very
common, especially worse ones. Hurricanes usually are far more
common here than a tornado would be. Kiens overpopulate home.

juice box. @ Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:32 am

    Kiens are quite the interesting creatures.

    Kiens usually communicate with each other in a series of chirps, clicks, and growls. Their tails can be used to show emotions.
    They live in packs that are finely tuned and divided into ranked groups. These ranks are the typical "alpha," "beta," and "omega" titles. Though, instead of being lead by own single alpha, Kiens usually have up to four separate alphas! They usually fill their ranks by birth rights or by strength. A Kien will only ever challenge their alpha to battle if they think the alpha is unfit to lead, an example would be as if they were old or sick. However, battles for leadership are typically uncommon, but that doesn't mean they won't happen.

    Kiens are competitive by nature. To another pack, a Kien may become aggressive and intimidating, always attempting to appear stronger than the opposing pack. Though, to their own pack, a Kien will fill their role to the best of their abilities. They are protective and possessive of their ranks, even going far enough as to throw themselves in the face of danger to save their pack. Yet, there always will be that one in the ranks that doesn't act as they should. And Kiens are not usually the kind to remove another from the pack unless it is deemed absolutely necessary.

    Their diets typically consist of any sort of meat they can get their claws on and the occasional fruit that the trees bare for them.

    Climates may alter the way a Kien looks and even acts. It is not completely guaranteed. In warmer climates, the Kiens' pack structure and lives appear to be more loose. While they have their key activies and roles, there's more individual expression. Their fur also tends to be thinner and lighter in color. In colder climates, they tend to be far more openly social and affectionate between each other. Their communities are closer together as colder climates are harder to survive in. They tend to have heavier fur and darker colors.

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Animal Adopts
by Zombiehund @ Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:13 am [Reply]

hello ^^
I decided to try and draw my own lines so jeah, here are they
adoptable animals will be marked as such, but customs can always be purchased as well :)
I don't have any set prices jet, so just make an offer

Dogs 2 hours
-so far only erect ears, others are planned
-so far only standart tails, others are planned

Ponies 1 1/2 hours

Zombiehund @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:54 am

eh, why even bother...

Willowshine ~ She @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:54 am


WolfPackAlpha @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 12:55 pm


Halloween Pups! based on this drawing by Tealea
by Arcane10 @ Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:00 pm [Reply]


Feel free to offer and mark!

Current Offers:

1. x





6.x x x x x x

Grill, @ Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:00 pm


(ωнιѕρєя) @ Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:08 pm

ooo mark

night skiies @ Sat Sep 22, 2018 3:08 pm


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VISCETS 2.0 : based on this drawing by Guest
by Mint Chip @ Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am [Reply]

Image Image Image ImageImage Image

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ [What are Viscets?] ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
Viscets are a closed adoptable species that can be found here. They're an omnivorous wolf-like dinosaurian, characterized by a wolf-like body with raptor-like anatomy, long ears, and a long crest of fur. They're a very diverse species, found in pack-like systems living on every continent.

Since these adopts are a closed species, this means that a regular user cannot simply make one of their own. Read our rules below and check our adopts to see how to obtain them; most can be obtained through form-based competitions but some are sold for currency (cash, dA points, c$, etc). So just check the artist's main post on the adopt to see how you can win one!


Mint Chip @ Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

[Guest Artist Adopts]
Adopts made solely by our lovely monthly guest artists!

[Normal Adopts]

[PPS Adopts]
If you love baby viscets, then this is the lil box just for you. Best part is these lil forever babies are unlimited!
There is no limit to how many you can win in a month!

[Community-Hosted & Readoptions]
These are adoptions ran by the Viscet's previous owner and on occasion readoptions put up by staff as well.
These adopts don't count against any of your monthly limits, so be sure to check them out!

Mint Chip @ Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

[What is a Viscet?]
Since I have no better way of explaining it, Viscets are basically otter-ferret-kangaroo-rabbit-raptor-things.

Anatomy wrote:
Viscets are large, agile creatures characterized by
✦Furred, raptor-like bodies
✦Wolf-like paws with opposable thumbs & sharp claws
✦Ferret-like muzzles & sharp fangs
✦Long ears
✦Double-ringed eyes, with a lighter inner ring of color
✦8ft in height and 12 in length
Some traits may vary.
✦Horns, antlers, scales, & spikes

Genders wrote:
✦Male and Female Viscets are almost identical both physically & socially, except for the obvious.
✦The only significant difference is the female's adapt ability to carry & balance with heavy objects, as they have to be in order to carry their eggs.
✦Male, Female, and Other-gendered Viscets are considered equal in terms of dominance and ranks within the pack
✦Only Viscets of opposite sexes can breed. Unisex creatures are usually infertile, and it is impossible for them or homosexual pairs to reproduce.
✦Viscets are entirely capable of gender expression and genders besides male and female are treated equally.

Distribution wrote:
✦Viscets are found on every continent but Antarctica.
✦They tend to inhabit temperate forest zones; not open plains or dense jungles, but somewhere in between.
✦They tend to avoid deserts, and remain near water sources.
✦Their lifestyle can be greatly impacted depending on their environment. While most live in forests, they are well-adapted to almost any environment.
✦They avoid urban and suburban areas unless in captivity.

Food wrote:
Viscets are Omnivorous. They feed on:
✦Fruit & berries
✦Small mammals
✦Large mammals
✦Domestic animals
What they eat is directly effected by what is available in their environment. It's not unheard of for them to steal domestic animals, and will hunt down large prey in packs.

Social wrote:
✦Live in packs, the size of which depends on food & space available
✦Ruled by Alpha pair; The Alpha of a pure bloodline is considered more dominant over his or her mate.
✦Alpha may be passed on to heir, beta, or to a winning competitor.
✦Viscets are territorial, and mark their territory by clawing a tree up high; invaders will know how big their enemies are from the claw marks. They will chase cougars/wolves/large carnivores from their territory.
✦2 Viscets will spar with tooth and claw.

Relationship with Humans wrote:
✦Due to their friendly nature, they are adored by humans and protected in many places, but some often seek to hunt them for their exotic pelts. Some cultures even revere them as spirits.
✦Domesticated Viscets are popular at petting zoos, companion animals, and even therapy pets.
✦As pack animals, they are incredibly loyal and protective of their family.
✦They cannot speak any human language, but are extremely intelligent and easily trained.
✦Strays can exist in urban/surburban areas, even making packs.
✦Being large animals, they can be ridden by children and small/lightweight people.

Breeding wrote:
✦Go to the Nursery for breeding.
✦Viscets usually mate for life, but just like people, not all relationships are perfect.
✦Viscets may be any gender/sexuality, but only fertile pairs can successfully breed.
✦Mating season occurs in the late winter; a fragile egg is laid after 2 months; the egg hatches 2 weeks later.
✦The mother will stay with the egg, even carrying it with her out of the den. The father often fetches food and guards his family. That summer is spent raising the Viscling.
✦Viscling's hind legs are underdeveloped and they must walk on all fours.
✦They are considered independent at 1 year of age, but will not breed until 2 years of age. Their first breeding season, they will learn how to raise young, but will not do so until the following breeding season.
✦Nursery times are drastically shortened.

Realistic Setting wrote:
    These are just the typical nature of the species in a realistic earth-setting. Anthro and etc. AUs are allowed, and your creativity is loved.

