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★ || bird hooper 002 based on this drawing by .ppeachtea
by .ppeachtea @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:18 am [Reply]

    ok, so this happened jjnbkfmvlc
    i was going to upload it as a color in,
    so the drawing would be in the topic
    but guess what, i clicked the wrong
    place and here we are MBKGDMV
    i didn't want to loose all progress, so..

    oh, nvm jnfkvmkdc

    a festive hoop to celebrate christ
    mas! this is a very special hoop, hop
    e you guys like them! . . . . . . . . . .
    this time i'll be judging you effort on
    winning them
    ! i'll allow one extra per
    form, it can be writing OR art. pretti
    ng up is a boost! you can also add ex
    tra info, such as personality, gender..

      Code: Select all
      [b]roop name.[/b]

      traits; - reeinder bird??
      horns edits || rare
      fur edits (curly) || rare
      medium beak || uncommon
      mix of bird breeds || special
      light colors/natural || common
      standard bunny ears || common

ends in one week!
btw guys i just realized that their name
abbreviated is literally "hoop". welllll jdnkfv;;

Sylvy @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:22 am

username. Sylvy
roop name. Crimson

Rythrox @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:55 am

username. Rythrox
roop name. Roasted Nutmeg / Cinnamon Spice
extras. their favorite past-time

Michael's Fan. @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:17 pm




Tuidmas or Tuid (pronounced tw-id)
Twid is part of
a cockatoo's scientific name, and mas is for christmas!

extras ---v
Tends to scare people when they randomly sing!

≿————- ❈ ————-≾

Also part of the extra above!---v
🎀Twidmas loves singing ALL the time! 🎼 He wants to be a famous bird-singer sometime, and his favorite things to sing are..obviously christmas music! 🎄 His christmas-comfort foods are egg-nog w/ cinnamon, gingerbread, and candycanes in hot choco! ☕🍪


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Traits ++++++++++
Filling: 3/4s full. jelly glitter wax
no boba
x3 candle wicks
popping floating boba
poofy paw stickers

this bean is up for adoption!
give them a personality <3
Ends: 12/18/2018
Code: Select all

Gadgetrocks @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:45 pm

Username: Gadgetrocks
Name: Erin
Gender: Female
Personality: Erin is a skittish, sweet bean, living mainly to sit by the fire and read a good book rather then do anything else. She absolutely loved fantasty, and finds the topic of dragons intriguing, as well as wishing they were real. She is very shy, but she wants to to people pretty fast. She's also a avid artist, and loves to design and create fantasy costumes, so her Halloween outfits are always pretty top notch.

Liquitties Adopts based on this drawing by Gothamitez
by Disreputable @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 9:29 pm [Reply]

Just how do cats make it through such small places? Through the couch? Under the door? It’s like...their insides are made of liquid
Scientists from around the globe have worked together into solving this very mystery and the answer shocked the global community; they are made of liquid

Liquitties was the clever name given to these type of cats. You see not all cats possess such qualities, so they are considered their own (closed) species. The name was the play on words of “Liquid” and “Kitties.”


Liquitties are a free adoption based system.
I will only make them at a pace that keeps me from getting stressed so they may take a while to come out. Please be patient with me >•<.

As stated Liquitties are a closed species! Meaning don’t copy the concept of a cat with a tube body.

Traits/about Liquitties

-Liquitties have NO rarities! They’re simply made to be adorable uwu.

-Liquitties come in all shapes and sizes. They can have stubby tails, fluff, folded ears, and more!

-Scientists are amazed about the colour variation of these animals! They have been observed to be any colour known to the human eye.

-The liquid itself is unique for each Liquitten. They range from sodas to tea or smoothies.

-Liquitties have so far not been known to breed. Unfortunately there will be no breeding yet of these species. We’ll have our scientists work on it if these get loved up by the community.

-With that we also do not gene mutate these Liquitties. Meaning that we do not do customs as of now. We are still waiting for some paperwork to go through and to get approved. Turns out gene mutation is a touchy subject.

Forum/Species Rules

Adopt/Readopt Rules:
•After bought from the lab, Liquitties may not be sold for art, CS pets, DA points or any other currencies. The only time this is acceptable is when a Liquitten is made by me and it is an auction based adopt.

•You may trade one Liquitten for another though. This will be up for users to decide how to handle these trades.

•Users may readopt a Liquitten but it cannot be for currency. It must be a giveaway. You may also gift Liquitties.

•Using these lines (somehow) without permission of me (the staff) is strictly prohibited.

•You are not allowed to edit your adopted Liquittens at all. I will provide a clear background image to just clear the risk of misuse.

•There is no limit to how many you can have!

Forum Rules:
•Please do not spam the forums. Feel free to mark it once and continue only with valid reasons to post please!

•Please don’t post more than once a page unless you are in part of a conversation going on.

•Please refrain from starting arguments. If I see a user start an argument they will have a strike.

•Three strikes= a ban. A ban means you may no longer adopt Liquitties or participate in forum activities which would be sad so don’t misbehave.



Disreputable @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:26 pm

-Maple Manokit
-gentle. wav

Owner/Mad Scientist:

-Main lines by Gothamitez
-Offspring lines by Disreputable
-Alternate lines by WafflesTheCat
-Alternate lines by gentle .wav

Forum Related Work:
-Text header is by Picture to People
-Coding is by Disreputable

Disreputable @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:57 pm

✘=Strike! If you have three bans or ✘s then you are no longer allowed to adopt are participate in Liquitties and their activities


Disreputable @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 10:58 pm


Code: Select all

Made by Disreputable

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𝒟𝒾𝓇𝑒𝒸𝑜𝓇𝓃 𝒜𝒹𝑜𝓅𝓉𝓈
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What are Direcorns?
Direcorns are a mystical race of canine like creature that are part unicorn!
Uniwolves are normally very shy and keep to themselves, it is very rare to see them. With paws up front and hooves in the back these little guys are some of the fastest runners.
The small horns on the backs of their leg are used for protection, and marking their territory.
Direcorns are said to have magical powers such as teleport or being able to levitate and some of the rarer, more elusive ones are said to have wings!
These fluffy creatures are very cuddly & friendly and once their trust is own they are actually very happy creatures.


𝑅𝒶𝓇𝒾𝓉𝓎 𝒢𝓊𝒾𝒹𝑒

Teeth, Claws

Hair edits, Backmane edits, Custom Tails, Custom Tongue, Sclera Color, Heterochromia

Fur Edits, Custom Ears, Custom Pupil, Colourful Blood, horn edits

Extra/Missing Eyes (maximum of six eyes total), Extra Limbs (up to six total), Missing Limbs (up to two total), Body shimmers/glow, Multiple Tails (Max of 4) Munchkin or Reverse Munchkin, Non functional wings (small, can't be attatched to body),No Tail, unusual horns (something unlike a regular unicorn horn)

Functional Wings (Max of 4), Gem growth, Gem Horn, Multiple Heads, Extra Ears, Multiple Halos, More than Six Limbs (maximum of eight), Exposed Bone, Gene Splicing (with approval only)
Illegal Traits:
No horns, Horns on the Body, Limbs in odd places

Non-Rarity Traits:
Weight edits, Expression Edits

Lexxa_Astral @ Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:25 pm

~~General Rules~~
•Uniwolves are a closed species. Only staff are allowed to make an adoptable
•Uniwolves can be traded for other Uniwolves
•Purchasing a Uniwolf for DA points or real currency is prohibited
•Respect all staff members and artists
•Respect the community memebers. Don't whine, complain and/or threaten a staff or community member if you don't win an adopt
•Transferring a Uniwolf out is species has to be done with the species owner's permission

~~Limits And Cooldowns~~
• Users are allowed to own an unlimited number of Uniwolves, but may only obtain 5 main adopts/runner ups per month. This doesn't apply to customs or nursery batches
•A user can trade a Uniwolf once every 2 weeks
•Users can gift a Uniwolf twice every 2 weeks.
•A user must own a Uniwolf for 1 week before gifting, trading or breeding it.
•Pups can be grown 2 weeks after being posted, and can be bred 1 week after their growth was approved.
•Users must wait 1 week after the nursery batch was posted before requesting another breeding

•Uniwolves can breed regardless of gender
•Uniwolves can have up to 3 parents in a breeding
•Breedings can have up to 4 pups (Randomly rolled)
•Breedings that contain incest (Parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts/uncles etc) are not permitted
•Breedings that involve kits are not permitted
•Uniwolves can breed up to 4 times in their life
•Nursery artists openings will be held on the thread publically. You may not pm artists about slots.

~~Staff & Artist Rules~~
•Artists may make adopts for anything other than currency (This excludes event item adopts; each artist can make 2 per event)
•Staff may not take bribes/payment for adopts or nursery slots.
•Uniwolves may not have their muzzles edited
•Artists must make a minimum of 2 adopts per month
•Guest artists must make a minumum of 2 adopts during their 1 month trial; none of them can be FCFS adopts
•At the end of the month, active staff receive 1 rare trait custom ticket, while guest artists receive 1 uncommon custom ticket, hired or not

Lexxa_Astral @ Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:26 pm



𝒩𝓊𝓇𝓈𝑒𝓇𝓎 𝒜𝓇𝓉𝒾𝓈𝓉𝓈

𝒢𝓊𝑒𝓈𝓉 𝒜𝓇𝓉𝒾𝓈𝓉𝓈



Staff Applications Are Open!

