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Forum rules
Reminder: Copying another person's art without permission to reproduce their work is a form of art-theft!
If you are unsure, read the full art rules here: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=30437

Oekaki Rules and Information
by Tess @ Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:19 am [Reply]

All images made in the oekaki board must follow our general Art Rules - however, there are some extra rules specific to the Oekaki that you should be aware of;

Oekaki-specific Rules

What you should do:

  • Keep comments polite, helpful, and relevant to the artwork. Critique is allowed if requested by the artist - but bare insults are not welcome here.
  • Make an effort to post your drawing in the correct board. For example, if you color in an Editable drawing, post it into the 'Colored-in' board. If you are new to oekaki and your artwork isn't of a very high standard yet, post in the Beginners board until you've had more practice.
  • If using an editable, follow the artist's rules! This may include leaving a signature/watermark layer on the final image, or may prevent you from selling colored-in versions as adoptables.
What you shouldn't do:
  • Don't post excessively bloody/gory/violent images, nudity, or anything else which might be inappropriate for younger viewers.
  • Do not post blank canvases in the contests board. Contests may be posted there only if you provide a lineart or background for contestants to use in their entries. If you don't need people to edit something in particular, go to the Regular Art Competitions Board to create your topic. You can still make a rule that your contestants make their entries in the Oekaki boards if you prefer it that way.
  • Don't make Oekaki drawings with just words or puzzles written on them. The oekaki is for sharing artwork, not for displaying a message or playing a forum game.
  • Don't spam the oekaki with random 10 second scribbles or advertisements and trade requests.
  • Religious themes are allowed in most boards EXCEPT in the Editable or Adoptable boards. Please keep these images for the Beginners, Intermediate, or Sketches boards instead.
  • Don't post offensive images imposing your beliefs on others. You are free to express your beliefs in a peaceful way, but not by hating on or denouncing any other person or group of people.
  • Don't create Oekaki topics just to share art you've created elsewhere. Art drawn in another program should be posted in the appropriate board (for example: non-Oekaki adopts go in User-made Adoptables).

Changing Thread Ownership
Is your topic changing owner? Are you taking over someone else's art shop or adoptables?
As part of a new rule, you may need to formally notify CS staff about these changes, so please read for more information:

If you are transferring ownership of an art topic with continuing services (e.g. adoptables and original species adoptions, group artist shops, etc) you need to write a New Ownership Contract and submit this to CS staff. Both the current and future topic owner should send copies of the same contract to CS Staff using the help system.

To write your New Ownership Contract you need to include these details:
  • Username(s) of the old and new owner(s)
  • Links to all affected topics
  • All terms, conditions, and limitations of the transfer - For example what the future owner is and is not allowed to do, whether it is temporary (set time frame) or permanent, and conditions that would allow or prevent the old owner from taking ownership back or having content removed.
Any later changes/updates to the contract will need to be submitted the same way - both the old and new owners must each send a copy of the changes they've agreed to.

Ownership of these topics will not be switched over until we have copies of the contract sent in from both the new and old owner. If you're having trouble writing your contract please send us a help ticket for support.

If there are any disputes or ownership problems with the topic in future, staff will refer to this contract so they can resolve the matter quickly.

Selecting a different version of ChickenPaint
We have 3 versions of the Oekaki program to choose from. The newest version (ChickenPaint v2.0) allows you to use extra features like layer clipping, layer groups, and layer masks.
You can choose "ChickenPaint v2.0" on your Oekaki settings page here:

If you don't know how to get started, go to the Beginner Oekaki. When you create a 'New Topic' it will load ChibiPaint for you.
You need Java to view it, and once you create and send a picture it will feature at the top of your new topic.

Try these guides before asking questions:
Basic Oekaki Help
Very detailed Oekaki guide.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does art get 'featured' for the front page?
Featured art is hand-picked by a staff member to make it appear on the front page. Only recent artwork can appear in the featured box. The lucky artists are chosen if we think their drawing is particularly beautiful or creative and deserving of special attention. Often some of the site's 'best' artwork doesn't get featured because we believe it will attract enough attention on its own.

Will you feature my artwork please?
We don't take requests or recommendations. There are not many places available for featured art, so many people just miss out. Don't take it personally, if you haven't been featured then your drawing is just one among tens of thousands which didn't get featured that week. It doesn't mean we think you're unworthy, it just means you're not incredibly lucky.

How does art get into the "most popular" categories?
The "most popular" boards are sorted automatically based on the number of "likes" they have. They are set up to include the top images from a range of different boards so that even Beginners and Sketches have a chance of being displayed amongst the top Intermediate artwork.

Can COPPA users post in the oekaki?
Yes, but all of their posts require post approval from a moderator before they appear in the forum.

I'm a COPPA user. What happened to my post? When will it be approved?
If you don't see your recent post appearing in the oekaki boards then it is probably waiting for a staff member to approve it. This might take a few minutes, or a few hours, depending on how many staff are available right now. Please be patient, staff have to read and approve nearly 1000 posts per day, sometimes it just takes a while for yours to be seen.

  • Gallery display:

It's pride month, so I thought to make a few pride flag inspired adopts to raffle off! I love all these kids ,, hopefully yall do too !

The lesbian-inspired pup (#6) has a split design! The other half of the design is the same pattern, but uses the other three (pink) colors from the flag/palette. If I'm not truly incompetent I'll get my act together and quickly make a ref showing both sides of the design. Full ref here!

You may enter for as many as you like, but only win one! I'll try to get my act together to pick the winners sometime on June 13th. Winners may do whatever they like with the design; I only ask that I be credited where appropriate (character pages, etc) and that you don't claim my designs as your own.

I might do another batch of these, so please let me know if you'd like to see a particular flag or identity I didn't include in this batch!

    #1 - Gay/LGBTQ+
      Code: Select all
      [b]Happy Pride! Entering for #1 (Gay/LGBTQ+)[/b]

    #4 - Nonbinary
      Code: Select all
      [b]Happy Pride! Entering for #4 (NB)[/b]
    #3 - Bisexual
      Code: Select all
      [b]Happy Pride! Entering for #3 (Bi)[/b]

    #6 - Lesbian
      Code: Select all
      [b]Happy Pride! Entering for #6 (Lesbian)[/b]
    #2 - Transgender
      Code: Select all
      [b]Happy Pride! Entering for #2 (Trans)[/b]

    #5 - Asexual
      Code: Select all
      [b]Happy Pride! Entering for #5 (Ace)[/b]

DragonOfEmber @ Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:14 am

Happy Pride! Entering for #5 (Ace)
Username: DragonOfEmber
Name: Danna

chamomile. @ Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:15 am

these are so good omg,,

Happy Pride! Entering for #1 (Gay/LGBTQ+)
Username: chamomile.
Name: Ryan

Happy Pride! Entering for #2 (Trans)
Username: chamomile.
Name: Lucas

Happy Pride! Entering for #4 (NB)
Username: chamomile.
Name: bowling (Ling)

whim @ Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:17 am

Happy Pride! Entering for #6 (Lesbian)
Username: whim
Name: Winnie


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      As you walk into the biggest activity hut on the beach you're met with isles of small tanks lined together on tables. Inside the tanks are what seem to be various colors and shapes of corals, all in different stages of growth. You're approached by a very light colored bull, who doesn't look too happy to see you. He speaks to you without looking at you, and instead is looking carefully at the different tanks.

Enke wrote:
    Hello. I am Enke. Please don't touch any of the tanks or tap the glass.
    (Wow, so welcoming..)
    While you're here on vacation, you might as well do some good. It's no surprise our coral reefs are bleaching and dying more and more by the day, thanks to chemicals changing in the water and other causes which, no surprise, are our fault. So, you'll be helping me out.