C O M M O N _ T R A I T S

Mane wrote:Image Image
Typical Spiked Mane
Ears wrote:Image
Long Ears
Nose wrote:Image
Wolf Nose
Horns wrote:Image
No Horns

Mane wrote:ImageImage
a lot of variants
Hair, fur tufts, etc.
Ears wrote:Image
Ear variations
Noses wrote:Image
Dragon Nose
Rabbit Nose
Horns wrote:Image
Smooth, thin
consistent horns

Eyes wrote:Image Image
triple ringed, ringless, slit
Snow Leopard,
fox, docked, curled
rounded & armored
Always secluded
Horns wrote:Image
Complex Horns

E V E N T _ R A R E _ T R A I T S
Event rare traits are traits that can only be won at certain holidays & events.
Smaller holidays/events release less event rares than popular events.
More widely-celebrated holidays, such as Christmas, will have multiple releases a year.

All liquid-y
A tail with a mouth
Misty, foggy, spoopy
And there are
many, many others!

check them out
on the mutations
official thread!

L E G E N D A R Y _ T R A I T S
Legendary traits are traits that can only be won at certain holidays & events.
Smaller holidays/events release less Legendary designs than popular events.
More widely-celebrated holidays, such as Christmas, will have multiple releases a year.

    We have several - check them out on our official mutations thread!

Mint Chip @ Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:12 am

Basics. Split into sections for convenience.
Do note that the rules haven’t changed any, they’ve merely been condensed for easier understanding and reading.

[General Respect]
    ✦ All users and staff are required to be respectful. Discrimination isn’t tolerated.
    CS rules & policies still apply, respect and abide by them.
    ✦ Please note that by taking part in our species that you are agreeing to all rules and terms of this species.
    ✦ Do not poke at, bug, beg from, or otherwise harass other users within the community.
      This includes anything from adopts, breedings, gifts, art, etc.

[Using as OCs]
    ✦ You are free to give your Viscets any personality, sexuality, etc, or make one your Fursona.
    ✦ Do not change your Viscet's anatomy or give them new items that mimic anatomy (e.g. robotic limbs).
    ✦ You may only alter small non-genetic aspects of your Viscet's appearance (scars, tattoos, etc), unless with permission or instruction from Mint Chip.
    No public nsfw, controversially offensive, or otherwise non-childfriendly material concerning Viscets.
    ✦ Feel free to make creative AUs for your Viscets (outside of their 'lore'), but respect others' AUs in their own threads (such as a realistic-themed RP with no magic allowed).
    ✦ Your viscet may identify as any gender BUT the biological gender cannot be changed after 30 days of ownership (unless gifted--see "Exchanges")

[Creation & Customs/MYOs]
    ✦ You must have permission (staff, GA, or MYO) to create a Viscet.
    ✦ A singular user cannot have more than 10 customs max. (as of 03.01.18)
    ✦ Once created you may not make changes to your adopts/batches for any reason (customs may be slightly edited with permission from Mint Chip)
    ✦ Non-artists may only create designs with a MYO Ticket
    ✦ For custom creation you can either ask an artist to create it or you can make it yourself, however, it must be done on the oekaki. No cover adopts or exceptions.
    ✦ Customs designs & their traits must be approved by Mint Chip to ensure it follows all rules before custom is posted.
    ✦ We host an endless Guest Artist competition to determine GAs each month here.
    ✦ GAs are selected for a 1 month term where they are allowed to create 5 regular main thread adopts.

    ✦ Please ask before creating public threads. Personal threads (OC lists, 1v1 rps) are fine.
    ✦ You are in charge of regulating Viscet rules in your thread(s).
    Stream hosts are responsible for allowing bullying/harassment in their streams. Antagonists should be kicked and reported to Viscet staff.
      To properly report the user to staff, screenshot for proof if possible and contact staff immediately with all the details.
    ✦ Your thread may have its own rules that you may enforce so long as they do not defy any rules listed here.
    ✦ Users may be banned from specific threads in particular rather than the whole community (partial-bans).

[ Adopting Viscets ]
Please read the Monthly Adopt Limits!

[Acquiring Viscets]
    ✦ You can only acquire Viscets from permitted artists, gifts, or permitted MYOs.
    ✦ To adopt a viscet, check our front page for the latest adopts. Ones with UFA symbols are open for adoption, just read the description for how to adopt them as they vary.
    ✦ Artists may host any kind of contests (raffles, fcfs, impress me, etc); respect how an artist hosts and judges their adopt(s).
    ✦ Do not use others' coding unless with permission and citation.
    ✦ Look for the end dates and their listed times. These are important indicators of whether the adopt is still ufa.
    ✦ Any contest may have a Snipe Guard at the artist's discretion (and may be extended 24+ hours if a snipe form has arrived). This is the artist's choice; do NOT harass for a snipe guard.
    ✦ Do not bump, PM, or otherwise harass an artist when a closed competition hasn't been judged.
      You can leave a small (respectful) reminder via pm or bump only if the competition has gone unjudged for 30 days or longer.

[Monthly Adopt Limits]
    ✦ Don't feel like you have to memorize; please feel free to return for reference.
    ✦ See HERE for our old FAQ on our adoption & claim limits. Also previous in-depth written version rules for this page can be found here.
    ✦ You may adopt a limited number of Viscets from those created in a month
    ✦ (Note: Limit dictated by when the UFA was created (or gift was given), not when they were won)
    (updated 03.01.18) In one calendar month, you may acquire:
      ✦ 2 normal adopts (main thread, RU, grown abandoned batch) or 1 normal adopt & 1 gift
      ✦ 1 GA adopt
      ✦ 3 currency adopts (Stubs, C$ or DA-sales)
      ✦ 2 new Event Rare or Event adopt or event RU (directly from event)
      ✦ 1 new (bred or adopted) egg/juvenile
      From those created or gifted within that month.
    ✦ Pre-owned readopts, PPS (including DA-bought), and your custom(s) do NOT count towards monthly limits!
    ✦ You may only win 1 Legendary adopt or use 1 Ultra Batch Potion used per calendar year (renewed Jan 01)
    ✦ Co-owning DOES count towards BOTH owners' monthly limits
    ✦ If you apply for multiple Viscets a month and win your max, you MUST inform the artists of the other applied Viscets (via pm, comment, or noticeable form edit) that you are ineligible to win (may still win HMs/Stubs) or withdraw entirely.
    ✦ We recommend you limit how many adoptions you enter a month.
    ✦ It is your responsibility as the individual trying out or claiming ownership to keep up with your own limits. Staff will keep record as well, but it is your responsibility to ensure you do not go over your limits.
    ✦ Viscets won beyond your monthly limit(s) WILL be revoked
✦ If you use multiple accounts (including off site) to cheat the monthly limit(s), your Cets may be revoked/resold.
✦ You must claim RUs offers within 30 days of announcement or it will be voided.