Please PM me the follong forms! Please note that there will be a discord server. It's not required, but highly recommended that you have it.

Code: Select all
[center]I wanna be an Archivist![/center]
[b]Why you want to be an Archivist:[/b]
[b]Have you worked with other species?:[/b]
[b]Are you able to use Google Sheets?:[/b]
[b]Do you have Discord:[/b]

Code: Select all
[center]I wanna be a Moderator![/center]
[b]Why you want to be a Moderator:[/b]
[b]Have you worked with other species?:[/b]
[b]Do you have Discord:[/b]

Lexxa_Astral @ Wed Nov 07, 2018 12:27 pm

Made by viper

Code: Select all

Code: Select all

If you want to be an affiliare, please PM me!

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Pup adopts based on this drawing by Tealea
by Captain Vickery @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 6:01 am [Reply]

I was bored out of my mind. Have some adoptables.
Not first come first serve.

you can do whatever you want with the form, just have fun.
this ends on december 18th.

by entering, you agree that if you win, you may not sell the adoptable/use it for profit. But, you can gift it away, or do anything else you want with it.

1. mine


Code: Select all
[b]wanted pup:[/b]

[b][u]profile[/u][/b] (of the pup)
[b]anything else:[/b]

ArtisticDragon531 @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:06 am


Starred @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:39 am

username: Starred
wanted pup: 3

profile (of the pup)
name: Yarina, “Peaceful”
gender: Female
personality: Gentle, Quiet. Seems to bring a sense of peace to anyone around her!
anything else: Thanks for the chance!

WildKiwi @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 10:15 am

username: WildKiwi
wanted pup: 3

profile (of the pup)
gender: male
anything else:


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The Fish Pond v.1 (wip) based on this drawing by Darrow
by Darrow @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:49 pm [Reply]


News & Plans
- create breeding/splices
- gene scrolls? (from runner ups?)
-create levels?
possibly create standard lines/beginner fish

Welcome to our fantasy underwater world.
The main idea of the Fish Pond is to show you the wonders that are know as fish, but with a twist.
Fish when bred can be spliced, and can create whole new species.
You can create a school of fish, and develop a whole story.
They are many things you can do and stories waiting to happen if you give it a shot.

Darrow wrote:
You gaze down into the murky water, the flash of brightly coloured scales appears every few seconds. The water ripples each time a fish breaks the surface, sending waves to splash against the grey rocks that surround the small pond. You crouch down lower, trying to see your way through the watery haze. You notice a few koi, swimming gracefully around, their scales showing an array of colours. A few small fish weave their way between the koi here and there, their colours equally as beautiful. You marvel in amazement, looking harder to see what other types of fish you will find...

All of CS/Tess's rules apply.

Please respect all of our staff, artist and fellow community members.

Please don't minimod.

All of the fish must have realistic designs (things that cannot be bred/spliced onto a fish).

You can adopt as many fish from the fish pond as you'd like.

If you have anymore questions/concerns please PM me.

I am now looking of guest artists! Fill out the application and either post it here, or PM me! I'll PM you with more details if you're accepted.
Code: Select all
[b]Guest Artist Application[/b]
A little about yourself!:
Examples of Previous designs/drawings:
Previous experience with adoptables?:
Would you be interested in a full time position?:

heavy wip! feel free to mark!

.serval @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:51 pm


Lokisaurus @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 2:55 pm

i like

.Earl Gray. @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:27 pm


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The Fish Pond - #1 Koi based on this drawing by Darrow
by Darrow @ Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:43 pm [Reply]

You gaze down into the murky water, the flash of brightly coloured scales appears every few seconds. The water ripples each time a fish breaks the surface, sending waves to splash against the grey rocks that surround the small pond. You crouch down lower, trying to see your way through the watery haze. You notice a few koi, swimming gracefully around, their scales showing an array of colours. A few small fish weave their way between the koi here and there, their colours equally as beautiful. You marvel in amazement, looking harder to see what other types of fish you will find...

Out swim two koi siblings, their colours complete opposites, but yet they swim so gracefully together.

First batch! I'm super excited for this. Obviously, it'll be a bit slow until I get some artists to help me out!
Fill out the forum below to enter, please only enter for one fish! Prettying up is allowed, but not necessary.

Code: Select all
 Which Fish? :
Interesting koi fact:

Ends Wednesday, December 12th

CompleteChicken @ Tue Dec 04, 2018 2:52 pm

Which Fish? : 1
Username: CompleteChicken
Name: Hyacinth
Interesting koi fact: A koi named Hanako once lived to be 226 years old

Muffin_Wolf @ Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:10 pm

Which Fish? : 2
Username: Muffin_Wolf
Name: Iok (ee-oc)
Interesting koi fact: It is said that koi bring fortune, peace, and luck.

Darrow @ Thu Dec 06, 2018 8:13 am


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Micki's Adopts based on this drawing by Tealea
by Micki. @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:07 pm [Reply]

    some will be on tealea lines, others on my own lines, and some will be custom lined <3

    most won't be for sale for CS things, at least not for the time being - my guinea pig is sick again and I'm a broke college kid who has already used almost all of their funds paying for her first vet visit, so I'll be mostly selling these on dA and lioden ! might have some that are for sale for CS things (probably C$ and some list pets), though, who knows

    also there are some adopts and things that I've been working on under these lmao, didn't take that long to do the cover.

FloofPoofFoox @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:09 pm


shadow flit #202 based on this drawing by SkyGold
by 9TailedFox @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:40 pm [Reply]

WHAT IS A FLIT? wrote:Shadow Flitz (Singular; Shadow Flit) are a long bodies species that have long since lost their hind legs, tail, and eyes to the power of the shadow and have replaced them with mold-able wispy appendages. these large, friendly beasts have been recently tamed to be ridden by humans and anthros alike. They have large, wide front paws, long pointed ears, and short, smooth fur. They can be naturally found in dark caves, wetlands, or thick forests. however have also been spotted in pastures while hunting. They are carnivores- meaning they are only meant to eat meat and they often prey on birds, deer, rodents, and bats.

alien kiddo. i'll be raffling this kid, to enter fill out the form below, don't worry about #s. ends december 14th.

Code: Select all
username :
name :
gender :
voltron (legendary defender) gif :

trait list :
mouth edits - uc
small horns - uc
medium length hair - uc
saber teeth - r
antenae - r

maple soda @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:45 pm

username : maple soda
name : Jupiter
gender : Male
voltron (legendary defender) gif : Image

JessKnight @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:47 pm



Trans Boy

Black Paladin Lance FTW-

K-9-Dog @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:04 pm

username : K-9-Dog
name : Lance
gender : Male
voltron (legendary defender) gif : Image

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Beanie Pals?
Beanies for short are about 6ft long and stand as
tall as a medium size dog. The smallest they can get is a size
of a house cat. Beanies are very social able and like to be
around their own kind. If your able to get one as a pet they would
love to sit on your shoulder, they are loyal
and will barely never leave your side.
Their charm is a button on their checks,
that charm can be almost any type of shape.
They are know to collect buttons too.

So watch your buttons or they might get stolen!

To win this beanie, a quick image comp!! Ends at the top of page 2 or in 24 hours, whichever comes first.

Code: Select all
[center][b]username;[/b] here
[b]beanie name;[/b] here
[b]picture;[/b] here[/center]

mrs. spaghetti @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 7:54 am


mrs. spaghetti @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:12 am


redwolf466 @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:28 am

username; Redwolf466
beanie name; Sunset

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Illiae Maus -- Main page based on this drawing by Inkiing
by jennfreckles @ Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:26 am [Reply]

art by: Naymo



Illiae Mau
[ii-le-aye maoo]

Due to a Space exploration by the Saturn-0 team, a new planet was discovered.
Dis-Opia-5kd187 is located approximately 48,000 light-years away from earth but recent technological upgrades allow the trip to be made within a month of earthly time.
Saturn-0 once on the planet, made notes and recorded logs about their findings.
Dis-Opia-5kd187 is a planet with little to no animal life and is dropping steadily.
In an attempt to preserve the planets ecosystem many native species are being watched and catered to. Along with the rest of the planet's animals Illiae Maus were discovered to be the apex predator.
Illiae are large lion-like mammals with a large muscle mass. They stand on all fours and seem incapable of standing bi-pedal. In comparison to a human an average Illiae stands as tall as an adult male's shoulder.
[roughly the size of a Polar bear]
It has been found that Illiae are easy to tame and can be bred to be domesticated.
Being as strong as the species is, they are now adopted out and used as guard animals.
Illiae are carnivorous and eat anything from elephants to small fish, they tend to hunt in packs of 3-6.
Illiae are social and like to live in large groups, they are even capable of choosing and playing roles and jobs.
Other facts:
Illiae are capable of swimming in calm waters
they do NOT hibernate
they are very strong, enough so that 2 could take down an elephant

jennfreckles @ Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:26 am

Illiae Maus come from the planet named Dis-Opia-5kd187
Named by the first group of space travelers that landed there. [well... partially... really the only thing they had to do with it was the 'Opia' part....]