Information wrote: This booth will function like daily prompts, but with a twist! Every day there will be a new prompt for you to answer, either with art or with writing. When you answer and complete these prompts, you will add a new spurt of growth to your coral! As you complete these prompts throughout the event your coral will grow and evolve until it is a healthy, thriving adult! If you manage to grow it into its prime state and complete all 10 prompts, you will get a special badge and prize from Enke! At the end of the event, these coral will be relocated and released into the wild, where Enke will continue to grow and care for them until they replenish the island's dwindling coral reef!

Guidelines wrote:♦ All writing must be at least 200 words.
♦ All art must be at least a clear, visible sketch.
♦ New rounds will start immediately after the previous one ends. Which happens at CS Rollover (7 PM CST) every day!
♦ Every day, there will also be entries that will be judged and placed 1st through 3rd place. If you manage to place, you will win bonus currency! Everyone will win a small amount of currency for still completing a prompt, however.
♦ At the end of the event, you will receive an amount of currency based on how well Enke thinks you've grown your coral!


Coral Growing Tree wrote:
Stage 1

Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5

Stage 6

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9

Stage 10

hiraeth + hound @ Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:21 am

Winners of the previous days will be listed here!

        Day 1

        Day 2

        Day 3

        Day 4

        Day 5

        Day 6

        Day 7

        Day 8

        Day 9

        Day 10

hiraeth + hound @ Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:28 am

Check back here every day to see what the new prompt is!
Current round ends: 11:59 PM (CST) on June 16th.

Today's Prompt:
If your coral could be anything other than a coral, what would they be? A spunky skunk, a playful bird, or perhaps a wild horse running free? What would they do as their newly reincarnated self, and why would they be what they be?


Code: Select all
[b]Prompt 6[/b]
What would your coral be if not a coral?:

.River. @ Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:47 am

Prompt 1
Username: ➷.River.➷
What is your coral's name?: Milo
How did you come up with it?: I sit down on a soft comfy chair, in the midst of a room. The room is warm and comforting, all worries rush away. I look at a picture of the deep blue sea, and wonder of what I could call a beautiful piece of coral. I think of my surroundings, so calm and comforting. That's it! A soft and comforting name will suit a lovely coral. I think deep into my memory, what has been something of comfort and peace to me? I think harder. Finally I remember, a calm walk in the woods along a creek. On that walk I wasn't alone, I was in the presence of something comforting and reassuring. A face forms in my mind of a creature who brought me such happiness and warmth. The creature had walked beside me before, along a sandy shore with waves dancing at our feet. A time when I felt cold and alone in a room, I was met with a warm and comforting presence. I smile with the memories flooding through my mind. The creature was sweet, and I know the name. Milo, my sweet old dog. I loved the joys Milo brought me, oh what a sweet boy. Milo it shall be. Milo who loved to dance in the ocean waves, Milo who brought warmth into a freezing room, that is what the coral shall be called.

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Amicastia's - or Ami's for short - are a sentient creature found all over the world, genetically similar to large felines. Their name comes from the Latin Amica Bestia, which quite literally translates to 'friendly beast'.

They are quite large in size, with noticably big paws. The mane and tail fur they grow is often very thick, and help to keep them warm and insulated during colder seasons. Their paw pads are similar to a felines, however, each foot only possesses three toes. They have been seen to have a variety of colors, markings, and genetic traits, making each Ami unique.

SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:35 pm


SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:36 pm

traits and rarities

SilhouetteStation @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:36 pm


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pup adopts [All adopted] based on this drawing by shalusky
by 0Zero0 @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:25 pm [Reply]

Please post your offer here first and have it accepted before sending the trade.

5C$ each or 1 WL rare

1 Peachy Tea
2 plisetsky
3 shinjitaro
4 Peachy Tea
5 Starclover
6 Peachy Tea

Peachy Tea @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:27 pm

Sending $C for 1, 4 and 6

shinjitaro @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:28 pm

      could i get #3 and #4 with these two pets (on your wishlist!)? o:

starcloverr @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:29 pm

sendin for 5. I can offer a WL rare!

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criikets! — PRIDE EVENT! based on this drawing by chicaa
by chicaa @ Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:26 am [Reply]




{ main event thread ・・・ event shop ・・・ event bank }
main thread ・・・ archives ・・・ fanclub ・・・ artist comp [ongoing]

    ➤ what is a criiket?

    criikets (cree-kets), criis or criiks for short — a species
    so noisy that will totally make you regret getting one!!!
    how come you couldnt resist the cuteness? >:^(

    their name suggests criikets may be distant cousins of
    crickets, although it seems they are much more
    developed and come in various color combinations.

    no matter what, your friends are going to be convinced
    you have a grasshopper in your pocket!
➤ info!

welcome to criikets' PRIDE EVENT!
a very special event to celebrate our brave friends!

in this event, criikets of all kind will be released! like in the previous event, there will be daily claims, special items and other fun for you and your criikets to enjoy! :>

the PRIDE EVENT will be running until the 1st of july! have fun, everyone. ♥♥♥

chicaa @ Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:27 am

    ➤ rules!

    ♥ show respect and be kind towards staff and others.
    ♥ you may try out for as many pride criikets as youd like!
    ♥ selling or gifting your unwanted items is possible, as long
    as its done through the event shop thread!
    ♥ if edits are being made, artists must include a list of
    edits under each criiket.
    ♥ pm me (chicaa) for questions!
➤ pride event who? — detailed event info

criikets' pride event is similar to the annual pride month
that is celebrated all around the world.
with this event, criikets will be made to support the movement
and to — most importantly — spread love. <3

each pride event criiket comes with a flag that the winner may
customize to their liking (as long as it represents an actual lgbtq+ flag!)

chicaa @ Wed Jun 05, 2019 1:27 am


    posting this form will earn you 10 criicoins
    per day
    , which you may use however youd like!

Code: Select all

[b]username ;;[/b]
[b]date (day/month/year) ;;[/b][/list][/size]

you may post!

lilac,, @ Wed Jun 05, 2019 2:01 am


    username ;; lilac,,
    date (day/month/year) ;;4/6/19

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Hello and welcome to Happy Capture Claw Adopts!
We're so glad you're here! The Happy Capture Claw is practically overflowing with plush animals just waiting to be won! Wouldn't you just love to adopt a new friend?

But what if I don't win? You may ask,

And to that I say, I have great news! The Happy Capture Claw has a 100% success rate, meaning It's impossible to lose, and catching a fuzzy new pal is as simple as pie! Just read the steps below, and make sure to follow all the rules! (=◕ᆽ◕ฺ=)


1. No begging, haggling, or complaining.
2. Be kind to me, and everyone around you please!
3. Those who've marked get first priority, so you'll have to wait your turn!
4. If I decline your request, it's because you're not offering enough or I don't have time to do it right then.
5. Please include a one word theme for me to follow, or leave the space blank for a surprise!
6. Send your payment as an edit trade right after filling out the form, and I will send it back telling you whether or not you were accepted.
7. Above all, have fun!

Basic options include:
15 C$ for one pet
1-2 Rare pets (2012 or older!) for one pet

+5 C$ or an equivalent pet for the option to choose what species of animal you would like. You may choose any animal or original species, provided that in doing so it does not break any of that species' rules.
+8 C$ or an equivalent pet for the option to give up to a 30 word description of what you want.
+7 C$ or an equivalent pet for the option to give me a color palette/mood board to base your plushie off of.