✦ *Ultra Batch Potions or UBPs are rarer potions that give a specific legendary offspring from a breeding without having a legendary parent of that type or at all. These count for your 1 allotted Legendary win in a calendar year the same as winning a legendary normally.
    please note that legendary readopts or community hosted batches put ufa do not count against this limitation. they count as readopts, which are limitless.
[Breeding Information]

[ Honorable Mentions & Stubs ]
*Only necessary to read when you have been awarded an HM or stubs from a competition.
Please see the Stub Shop for the full details

[ General Info ]
    ✦ What are Stubs? Stubs are our personal viscet currency.
    ✦ Stubs cannot be purchased from Mint Chip in any quantity; they are not sold by staff but earned through various means.
    ✦ They are obtained in several ways; most common way is by participating in contests and winning an HM.
    ✦ An HM stands for Honorable Mention.
    ✦ Stubs can be given out in 3 increments. Based on what the artist thinks of effort you put into your form.
      ✦ HM - x1 Stub
      ✦ HM - x2 Stubs
      ✦ RU Trade-in - x3 Stubs
    ✦ RU trade-in is a transaction of taking an RU offer and exchanging it for stubs instead of a RU. This can only be done before the RU has been accepted and created.
    ✦ Also obtainable by participating in Official Community events that are hosted by the staff.
    ✦ Stubs cannot be gained via Referrals.
    ✦ Stubs are also trade-able for c$, pets, art, and on occasion viscets (adoptables marked with blue ufa symbol).
    ✦ Stubs Adopts can only be bid on and purchased with Stubs.
    ✦ The value of Stubs varies but the rough base estimate is 18 c$ in equivalence.
    ✦ Stubs can be traded for MYO tickets as well, see the Stub Shop for more details.
    ✦ To exchange stubs or add them to your bank; please contact the Stub archivist finifugal ✨.

[ PPS and Reverse PPS Viscets ]
*Only necessary to read when you are considering adopting PPS visclings or using a reverse pps potion.

    ✦ PPS adopts & currency adopts are unlimited. Meaning you can win as many as you'd like in a month.
    ✦ If you wish to reverse a pps or grow it to adult, please see the [url]full rules located here.[/url]

[ Gifting, Readopting or Disowning Viscets ]
*Only necessary to read when you engage in Gifting, Readopting, or Disowning Viscets.

    Viscets may not be traded (for other OCs, viscets, etc).
    You may disown a Viscet by contacting Mint Chip or James. and the Viscet's creator/artist. You may let staff handle it or host a readoption yourself (in which it must be judged within 40 days of the end date).
    To gift a Viscet notify the receiver, an Ownership Archivist, and the original artist. If the Artist is not available to edit the form Mint Chip will comment on the Viscet with proof of the exchange.
    ✦ The new owner may change the biological gender (DFAB/DMAB) as long as it has not previously bred (ever).
    ✦ Tickets & potions may be traded and gifted freely.
[Reselling Viscets]
    Viscets may only be sold for equal or less than they were purchased for.
    ✦ If a viscet was not purchased (e.g. raffle, free contest), then it may not be sold (including nursery or hatchery batches).
    ✦ MYOs tickets, Items, or Potions may be sold for the price they are purchased or purchase-able for or less.
    Unless quitting or other special scenarios, a single user cannot re-adopt out more than 3 Viscets in one month (including putting pre-owned batches UFA). If quitting, a user can re-adopt out all of their viscets if they so wish.
    ✦ A user cannot gift out more than 3 Viscet in one month, regardless of reason.
    ✦ Multiple Viscets may be given in one one-way transaction to separate individuals.
    ✦ A user can only receive 1 gift from the same individual per calendar month.
    ✦ There is a 30 day limit for transactions between 2 users; if you recently gifted to a user, you cannot receive from the same user for 30 days, and vice-versa (trade prevention).'
    ✦ A Viscet must be owned for 30 days without being bred before being gifted unless stated in the original adoption form (ex: "If I win I'd like to give this Viscet to _")
    ✦ Disowning a Viscet for readoption does not count towards Exchange limits.
    ✦ Disowned viscets are placed on a waiting list to be put ufa by staff at a later date.

[ Transferring Out Viscets ]
Only important to individuals considering leaving the species.

[Basic Info]
    ✦ Currently we do not allow for viscet designs on adopts, RUs or batches to be transferred out.
    ✦ Custom viscets will be capable of transferring out at a later time. The system for that is still a wip.

[ Staff Rules ]

      ✦ Respect & regular viscet rules applies to staff as much as anyone else
    [Adopt Info]
      ✦ Use the color references for their respective colors
      ✦ Outline beneath the lines must be in white only.
      ✦ All adopts, customs and batches must be made on the oekaki.
      ✦ Contests can be any sort of contest you'd like. Impress me, fcfs, pusedo-fcfs, naming, raffle, etc.
      ✦ You must be an active part of official artist staff for 1 month (30 days) before making a currency adopt.
      ✦ UFA sign must be on all adopts and changes color accordingly
        ✦ White for Regular Adopts
        ✦ Green for DA Adopts
        ✦ Yellow for C$ Adopts
        ✦ Cyan for Stub Adopts
      ✦ Other signs must be used accordingly
        ✦ Red for Customs
        ✦ Purple for RUs
      Keep track of what all Currency Adopts sold for.
      ✦ Artists will keep only 1/4 (if winning bid is not divisible by 4, round decimal down or up to the nearest whole number) of the earned Stubs from a Stubs Adopt auctions.
      ✦ All DA-sold designs must be submitted to Viscet Forest and must link back to CS.
      ✦ Designs on DA can only be sold for 2000+ points or 360 c$ if made on original lines or with large or multiple non-premade edits (this includes detailed or large custom items)
      ✦ Viscets may not be traded for OCs, art, etc.
      ✦ All Viscet adopts must require at minimum name & gender.
      ✦ No restricting a Viscet OC wise; meaning sexuality, gender, disabilities, etc
      ✦ Put the Viscet's # in the title
      ✦ Nursery staff is permitted to make up to 5 designs max per month on the main thread (regular adopts or currency adopts)
      ✦ Any contest may have a Snipe Guard at your (the artist's) discretion which may be extended 24+ hours if a snipe form has arrived. This is the your choice.
      ✦ Big contests such as legendary try outs or unlimited impress me competitions likely will be psuedo-round competition for fairness. If uncertain, please ask me beforehand.
    [Edit Allowances & Custom Lines]
      ✦ Staff may make 3 Viscets with Uncommon Traits every 8 Viscets made
      ✦ Staff may make 1 Viscet with a Rare trait every 14 Viscets they create
      ✦ Except for special occasions, UFA Viscets should not exceed more than 3 mutations max per viscet
      ✦ Staff may make custom lined viscets to go UFA or sell as a currency adopt, however no more than 2 custom lined viscets can be on the same page. They should be spaced about between 5 and 10 viscets apart.
      ✦ Please try not to make more than 4 custom lined viscets in the same month if possible.
      ✦ Please judge your competitions in a timely fashion.
      ✦ If an adopt has been closed but not judged for 30 days, Mint Chip will contact the artist.
      ✦ If no response is received or competition is not judged within 10 days of being contacted then Mint Chip or another member of artist staff will take over judging the competition within 10 days.
    [Custom Info]
      ✦ You may make your own customs, starting once you've made 20 New Adoptions or 10 Batches
      ✦ You may make a custom with Rare traits for every 25 New Adoptions or every 15 Batches made
    [Staff Perk]
      ✦ Artist staff earn their customs by creating adopts or batches.
      This staff perk only applies to artist staff: main thread, nursery or hatchery.
      ✦ You may claim one gift or disowned viscet once every 30 days.
      This staff perk applies to all forms of staff.
      ✦ You may own an unlimited number of Viscets but only 11 customs total.
      This staff perk of +1 extra custom slot applies to all forms of staff.