Planet Dis-Opia-5kd187 seems to be a planet with very little animal life on it.
Discovered Biomes of planet Dis-Opia-5kd187:

Spiderweb Forest- A large overground biome, it seems to be the favorite of Illiae Maus.
The spiderweb forest was named after the black trees that twist and turn creating a web-like appearance.
The forest seems to have a constant black fog that obscures one's eyesight, the only way you can tell which way is up is the brighly colored tan grass.
Affects: Many of the Illiae found here are of Standard, Common and Scarce rarities

Trench Plains- A strange semi-flat biome, the only life that can be seen is some short orange colored grass.
The entire biome has large straight trenches carved into the land. It's very rare to find any life in this area but why?
Affects: Many of the Illiae found here are of Standard and Common rarities

The Claws- a narrow strip of land separating the Trench Plains from The Canyon.
The land is extremely flat and covered with healthy looking grass and the occasional bush. It got it's name from the large claw-like rocks facing up towards the sun. This spot is great for sun-bathing animals.
Affects: Many of the Illiae found here are of Standard rarity though it's rumored that Mythical rarities can be seen laying on the tips of the rocks.

The Canyon- a typical canyon-like biome. Nothing too special about it but rare Illiae are found here.
A Canyon with steep walls and a dusty ground.
Affects: Many of the Illiae found here are of Scarce and Rare rarities


Code: Select all

jennfreckles @ Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:27 am

Closed species
A non-staff user CAN NOT create their own unless it is an approved MYO. [make your own]
Do not post forms after the adopt is already won
Every adopt in this species will be a FCFS. If a winner has already been announced we don't want any more forms.
On occasion a FCFS form will not be valid [like it has been edited or it's unfinished, etc.] just in case this occurs feel free to post your form if the winner hasn't been picked yet!
Do not attempt to blackmail/persuade staff
Any private message or little extra note on your form saying something along the lines of "please i want this adopt" will NOT get you the Illiae Mau, in fact it might disqualify you entirely.
Editing a form after the competition closes...
If you wish to remove your form or edit it in any way that's fine but it's preferred that you don't.
If typos are made in your form it won't disqualify you, if you wanna correct it later just simply contact the artist/ or whoever declared the winner/ and tell them what you need changed.
Now, this isn't invitation to just spam nonsense and post a form as quick as possible. Please try to play fair when winning an adopt!
Do NOT post forms for customs/breedings/etc. unless an artist has a slot open.
Honestly cannot stress this enough... if an artist doesn't have a slot open all you're doing is clogging up the posts.
Please be nice, even if they are asking you about your Illiae...
Trading/selling your Illiae is allowed, so if someone asks you about selling it to them please don't respond with "NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS" or something else along those lines... all you have to do is say no to them.
Do not harass or 'bug' others
If someone says no to selling/trading their Illiae then accept it. If you keep bugging them about it they have the ability to report you to staff and you could get banned from the species.
Trading/selling requires proof of both users participating.
If you don't have proof of everyone accepting the trade, then you can't trade.
You can't transfer designs in or out of the species.
Anything that looks similar to another character will get caught by CS mods... so don't copy.
No spam/advertisements please
This one's self explanatory.
All questions are to be answered by staff only and if there is a question/problem contact a member of staff directly.
Also self explanatory...
Do NOT edit lines, if you want changes made contact an artist.
You are not allowed to edit your Illiaes' lines, any changes are to be made by staff only!!

Owner info:

Non-staff can own up to 10 Illiae Mau[s] without buying more slots
Staff can own up to 15 Illiae Mau[s] without buying more slots

[if a non-staff owner gets accepted onto staff then any extra slots they bought will be added onto their 15 Mau limit]
[if a staff member gets kicked from their staff position any extra slots they bought will be added to their 10 Mau limit and if they own more than they are allowed to own then they have 1 week [7 days] to reduce the number of Mau they own to the correct number.]
All Illiae Mau[s] MUST have a name, one of 2 sexes [Male or Female], and a personality.

How to adopt an Illiae:
All Illiae will be released in batches called 'expeditions'
All expeditions are scheduled so visit the schedule page to see when and where a desired expedition is happening.
Once you've set your sights on an expedition set a reminder for yourself on the date and time that the expedition is set for.
If you catch an expedition all you have to do is be the first person to post a form to adopt an Illiae due to the fact all Illiae adopts are First Come First Serve.
[read more on the main page to learn about expeditions and when they are coming][or click this link to jump to the expedition schedule]

Illiae Mau adopts have a currency called "Credits"
These can be won on the discord server's raffles/giveaways, during events, bought with pets/Cs$, etc.

jennfreckles @ Fri Nov 09, 2018 5:27 am

~none yet~
Legolas The Elf

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Beanie Pals?
Called Beanies for short, they're are about 6ft long and stand as
tall as a medium size dog. The smallest they can get is the size
of a house cat. Beanies are very sociable and like to be
around their own kind. If you're able to get one as a pet, they would
love to sit on your shoulder, they are loyal
and will barely ever leave your side.
Their charm is a button on their checks,
that charm can be almost any type of shape.
They are known to collect buttons too.

So watch your buttons or they might get stolen!

Hi there! Welcome to my first adopt as a Beanie Pal artist! This little guy is themed after a christmas tree, in the holiday spirit<3
This will be a simple raffle, and I'll be using a random-number generator to determine the winner! Just fill out the form below, and be sure to not remove the code word!!
Code: Select all
[center][b][u]username:[/u][/b] here
[b][u]beanie pal name:[/u][/b] here
[b][u]number:[/u][/b] (first person 1, second 2, etc)
[size=5][b][u]codeword: pink brazil[/u][/b][/size][/center]

Edit; Also, this ends on the seventeenth!

Starred @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:56 am

username: Starred
beanie pal name: Orno
number: 1
codeword: pink brazil

Dancing.cinnamon~ @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 5:58 am

username: Dancing.cinnamon~
beanie pal name: Beaniez
number: 2
codeword: pink brazil

PinkAngel @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:13 am

username: PinkAngel
beanie pal name: Donner
number: 3
codeword: pink brazil

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Kalon Nursery V.3 based on this drawing by Karmel
by Karmel @ Thu May 24, 2018 3:31 pm Attachment(s) [Reply]

nursery | growths + transfers | customs | artist search | nursery artist search | archive | customs archive
fanclub | announcements | tumblr | kalon myos | edit shop | suggestion thread | bank

Welcome to the Kalon Nursery!

The nursery is where little kits are born.
When an artist posts that they have open slots you may request that Kalons become parents of their own kits!
Occasionally, you may even find orphaned kits in need of a home.


    ◤--- Image

    • Please do not mark this topic more than once or post anything other than your ticket as it is considered spam or bumping.

    • Kalons can be any romantic or sexual orientation and have as many relationships as they'd like.

    • Kalons can breed with one or two other Kalons, regardless of gender, so long as the other owner(s) condone the breeding.

    • Kalons may breed a maximum of three times during their lifespan. The mate does not have to be the same in every breeding.

    • One breeding will result in 1-4 kits (number randomly rolled).

    • Incestuous relationships and relationships involving kits with adults are not allowed. You may not look for breeding/adult romantic partners for your kit until they have been grown and approved by staff; this includes kits that are "ready to be grown" or have a "growth in progress."

    • Users may not PM artists about obtaining breeding slots. Breeding slots will remain public so everyone has a fair chance at obtaining the slot. Proof of user and/or artist sidestepping this rule will result in a strike.

    • Users may not switch nursery artists for two weeks after they send in their breeding ticket/reserve a slot, unless the artist cancels their open slots. If switching nursery artists after two weeks, users must provide proof that they gave a day's notice to the initial artist that they would be switching, and then wait at least one day before switching to a new artist.

    • Batches involving Legendary traits must be rolled for via live stream.

    • All breeding based items must be on the ticket when posting.

    • Users must wait one week after obtaining a new Kalon before they can breed it.

    • Users must wait three weeks after breeding any of their Kalons before they can request another batch. This cooldown starts when the ticket was accepted by the artist, not when the batch was posted.

    • Kits can be grown three weeks after their batch was posted.

    • Editing will disqualify your ticket in raffles/first-come-first-served slots. By extent, double posting to edit your first incorrect form will also invalidate your ticket.

    • Your form may not specify more or less weight.


    ◤--- Image

    Code: Select all
    Artist: (required, must have an open slot)

    Owner #1: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so)
    Owner #2: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so, & proof of approval required)
    Owner #3: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so, & proof of approval required)

    Parent #1: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread)
    Parent #1 Hex Codes:
    Parent #1 Edits:
    Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)

    Parent #2: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread)
    Parent #2 Hex Codes:
    Parent #2 Edits:
    Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)

    Parent #3: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if applicable)
    Parent #3 Hex Codes: (if applicable)
    Parent #3 Edits:
    Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)

    Roll for Weight Edits: (yes/no)


Species banner art by PrismicPuppy @ DA

riddlestyx @ Thu May 24, 2018 3:32 pm


katzuvo @ Thu May 24, 2018 3:33 pm


Schnuffel Bunny @ Thu May 24, 2018 3:33 pm

mark! ;A; beautiful lines Kar.

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what is unrest? wrote:Welcome, traveler. Rest your paws.

Unrest is a canine and feline simplified D&D arpg set in a fantasy world. Canines and felines here are semi-realistic!
Here, users can create a family or bracket of canines and felines to fit in to the kingdom of Eleria. This kingdom is as narrow or as open as you want it to be- complete with magic users who can control the elements. You can either fit your characters into one of the existing houses created and available for you, ranging from a medieval house to a high technology house, or decide to stray onto your own path.
In Eleria, you can develop characters and create your own brackets, do quests and activities, and level up your character with D&D based stats and rolling system. You can use coins earned by your efforts to buy items to buff up your characters or make them look even prettier. In this world, the sky is the limit!