Now here's the form!
Code: Select all
[b]I'd like to play the Happy Capture Claw Machine![/b]
C$ or Pets?
Any add-ons you would like:
Link to mark if you made one:

Jtt76 @ Fri May 24, 2019 1:18 pm


wolfs avanue @ Fri May 24, 2019 1:23 pm


starnotes @ Fri May 24, 2019 1:30 pm

mark!!!! :0

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Ferox (feh-roks) – Latin for bold, spirited & wild.

Breeding ~ Fanclub ~ Archive ~ Imports ~ Artist Search ~ Staff Applications

Found throughout the hills of Wales, Ferox Welsh Ponies have small, delicate heads, short but muscular legs and a small amount of featuring on their heels. Described as wonderful riding horses, they are renowned for their courage and tractability. Agile, strong and willing, these horses are ideal for all levels of riders. Their colouring varies, but they are most commonly seen as bay, chestnut, black, grey, palomino and dun. However, all colours can occur as well as a variety of markings, but markings such as brindle are much rarer, as well as appaloosa. Ferox Welsh Ponies have a height of 11h to 13hh, making them quite small.


Owner - SnowRunners

Co - Owner -

Artists - Rescue2001, ✧Bя0к£и✧

Moderators - Nimrod.

Archivists - Chellerd, Nimrod.

More roles to come

Lineart By EmberWolf c:

SnowRunners @ Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:58 am


• Please respect everyone on the thread.
• Follow all usual CS rules.
• You must not claim a horse that isn't yours.
• You can give your horse to someone else on CS for free or for a fixed price (no real currency), but it must be stated who you’ve given it to on the horse's page and the artist must be contacted to change the form.
• Don't sell these for any sort of real currency.


Breeding you ponies is as easy as just filling out the form below. However, there are a few things to keep a note of:
- Stallions can breed 4 times a month.
- Mares can breed twice a month.
- Horses do not have a limited amount of breeding slots.
- If you wish to use someone else's horse to breed with, both people on each side must post that they both agree and that any stud/brood fees have been paid for.
- You must have some sort of storage/stable to breed. You can make a simple storage in the character storage forum under the creativity page and then under 'character storage'.
Code: Select all
Stallion's Link:
Mare's Link:
Storage Link:
Additional Info:


Horses may be put up for brood/stud for a price that you may set yourself (no real currency!). All cool-downs apply and you must have storage for your horses. Please message me or the archivist the form below to have your horses added to the stud & brood directory. Please stay realistic with pricing. People must be able to afford the price you set.

Code: Select all
Horse's Link:
Storage Link:


If you wish to have a personalised halter for your horse, the form below must be sent to the artist that has created your horse. The artist may either accept or reject your form, but must give a valid reason for declining it. This is a free action.

Code: Select all
Horse's Link:

SnowRunners @ Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:04 am


This is where you will find the prices for imports and which artists are open to them. Artists are allowed to set any price for imports and have the right to reject any that they do not want to do. Each artist will have their own imports form for you to fill out. You can choose from any artist from the list, but it MUST state that they are open to imports. If not, your form will be ignored. Within an artist's form, it will state what colours/dilutions & patterns they will do. Please read each one carefully and make sure your request meets their requirements. The price may vary between artists, whether certain markings & dilutions raise the price is up to the individual artist. Any other preferences should be stated within an artist's form.

SnowRunners: Open For Imports - Will only do 2 customs a week. Pm me to be added to a waiting list for the following week.

Price: 2 rares (2017 & older)

Code: Select all
[b]SnowRunner's Imports Form[/b]
Details (leg markings, facial markings):
Halter (optional):

Rescue2001: Open

Base price = 6C$, 10 DA points or 1 wl rare.
Price will rise as pattern complexity rises.

Code: Select all
[b]Rescue’s Import Form[/b]
Eye color:
Base coat:

✧Bя0к£и✧ Open For Imports

Price: Any 5 wl pets.

Code: Select all
[i][b]✧Bя0к£и✧'s Import Forum[/b][/i]
[b]Leg & Face Markings (optional):[/b]
[b]Eye Colour (optional):[/b]
[b]Halter Colour (optional):[/b]


Here you can apply for any available roles that are listed. Forms should be messaged to me and should be filled out to the best of your ability.


∞ Available Roles

See artist search.


0 Available Roles

Archivists must keep the archive up to date. The archive does not need to be pretty but can be coded however you like. Despite this, it must be easy to take-over if you ever want to step down from your role. I will look to hire 2 archivists. One to manage stud/brood directories, another to manage all horses that are created.

Code: Select all
Past / Recent Archives:
Which archive would you prefer to manage?:
Reason for wanting the position:


1 Available Role

A moderator must be a mature member who can handle stressful or frustrating situations, without causing any more issues. You must be active and must log on at least twice a week. Your role will include answering questions, resolving issues, checking for art theft etc.

Code: Select all
Reason for wanting the position:
Do you handle stressful situations well?:

SnowRunners @ Sun Jun 02, 2019 6:09 am


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Ok so for sure #6 is mine unless a really good offer is sent and I am very tentative on selling #2 and #4 but I will look at offers

These are up for offers pretty much best offer wins, if offering DA points just comment the amount below and once accepted you can send them
Accepting: DA points (* most wanted ), C$, pets **** no commons and under ****

Will auto any OMGSR pets for most

Leading will be marked with a *

#1 - CYOP and design ( you may also choose if you want to keep the hair or not or edit it cause I am iffey on it )
XX* once accepted it's theirs
#2 - Cheshire

#3 - Golden girl - sold

#4 - Flash
XX *

#5 - Floral Lab

#6 - Blackhole
XX * tie need to figure something out
XX * tie ( if points are included )

Also willing to do 2 customs

Custom 1
XX * once accepted it's theirs

Custom 2 - sold

Rescue2001 @ Fri May 31, 2019 10:30 am


Rescue2001 @ Fri May 31, 2019 10:38 am

Rescue2001 wrote:Bump

Rescue2001 @ Fri May 31, 2019 3:31 pm


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Yarn Dogs - marking open based on this drawing by Scei
by lucifer, @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:09 pm [Reply]

    yarn dogs is a work in progress! this species will be officially opened in august! in the meantime, feel free to mark! c:

lucifer, @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:10 pm


lucifer, @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:10 pm


Noraku. @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 10:11 pm

pleaseyes big markkkkk-
also if i need to del this tell me lmao-

also these are so cute omw-

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What are Beonios?

Beonios are a species affectionately called 'The Squeakers' because of how they communicate. These dinosaur-like creatures are able to glide small distances due to their feathered arms. Though they can not fly, due to their heavy bodies, they can run at fast speeds 35 miles per hour at the fasted. Their diet mostly consists of meats like; rabbits, small and weak deer, and squirrels. Though if absolutely necessary they will eat greens, berries, and even tree bark.
What are Yotsumes?

Yotsumes are three-eyed fox-like creatures, they have four ears and can have multiple tails. Their back legs are a bit longer than their front legs, helping them launch themselves high into the air. The third eye on their forehead can produce magic, that magic can move things. Though the magic won't stay long, it'll stay just long enough to help them. The diet they have is a mixed diet containing; greens, veggies, fruits, berries, and meats. The meats they eat are from squirrels, rabbits, small birds, and mice.
What are Gitibats?

Gitibats are animatronic like creatures, their back legs made of what seems to be metal. The rest of these odd creatures is a mix of what looks to be a cat and bat. Their front legs are like bats wings. These creatures can soar through the sky at bat-like speeds. Their diets contain mostly greens, fruits, and veggies.