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lil buddies based on this drawing by Tealea
by night knuckles @ Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:12 am [Reply]

been working on and off one these for awhile and the last two are still a wip

if you want one theyre ota mainly looking for art, c$, rares/vrs, and da points. i'll accept usd too but cs says i cant do that here so just dm me on discord mintyvin#7032

in order of what will convince me: USD> da points> art> vrs> C$> rares

1. neon sparkle open
2. basic black white and blue kid
offers: x // x (current best offer)
3. woops i spilled my pink aethetic paint open
4. dirt head open
offers: x // x // x (tied) // x+ art and character (tied)
5. homosexual chocolate box- open

post your offer here or if youre offering cs stuff send a trade or post here i dont care. if i accept i'll pm you. if you offer pets please link which pets or a group

Niffu @ Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:29 am

my offer for the simple black and blue kid is 3 very rare store pets.

Diamondshine101 @ Sun Sep 23, 2018 11:35 am

    Number Two is adorable! Would you be interested in art for him? :3 There's examples in my gallery, and in my DA which is linked in my signature.

night knuckles @ Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:40 pm

Niffu wrote:my offer for the simple black and blue kid is 3 very rare store pets.

please link them

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    What is a Dracat?
    Cool Facts wrote:
    → Tail Like a chinese dragon
    → Floats
    → Live in many different places
    → Eats rabbits, rats, mice, birds, etc.
    → Sleep in high places
    → Kits live in little caves or burrows

    Dracats [Dra·cat] are a breed between a dragon/fox/cat,
    They have the facial features and body like structure of a cat. They have a foxes color, and has a tail like a Chinese dragon. They can float like a Chinese dragon too. They live in the deep forest, on the prairie, in the snow, and the rarer ones even live in the ocean! They like to snack off of small prey like Rabbits, Rats, Mice, Birds, ect. They like to sleep in high areas and the kits live in the holes, or caves, or burrows. Dracats have incredible eyesight and never go hungry because of that. They can also jump extremely high. Kits jump even higher.



    Dracat no longer have rarities! Feel free to add whatever edits you'd like as edits!



      - You may own unlimited Dracats.
      - Dracats may not be traded for anything other than our currency (you must trade to me for currency) or other Dracats.
      - If you trade your Dracat to me for DC coins, which is the only way to get DC coins from Dracats, the Dracat will be up for re-adoption.
      - Dracats can be gifted and traded, but you must post on the gifts + trades post.
      - Dracat lines may not be altered in any way.
      - Do not claim these lines as your own.
      - Dracats must stay on Chicken Smoothie, but may be posted on character storage sites.
      - Do not steal or claim another players Dracat as your own.
      - Please do not mini-mod.
      - All transactions are final; if you gift or trade your Dracats, you may not get them back! (Unless the other person allows for a gift/trade back)
      - If you are banned, all your Dracats will be put up for re-adoption.
      - If you are banned, you may not post on any Dracats related topics.
      - Dracats is a CLOSED SPECIES, meaning you may not make your own unless you have an MYO/ Custom ticket (purchasable from shop)
      - Do not bully other users. This is NOT tolerated.
      - Please be respectful to everyone, be it staff, new comer, or adopter.
      - If a breeding has not been done after 1 week of an artist claiming your ticket, please do not harass them. Contact me, and i'll sort it out.
      - When using an MYO/Custom ticket, do not add edits that aren't allowed on the ticket.
      - Customs and MYO'S must be approved. Please make a cover saying "Waiting for approval" or something like that.
      - Don't complain if you don't win an adopt!
      - Please do not post a breeding form if: your Dracats is on a breeding cool down, an artist is not available, or you have used all your Dracats breeding slots.

      Please note that rules are subject to change at ANY TIME.

      Guidelines, Affiliates and Mod apps.
      - Each Dracat has 5 breeding slots with a 2 day breeding cool down
      - Kits can be grown after 1 week, or longer if you choose to wait
      - Transfers are for transferring old lines to new ones, (not available at the moment, as this is a new species!)
      - Dracats can only be bred with opposite gender unless you buy a pink seed at the shop, in which case you can breed 2 females together. Male and male breeding are not available at the moment.
      - Dracats are not worth any CS currency, only DC coins!
      - Artists may hold any competition type for their adopts (raffles, FCFS, impress, etc.)
      - Staff may not take payment for anything.
      - Staff may make or have another artist make their Personal Breeding after every 4 staff duty related tasks are completed (Adopts or Kits, can be a mix of both or four of one thing).
      - Guest artists receive one MYO or custom each month, plus 10 DC Coins
      - Staff will receive one custom slot each month, plus 15 DC Coins

      None yet ^^!
      PM me to become affiliates!

      Mod apps.
      Code: Select all
      Why you want to be a mod:
      Why you should be a mod:
      How active will you be?:
      Previous modding (not required):
      Any people to back you up? (No sisters, brothers, friends, moms, dads, etc.):

      Side Reward System
      Artist can choose people who didn't win that had great entries to win a side reward.
      Users may only receive MYO's

      5 SR for Unlimited Standard MYO
      10 SR for Unlimited Common and Under MYO
      15 SR for Unlimited Uncommon and Under MYO
      25 SR for 2 Rare and Under MYO
      50 SR for Unlimited Rare and Under MYO
      95 SR for One Legendary and Unlimited Under MYO


        Strikes And Bans
        None yet ^^!

        None yet ^^!

Feel free to mark!

mynameisbacon @ Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:37 am

Feel free to mark!

Lies With Needs @ Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:13 am


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Pokemonrawesome12eyy wrote:some info:
They are about the size of a lion, the babies are the size of a medium house cat
mouse-like face features
2 sets of wings, the ones in the front have to grow and are just stubs when they are babies
rat tails- ring of fur in the shape of a star go around it(it is connected to the body)
their eyes have a split, each side can be a different color but are usually never the same shade
halo type things around their body
have a back mane
as they grow they get more sparkles around their horn and eyes
2 sets of showing fangs-only one set as babies


Hyensa @ Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:05 pm

///announcements, events

Hyensa @ Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:05 pm


Hyensa @ Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:06 pm

//rules and information

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Welcome! So you're interested
in a Hellund of your own?
Wonderful! Read below to learn about them and
to find out how to adopt one!

1) Be respectful and follow all CS rules.
2) Follow all the rules for each adoption, as they will
change from one Hellund to another.
3) Customs may be available at different times, so
make sure you look in the appropriate place.
4) Make sure to either put them in an existing adoptables thread,
or make a new one for the ones you adopt, at least until I get an archive up.
5) No trading or selling your hellunds! If there is a re-adoption,
trading, or selling event, then you may be allowed to transfer
ownership to someone else. DO NOT DO SO WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
6) Upon receiving a Hellund, you MUST write out a story about the ritual you use to summon them.*
7) Check the Ritual Callendar for what to include in your summoning ritual story. YOU MUST ALWAYS INCLUDE ALL 3!!!*

All the beautiful coding and words, courtesy of Spaceinmyhead. Thank you!