However, some things are not as they seem...

Trouble is coming. Will you go with the flow, or will you cause unrest?

crim. @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:58 am

These are the guidelines and rules you must abide by when adopting a character from Unrest. By posting on Unrest threads, owning a character, or attempting to obtain one, you automatically agree to these.

Community Rules wrote:▪ Follow all of the CS site rules, even on discord; we will enforce them or have CS staff enforce them
▪ Respect others and treat everyone with kindness, especially Unrest moderators
    Do not fight with members outside of character. If you have a personal issue with a user, simply block them and talk to a moderator or admin about the situation
    Any issues are to be messaged to the moderators or admins. If it is an issue where CS staff must be involved, then please contact us and we will help you contact staff to discuss the issue
    Keep personal drama outside of the group. If you need to talk to someone, always feel free to contact a moderator! Please note that if you bring drama into the group, if this drama turns into a fight, then the users involved will receive an official warning or strike (based on severity)
▪ Do not claim an Unrest character that is not yours to claim
▪ Do not impersonate staff, nor ask to be staff unless applications are open
▪ Do not spam any of the threads or they may become locked
▪ Guilt tripping or complaining about not winning an Unrest character is not tolerated
▪ If you are uncomfortable with a range of people, such as people of different genders, religions, and sexuality, then this group may not be for you. Don't join just to cause trouble!
▪ Unrest characters can be reclaimed by staff

Rules for the ARPG wrote:▪ Having some form of website or separate thread for your Unrest characters is required
    This website/thread/etc must ONLY have official Unrest characters on it, not regular oc's
    You may have separate threads for different families/GROUPS NAME
▪ Characters in Unrest are your responsibility. Be sure to keep track of your character's statistics, currency, items, etc. The easiest way to do this is make a post with your characters information and keep track of it there
    These trackers should have proof of things gained, preferably through links
    Unrest staff are not responsible for archiving this information, but we will check from time to time to make sure it is accurate
▪ You may own as many Unrest characters as you can handle, but do not adopt them just to give them away or use as a breeder
▪ Feel free to gift or trade your Unrest character, BUT you (the original owner) must post the new user on the characters page
▪ While there are no activity checks for non-staff, activity is rewarded, so it is encouraged you participate, especially in events!
▪ Characters should be unique to Unrest! They may be inspired by other media, but cannot be similar to other characters, including the typical "mary sue" or "gary sue" characters
▪ Do not join Unrest with the intention of using the character elsewhere. If you want to use your character outside of Unrest, you cannot use the official Unrest reference

Staff Rules wrote:▪ Staff rules will be given to staff on the basis of what their position in Unrest is


If these rules are broken, Unrest staff are allowed to hand out warnings, strikes, or bans depending on the severity.

Warnings wrote:Warnings: These are just sort of an alert. Warnings can be informal, and formal. An informal warning is just a friendly reminder of a rule; an example being if someone curses on accident, and a mod reminds you of the rules. Informal warnings don't count against you; an example of a formal warning is if you're repeatedly cursing, intentional or not. It will be clear if a warning is formal or informal. If you continue the behaviour after a formal warning, then it will lead up to a strike.

Strikes wrote:Strike: A strike is when a warning is repeatedly ignored, or a serious rule is broken, like altering an Unrest design without permission. Generally speaking, it is three strikes for a ban; but if another strike is given towards the same offense, it may lead to a ban.

Bans wrote:Ban: There are two types of bans; temporary and permanent. A temporary ban is when you're prohibited from interacting with Unrest for a certain period of time; the ban depends on the offense. An example is a temporary day ban, where if you're being rude to a user publicly and not stopping, we might have you take a break from the discord to cool down. A permanent ban is where you're permanently banned from Unrest, an example being due to stealing other Unrest characters and disrespecting everyone. Permanent bans are handed out in special cases, as a temporary ban is more preferred over a permanent. Permanent bans are on a case by case basis, and unless being very severe, will be discussed among staff.

If the reason is extreme, warnings and strikes may be skipped; this is in rare cases only.

crim. @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:58 am

Staff are users who have dedicated their time to Unrest in one way or another! Please treat them with respect and be aware of who are staff and who are not (so that users cannot impersonate a staff member).


howdy there! I'm crim, the maker of unrest! I'm a college student, so most of my free time is either studying, playing video games, or drawing. I used to spend a lot of my time moderating and being an artist on cs so I have approximate knowledge of random things. I have a passion for D&D and I've been playing way too much RDR2 recently. I love worldbuilding and character development, so always feel free to hit me up! I'm best contacted on discord, and you can contact me with any comments/concerns/questions you may ever have!

Hello, I’m Jayustea! You can call me Jay, Jayus, Tea, or whatever else you’d like. I go by she/her or he/him pronouns, and I’m pretty much the most boring person you’d ever meet. I like writing, exotic animals, and being gay. Feel free to PM me if you ever need to talk!

Moderator wrote:Moderators are just another aspect of Unrest that help the other staff out by letting them focus on their jobs. Moderators keep an eye on Unrest, both through the forums on cs and on discord. Moderators will have the most difficult job out of all the staff, as they are required to monitor Unrest threads and the discord, help out members, solve any disputes, and occasionally help run things.

The main job of the moderator is to monitor the community and assist users, be it with questions or disputes. They are also here to make sure rules are being followed and not broken. This being said, moderators should have a good idea of how to make decisions, and know when they can handle an issue themselves or when other moderators/staff team is needed, or if the issue needs to be escalated to admins. Moderators should know when they're in over their heads and need to contact the appropriate leadership.

Moderators are also able to take care of rolling abilities if none of the rollers are available, and can help judge adopts if an artist needs help.

Moderators should have activity in the community, both on chickensmoothie and discord. Moderators should be a positive force in the community, remaining approachable. The job of a moderator is to keep people safe and keep things in order, not foster negativity, so it is important moderators have patience and understanding. You should be an encouragement to users of the community, not someone they are afraid of.

Moderator jobs include:
- Activity on the chickensmoothie forums and discord
    Part of this is knowing when you need a break
- Remain patient and understanding when handling issues
- Monitor the community and assist users as necessary
- Judging adopts if an artist needs help
- Keeping private information private; only staff should know about issues, not the whole community
- Remaining as unbiased as possible

Being a moderator is a time consuming but rewarding job. Moderators are considered the first line of the defense for the community, as you handle any rules being broken. Because of this nature, the staff at Unrest want to make sure all moderators are properly suited for the community. Anyone hired as a moderator will become a trial moderator for a month to see how they interact with the community. Moderators will receive staff perks just like everyone else.

The moderator application is unique in that there are two parts. By submitting this form below, you are completing the first part. The second part has questions that must be answered within a day of the second part being sent. Two days may be allowed in circumstances where I am late in responding to the message, but this will be specified in the message I send.

In case anything is not clear, always feel free to message me for questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries! I, crim., will be the one running the moderator applications so application concerns must be run by me.

If everything is good, then message me the form below, either on discord or though cs!

Code: Select all
    Username ;;
    How often are you online ;; (include hours and time zone)
    Are you on the community discord ;;
    Do you have past experience ;;
    Who will be recommending you ;;
    Why would you like this position ;;
    What would you contribute to the staff team ;;
    Do you agree and understand all the requirements above ;;
    Any additional information / other ;;

Micki. - Moderator and Ghost Artist
information about micki here
we'll get to it one day
one day soon

Roller wrote:One main part of Unrest is the idea of D&D mechanics, as well as the ideas of activities. There are two aspects to being a roller. Pretty much this job is just rolling numbers through for users and posting the results, and responding to posts to give people coins and experience. This is a fairly straight-forward and easy job to do! The most difficult part about this is just taking the time aside to do the rolls.
Number parameters (what people have to roll for an outcome) will already be made based on the activity and given before so you do not need to worry about coming up with the percentages yourself.
Handing out coins and experience is easy: you simply categorize the art (headshot, fullbody, background, etc) and simply hand out the coins/experience associated with what that art piece is.
Rollers are considered another part of staff and are able to claim their staff perks just like any other staff member!

Your job will include:
- Rolling outcomes for activities
- Handing out coins and experience (categorizing art/literature)
- Talking with other rollers to decide who will respond to people at that time
- Working with members to correct any mathematical mistakes

You will not be required to interact with the community or staff often, but you will have to be open to members contacting you about mistakes, and be comfortable talking to other rollers so that multiple people don't work on the same post at once!
You will have to respond to people on chickensmoothie, so you must be comfortable posting on here with outcomes/results!
You are recommended to join the discord to communicate with other rollers, but if you are able to work out an alternate system with rollers I am totally fine with that!

This is a good way to get involved with Unrest if you like coming up with ideas for prompts and like a job that is set out for you, and only requires some time and communication.

For any questions, comments, concerns, or inquiries please pm me. Otherwise, you may either post OR pm me the form below. I will choose the person whom I feel is the best fit for the position, so there is no "deadline". There will be multiple people for this position, so don't worry about competing with people for just one position!