Moonpaw8033 @ Sat May 25, 2019 1:05 pm

~General Rules~

🍙These are closed species, only staff are allowed to make adoptables.
🍙Respect all staff and the community
🍙Don't whine, complain, bribe, or threaten staff or other members for their adopts.
🍙You may trade an adopt, but it has to be for another adopt.
~Staff & Artist Rules~

🍙Staff may not take bribes or payments for any adopts
🍙These adopt should never be so heavily edited that they look nothing like the species
🍙Artists must make 2 adopts per month
🍙At the end of the month, all artists will get 1 rare custom slot

🍙All adopts can breed regardless of gender
🍙Any breedings with kits or that involve incest are never allowed.
🍙Any nursery batch can grow after two weeks of being posted
🍙When requesting a nursery batch the artist must have a slot open for it and if it involves someone else's adopt must have their permission
🍙No mixed species breeding

Rarity Guide
0 Edits

1-5 Edits




Weight Edits, Expression Edits, Scars, and Height Edits

Moonpaw8033 @ Sat May 25, 2019 1:05 pm




Moonpaw8033 @ Sat May 25, 2019 1:06 pm

Consequences for not Following Our Rules

Warning #1
Warning #2
Temporary Discontenting of your Adopts
Temporary Removal
Banishment (Your Adopts will be Re-Adopted)



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lines by princelyfae, lines gifted to me by Dragoony ☆, name by Noraku.
Main Page - Artist Search - Nursery - Growths - Customs/Myo's - Shop - Archive

Welcome to Kaliris Adopts! Kaliris are lion-based creatures- with a twist.

Please check out the below posts for more information!

Main Page - Rules - Traits - Lore - Stamps

3 announcements will be shown at one time.
June 14th, 2019 - Thread made! Will probably open the species up soon.
June 14th, 2019 (10:09 PM) - Looks like we have our first Kaliris! Go check him out before June 16th!


lilac,, @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:50 am



    • Kaliris are a CLOSED SPECIES so you may not make your own without a MYO or in an MYO Event.

    • Do NOT claim any Kaliris as your own unless you have claimed them in an adoption.

    • Do not be disrespectful to staff or anyone chatting on the thread.

    • You may roleplay with Kaliris characters.

    • Do not whine or beg for any Kaliris.

    • Please no mini-modding! The mods will handle the situation.

    • Respect the artists. Do not post the form after the deadline, try to make the artist choose your entry, or bump a closed contest.

    • Don't make public Kaliris threads without species owner permissions.

    • Artists and staff are allowed to enter in any Kaliris contest they please.


    • Don't color in any Kaliris as an existing character. (May be based off of another character (from TV shows, movies, books, etc.) but not a direct copy. You may not base it off of another person's OC at all.)

    • Artists are permitted to make at least 3 Kaliris a month.

    • If you are going on vacation/hiatus, please contact the species owner.

    • You make unlimited Rare and below Kaliris a month but less than 2 Legendaries a month.

    • Each artist has a default setting of 3 custom slots. If you wish more, please contact the species owner.

    • Artists have the right to decline if they do not feel comfortable with their custom request. If it happens, the person getting the custom has permission to ask another artist.


    None here! Let's keep it that way.

lilac,, @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:51 am

With help from Noraku.!

    • Default lines (including tail, horns, mane, etc.)
    • Tattoos
    • Weight edits
    • Sclera color
    • Scarring
    • Eyelashes
    • Drool

    • Backmanes (including on legs, tail, and head)
    • Custom tongue
    • Custom horns
    • Heterochromia
    • Tail edits
    • Extended fangs

    • Animal-Like features (eg. whiskers)
    • Custom pupil
    • Custom ears
    • Multiple horns
    • Colored blood
    • No tail
    • Human-like hair (any style or length)

    • Elemental growth (eg. plants, gems, etc.)
    • Elemental aspects (fire, water etc.)
    • Insect features (wings, antenna etc.)
    • Multiple body parts (extra limbs, eyes, etc.)
    • Goop (can have goop body parts)
    • One halo
    • Glow
    • Polydactyl+ paws
    • Completely feral (messy fluff, more lion features, 50% - 75% covered in scars etc.)
    • Robotic features (metal legs, lights etc.)

    • Dwarfism
    • Reverse dwarfism
    • Domesticated features (fluffier, softer features, no claws, no horns etc.)
    • Multiple halos
    • Horns on body
    • Wings
    • Exposed bone
    • PPS (off-limits until nursery is open)
    • Full elemental (made fully out of sand, fire etc.)

      • Ink/paint aspects (blood, body parts etc., event only)
      • Object parts (brush tail, ruler horns, pen claws etc., event only)
      • Fae aspects (fae wings, fae antenna etc., event only)


      by contacting an artist, you can add accessories to your adopt! there are no limits to accessories, however, try not to go too overboard. - they can either be free to add, or certain sized ones will cost, with small objects being free, such as jewellery or charms


    Special traits that can only be gotten through breeding. they have a certain chance of being visible. certain normal traits cannot pass.
    these cannot pass through breeding;

    - robot parts - tattoos - scars - weight edits

    these have a chance to change through breeding;

    - elemental aspects (from fire to earth, air to water etc.) - elemental growth (plants to gems, ice to rocks etc.) - halo shapes

    these have a chance to appear in breeding (normal traits);

    - multiple limbs - dwarfism/reverse dwarfism - polydactyl claws - domesticated features - weight edits - heterochromia - no tail - sclera color

    these have a chance to appear through breeding (breed exclusive);

    - melanism - albinism - mutated limbs (deformed, broken etc.) - completely new/different colors from parents

lilac,, @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:51 am


by Noraku.

pt. 1

kaliris have the appearance of an average lion, yet their past holds more than meets the eye. their horns and unnaturally large paws are the result from evolution and adaptation. they originally came from southwest african lions, which is where their large size comes from. however, unlike lions, they are mainly insectivores, but they can eat fish as well.

they started to adapt to their new homes when some s. a. lions got moved to a more dryer and arid environment, or a desert. their large paws, along with their claws, were mainly used to help dig up insects and other bugs, such as scorpions. in order to cope with the high temperatures, they lost their large manes, and gained more fluff around their front legs and neck, and their new fur is thinner, making it easier to stay cool. their ears became more pointed to help lower body temperature as well.

their longer tails, along with extra fluff on the end of them, were used to help them fish once they found an oasis. they were also used to attract certain insects as well. they also gained larger eyes to help them see in sandstorms, and they're covered in a protective layer to prevent them from being blinded by sand. their larger snouts are also used to sniff out other insects, and they too like their eyes, are protected from sand. their paws are tough to prevent them from injuring them from rough terrain.

pt. 2

Kaliris reproduce like any other mammal, in a male and female pairing. however, males and males, as well as females and females, can be mates, however, they will be unable to produce any offspring. Kaliris also have behaviors, that means that they're better together in pairs, but being in a trio can cause competitive behaviors to be prominent. but certain natures can prevent certain Kaliris from being together, which results in Kaliris being alone.

they also hunt like any other carnivore. this is normally to collect fish or insects, but Kaliris would rather eat when they're actually hungry. they would never hunt for fun, but this also depends on the nature of the Kaliris. they also hunt when they suspect someone is invading their territory, but when it comes to actually finding the creature invading, they check it for its aggressive factor, which means they check to see if it's aggressive or not. if it is, it's normally killed, but if it found to be passive, they either attempt to communicate with it, or let it go.