Inkeyu @ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:40 am

As far as scientists have been able to determine, they are somewhere between the fabled Hellhounds, and Kistune. They are rather small, so they can only figure that they are somehow related to fennec foxes. They are not technically from this realm, and are believed to dwell mostly in the spirit world, but come over to our side to seek out partners such as witches and general companions. They do not discriminate based on species though, as they have been known to attach themselves to humans and animals alike. They seem to be able to switch between our dimension and the spirit one easily, and by choice, though it has been discovered that they will completely cease to exist in our realm if their flame is extinguished.
They are a closed species, made by me. As a closed species, they can not be replicated outside of this adoptable without my permission. That being said, if more art is wanted of them from other people, you may get art of them, but only after discussing it with me, as I would prefer them not to get stolen. I am on several art websites that I check regularly for just such a reason. As I flavor them, they are almost entirely spiritual energy, wrapped around a skeleton and with a metal head, with a jaw attached with a bolt on either side of the face. The 'ears' aren't actually ears, they are channels for their energy. The ball of flame that is perpetually at the end of the tail, is an embodiment of their energy and shows what kind of magic they can do. The flame is kept there by a small outlet at the tip of the last vertebra of the tail. It is an outlet for the excess energy, and so keeps them anchored to our world. If the flame were to ever go out completely, the Hellund wouldn't exist on our plane anymore.
Most Flametail Hellunds are good tempered, tending to prefer being travel companions or companions for the lonely. However, when their bonded comes under threat, they don't usually hesitate to protect their chosen companion. They can sometimes decide to switch companions, but this is rare and an arduous process they prefer to avoid. They are very active and high energy, but don't tend to need much maintenance as they appear to be made mostly of spiritual energy. They do have favorite treats though. Mochi seems to be the most common for them, though they tend to like all other sweets as well. Hellunds are hoarders as well. So beware leaving anything shiny out, they will take it and stash it in the other dimension. That being said, usually you can bribe them to bring you things from their stash.
To get one of these little guys vary from one Hellund to another. Some require a ritual be performed (to be role played or written out), or some may simply require a bit of food. Most commonly, just the right kind of sweet for them is enough to bond them to you. Just make sure you read about how to get each one so you don't anger them; they tend to tell their fellow Hellunds about those who don't do their reading.
It is possible to summon specific Hellunds, however those rituals tend to be a little more intensive, usually involving some sort of potion, sacrifice (special payment), or gift (special currency). These such rituals can only be performed during certain times, so it is best to keep up to date with the Special Ritual Calendar (custom open/closed update).
Sure! Breeding is allowed and encouraged, as they are a newly discovered species, and our researchers would love to learn more about them! So far very little is known about their breeding habits nor the way their genetics pass from one to another! Be sure to check the Breeding Season Calendar for when litters may be available!

Inkeyu @ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:40 am

Not available yet!

None yet!

None yet!

Inkeyu @ Sun Jun 03, 2018 10:41 am


6/2 - 2 Male slots, 2 Female slots
6/3 - 1 Male slot, 1 Female slot!

XxDemonCrowxX - Completed
Haruspexx - Completed
DoorKarmaQueen - Completed
redwolf466 - Completed
master killer - Both Completed
DunkleBatter! - Completed
Spaceinmyhead - 6th in queue Pixel image = Image
Annalisette - 7th in the queue (red, blue, black)

For these slots above ONLY, A SINGLE RARE TRAIT IS ALLOWED! (No major line edits, no ultra rares!)
Code: Select all
[center][size=150]I'm claiming a Special Ritual Slot![/size]
Hellund Name:
Preferred Hellund Traits:
Other information you want on your hellund's page:[/center]

Pixel Hellund Queue
Redwolf - Complete and on their pages
Master Killer
Light Bringer

For every Ritual for every Hellund, you must include:
1) What you put on each corner of the 5 pointed star, and what you put in the middle
2) What you said during the ritual to summon the hellund
3) What the hellund did after being summoned

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Hello! I recently made my own otter lineart, and I am wanting to make some customs :)

Feel free to check out my gallery for examples of my dog customs

Payment requirements: Base price is 2 c$, any rare, or a 2013 or earlier uncommon. If you are wanting a lot of line edits, complicated design, or anything that is more difficult/time consuming for me, I would appreciate you adding a bit to the base price.
Please send payment when you order and I will accept the trade when I am done

Please fill out this form to order:

Code: Select all
I want a custom otter!
Link to a reference/anything that could inspire me (optional) :
Any line edits that you want (Items, different ears/tail, etc):
Payment(link trade or describe it):


Divantae @ Fri Aug 17, 2018 5:01 pm

I want a custom otter!
Username: Divantae
Link to a reference/anything that could inspire me (optional) : Nothing comes to mind
Description/colours: Dark brown fur with orange-brown underbelly and a white mouth, no paw or ear markings
Any line edits that you want (Items, different ears/tail, etc): A more pointy tuft of fur on the head and ears that have tiny cuts on the sides
Payment(link trade or describe it): A 2016 rare and a 2013 uncommon, sending a trade.

kkisgr8ter @ Sat Aug 18, 2018 3:41 am

Up :)

.sins. @ Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:03 am

I want a custom otter!
Username: .sins.
Link to a reference/anything that could inspire me (optional) : Image
Description/colours: see above
Any line edits that you want (Items, different ears/tail, etc): not on this one
Payment(link trade or describe it): 2013 uncommon. Will send once accepted

I want a custom otter!
Username: .sins.
Link to a reference/anything that could inspire me (optional) : Image
Description/colours: kinda solar system ish?
Any line edits that you want (Items, different ears/tail, etc): missing eye?
Payment(link trade or describe it): 2013 uncommon

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What are Starshines? wrote:Starshines are a species that sparkle and shine!

Observed in deep space, the species has been found to be sentient and very friendly towards others. Astrobiologists are calling for all interested persons to come forward and take care of some for further research.

The species seems to possess a special type of flesh which sparkles and shines. This effect is apparent in their eyes, noses, mouths, and pawpads, as well as a mysterious 'charm' which they wear on assorted fabrics adorning their bodies.

Species Guide wrote:Starshines are soft, fluffy creatures who are identified easily by their short stubby legs, fluffy chests, and of course, sparkling eyes, paws, and noses. They do not need oxygen to exist, capable of both space travel and underwater exploration easily in the same breadth. They eat a varying diet of fish and insects, choosing light meats when necessary. Despite this, they are omnivorous.
Their flesh is incredibly squishy and pokeable, making the species even more flexible than one might think. They are able to bend and contort their bodies as needed. They stand, at most, 6 inches or 15 cm tall. They have a variety of mutations that are all harmless, and merely serve to show off their identity.

Starshines are incredibly social creatures who, at their core, are obsessed with looks and hygiene. Starshines are capable of weaving and making their own fabrics, which they then design themselves to show off their unique personalities and tastes. Additionally, there is never a dirty Starshine, as they groom themselves when needed. Their fur is designed to not retain dirt, water, grime, or other pollutants that may tarnish a Starshine's coat.

Starshines are as intelligent as humans, capable of creating technology, forming deep platonic and romantic social bonds, and communciating with one another.

Rarity Rundown wrote:Standard:
Common Accessory/Charm Regions --- Custom Charm or Accessory

Eye Edits (Simple) --- Hair that doesn't go past the eyes --- Ear Edits ---- Pupil / Glitter Edits --- Expression Edits -- Scar Edit

Uncommon Accessory/Charm Regions --- Hair longer than the eyes --- Tail edits --- Tongue Edit --- Fur Edits ---- Colored sclera --- Missing eye ---

Rare Accessory/Charm Regions --- Short/No Fur ---- Extra eyes --- Additional tails (up to two) --- Small, Useless Wings --- Horns ---- Shine markings on body ---

Legendary Accessory/Charm Regions --- Fish Tail --- Multiple Heads --- Multiple Legs --- 3+ Tails --- Chimerism --- Extra Ears --- Useful Wings --- Charm Anywhere But The Accessory --- Multiple Charms --- Goo

reygankiwi @ Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:30 am

General/Community Rules wrote:
    Starshines is a closed species, you can't make your own.
    Do not witchhunt / attack people who make animals like Starshines. (They are literally cats with sparkling eyes and cloaks)
    Be polite to others and treat them with respect.
    Do not harass or beg others for Starshines.