I will be more than happy to help you also learn how to use the rolling system as well!
Code: Select all
    Username ;;
    How often are you online ;;
    Will you be on the community discord ;; (not made yet)
    Do you have past experience ;; (I will look at any past experience! If you have any experience with doing this stuff before, including if you have done it for an adopt event, please also state that)
    Why would you like this position ;;
    What would you contribute to the staff team ;;
    How would you plan to contact the other rollers to discuss ;;
    Any additional information / other ;;

sup? i’m eagle, your friendly neighborhood roller. you can usually find me eating salsa and reading or writing fiction stories. i’m very passionate about pizza toppings and random trivia. feel free to message me if you have any questions or want to talk about the latest book you read!


0Zero0 - Full Artist
Call me Zero, or whatever, as long as I know your talking to me I'll respond. I'm an INTJ who loves to create character designs, and write detailed stories. I have a decent history with roleplaying and D&D. I read and draw daily, and have a wide veriety of knowladge. I'm friendly, but don't fret to much if I become quiet for a while. I'm probably just off drawing.

sunshine!! - Main Artist
hello everyone! my name's sunshine, though you can call me sun/sunny/any other variation! i use she/her pronouns, y'all can feel free to hit me up on discord at anytime for anything :> i enjoy reading and drawing, though i'm currently trying to get better at writing! i enjoy making and characterizing oc's. lately i've been binging marvel movies and denying infinity war ever existed. feel free to chat w me about anything!!

saraphena - Ghost Artist
ello there! i'm saraphena, but you can call me sara. i prefer she/her pronouns, but any will do. i enjoy reading, writing, and drawing, but spend most of my time wasting my c$ on things i don't even need. i'm an aspiring artist and veterinarian, and i'm also keen on learning genetics, though i don't use references for my art. i am pretty talkative once you get to know me, and i'll never turn down the chance to help somebody! if you need anything, feel free to dm/pm me!

emblossomopossum - Ghost Artist
hi! most people call me either missy or opossum (she/her pronouns, please). i've been around cs for several years, but lately i've just been sticking to the art and rp forums. i'm a lazy barely-adult who just got back from traveling, so i've got a lot of time on my hands, though much of that time goes towards my newly-adopted doggo. i enjoy all forms of art, reading, animals, and nature. my activity varies, but my inbox is always open if you need help or you want to chat!(edited)

more information will go here
at some later date
all of us gotta work on these intros

Fanclub Manager
whaddup i'm loki, and i'm your resident manager. i make sure everybody is attended to and heard, and i plan frequent board meetings to boost company morale. not really, i just like to be integrated in the community. i do a lot of art and writing, and i've got quite a bit of experience running things, so hit me up if you need anything! i promise i won't bite.

crim. @ Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:59 am

In order to participate in Unrest, you need at least one bracket.

What is a Bracket? wrote:A bracket is the Unrest term for a family or group of cats or dogs, much like a dog pack or a warrior's clan. Both cats and dogs live together and get along with each other. Each member of Unrest has the opportunity to make as many brackets as they'd like, though each bracket must have a founder, or a leader. Brackets can be customized as much as you would like: you can use a system like a wolf pecking order (alpha, beta, etc), a familial system (elders, parents, children), or really anything chickensmoothie appropriate! You're free to go crazy with brackets as there are no restrictions other than having a name and a founder.

How do you make a bracket? It is simple. You can use chickensmoothie's character storage thread, you can keep a, use a website like weebly or tumblr, create your own forum, etc. The possibilities are endless! You can treat a bracket simply like character storage, or you can create a whole history and really develop your bracket.

Once you have your bracket made, the next step is getting a founder. You can either apply to get a custom founder, or you can adopt a founder from the current adopts available. Your first founder is free, but founders after that are not. If you gift or trade your original founder, you are not allowed to get another one for free.
Founders can be semi-realistic. What this means is that they do not have to be realistic to genetics, but they can't be sparkle dogs. The designs, however, do not necessarily need to be realistic, as long as there are not a lot of unnatural shapes (like fishnet markings).

Founders have the ability to choose from the basic elements of water, earth, fire, and air. If you do not want to choose, then you may simply have one chosen at random.

Post your form for your founder here! An artist will then claim it and make your founder.

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introduction wrote:welcome. calisco is an arpg for animals, set in a fantasy world.

this is a wip!

LilyLunaPotter @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:04 am

res for rules

LilyLunaPotter @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:09 am

res for staff

LilyLunaPotter @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:13 am

clans , leaders ,

each group of caliscos are a clan
need a leader,
have a certain element [fire,earth,water,air [common] ] [wood,leaf,shell,breeze [uncommon] ] [space,land,sea,sky [rare] ]

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Volcanic Adoptables based on this drawing by Tealea
by lunarlicorice @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:40 am [Reply]

15 C$ each please

1. closed
2. open
3. open
4. open
5. open

jazzyyazi @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 9:20 am

I wish i had c$ oof i love number 4 hhhh

adopts (pallet challenge) based on this drawing by Sixbane
by 0Zero0 @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:58 am [Reply]

so I used Rng to pick out my pallets and this is what I ended up with.

2C$ or 1 rare each
individual trades for individual doggos (if you offer on all three send three separate trades)
You will be added once you own the pup.

I don't expect these to sale, I was simply doodling, but I don't like designs to go to waste.

1. MintyShiveers
2. Maxy Max
3. 0Zero0

Maxy Max @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:59 am

sending for 2!

0Zero0 @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:12 pm


~Phantom @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:46 am

do you by any chance do customs ^.^

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(Art by qwertyo)


Thank you for your visit. Why don't you take a look around and see if any of our adopts catch your eye?



A Yaeko [yay·kho] (plural: "Yaeki") is a creature from outer space who has somehow found its way into the ecosystem on planet Earth. Roughly the size of a Great Dane, these oddities have long and powerful hind legs enabling them of bipedal movement over short periods of time. Their front legs - structured more like arms - possess three long claws as well as a "thumb" claw. These claws are surprisingly flexible, leading some to believe they may be used as fingers. Yaeki have been observed using these claws to crack open nuts, spear fish and cut open fruits - some even using them to pick locks and open doors. Their heads are encased in a thick layer of "ivory" which works as a protective helmet for their otherwise very sensitive heads. Yaeki communicate through a series of chirps, similar to those of a bird, although domesticated Yaeki may attempt to mimick human speech in the same manner a parrot would. They are intelligent and curious creatures - behaving much like an average toddler - and possess a strong will to learn and please their owners.

The most fascinating aspect of a Yaeko's anatomy is the transparent "dome" attached to their chest. The dome itself appears to be made of some sort of glass-like material. The contents of this dome are unknown, but it appears to contain some sort of colourful liquid or mist. Floating around in the strange substance is a charm. Every Yaeko has their own unique charm used for identification - and surprisingly, keeping nightmares at bay. People with a Yaeko in their household report having fewer nightmares than people who don't. This leads to speculation that Yaeki "trap" good dreams in their domes for safekeeping so their owners may have the same good dreams over again.



    Custom charm

    Claw edits, tooth edits, tail edits, multicoloured dome, short fur (tufts on elbows etc.), short hair (above jawline when wet)

    Custom ears, custom pupil, custom tongue, underbite, long fur (lion manes etc.), backmane, long hair (below jawline when wet)

    Extra eyes, extra limbs (up to six total), two tails, glow, small horns on head, small spikes on body, height edit (munchkin/reverse munchkin), extra ears (up to two pairs), halo, goop, cracked dome

    Multiple heads (up to three total), multiple tails (up to six total), large horns on head (antlers etc.), large spikes on body, multiple domes, more than six limbs (up to eight total), elemental aspects, eyes on body (up to eight total), meryaeko, wings, visible bone, transparency

    Non-Rarity Traits: (Does not pass down to pups)
    Weight edits (plump/skinny), heterochromia, limb deformation, scars or missing limbs (may be added by owner of Yaeko, must be approved by staff member), tattoos (may be added by owner of Yaeko, must be approved by staff member)

Calibri @ Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:46 am


    - Be kind and respectful to every member of the Yaeko community - harrassment is strictly not tolerated and may result in a ban.

    - Yaeki are a closed species. This means that non-staff users are not permitted to create their own Yaeko adoptable.

    - Yaeki may only be traded for other Yaeki - you may not trade your Yaeko to someone in exchange for art, currency or other species.

    - You may not co-own a Yaeko with a friend. Once a Yaeko is adopted by a user they may not "share" it with a friend. You may trade your Yaeko or gift it to someone and by doing so you give up ownership to another user.

    - Please do not whine or beg for a Yaeko.

    - Respect the choices of our artists - if you don't win, you can always try out for another Yaeko adopt in the future. Respect deadlines, avoid excessively bumping unjudged competitions and refrain from bribing an artist into picking your form.

    - Please don't mini mod. Any questions asked are to be answered by a member of staff. Please message any complaints and concerns you might have to me (Calibri).


    - There are no limits to how many Yaeki a user may own.

    - You may only win up to three Yaeki a month - nursery batches, customs and gifted Yaeki do not apply to this rule.

    - A user may gift a Yaeko at any time. There are no limits to how many Yaeki you can gift each month.

    - Users must wait one week after obtaining a new Yaeko before it is eligable to breed.

    - Pups can be grown after three weeks have passed.

    - Users must wait three weeks after breeding any of their Yaeki before they can request another batch.


    - Yaeki can be any romantic or sexual orientation and have as many relationships as they'd like.

    - Yaeki can breed with Yaeki regardless of gender. These breedings always happen between two Yaeki.