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Rise | #2041 based on this drawing by Dia.
by liightning @ Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:04 am [Reply]

Welcome to Rise!
Rise is an adoptable based on Warrior Cats and focused around world building and character development.
Please make sure that you read the main thread so that you understand limits and levels!

This is a custom cat!

Please let me know your cat's name, age, and any adjectives you'd like in its description such as build or distinct features.
Also, please give me a link to your clan thread so you can be added to the archives.


This cat may not be traded until August 16th, 2019. There is a 2 month cooldown after each ownership change.
For a transfer to be official, both parties must post on this cat's page. The original owner must post in the archive.

------------------------------------------ SSS: Foundation
----------------- SS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SSD: Foundation
Father: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDS: Foundation
----------------- SD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ SDD: Foundation

------------------------------------------ DSS: Foundation
----------------- DS: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DSD: Foundation
Dam: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDS: Foundation
----------------- DD: Foundation
------------------------------------------ DDD: Foundation
    username: DiamondDogg Caverns
    cat name: Fallenleaves
    clan: SilverClan
    rank: medicine cat

    gender: female
    age: 29 moons
    description: dilute calico with high white and green eyes

    other features: none
    siblings: none living

DiamondDogg Caverns @ Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:11 am

name: Fallenleaves
clan: SilverClan
rank: medicine cat
age: 29 Moons

Mythical Adopts (CLOSED)
by Cloudedgazes @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:40 am [Reply]

Thank you, to those who claimed these adopts. I'll be sure to host another one soon, as these went by fast!

I'll take either $C or pets, but preferably $C. Price ranges can be found below their names! For pets, I am looking for either a rare (2017+ excluding holidays), two uncommons (2015+), or four commons (2018 and below).However, these are just preferences ad I'm fine with negotiating pets!

1. Cobra-dog
CLAIMED by Skwigler
2. Griffon
CLAIMED by fox,,
3. Wyvern
CLAIMED by Redbirdtrooper12
4. Chimera
CLAIMED by fox,,

The griffon is a red-winged blackbird/black Leopard mix!
The wyvern is a basic, red/gold fire wyvern.
The chimera is a brown goat/domestic cat/lavender-banana ball python mix!

You didn't get to take one home in time? Not to worry! I plan to make more of these, so keep your eyes open for more adopts :).

Scei @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:23 am

Yo I love the griffon!

~HєуRєι~ @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 9:42 am

aa love all these kiddos. They look wonderful <3

symmetra @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 12:09 pm

The cobra-dog and the wyvern are so cute >o<

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Planning on Opening July 1st (or sooner!)
----- ----- ----- ----- -----

In one small area of the world, there is a unique mammal called the Platypus. Sometimes referred to as the duck-billed platypus, is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal endemic to eastern Australia, including Tasmania. These creatures make their homes in the freshwater areas that flow throughout the island of Tasmania and the eastern and southeastern coast of Australia. While they are in the water a lot, they will also waddle onto the riverbanks to dig burrows with their claws. Not too far from where they thrive lies a paddock with many Platypuses that are looking for new homes!
So what do you say? Want to adopt your own Platypus today?

-- General Requirements --
> You must have a Paddock (on-site storage thread/off-site storage) for your Platypuses for the Archives. Platypuses will not be adopted out to those without a Paddock!
> You are able to have as many Platypuses as you can handle!
> You may not sell or gift away your Platypuses.
> add here...wip

----- ----- ----- ----- -----
please feel free to mark! these are not open yet!


I'm revamping an older Platypus adopt thread I made!

things to add; Breeding/Nursery--Adopts--Customs--Artist Search/Competition--Archives--Traits/Coat colors

.henloimmabirb. @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 2:13 pm

Res -

.henloimmabirb. @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:57 pm

Res -

.henloimmabirb. @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:58 pm

Marking is open!

Feel free to mark!

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Fox Adopts! #1 based on this drawing by paintpawz62
by Crystal~Fox @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:07 pm [Reply]

i'm proud of these cuties ^^
Angel: 5C$
Demon/fire: 5C$
walking with the stars: 5C$
all 3: 15C$

Crystal~Fox @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:33 pm


Crystal~Fox @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:41 pm


Crystal~Fox @ Mon Jun 17, 2019 6:06 am


ImageHello! Welcome to cute lil' critters adopts! These are my first adopt species ever! I am the owner, and a moderator, and a artist for the species! Artists: Softfeather_04, Acronymm, Redbirdtrooper12 Special thanks to (you know who you are!) for coming up with the idea for the species, and being such an amazing person!
Species Info wrote: Cute lil' Critters are small toys consisting of cute unnatural colored pets ranging from Cats, Dogs, Bunnies, and Birds! They are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. They aren't like any other toy though! When the pets are put in the hands of a good owner, they come to life! Even though they're small, they need lots of attention! They love to run, jump, and play just like normal pets. Cute lil' Critters are made of stuffing and fabric, and the most special part of them all, a magical heart!
Now onto the rules!
Rules: 1. Please be kind and respectful. This is my first time making an adoptable species, so it will not be perfect!
2. No spamming the species page!
3. Marking is 100% aloud! If you wanna mark the page, that'd be awesome!
4. This is a closed species! No one is aloud to make adopts without permission.
5. You can own an unlimited amount of Cute lil' Critters, but please give others a chance to adopt some!
6. All adopts must be free, do not sell them for currency.
7. Artist can make 1 rare adopt after 15 adopts total are made. It resets after 1 rare adopt has been made.
That's it for the rules!

Cute lil' Critters can range from Common, Uncommon, and Rare! Here are all the trait guidelines:
Common Traits wrote: Unnatural Colors
1-3 Colors
Unnatural Designs/Patterns.
No edits
1 Small fang Edit
1 Small Expression Edit
Head feather edit (for birds)
Collars (for cats and dogs)
Fur edits (short, long, ect)

Uncommon Traits wrote: Natural Colors
Natural Colors/Patterns
1-4 Colors
1 Horn edit
1 Expression Edit
1 Large Fang edit
1 Tail edit
1 Ear edit
Rare Traits wrote: Glowing edits
Small Goop edits
Horn edits
More than 4 colors
Halo(s) (No more than 3!)
Hair edit
Dark colors

Shop wrote: Here you can buy custom Cute lil' Critters! 1 common custom: 3C$/3 Rares
1 uncommon custom: 6C$/6 Rares
1 rare custom: 10C$/10 Rares
Use this form for ordering customs!:
Code: Select all
What Type: (rare, uncommon, common)
Any specific designs?: (specify!)
Any specific edits?: (specify!)
Any specific artist you want?:
Payment total:

redbirdtrooper12 @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:08 pm

We're open! Feel free to mark, or buy a Cute lil' Critter!

redbirdtrooper12 @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:32 pm

first bump :3

8-Bit-Anxiety @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:34 pm


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Introduction wrote:Welcome to the Labyrinth!
Are you ready to take on the adventure?

The Labyrinth is a game composed of three different locations: The Tidepools, Rocky Shores, and Calming Coast. In each of these three locations lies adventure and riches beyond your wildest dreams. However, they come at the cost of dangerous encounters and peril! Be sure to read the rules and guidelines below so that you can understand how this booth works, and get ready for your adventure!

        How It Works wrote:Below is the information on how this booth works. Make sure to familiarize yourself with it before diving straight into the adventure, so that you don't trip over your own feet in confusion!