Ownership Rules wrote:
    You are allowed to own ten main adopt Starshines. More ownership slots can be earned (various means).
    You are allowed to own up to ten nursery Starshines. More ownership slots can be earned (various means).
    You are allowed to own up to three custom Starshines. More ownership slots can be earned (various means.)
    You are allowed to own up to five MYO Starshines. More ownership slots can be earned (various means.)

    You are allowed to trade Starshines for art or other Starshines. One Starshine for One Starshine.
    Gifting is also allowed. When gifting or trading occurs, you must let the archivist know (archive pending --- PM me for updates on ownership)
    You are allowed to 'give up' or publicly readopt a Starshine.
    Trying to sell Starshines for any currency, digital or real, will result in an instant ban (for buyer and seller).
    You are allowed to add accessories as long as they do not interfere with the Fabric Accessory / mimic another Fabric Accessory.
    Starshines can be fursonas, OC's, etc.
    You can anthropomorphize or humanize your Starshines!

Artist Rules wrote:
    You're required to make one adopt a month, but you can make more. (It's encouraged)
    Do not use high rarity traits often. Uncommon adopts can happen one every three adopts you personally make. Rare adopts happen one every fifteen adopts you personally make. Legendary are not allowed unless there's an event.
    Please make yourself acquainted with the Design Guide.
    Repeated adoptables not fitting the standards of the species will result in a demotion, or complete dismissal of your position as artist.
    You are permitted to sell Starshines for pets, C$, art, etc. every five adopts you make and cannot be rare adopts. (if artists abuse this privilege, it will be taken away)
    --- Guest artists are not permitted to sell Starshines for pets, c$, art, etc.
    Customs you make as a staff member can't be sold or traded away, but can be readopted.

reygankiwi @ Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:30 am

What makes a Starshine 'unique'?

There are three things that identifies a starshine:

  • Their sparkling eyes, paws, and noses (and tongues!) --- they leave a trail of stardust behind them as they move.
  • Their charm, a special object of any shape that matches the color of their sparkling flesh and eyes.
  • Their Accessory, a special scrap of fabric that is handmade by the Starshine.

Design Limits --- Sparkle

    The flesh or the 'Sparkle' of a Starshine is allowed to be ANY COLOR, including multicolored! That means that any Starshine can have any kind of Sparkle they desire.

Design Limits --- Charm

    The Charm of a Starshine is allowed to be any shape as long as there is one of them. Stars, circles, clubs, the sky's the limit with Charms! However, multiple Charms is a rarity, and not allowed in normal Starshines.

Design Limits --- Fabric Accessory

    The Accessory of a Starshine is a special scrap of fabric that Starshines make in a rite of passage into adulthood. They spend days, weeks, or even months working on this until it fully and completely expresses who they are. Therefore, there are no hard design limits on the scrap of fabric itself.

    However, the placement / type of fabric / clothing it expresses as DOES matter, so while any Accessory can have any pattern, the placement on the body is very important. Most Starshines keep their Accessories close to their heart, so cloaks, bandanas, and collars are common. However, the further away the Accessory is, the rarer it is.

    A Fabric Accessory must be;;:
    It must have a pattern on it that isn't just a gradient.

    Fabric is defined as something that is cotton, silk, flannel, etc.
    It cannot be ;;; Fur, 'fake' fabrics (such as cobwebs, fire, water, etc.)

    Additionally, almost all Starshines have ONE Accessory --- only a rare few Starshines have multiple Accessories. Even then, the Accessories have the same pattern on it, there are just many Accessories.

    Here is a visual guide to the rarity of the placements of Accessories.


Design Limits --- Fabric Accessory


reygankiwi @ Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:31 am

Customs --- HM System ---- MYO's and whatnot

If you are looking to make your own Starshine, or get one custom made for you by staff, this is the place to go!

HM Custom Prices

HM Customs can be made by any artist or yourself!

  • Basic HM Custom --- All common traits : 3 HM
  • Uncommon HM Custom --- One uncommon trait: 5 HM
  • Unlimited Uncommon HM Custom --- Unlimited Uncommon and Below Traits: 10 HM
  • Rare HM Custom --- One rare trait, unlimited below trait: 15 HM
  • Advanced Rare HM Custom -- Two rare traits, unlimited below traits: 25 HM

Paid Custom Prices

Want a easier way to get a custom without going through the nonsense of HM's? Here are the prices.

Ask about my DA! :)

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♥ shalusky’s adopts ♥
by shalusky @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:05 am Attachment(s) [Reply]

    so i really enjoy making adopts between commissions because it relieves allot of stress, and I decided to just.. make it a thing! (: they will be similar to the ones i did here and i’ll be making “litters” of 1-4 for people to bid/offer on!

    fun stuff!

    i will be mostly doing dogs, i love mixing up breeds so if you have any suggestions as to what breeds i should do let me know!

Maxy Max @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:06 am

Great Danes??
German Shepard’s
Pit bull Shiba mix!

(ωнιѕρєя) @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:07 am

    ha hello mark this up

LEEaboo @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:12 am

-Shiba inu

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otter customs based on this drawing by kkisgr8ter
by faithkk @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:41 am [Reply]

Hi! I am wanting to make some customs!

Minimum pay 1 chicken dollar or 1 recent rare

Code: Select all
Links to any pictures or inspiration (optional):
Any line edits:
Payment (trade or description)

. moonlight . @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:43 am

Username: . moonlight .
Links to any pictures or inspiration (optional):
Description/colors: anything natural! (:
Any line edits: your choice !!
Payment (trade or description) 1 C$ (:

faithkk @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:43 am


what is a lunar plyf?
lunar plyfs originate from titan, saturn's largest moon.
they are mostly found around the crater momoy, the name
coming from a goddess of magic, health, and healing. it is
no wonder they come from such a place, as it is believed
that plyfs have a sort of healing ability. when stroking their
fur, sparks and stardust are rumored to emit from the strands
of fur and land on the person stroking. these sparks enable
dopamines to flood through the person's brain and blood,
filling them with a sense of happiness and calmness. for this
reason, many people have tried to get their hands on one to
experiment with lunar plyf fur; ideas such as fur coats, rugs,
and gloves came to mind. however, they did not know that the
fur would still have to be alive and growing for the magic to work.
more about
lunar plyfs hardly ever feel hunger, or the need to eat. they feed
off of joy and good vibes. so long as someone around them is happy,
they will feel happy and full as well. they are incredibly oblivious
and gullible, and very driven by happiness. so, it is quite easy to
snag one of these bad boys as a pet to call your own. although, when
subjected to dangerous or harmful atmospheres, they can turn quite
hostile and defensive. like dogs, they act as empaths, and can feel
and understand the emotions of those around them. they will get very
isolated and tired, weighed down by negative feelings.

lemonade hands @ Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:57 am


- of course, obey all CS site rules
- this is a closed species. users are not permitted to create their own without a custom slot.
- selling or purchasing lunar plyfs is not permitted and will result in a ban.
- transfer out of the species must get approval from both the artist/creator and i.
- drama is absolutely not tolerated. this will result in a strike or ban.
- please do not mini-mod. any questions posted are assumed to be directed at staff only.
- you may not edit your plyf in any way without an edit item.