    - Yaeki may breed up to five times during their lifespan. The partner does not need to remain the same throughout all five breedings and a Yaeko can change partner whenever they want.

    - The highest amount of pups in a litter will be four for common and uncommon Yaeki - pairings with at least one rare trait will get a maximum of three pups and legendary breedings have a maximum of two pups. This is to keep traits rare - the amount of pups will still be rolled for.

    - Incestuous breeding is strictly forbidden and both Yaeki need to be grown for the breeding to take place. Relationships between pups and grown Yaeko are not allowed.

    - Breeding slots are to remain public - you may not PM artists to "reserve" a slot.


    - By gathering ten honourable mentions you are qualified to ask for a custom.

    - Customs will never be based off of copyrighted characters (Harry Potter, Naruto etc.).

    - Customs are free of charge and will not apply to your monthly adoption limit.

    - When asking for a custom, you may provide the artist doing your custom with a colour palette and simple design requests (tiger stripes, spots etc.)

    - The traits your custom will have will be rolled for by the artist. You may not request a specific trait you want.

    - We will not provide full-on customs or MYOs at any time.


    - #904849 (2/3)
    - #737655 (2/3)

    - #936259

    Failure to comply to our rules will result in a strike. If 3 strikes are issued, a ban will take place.

Calibri @ Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:46 am

Calibri - Owner
"Hii! My name is Calibri. I am the creator behind this species and I keep things running (somewhat smoothly) around here. I am a student - I go to school and do stuff like any other teenager does. This means I may not always be available, but I will do my best no matter what to answer your questions and messages as quickly as possible. My inbox is always open - hit me up if you want to ask me a question or just want to stop for a chat! I am the least spooky person you'll ever meet ~"

Blackadder - Co-Owner
"Yo, you may call me Jean. I'm a bit of a grumpy lady from Poland tiptoeing towards a career connected to drawing since primary school. I love puns, dad jokes, my three little feather babies, coffee, singing, drawing, the list goes on. I have a HUGE crush on Latin America, mainly Aztecs, the Nahuatl language and most things modern Mexico related. I'm not as scary as I make it seem."

Alcidesune - Co-Owner
"Hey there, you can call me Al or Alcides! I'm just an American dude with a passion for the abstract, arcane, and animalistic. I've also got a big love for classical or esoteric writings; Lovecraft, Crowley, Poe, Milton, mythological texts... The list goes on and on. Sometimes I do art, but for now I'm just a helper. Most days I'll be online either here or on Discord, so feel free to message me if you need anything!"

ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍʏ ᴄᴏғғᴇᴇ - Artist
"'Ello there, you can call me coffee. I'm a small lil' Irish girl pursuing a career in software engineering. I have a huge passion for physics and maths but also enjoy doing art and design to destress myself. Writing and roleplaying are also my two biggest hobbies which I really enjoy. I'm online everyday though and my pm's are always open if needed!"


    aspynn (1/5)


    - Be kind and respectful - treat people as equals, don't be degrading!

    - End dates must be followed through - do not extend the competition more than 2 times if absolutely necessary and make sure your contest is judged within 1 month.

    - You're not allowed to sell adopts for profit - Yaeki are a species meant for everyone, therefore we will never charge anything for our adopts!

    - When posting an adopt, make sure you've checked the list and assigned the appropriate traits to your adopt before posting it!

    - You may not remove the dome. However, adding additional domes other places on the body is allowed (this is considered a legendary trait).

    - You may not edit the Yaeko's trademark egg-shaped head or erase the line separating the head and the body. Exceptions are to add an underbite trait or add fur that cuts off at the neck.

    - Guest Artists may create adopts from standard and all the way up to rare. Legendaries are off-limits.

    - Legendary adopts are to be planned in the staff Discord channel!

    - Artists may make 1 custom for themselves each month all the way up to rare.

Calibri @ Sun Aug 05, 2018 7:46 am

The ordinary Yaeko stands at around 32 inches at the shoulder, making these odd creatures around the size of a Great Dane. Their bodies are normally covered in smooth skin like a Sphynx cat, but some Yaeki are covered in an exceptionally short layer of fur. Their hind legs are long and muscular, enabling the mostly quadrupedal animal to walk around on two feet over short periods of time. The soft, flexible wrists on their front legs - which are structured much like arms - ensure that the Yaeko can comfortably walk around on all fours without straining their wrists too much. Their front paws possess three long claws as well as a "thumb" claw - these claws are surprisingly springy and can be used in the same fashion as humans use their fingers. Yaeki have been observed cracking open nuts and spearing fish with their claws which confirms the theory that they are omnivorous. Their heads are encased in a thick layer of ivory which acts as a protective "helmet" for their otherwise very soft heads. These helmets are durable and can take quite the beating before a Yaeko ends up with a concussion. It also shields them from high-pitched noises to some degree, which Yaeki are highly sensitive to due to their keen sense of hearing. Yaeki are survivalists - this is shown by their ability to change the speed which they age. Yaeki in a position where it's beneficial to stay young and cute might never grow past the pup stage while Yaeki in stressful situations where their survival heavily depends on reaching full-size quickly age exceptionally fast. However, the most fascinating aspect of a Yaeko's anatomy is the transparent dome attached to their chest. Contrary to popular belief, the dome does not connect to any internal organs - it is attached directly to the exterior of their chests. The dome itself appears to be made of some sort of strong, glass-like material with a colourful liquid or mist swirling around inside - the name of this substance is unknown, but is speculated to be made up of dreams in a physical form...

Yaeki are social creatures, usually found living in small packs in the wilds - of course, there are exceptions, as these creatures have a wide variety of personalities and preferences. The dome on their chest is highly regarded in Yaeki communities - Yaeki will often polish their domes when looking to attract potential partners as a shiny dome is a sign of good health and cleanliness. Yaeki with broken domes often have a hard time fitting in with the rest of their kind, being viewed as careless and foolish by their peers - even more so if their charm is missing. Yaeki communicate through a series of chirps, similar to those of a bird, although domesticated Yaeki may attempt to mimick human speech in the same manner a parrot would. They are intelligent and curious creatures - behaving much like an average toddler - and possess a strong will to learn and please their owners. They are fiercely loyal companions and will do anything to ensure the happiness and safety of their friends and family. A happy and loved Yaeko will trap its owner's good dreams in its dome for safekeeping, working as a dreamcatcher to keep nightmares at bay - however, this can go both ways. Bad pet ownership leads to a vengeful Yaeko who actively collects nightmares to bestow upon their negligent owners...

When a pair of Yaeki wish to have offspring, they find a secure spot to set up their nest and lay eggs. The amount of eggs laid range from 1-4. The egg itself is semi-transparent and glows with a faint light which reveals the blurry, shadowy silhouette of the Yaeko pup inside. The colour of the glowing egg determines the colour of the contents of the Yaeko's dome. Due to the egg's glowing appearance it is easy to spot in the terrain - therefore, to ensure the safety of their eggs, the Yaeko couple will take turns guarding the nest. One parent remains by the eggs at all times and provides them with warmth and safety while the other goes out to gather food to bring back to its partner. It takes roughly 4 months from the time the eggs are laid until they hatch. Most Yaeki form a strong and loving bond to their offspring which lasts for the rest of their lives.

While the vast majority of Yaeki are feral, behaving much like dogs, certain Yaeki stick out from the crowd and may choose to present themselves in an alternative form. Yaeki are experts of mimickry - and this doesn't end at speech. Some go so far to attempt to take on the shape of humans. Yaeki humanoids look like humans, but are usually skinnier with slightly longer fingers and eyes as well as fewer toes - specifically four on each foot. Their teeth are sharp and pointy - shark-like, even - and compliment their other sharp features such as nose, cheekbones and jawline. There is no doubt they make attractive humans - however, the longer you look at them, the more disturbing details one may notice. Human, but not quite. Highly intelligent specimens of Yaeki may blend in with the human crowd in terms of behaviour while others appear out-of-place and may disturb humans with their strange way of moving, talking and acting in general. No matter how hard a Yaeko tries to blend in, they will always carry on the most prominent traits from their feral form - traits such as horns, glowing eyes and even wings have been observed on Yaeki humanoids. This leads to Yaeki being seen as "second-class citizens" who oftentimes struggle to get by with humans viewing them as lesser beings - exotic items - shunned for standing out from the crowd. They will carry their charm with them one way or another, usually as a piece of jewellery such as a necklace, ring or earring, but they may also choose to wear it as some other form of accessory. It is speculated that the dome may play a part in a Yaeko's ability to shapeshift, as Yaeki with broken domes who attempt shapeshifting end up somewhere in between human and Yaeko - a deformed monstrosity, shunned by Yaeki and humans alike.

(Art by qwertyo)

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ONLY DA POINTS based on this drawing by Guest
by conquilld @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:09 pm [Reply]

Fluffybunn @ Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:41 pm

Bump ;)

conquilld @ Wed Dec 12, 2018 7:58 am


Fishy Adopts based on this drawing by Tealea
by głodny węgorz @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:25 am [Reply]

You can adopt them just by posting below.
The price for each is whatever you'll offer from my wishlist.