        ✦ This is an interactive, board game set up booth. Meaning: every game can only be participated in if you are present in the current stream!
        ✦ Each session can only hold up to 5 players maximum at a time. However, don't panic! There will be 3 rounds every day, and you may only play every other day. (ex. if you play on the 10th, you can only play again on the 12th!)
        ✦ Streams will begin every day at an hour past CS rollover. (8 PM CST)
        ✦ Based on previous rounds, each adventure lasts approximately 30 minutes!
        ✦ If there are not 5 players within 10 minutes, I will go ahead and play with whoever is present!
        ✦ If you are not one of the 5 players for that round, you will be kicked out of the stream while the game is playing. This is to ensure that nothing is spoiled for you!
        ✦ Once you have played the game, please do not give away the secrets of the board. If people don't mind spoilers, you can tell them through a means of private messaging, but don't spoil it for the rest of us. Let everyone have a fair chance at getting to experience the board secrets for themselves!
        ✦ Each of the three boards has 10 spaces, and on those 10 spaces are 4 encounters you may experience while playing. Some are good, some are bad, and some can go either way depending on your luck!
        ✦ While playing this game, please keep in mind you can lose currency. Play at your own risk! There are other booths you can participate in and not worry about this at all. The main focus of this booth is to have fun, and enjoy it!
        ✦ The location you play will be randomly decided beforehand. However, if all 5 players have played a certain board already and would like to experience another one, you may decide among yourselves to switch the board and I will gladly do so for you.
        ✦ Each board has a secret 11th space. Because it is easy to lose small amounts of currency playing this 11th space, you may choose not to participate on that space if you would like. You will be prompted before all the other players move on to that space on if you would like to participate or not!
        ✦ This 11th space however is your only shot to obtaining any of the three Missing Tokens;the Tiny Pearl Box,
        Golden Coin, or Strange Whistle.
        ✦ If you do obtain one of these tokens, congratulations! Only three people in total can obtain any of these tokens throughout the entirety of this booth running; one token per person! So, the more you play, the higher chance you have of being one of those lucky people! Those who can manage to claim a token will receive a special prize!
        ✦I will post on this thread every day when the streams are online!

hiraeth + hound @ Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:03 am

A Golden Coin with a Skull engraved on the front. It feels dense and
heavy in your palms, and you wonder what sort of purpose this may have
had in another life and what is worth may be now. Perhaps it was a
common currency, or perhaps it was a lucky coin owned by some great

The Golden Coin has not been found yet!
A strange whistle, intricately carved from some sort of conch shell.
When you blow into it, a high pitched but smooth tone comes out
the other end. Immediately, you are reminded of winds blowing
through empty soda bottles or holes in the shore's rocks. It seems to
calm you.

The Strange Whistle has not been found yet!

A small, iridescent box seemingly made of pure pearl.
You can't open it, and there are no holes where a key
would fit, so you are only left to wonder what may be inside.

The Tiny Pearl Box has not been found yet!

hiraeth + hound @ Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:04 am


hiraeth + hound @ Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:33 am

          Results from each adventure are listed here!

          Day 1

          Adventure 1:
          Adventurers: case, Desmond, Kniccknacks, Badger, Neo
          case: +9 SD
          Knickknacks: +7 SD
          NeonPastel: +2 SD
          Badger: +5 SD
          Desmond: +8 SD

          Adventure 2:
          Adventurers: Voltaire, dysania., sprig, Ares~, vanilla bean.
          vanilla bean: +10 SD
          voltaire: +4 SD
          Ares~: +5 SD
          sprig: +6 SD
          dysania: +2 SD

          Adventure 3:
          Adventurers: River, raining, Bluebird~, mierose, Micki.
          River: +5 SD
          Mierose: +9 SD
          Bluebird: break even, nothing!
          Micki: +6 SD
          Raining: +6 SD

          Day 2
          Adventurers: livinglethal, neondisaster, cautiousculpeo, Wileyfangs
          Adventure 1:
          cautiousculpeo: +9 SD
          livinglethal: +4 SD
          Wileyfangs: +1 SD
          neondisaster: +5 SD
          since there were only 4 people in the first stream, that is the only adventure today. tune in tomorrow!

          Day 3
          Adventurers: Badger, Case, Knickknacks, Mierose, vanilla bean.
          Adventure 1:
          vanilla bean: +3 SD
          badgerbuddies: +6 SD
          Knickknacks: +5 SD
          mierose: +4 SD
          Case: +8 SD

          Adventure 2:
          Adventurers: sprig, Voltaire, Ares~, raining, River
          sprig: +3 SD
          river: +6 SD
          voltaire: +3 SD
          ares: +5 SD
          raining: +6 SD

          Adventure 3:
          Adventurers: dysania and I (im here for u dys)
          hiraeth + hound +3 SD
          dysania: +11 SD

          Day 4

          Adventure 1:
          Adventurers: River, Case, Micki, Mierose, Sprig
          mierose: +9 SD
          sprig: +4 SD
          case: -1 SD
          river: +4 SD
          micki: +3 SD

          Adventure 2:
          Adventurers: Voltaire, vanilla bean., Ares, hound
          ares: +2 SD
          voltaire: +5 SD
          vanilla bean: +2 SD
          streak: +8 SD
          hound: +5 SD

          Adventure 3:

          Adventurers: dysania, paopu, knickknacks, livinglethal, neondisaster
          paopu: -3 SD
          knickknacks: +8 SD
          dysania: +6 SD
          neondisaster: +4 SD
          livinglethal: +5 SD

          Day 5
          Adventure 1:
          Adventure 2:
          Adventure 3:

          Day 6
          Adventure 1:
          Adventure 2:
          Adventure 3:

          Day 7
          Adventure 1:
          Adventure 2:
          Adventure 3:

          Day 8
          Adventure 1:
          Adventure 2:
          Adventure 3:

          Day 9
          Adventure 1:
          Adventure 2:
          Adventure 3:

          Day 10
          Adventure 1:
          Adventure 2:
          Adventure 3:

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Galactic Wolves! Grand opening! based on this drawing by SkyGold
by \OwO/ @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:10 am [Reply]

ftu lines by

artist search events [url]archives (1)[/url] [url]archives 2[/url]

\OwO/ @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:11 am

artists get 1 custom per month
Artists must make atleast 3 adopts per every 31 days
Events will take place every month - they will end within 10-15 days within being opened
Archive 1 is for slots and adopt archiving only, please dont post there if you are not staff
Please read entire list before making an entry or an adopt

Classic galaxy
No line edits
Standard coloured bones

Green/yellow galaxy
Minor line edits (head fluff, neck fluff)
Unnatural coloured bones (grey, (light)orange, blue, yellow)

More complex designs and patterns (spiral eyes, complex and detailed tails)
Wing, fluffy legs, major fluff

Major line edits
Custom lines
Missing leg (min 3)
Extra limbs

banned traits
If you use any of the following, it will result in a warning, 4 warnings and you are banned (bans and warnings in archives)
Red bones
Any less than 3 limbs
More than 4 eyes
Missing galaxy (please pm me if you are doing a design a galaxy comp artists!)

\OwO/ @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:11 am



None yet

[please pm me for this position]

\OwO/ @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 5:11 am

Sponsors help us go forward with our new species
Please pm me if you want your species to join the list!

stamps are appreciated

Code: Select all

Made by @\OwO/

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Shady's Adopts
by ShadyBro @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:30 pm [Reply]

Welcome to my little adopt shop! Here I'll have original characters and species up for sale. Some of them will be simple sketches, others may already be fully lined and colored. There's just a few base rules, but otherwise there's free reign on whatever crazy critters get doodled up here.