-as of right now any user may own up to 10 lunar plyfs.
-lunar plyfs may breed unlimited times, however any more than 3 times will require a breeding item.
-gender is not taken into account when breeding.
-please do not make any plyf-related topics without asking first. roleplays are fine.

-staff will receive one custom each month depending on activity
-artists are expected to create at least one plyf per week, please contact me for special instances.
-guest artists may create a maximum of 5 plyfs, after that they will be judged to become artists.
-moderators are expected to be active on each thread when questions or problems arise.
- light element ; common
    plyfs of the light element
    giveowners feelings of joy
    and optimism.
- love element ; common
    plyfs of the love element
    give owners feelings of
    being loved and hopefulness.
- amity element ; uncommon
    plyfs of the amity element
    are used to amend and
    create friendships.

- no edits ; standard
rarity traits can now be found here

none <3
#936356 - x

lemonade hands @ Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:59 am


lemonade hands

sketch/og. concept

guest artist
winter & fireflii

lemonade hands @ Sun Aug 19, 2018 4:00 am


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by FuzzyGrape @ Sat Sep 08, 2018 12:55 pm [Reply]

Adopt her!! just Fill out this form in the comments and I'll raffle you! Please Bump! ( not necessary but appreciated!!)

Number From 1 to 50:
Second choice of number:
Thank you for the chance!!
8 Frostfall
17 Maxy Max
40 Tjebb

FuzzyGrape @ Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:05 pm


Tjebb @ Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:10 pm

Number From 1 to 50: 40
Second choice of number: 20
Thank you for the chance!!

I don't know how to bump, SORRY. But, I left a like

Maxy Max @ Sat Sep 08, 2018 1:11 pm

Username: Maxy Max
Number From 1 to 50: 17
Second choice of number: 25
Thank you for the chance!!

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Brown Pupper || Auction
by CarnEvil @ Mon Sep 24, 2018 1:12 pm [Reply]

      h ello!
      i made some CLEAN lines under, so don't expect this to be the last adopt you see on this base,,
      you can mark this thread if you wanna see more adopts on this base i guess
      i might made it P2U once i fix up some things.

      simple enough, this doggo's ready for a home. only taking rares and C$.
      1 09 rare = 30C$
      2 '10 rares = 1 09 rare
      2 '11 rares = 1 '10 rare
      ect ect

      starting bid is 1 09 rare / 30 C$
      autobuy is a tier SEVEN advent pet / 8 09 rares / 240 C$
      if the autobuy doesn't get reached then the last bid after
      a ONE hour wait wins the adopt.

CarnEvil @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:40 am


CarnEvil @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:13 am


Hyensa @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 10:13 am


Meniks- Main Page based on this drawing by Fudge
by Fudge @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:15 am [Reply]

wip <3

do not post here

Free Cat Adopts based on this drawing by Cerulean Wake
by Oceanfosh @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:54 am [Reply]

My fourth cat adopt post. These are free, first come first serve.

Little less realistic on some of these.

#1 is a tabby with Siamese lilac point colors
#2 is a tortoiseshell mix
#3 is a Savannah cat, you decide the filial (F1, F2, F3, etc.)
#4 is an unrealistically colored tabby
#5 is an orange tabby
#5 is a melting ice cat

These were fun to make, but I ended up asking a friend for a few ideas! If you would like to get one of these cats, just say which number you would like to take, and add a "thank you" if you want. One cat per person. If/Once you get a cat, you can change it or do whatever with it. If people like this set of cats then I may make more. If you got a cat last time, you can adopt again, but it is still first come first serve. If you edit your post but another person asked for the cat you asked for after you edited your post first, you will keep the cat you got before you edited your post (if it wasn't taken).

Cats have 30 permanent teeth! If you would like, whether its in your post asking for a cat or after, you can link me to a place with some cat facts. Its time that I learn more about felines!

My previous cat adopt

#1 - Maxy Max
#2 - Giraffeti
#3 - TheLilLeopard
#4 - SakuraCherry
#5 - Fireclaw502
#6 - Erwin Smith

That should be all, if I miss anything I will just edit it in. Thank you for viewing my adopt post!

Giraffeti @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:55 am

    May I claim #2?

Oceanfosh @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:55 am

Giraffeti wrote:
    May I claim #2?

Yup! Two is yours!

Erwin Smith @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 5:55 am

May I claim 6?

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by _random_rainbow_ @ Tue Sep 25, 2018 7:02 am [Reply]



I really love this species, so I’m giving it a try. I’ve never done Oekaki before, but I’m down for learning.

Times don’t mean much. I experiment a lot and am doing this on mobile.







Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by! You might be wondering what the PPAA is.
The PPAA (or Double P Double A) is an adoption center focused on adopting out cats!
There are a number of ways you can get your paws on some of our cats.
You can adopt from our selection of cats for sale. Adoption fees range from 1 to 5 C$.
You can breed two cats together to get a litter. Breeding fees range from 1 to 5 C$.
You can request for a particular cat via customs. Basic custom fees range from 1 to 5 CS.
You can also go Treasure Hunting and try your luck at finding a stray cat!
Hunting also allows you the chance to find various items and Breeding or Custom Tokens!
Feel free to browse around and see everything that we have to offer here at the PPAA!

Lineart & designs (c) rainbowpanda101


rainbowpanda101 @ Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:39 am





They will only be open from 9/24 - 9/27 so get your forms in once a day!!!




none at this time


rainbowpanda101 @ Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:39 am



These cats are currently available for adoption!



rainbowpanda101 @ Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:39 am




--Do not steal any graphics used in this thread. Members will be reported if caught stealing.

--Do not steal any PPAA cats already owned by someone else. Members will be reported if caught stealing.

--Members should not whine if they did not get the cat they wanted. There are numerous ways to get cats!

--Members should not whine if there aren't any new cats available. The artist might just be busy.

--Cats from PPAA can have any gender identity or sexual preference, which is decided by whoever owns them.

--The lines and designs should always be credited to rainbowpanda101.


--Please respect everyone. Do not be rude to anyone, especially PPAA staff members.

--Do not spam. Take any chats to PM. Saying "mark" on the thread is allowed, of course.

--Do not mini-mod. Let the staff handle any misbehavior or answer any questions posted.

--Do not beg or try to bribe the staff for any reason. No one will get special privileges that way.

--Do not double post. Members should edit their last post if they need to. Put "EDIT" and add whatever new info is needed.


--Members can own an unlimited number of PPAA cats but should allow others to adopt if they have quite a few already.

--Members can trade, sell, or gift away any of the cats they have purchased from the PPAA. There are no restrictions on this.

--Members can advertise they are selling or trading cats once per page in the main thread.

--Do not beg others for gifts or anything else. If someone is not taking no for an answer, contact CS staff as needed.


--NEVER send a payment for anything PPAA-related until rainbowpanda101 tells you to!

--Payments for breedings and customs MUST be sent, ready to accept, before rainbowpanda101 will begin working.

--Payments for breedings and customs will never be accepted until AFTER the litter or customs are finished.


--Only cats designed by rainbowpanda101 on Cerulean Wake's lineart or the new lineart will be accepted for breedings.

--There is no restriction on gender during breeding. Any cats may breed, as long as they are not closely related.

--There is no restriction on how many times PPAA cats can breed.

--Members may request up to 2 breeding per breeding opening.

--When requesting a breeding, the cats must be owned by the member(s) requesting the breeding.