1. taken by Maxy Max
2. available
3. taken by vanessaL1584
4. taken by vanessaL1584
5. taken by Maxy Max
6. taken by jazzyyazi

and don't worry, it's nothing fishy in here
it's just a referenece to my login

Thanks to Tealea for the cutest lines <3

Maxy Max @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:27 am

I can offer a couple uncommon wl pets for 1 and 5?

głodny węgorz @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:28 am

Maxy Max wrote:I can offer a couple uncommon wl pets for 1 and 5?


jazzyyazi @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 11:01 am

Sent for 6

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shop | discord | archive | bank | nursery | customs/myo | growths | artist search

The Mongolian Mice Monsters are a docile species, living in mild grassy lands around the world. They stand intimidatingly large at 4-6 feet tall and 6-8 feet long. These passive herbivores have been tamed and used as service animals for decades now, and are not uncommon to see on the streets. They have a strong, bulky build and pull carts, wagons, or plows regularly.
Discovered in 1945 by a woman only knows as Doctor Khunbish, they species was quickly adored by nations everywhere. They were imported from their home island of Molion, and by 1950, the creatures were a household pet.
They slowly developed more unique and bright designs, and now there are beautiful works of art on their pelts.
Look to see any that interest you!

peachyfae @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:57 am

      -- please be kind to all members, including staff
      -- do not bother staff if they are unavailable for custom/myo creations
      -- do not harass or bribe anyone if they win/create a MMM you want. if their not yours then dont pester anyone.

      -- you may own unlimited MMM 
      -- MMM may have infinite breedings, but users can only breed MMM twice a month
      -- myo/custom designs must get approval before they can be considered real MMMs
      -- Transferring characters into MMM's is alright 
      -- you may trade a MMM for species items, species myos/customs or other characters, or vice versa. 
      -- you may not sell a MMM for USD or other real currency. You may sell them for C$, DA points or other "fake" currency.
      -- a baby MMM [calves/kits] must wait 3 full days before being grown.

    -- bullying/harassment/scams/ etc if proven can result in a species ban. 

      1 - if found to be a minor offense you may be given a warning. 
        - during that period you may not create any free myos/customs.
      2 - if found to be a moderate offense you may be given a temporary ban [1-2 weeks] in which:
        - you cannot create ANY myos/customs (including free ones)
        - try out for adopts or readoptions. if you are currently in a contest your form is voided.
        - and participate in any events or the nursery. if you are in a nursery batch you may obtain the kit(s).
      3 - if found to be a severe offense you are permanently banned from the species. in which:
        - you keep your current MMM, but they are voided and cannot be used or traded. 
        - if you are in a competition your form is voided.
        - you cannot participate in breedings or adopt anymore. if you are in any, any kits go to another user (if 2+ users)
        - Any Items/Myos/Customs you have will be taken and redistributed to the community.

    user // id // link to warning/offense // duration/end date 

    user // id // offense // permanent ban

peachyfae @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:04 am

Mongolian Mice Monsters are somewhat unique in their traits, in that there are no rarities. The only guidelines are as follows:

1) Your MMM's nose may not be edited in any way, shape, or form.

2) The MMM may not be edited so heavily it becomes unrecognizable or resembles another species.

3) The MMM may not have its features so heavily altered or obscured by edits that it becomes unclear that it is an MMM.

4) A base is provided, so custom lines DO count as an edit. Your free MYOs may not have more than 5 edits unless there is an item involved.

5) Items, weight, and expression do not count toward your edit limit, though must be listed.

To be added:
Code: Select all
[b]user id;;[/b]
[b]how many edits may you have?;;[/b]
[b]I'd like to be Added![/b][/center]

peachyfae @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:09 am

res just in case

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Belfast Nualls V2 based on this drawing by birch.
by birch. @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:29 pm [Reply]


Main | Archive | Fanclub | Breeding Center | Staff/Artist Search | Adventure | Discord | Bank

The history of this rare breed isn't well known nor is it documented, but much can be gathered from their name alone. This brawny and hardy draft horse is called a Belfast Nuall -or chariot warrior of the city of Belfast- once carrying the warriors of elder Celtic battles. Just like any war, many of the steeds broke free or were set free by bandits or opposing tribes. The freed horses soon began to herd and gather in the area now known as Letterkenny, the vast cover of hills and fields as well as wild forests give these haughty breed a great cover. They remained hidden until recent discovery of a beautiful stallion sporting flashy piebalding on a seal brown base coat, and upon following him for days, they stumbled upon his herd and what met their eyes astonished them. Though they are wild, they are curious and enjoy companionship, but good luck catching them.


All CS rues apply to this adopt!

Do not claim species as your own

Do not remove Palindrome's signature from any image!

Only one per person per day

You can apply for more then one in a day but you will only get one

There is no limit as to how many you can own right now!

Do not ask if/how to adopt as it clearly says how

If you do not own it you cannot use the image in any way shape or form without the owners consent

You cannot edit forms and add anything to them unless stated otherwise

Always be nice and courteous. If I feel that there is any need to ban someone or suspend them, I have every right to do so and if you are banned your Nualls will be taken and rehomed in an adoption event.

If you have lost connection with your Nuall, it can be re-gifted or sent in to an admin to be rehomed but you are not allowed to sell it for any currency outside of CS.

Rules are subject to change at any time!


Naughty Corner:
((This is for the ones that break the rules. No one is here yet so let's keep it that way!))

((This is where you land when you have used up your three strikes))

((I will not tolerate any bullying, guilt tripping, or any sort of aggression. You present yourself in that manner and you will land in this section.))

birch. @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:02 pm


Short, thick legs
Slightly longer ears
Large thick hooves
They range in height from 16hh to 14hh at the shortest
They most often have piebalding or some form of white on them, rarely are they a solid color

Rarity Chart:

Very Common:
Tobiano, Base Coats

Overo, Sabino, Pangare, Splash

50% Pass rate for all percentage markings*

Tovero, Grey, Dapples*, Sooty, Roan, Cream Dilution, Champagne Dilution, Dun, Grease Spots*, Moroccan Tobiano, Medicine Hat Tobiano, Silver Dilution, Moon Spots*

40% Pass rate for all percentage markings*

Double Dilution ((Cream+Cream, Cream + Champagne, etc...), Pearl, Birdcatcher Spots*, Brindle*, Somatic Mutation*, Calico*, Reverse Splash, Chubari Spots*, Cobweb*, Inverse Dapples*

Very Rare:
30% Pass rate for all percentage markings*

Manchado*, Reverse Brindle*, Reverse Chubari Spots*, Chimera, Double Pearl, Solid (Expresses no white features)

Coat Coloration Notes:

This breed is very specific and has not been introduced to many variations in bloodline in many centuries, therefore Mushroom and Appaloosa are non-existent and will not be seen unless it is introduced to a genetically positive carrying interbreedable species.

Brindling, somatic mutations, calico, and other colorful expressions on this breed are not commonly seen therefore to obtain such a specimen is highly valued and was often sold away to different habitats. Because of this reason, it is rare to see these genetics in the Nualls.

Reverse Chubari spots are something that is only seen in this breed from what is known, the chubari spotting on the hide taking on a darker color than the base coat rather than the striking white of normal chubari spotting. Not much is known about this genetic yet it is thought to be associated originally with greying in other horse species. Yet none have been found to sport the reversing effect that the Nualls do.

Moon Spots are another breed specific marking, similar to reverse chubari spotting yet the spots are lighter than the base coat and much larger than normal chubari.

Another Breed specific coloration is rather plain yet odd, seeing a completely solid Nualls. Meaning, no markings, just a base coat. Not very many solid Nualls are seen or documented considering almost all Nualls have some sort of white upon their pelt yet to see a completely solid Nuall is truly a historical sight indeed!

birch. @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:35 pm


There are no banners at the moment!


There are no gift art at the moment!


There are no affiliates at the moment!

birch. @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 7:36 pm


There are no Events at the moment!

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Falaise Island Ponies based on this drawing by Zombiehund
by Zombiehund @ Sat Dec 08, 2018 2:44 am [Reply]

Falaise Island Ponies

Lines by the amazing Tynahi

Info| Breeding Center | Archive | Bank| Fanclub | Discord| Artist/Staff search | Job Center | Events

About the Breed
The Falaise Island Pony is a colorful and quite small Pony breed recently discovered on a tiny island called "île de la falaise" near Central America. Their Average height is only around 10hh high and we are not sure how they got on the island yet, but we believe their ancestors may have been dropped of their by settlers and that they got so small over the time due to insular dwarfism.