- No removing my signature.
- No taking credit for or copying the things I create.
- No begging/whining/harassing.
- I will not make alterations unless otherwise stated.
- You'll be added once the creation has been purchased.
- These can be used as characters or turned into adoptables.
- They can be taken off-site, but you must link back to my CS account.
- I will not do linework or create lock-alphas on creations that do not already have them.
- Payment must be received no later than 48 hours after claiming.
- For USD payments, please note me on DA - there will be NO discussing USD payments on CS!
(USD payments 100% benefit my non-profit animal rescue IRL - so these are prefered if you're able <3)

Feel free to mark and/or make suggestions! (If your suggestion is used please note this does not entitle you to the design - I am NOT doing customs at the moment.)

.henloimmabirb. @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:34 pm

Mark! <3

Malhare @ Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:56 pm


Direwolf_1411225 @ Sun Jun 16, 2019 5:00 am


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What is a Doppel-Gänger wrote:Dop·pel·gäng·er
An apparition or double of a living thing.
"He has been replaced by an evil Doppel-Gänger"
These cows, unique to any other adopt, are based on living breathing cows. Sure other adopts have some based on living animals but, honestly they're just a picture half copied off Google. Every adopt will have a picture of their real life counterpart. Info on them, like their parents names, their names and their offspring's names (If any). You may, if you're lucky be able to name one of these real life cows to live on the farm and produce milk for all those who enjoy it! So what do you say; Wanna try you're luck today?

Black.Wings @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:03 pm


Basic Guidelines wrote:|==| Animals with Ear Tags are already adopted
|==| Females always are adopted as Heifers, once they have their first calf, they become cows
|==| Collars are given to fresh cows, so dont ask for a collar, once she has a baby she'll get one
|==| Bulls dont get collars in general
|==| Bulls will be every 5th Adopt (Most Bulls will be based on female cows as the farm we have only raises Females)
|==| Will add more if and when I see fit!

What You Can Do wrote:|++| Follow all Chicken Smoothie rules.
|++| You are allowed as many as you wish, though you may only win one a week.
|++| You may trade your cows with other users. There is a 3 month cooldown between trades.
|++| Will add more if and when I see fit!

What You Can't Do wrote:|--| This is a closed species, you cannot make your own or breed them with other species.*
|--| There will only ever be Male x Female breedings, Welcome to the real world.
|--| They cannot be depicted as anthros, they are and only ever will be 4 legged animals.
|--| You may not sell your cows to other users, the Auction House is there for a reason.
|--| Do not ask for a staff position or harass the staff.
|--| Do not edit the species lines, this is an artists job, forums are available for this.
|--| Will add more if and when I see fit!


Everyone gets 3 Warnings before they get a strike, the next two strikes get No warnings. Once banned your cows are confiscated and all breedings are void. You will not be able to have anything to do with the species anymore.

Strikes wrote:-

Bans wrote:-

Black.Wings @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:03 pm




Black.Wings @ Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:03 pm


-None ATM Check back later!


- Once we hit 50 adopts this will open every Sunday

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Welcome to Woodland Foxes! Woodland Foxes is an adoptable based on foxes and APRG. These canine roam around the forest land. You can make your own skulk, explore the many different worlds. Some foxes from the woodlands may have migrated to other places. Have fun with your group!



dawnlightz. @ Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:38 pm


- All CS rules must apply.
--- Breaking any (major) CS rules will result in a permanent ban.

- You cannot sell Woodland Foxes.
--- You cannot sell for currency/profit (real money, C$, pets, items, art, etc.)

- Please be respectful, do not harass anyone.
--- Treat people good to be treated good. You can make friends easily if you do not bully.

- Do not remove my signature.
--- I have it on to reduce the risk of art theft, if you remove my signature, I will ban you for 6 weeks. Doing it one more time will make you PERM banned.

- Drawings for tasks and prompts must be at least a flat colored headshot.
--- Foxes in drawings must be able to be recognized.

- Realistic colors only.
--- Do not request specific kinds/breeds of foxes. You might not get what you want.

- You MAY not claim my lines as your own.
--- This falls under art theft, I will not tolerate this in ANY WAY. This rule will give you a strike.

dawnlightz. @ Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:39 pm





- Artist Rules
    -- They can make adopts.
    -- They may make kits (in nursery)
    -- They may do customs
    -- One custom for yourself for each 4 adopts made.
    -- They should be able to be communicated with, and have Discord
    -- Once a fox is made, they can no longer be changed.
- Guest Artist Rules
    -- Produce at least 6 adopts
    --- Once all 6 adopts made, the staff will decide
    -- They cannot make kits
    -- They cannot make customs
    -- GA may claim founders aswell

dawnlightz. @ Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:39 pm


Ready to start off to make your own skulk? Now you've read the guidelines, you are ready to make one.

Step 1: Create your skulk!
- Store them anywhere! Just remember it must be a place that is appropriate for children!
- You must give your skulk a name, it not optional.

Step 2: Get your founder
- Start getting your founder by filling in the form below.
-- You may not request rare mutations (vitilligo, missing limb, etc) These are only for milestones
- A reference is required unless you want to do a surprise me.
- Please post your forms only once.
- Do not request line edits.
- When you get your founder, you may not ask for changes.
- Please pick an age for your fox between 1-25
- Once made, don't ask changes for your fox!

Step 3: Leveling up!
- Your skulk starts at level 0
- To level up, complete the tasks in the next post.
- Do not reuse completed prompts to level up.
- To level up, please post in the archive.
-- However, you will be PMed if you do not meet the requirements.

Code: Select all
[b][u]Fonder Custom[/u][/b]
[b]Username: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Ref: [/b]

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Warrington Jacks based on this drawing by Sixbane
by cautiousculpeo @ Mon May 27, 2019 4:35 am [Reply]

Archive - Nursery - Main Adopts - Fanclub - Artist Warren - Artist Competition - Discord

The jackalope is a mythical animal of North American folklore, a fearsome creature described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns.

Species Rules wrote:- All CS rules apply
- WJ may only be traded for other WJ
- Bribes will not be accepted or tolerated
- They may not be traded for real or virtual currency ;
this includes but is not limited to. DA Points, C$, Artwork, USD, CAD
- No begging or Harassing members or staff for any reason
- There is no ownership limit
- You may not create your own
- If you are banned from the community, you keep rights to all WJ and may take them with you.
- WJ are a closed species, with adopts and customs only being made by approved artists
-I do not hold the concept of Jackalope adopts or claim it as my own, but WJ have differences and lore i have created to differ them. Do not copy those differences and lore.
- WJ are assigned a sex upon creation that may not be changed, this does not limit gender or sexuality
- Breedings may only be created by assigned artists, do not breed by yourself.

General Info wrote:- WJ sexes are approximately 50/50 making sexes fairly even
- WJ Produce one Kit per litter, there is no exception
- WJ May breed a total of 10 times in a lifetime, there is no exception
- Adoptable WJ have a badge "Adopt Me" Above them
- Claimed Adopts will have the "Adopt Me" Badge removed
- Male and Female WJ have physical differences in appearance
- Male WJ sport a large "mane", they present this mane in adulthood
- Females WJ sport a small "mane" they present this mane in adulthood
- Both Male and Female WJ sport antlers
- Kits will not have varying looks based on sex
- WJ may be any natural colour or pattern you see in the wild
- WJ may have any eye-colour

cautiousculpeo @ Mon May 27, 2019 4:46 am

Warrington Jacks are a sub-species of the wellknown mythical hybrid Jackalopes. They are commonly found along the coast of North America throughout Canada and the Unites States. This species often makes its homes, or Colonies, in a variety of places. Warrington Jacks are a very adaptive species, making it possible for them to easily acclimate to any terrain or temperature. Whether you are on the ocean coast, or atop a mountain you have the chance to come into contact with this incredible species.