__- The only time this doesn't apply is if a member is breeding with a Tom or Queen from the Breeding section.

--Members may advertise they have cats open for breeding once per page of the nursery thread.

--Please take all breeding partner discussions to PM. Discussing it in the thread would be spam.

--Partners that are breeding together must BOTH post the breeding form in order to get a slot.

--Partners may split the cost of breeding. Discussion on who pays what must be done over PM.

__- If partners want 2 kittens, they get a discount and only have to pay 1 C$ each.

--Partners must discuss via private message what will happen to the kittens produced from their breedings.

__- Once a decision is reached, both partners must post on the threads of their kittens to announce the fate of their kittens.


--Customs will be created on the lineart by rainbowpanda101. No other linearts will be used.

--Members may request up to 3 customs per custom opening.

--If a cat photo is provided, a design will be made loosely off of it. Photos will NOT be directly copied.

--There is no restriction on how many custom PPAA cats a person can own.


--Members may only post to go hunting once per day while Treasure Hunting is open.

--Members should not whine if they do not find anything when hunting. Hunting is based on luck. Just keep trying!

--Any items or Tokens found during hunting will be placed in the Treasury.

--Random items can be exchanged for Tokens at any time. See the Treasury for the exchange rate.


Double P Double A has a 3 strikes policy. Members get 3 chances before being banned.
Strikes will have a time period. After a certain date, a strike will be removed.
However, if a member reaches three strikes before any of the strikes are removed, they will be banned.
If a member is banned for getting three strikes, they will be banned from PPAA for a minimum of 3 months.
Strikes are for minor rule breaking. Stealing or other large rule breaking will get members banned forever.
Please pay attention to the rules!





Banned members CANNOT:
- purchase PPAA cats
- breed PPAA cats
- purchase PPAA customs
- participate in Treasure Hunting

Banned members CAN:
- keep any PPAA cats they own at time of ban
- sell/trade/gift their PPAA cats


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Dulcet MYOs based on this drawing by reygankiwi
by reygankiwi @ Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:08 am [Reply]


Welcome to the Dulcet MYO and Custom center, where you can redeem your Crystals for a MYO or a Custom.
Please note that there is virtually no difference between a MYO and a custom; they cost exactly the same, and a MYO ticket can be used to get a custom from an artist. However, you can only get a 'custom' out of a myo ticket if an artist is open to do designs.

Bag of Sugar, Sugar Flower Bouquet, and Sugar Cookies can be redeemed to make your own Dulcet or you can use it to get a custom from a design admin. You can also have someone else design your Dulcet for you that isn't a design admin. All in all, this is where you get a Dulcet that you either make yourself or have someone else make for you.

If you need clarification, please ask.
Update 7/14/18]
By coloring in the Dulcet onto the base, or otherwise making your own Dulcet, you give us permission to upload your work with full credit onto the KiwiQween DeviantART account, which is used for archiving purposes.

reygankiwi @ Fri May 25, 2018 2:08 pm

How to Get A MYO / Custom

Here is a list of ways one can 'earn' or get a custom.

  • Purchase a 'bag of sugar', 'flower bouquet', or 'plate of cookies' for Crystals.
  • Purchase those same items for C$ or pets when there's a sales opening.

Right now, those are the only two ways to get them. Crystals are free and are earned via participation.

Once you have your custom item, you can ask to be added to the canvas to make it yourself.....

Code: Select all
[b] I want to make my own Dulcet![/b]
[b]Item using;[/b] (Bag of Sugar, Sugar Flower Bouquet, or Plate of Cookies. Choose ONE)
[b]Rarity Items Using;[/b] (Green Rock Candy, Purple Rock Candy. They stack)
[b]Traits Requested;[/b] Please keep the traits within the rarity allotted by your items.
[b]Extra Information;[/b] If you're wanting someone ELSE to be added to the canvas, include their name (in it's full entirety) here.

or you can request an artist to make it for you if their custom slots are open.

Code: Select all
[b]I want an artist to make my Dulcet![/b]
[b]Requested artist[/b]; Remember to only request an artist if they're open!
[b]Rarity Items Using;[/b] (Green Rock Candy, Purple Rock Candy. They stack)
[b]Traits Requested;[/b] Please keep the traits within the rarity allotted by your items.
[b]Extra Information;[/b] This should be where you tell the artist EXACTLY what you want. Artists are busy people and they don't have time to change everything for you. Details that aren't mentioned here won't get added, and you won't be able to demand the artist add them after the fact.

If you are making your own, an artist or approved MYO checker will come around and give you an ID# and approve or disapprove your Dulcet.

If you are receiving a custom, the artist will get you your ID for you and should add you to the canvas so you can have a copy of it in your Oekaki.

That concludes the process of getting a MYO/CUSTOM.

CrazyBarrelRacer @ Sat May 26, 2018 3:29 pm


krazykitty00 @ Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:25 pm

I want an artist to make my Dulcet!
Requested artist; reygankiwi
Rarity Items Using; N/A
Traits Requested; Unnatural Coloration; Hair Edits; Face Edits; Accessory Edit (if possible)
Extra Information; Palette
- E5FCFF is the color I was hoping for the coat or any similar whitish-blue color.
- D8E7FF is the color I want to be for the eyes.
- Them other three colors are up you how you use them. I wanted them as the accent/design colors.

-Tiger stripes along her body and legs but not to much
- I was hoping for a hairstyle similar to number 10 seen in this picture. It doesn't need be exact of course
-Expression Edit: Just a smile (Like this precious baby ;w;). Slightly more narrowed eyes if possibly?

Accessory (again- only if accessory is allowed)
-A six point star charm clip in her hair
-A white(or a close shade?) witch's hat

This dulcet is to be the older and/or twin sister of my Dulcet Lucinda. No real similarities need to occur (Minus the fact that Lucinda is leopard print and this dulcet will be tiger X3), but if it helps with inspiration than feel free to refer to her.

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Vil'deerian Hounds [Will-deer-ee-an]

Breeding Forms:
- need two parents
- can only be between a male and a female, for biological purposes
- LGBT+ couples can gain pups through adoption
- a pair can only have a pup once a month
- studs can breed multiple times

For two of your own

Code: Select all
[b]Mother:[/b] [link or number]
[b]Father:[/b] [link or number]

Between two people's hounds
- both owners have to post their respective half of the form, to show consent on both ends
Code: Select all
[b]Partner:[/b] [link to other parent]

Code: Select all
[b]Partner:[/b] [link to other parent]

- Atlas (savage coat)
Code: Select all
[b]Parent 1:[/b]
[b]Partner:[/b] [link to other parent]

Adoption Forms:
- can be a single parent adoption
- or two parents looking to adopt
- pups can be adopted by either straight or LGBT+ couples
- a pair/parent can only adopt once a month

For one, or a pair, of your own
Code: Select all
[b]Parent 1:[/b]
[b]Parent 2:[/b] [if applicable]

Between two people's hounds
- both owners have to post their respective half of the form, to show consent on both ends
Code: Select all
[b]Parent 1:[/b]
[b]Partner:[/b] [link to other parent]

Code: Select all
[b]Parent 2:[/b]
[b]Partner:[/b] [link to other parent]

Spiritstar3 @ Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:12 pm

Gonna do this real quick
Again: Only post one form at a time?))

Username: Spiritstar3
Parent 1: Kiseki-O
Parent 2: N/A

onelyrics pets @ Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:19 pm

LGBT? I'm sorry i seem to fail to catch up.

Spiritstar3 @ Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:29 pm


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