9.12 - Opening

Zombiehund @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:42 pm

        - All CS Rules apply
        - Please respect all Staff members
        - Please respect everyone in the community
        - There is no limit on how many horses you may own
        - Please don’t pressure or rush the artists, they are doing this in their free time
        - Please don’t spam
        - If you no longer want a horse, you may gift, trade or put them up for readoption,
        but you may not sell them for any currency outside of this adopt
        - This is a closed species, so please don’t create your own without permission
        - If you are banned from this adopt your horses will be taken away and re-homed
        - I may ban any user if they break the rules or if I feel the need to do so
        - I may change these rules at any time if I feel the need to do so
Artist Rules
        - All Rules above apply
        -You may not invent any new colors or markings without my permission
        - If you make a horse with a lot of white, please dont use a pure white (#FFFFFF) as the
        shading will not show on this color
Please use this Form:
Code: Select all
[b]Show Name:[/b]
[b]Barn Name:[/b]
[b]Breeding Info:[/b]

[b]Show Name:[/b]
[b]Barn Name:[/b]
[b]Halter Color:[/b][/code]

End Date:[/center]

Zombiehund @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:44 pm

Rarity Chart

Very Common:
Base Colors, Solid, Dun, Cream, Tobiano

Overo, Sabino, Splash, Roan, Rabicano, Irish Spot

Silver, Pangare, Flaxen, Sooty, Dapples, Champagne, Grease Spots, Birdcatcher Spots

Appaloosa, Graying, Pearl

Very Rare:
Brindle, Manchado, Dominant White, Irregular Markings, Somatic Mutation, Reverse Brindle

Chimeric, Edits

Base Colors
Bases are:
-Seal Brown

These Traits are considered Modefiers:
Dun, Cream, Silver, Flaxen, Champagne, Pearl

These Traits are considered Markings:
Tobiano, Overo, Sabino, Splash, Roan, Rabicano, Irish Spot, Sooty, Dapples, Grease Spots, Birdcatcher Spots, Appaloosa, Graying, Brindle, Manchado, Dominant White, Somatic Mutation, Reverse Brindle

Zombiehund @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 12:50 pm


Owner, Artist

Moderator, Artist, Archivist

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Main Thread << You are here | Artist Search | Nursery | Customs/MYO's |Fanclub


Welcome to Kirbits! In this thread you'll find a Kirbit companion to adopt! Sit back and relax while reading the rules or browsing through the adoptables. Good luck on finding your best friend!



✘ Kirbits are a Closed species. You can only make a Kirbit if you are an Official Artist or Guest Artist unless you have permission by Erwin Smith. Permission is given with proof of a Kirbit MYO ticket or a message from me allowing you to make a Kirbit.

✘ Spamming is not tolerated and will get you a Warning.

✘ If you do not win a Kirbit adopt or Kirbit contest do not pity farm/guilt trip including passive aggressiveness/direct towards aggressiveness any staff or users. This will result in 2 Warnings or a ban depending on what Staff judges.

✘ Each user may own unlimited Kirbits at the moment. Official Artists may have 1 Rare Kirbit for every 5 adopts they make or transfers. A Legendary/Staff Level, Unlimited Edit MYO/Custom is rewarded to an Official Artist for every 10 adopts they make or transfers. Artists may sell their tickets for CS Pets, C$, or CS Items. Artists may also gift or raffle these tickets.

✘ Nobody except the Owner or Concept Creator is allowed to make a "First come/comment, first serve" adopt.

✘ If a Kirbit's contest is not judged within 2 weeks of it's end date, or extension, a replacement judge will be assigned.

✘ If a Staff Member wants to keep their position in Kirbit adopts, they must remain active by answering questions/helping in chat or having a presence in the fanclub, making/breeding or transferring Kirbit. Any Staff Member inactive for 5 months will be removed from our Staff List without question.

✘ The Owner & Concept Creator of Kirbit's can take back a Kirbit from its Owner or Re-home a Kirbit without consent from its original owner if necessary. Some examples of a situation where this would occur; when a user is banned from the species or severely break the rules.

✘ Never use a Kirbit's design on any other species' lines other than the official Kirbit lines. You may draw a Kirbit and color your design in, but do not change the species of your Kirbit. This will result in a ban.

✘ If someone copies a design from a Kirbit they will be banned. This will be judged by the Owner or Concept Creator.

✘ When you are banned from the Kirbit species you cannot post on official Kirbit Adopt threads or breed your Kirbit's (if we were merciful and let you keep some), cannot use tickets or items, cannot upload content to Official Kirbit Adopt threads on other websites like DeviantArt, or participate in any Kirbit activities or contests. Items, Currency, and Kirbit's that are owned by someone that was banned will be gifted, raffled, or taken back into the "bank".

✘ Kirbit's cannot have a bias towards another race/religion/sexuality. They may not have prescribed mental illnesses without permission from the Owner, Concept Creator, or an Admin.

✘ Kirbit's can be traded or sold, even if they are an MYO or Custom. Vallerians may not be purchased with USD/any form of currency used in any country or other equivalents that can be converted into currencies from other countries. You may use C$ and CS Pets to purchase Kirbit's and Kirbit items. All transactions with C$ and CS pets are finalized and will not be refunded once the trade is accepted.


FAQ/Extra Information
I no longer want my Kirbit, what should I do?
If you no longer want your Vallerian or do not feel connected to them, you are free to readopt them. Just keep the rules in mind.

A Staff Member/Friend gifted me a custom, will this count towards one of my Customs?
No, we will count it as a normal Kirbit even though it is a custom.

I saw someone copy a design from a Kirbit adopt! What do I do?
DM a Moderator, Admin, or Owner immediately with a link to the copier.

Erwin Smith @ Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:14 am



Erwin Smith
Vallerians Owner

Concept Creator/Head Artist (if wanted)


Erwin Smith @ Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:15 am


Erwin Smith @ Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:15 am


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Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by! You might be wondering what the PPAA is.
The PPAA (or Double P Double A) is an adoption center focused on adopting out cats!
There are a number of ways you can get your paws on some of our cats.
You can adopt from our selection of cats for sale. Adoption fees range from 1 to 5 C$.
You can breed two cats together to get a litter. Breeding fees range from 1 to 5 C$.
You can request for a particular cat via customs. Basic custom fees range from 1 to 5 CS.
You can also go Treasure Hunting and try your luck at finding a stray cat!
Hunting also allows you the chance to find various items and Breeding or Custom Tokens!
Feel free to browse around and see everything that we have to offer here at the PPAA!

Lineart & designs (c) rainbowpanda101


rainbowpanda101 @ Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:39 am





They will only be open from 9/24 - 9/27 so get your forms in once a day!!!




none at this time


rainbowpanda101 @ Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:39 am



These cats are currently available for adoption!





rainbowpanda101 @ Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:39 am




--Do not steal any graphics used in this thread. Members will be reported if caught stealing.

--Do not steal any PPAA cats already owned by someone else. Members will be reported if caught stealing.

--Members should not whine if they did not get the cat they wanted. There are numerous ways to get cats!

--Members should not whine if there aren't any new cats available. The artist might just be busy.

--Cats from PPAA can have any gender identity or sexual preference, which is decided by whoever owns them.

--The lines and designs should always be credited to rainbowpanda101.


--Please respect everyone. Do not be rude to anyone, especially PPAA staff members.

--Do not spam. Take any chats to PM. Saying "mark" on the thread is allowed, of course.

--Do not mini-mod. Let the staff handle any misbehavior or answer any questions posted.

--Do not beg or try to bribe the staff for any reason. No one will get special privileges that way.

--Do not double post. Members should edit their last post if they need to. Put "EDIT" and add whatever new info is needed.


--Members can own an unlimited number of PPAA cats but should allow others to adopt if they have quite a few already.

--Members can trade, sell, or gift away any of the cats they have purchased from the PPAA. There are no restrictions on this.

--Members can advertise they are selling or trading cats once per page in the main thread.

--Do not beg others for gifts or anything else. If someone is not taking no for an answer, contact CS staff as needed.


--NEVER send a payment for anything PPAA-related until rainbowpanda101 tells you to!

--Payments for breedings and customs MUST be sent, ready to accept, before rainbowpanda101 will begin working.

--Payments for breedings and customs will never be accepted until AFTER the litter or customs are finished.


--Only cats designed by rainbowpanda101 on Cerulean Wake's lineart or the new lineart will be accepted for breedings.

--There is no restriction on gender during breeding. Any cats may breed, as long as they are not closely related.

--There is no restriction on how many times PPAA cats can breed.

--Members may request up to 2 breeding per breeding opening.

--When requesting a breeding, the cats must be owned by the member(s) requesting the breeding.

__- The only time this doesn't apply is if a member is breeding with a Tom or Queen from the Breeding section.

--Members may advertise they have cats open for breeding once per page of the nursery thread.

--Please take all breeding partner discussions to PM. Discussing it in the thread would be spam.

--Partners that are breeding together must BOTH post the breeding form in order to get a slot.

--Partners may split the cost of breeding. Discussion on who pays what must be done over PM.

__- If partners want 2 kittens, they get a discount and only have to pay 1 C$ each.

--Partners must discuss via private message what will happen to the kittens produced from their breedings.

__- Once a decision is reached, both partners must post on the threads of their kittens to announce the fate of their kittens.


--Customs will be created on the lineart by rainbowpanda101. No other linearts will be used.

--Members may request up to 3 customs per custom opening.

--If a cat photo is provided, a design will be made loosely off of it. Photos will NOT be directly copied.

--There is no restriction on how many custom PPAA cats a person can own.


--Members may only post to go hunting once per day while Treasure Hunting is open.

--Members should not whine if they do not find anything when hunting. Hunting is based on luck. Just keep trying!

--Any items or Tokens found during hunting will be placed in the Treasury.

--Random items can be exchanged for Tokens at any time. See the Treasury for the exchange rate.


Double P Double A has a 3 strikes policy. Members get 3 chances before being banned.
Strikes will have a time period. After a certain date, a strike will be removed.
However, if a member reaches three strikes before any of the strikes are removed, they will be banned.
If a member is banned for getting three strikes, they will be banned from PPAA for a minimum of 3 months.
Strikes are for minor rule breaking. Stealing or other large rule breaking will get members banned forever.
Please pay attention to the rules!





Banned members CANNOT:
- purchase PPAA cats
- breed PPAA cats
- purchase PPAA customs
- participate in Treasure Hunting

Banned members CAN:
- keep any PPAA cats they own at time of ban
- sell/trade/gift their PPAA cats


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