Contrary to popular folklore, this species is not a large steed, ride-able by men. In fact, they are comparable in size to that of a small dog. Weighing in at only 9KG, or 20LBS. These animals are large in comparison to their distant cousin the Scrub Hare, but overall a small critter not well used in riding or combat.

Warrington Jacks have a unique way of hunting for food, and do so unlike Rabbits, Hares, or any Herbivore. Warrington Jacks infact are carnivorous in nature, preying on small mammals and birds much like to a domestic cat. They have teeth much similar to a dog or cat, and do not have rabbit-like teeth.

Kits, or Kittens are born in litters of one only. Females only have a reproductive tract large enough to carry one kit at a time, and all Jacks can only produce a total of 10 offspring in their lifetime. Kits reach an age of maturity at 3 years old and are able to show as full-grown rabbits with a mane and antlers. Kits are not born with Antlers, they start growth at about a year, and continue until they are fully grown at 3 years. Unlike regular antlers, Warrington Jacks never shed their antlers in the winter, they stay attached much like horns do even with the forked appearance of a deer antler.
Kits antlers are usually similar to their parents, which are the standard antler shape. It is rare that a kit will be born without growing antlers, or with antlers that do not mimic their parents. Depending on the blood-line of Jacks some antlers may be different, smaller or larger even appearing or mimicking other animals who have horns or antlers. If an antler is broken, they do not regenerate or grow back.

cautiousculpeo @ Mon May 27, 2019 4:47 am

Owner wrote:cautiousculpeo

Artists wrote:I Like Bees

Archivists wrote:Alledowaya

Mod wrote:x

cautiousculpeo @ Mon May 27, 2019 6:29 am

Feel free to mark!

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STP #16 based on this drawing by Moonblaze-Angel
by TheWolfyWonder @ Sun Jun 09, 2019 2:06 pm [Reply]

Sweet Treat Pup Up For Adoption

What are Sweet Treat Pups? wrote:A Sweet Treat Pup, or STP, is a small dog that grows to be the size of a guinea pig. Accidentally created in a lab, they are now a pretty common site to see! Since the very first pup was created, they have evolved to take on the qualities of their favorite snack. Sweet Treat Pups are born white, grey, or black (depending on gender) and will grow into the colors of their favorite food, drink, or dessert. Here, we find lost and unwanted STPs and give them new homes; will you be one of them?

This STP is a Rare. Their favorite food is Pink Sprinkle Donut.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in adopting this cutie!
Owner wrote:Username:Chaotic Dreams
STP Name: Rae G. Biv
STP Gender: female
Prompt: Rae loves baking sweet treats! Her favorite pastime is baking chocolate chip cookies and she has a habit of adding sprinkles to everything! She loves to read romance novels that have very happy endings, her favorite is The Princess Bride.

redbirdtrooper12 @ Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:23 pm

Username: redbirdtrooper12
STP Name: Sprinkles
STP Gender: Female
Prompt: Sprinkle's favorite pastime is listening to music. She has a wild imagination and every time she listens to a new song she gets new ideas in her head. Not only does it enable her imagination, but it helps her relax and unwind. (I hope this entry is ok!)

Acronymm @ Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:15 am

Username: Acronymm
STP Name: Confetti!
STP Gender: Female
Prompt: Confetti loves to party!! It's her absolute favorite thing along with making others happy. She's the go-to party planner for anyone planning a party. She loves decorating, desserts, games, different color lights, you name it! Confetti is a huge party animal. <<33

TheWolfyWonder @ Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:41 pm


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Main Page || Archive || Breedings || Artist Competition || Fanclub

Welcome To The Sanctuary!
This is our SWE adoption central, where you can check out
all the cool equines that are currently available.
Traits wrote:. Flopped/lopped ears
. Roman noses
. Short choppy mane
. Long shaggy forelock
. Twelve to eighteen hands
. Long thin legs
. Thin lithe body
. Thin whip-like tail
. Talks in clicks and chirps
. Blue tongue
. Brightly colored eyes
. Highly intelligent
What Are Sveldala Walkers? wrote:Sveldala Walking Equines are a rare and historic horse breed, originating from the remote beaches of Anholt. The first tame SWE was originally caught and broke by a young Swedish zoologist that lived in Svedala, a locality in Skåne County, Sweden. From there the entrepreneur bought a small farm in Lilla Sveldala, and began domesticating and breeding the rare species.
It didnt take long for the intriguing creatures to gain interest on a global scale, and buyers quickly began lining their stalls with the beasts. However, due to their very specific needs, it was nearly impossible to get them to breed outside of the original sanctuary. This in turn caused them to keep their severely endangered status for many many years until more information became available.
Now these equines are being offered to other potential breeders (you) in hopes of making a more stable and readily available selection to the public. With sanctuaries located all over the world and importing on a massive scale, its up to us to bring these historic horses out of the very real danger of extinction.

Artist Rules wrote:. Natural coat colors and patterns only
. List coat names in the title of each along with the correct number
. All colors are fine for eyes, but try for bright/pale colors
. Somatic mutations and brindles should be somewhat rare
. Judge in a timely manor or ask someone else to do it
. At least one design a week, no limits as long as the quality is good
. No line edits without asking - very rarely allowed
. Add the halter once adopted
. Remove background once adopted
. May own up to fifty SWEs at this time
. Ten of which may be customs
. PM me for any questions/concerns/rule breaking
Public Rules wrote:. Closed species - you may not make your own!
. Closed breeding - you may not breed your own!
. You may own up to thirtyfive 1st Gen SWEs at this time
. Six of which may be customs
. Bred SWEs do not count toward your total limit
. Cannot be bred with other species/breeds
. SWEs may not be traded/gifted/sold
. May rehome one SWE per month with permission
. May not alter lines/design - must ALWAYS have flopped ears
. Do not use other users SWEs without permission
. Must be polite and kind to all members - no exceptions!
. Unruly members will be banned/have all SWEs revoked


Advertise Us!
Code: Select all


ShadyBro @ Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:27 pm

Customs: OPEN

Customs are available for USD purchase. Basic designs are just 50 cents USD, and rare designs (somatics, chimerics, brindles) are $1 USD, payable through PayPal. Payment discussions can be carried out through DA. To Discuss your custom, please send me (ShadyBro) a PM here on CS with this form filled out:
Code: Select all
[b]Base Coat:[/b] 
[b]Eye Color:[/b]   
[b]Mane/Tail Colors/Patterns:[/b]   
[b]Photo Reference If Preferred (Optional):[/b]   
[b]Halter Color:[/b]   

Please remember to keep all requests realistic to the species. You may use as many photo references as you wish if you are uncertain of specific color/marking names. No line edits are allowed at this time, though custom halters can be added for an additional fee (50 cents for simple, $1 for more complicated/larger ones).

Available Walkers!

All Sveldala's listed in RED in our archive are available for adoption. An adoptable Aveldala's image will have a colored background with an 'Adopt Me!' banner, while an already adopted Sveldala will have a transparent background and a halter.



By ShadyBro

By Chromium

PM me to have your giftlines shown here so that other users can find them.


Please PM me with your species stamp to become affiliates.


~Teya~ @ Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:33 pm

So pretty<3 Do you need any artists? I'd love to be one :)

ShadyBro @ Sun Oct 23, 2016 3:15 pm

~Teya~ wrote:So pretty<3 Do you need any artists? I'd love to be one :)

I'll be holding an artist comp soon - feel free to enter it c:

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