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Lines by EmberWolf

Dont forget to come check our discord channel out!

What are Khimaira Friesians?:
Khimaira Friesians are a "normal" friesian breed with all characteristics of a friesian and a average height from 15 to 17 hands, but even 18 hands can occur. The first born Khimaira was mistaked for a chimera horse. But a genetic test showed otherwise, there wasn't a second DNA but a complete new and unknown gen. Because this gen makes the friesian look like a chimera it was named khimaira. khimaira doesn't produce a complete new dna coat and therefor it can only lighten or darken the base coat of the horse. Till now only the paint khimaira is known that makes the khimaira coloration looks like tobiano, overo, sabino or splash. But we believe that there will be more khimaira variations out there and we still try to breed them. Appaloosas are not known till now, but we have some great friesian mixed horses with appaloosa patterns, so we are sure to deliver them to you in a short amount of time.

Currently Searching for:
All positions

End Date: this is Ongoing

Looking to start accepting positions by the 25th though!!

Rules for Artist Search:
    - do a cover
    - know basic horse coat colorings
    - know the basics of horse genetics, especially when you enter for breeding artist - there is a guide to help either way
    - Read though all the Khimaira knowledge and variations
    - You may do up to 10 entries, but you must do the entries for your position below
    - Once you are done with your entries please let me know and post under your cover.
    - Check bottom of this post for helpful links

    - If interested in a quest artist position please say so on your forum. Please include which type of artist position you are wanting though

Entries you must do:

Main Artist:
At least 1 of each rarity up to rare, Very rare is optional
3 breeding entries (must pick out of the parents given below)

Adoptable Artist:
At least 1 of each rarity up to rare, a VR entry is highly encouraged!

Breeding Artist:
At least 5 breeding entries between parents listed below

Very Common:
- chestnut tobiano with khim rabicano
- Silver Brown sabino
- Double Pearl Brown Paint Claw
- black Champagne roan with Overo, Khim Tobiano and Khim ghost
    Ee/aa/Chch/Rr/Oo/Ktkt + khim ghost
- Silver Smoky Cream Grullo Appaloosa
- Palomino splash with Cobweb and paint fire
    ee/aa/Splspl/Pfpf + Cobweb
- Silver Amber Cream Champagne Khim Fog
    Ee/Aa/Crcr/Chch + Khim Fog
- Brindled Buckskin with khim splash, khim shadow and paint cloud
    Ee/AA/Crcr/Ksplkspl/Cc/+ khim shadow + Brindle
Very Rare: -Optional
- any base with khim fantasy, manchado and khim claw
    base/Kclkcl + Manchado + Khim fantasy

Individual Entries Form:post under each entry

Code: Select all
[b]Entry Number:[/b]

Main Entry Forumpost under cover

Code: Select all
[b]Position Applying for:[/b] (Main, Breeding or Adopt)
[b]Guest Artist:[/b] (yes or no)
[b]How Active are you:[/b]

If you try out for an artist position you automatically accept all of the artist rules on the main side from Khimaira Friesians and you oblige to follow them

- please use this color chart:
- Khimaira Friesians Genetics are here Forum/viewtopic.php?f=124&t=4568584
- What I like to use to roll breedings
- go here for all main rules and info Forum/viewtopic.php?t=4567132#p134806863
- feel free to use this color guide also Forum/viewtopic.php?p=133060152#p133060152

Rescue2001 @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:51 pm

Other staff positions we are looking for

- Please PM/DM me your forums, my Discord is Rescue #1260.
- Each Position will have a description of what you will be doing so please read those before applying
- I will be involved with each role but you will be doing the day to day tasks and be in charge of coming up with things.
- if you have any questions please ask before applying

Archivist: you will be in charge of listing who owns what. Filled

Games Director: you will be in charge of making up and doing all games 1-2 positions available

Shop/Challenge center director: you will be in charge of the challenge center and who has/used what items 1 position available

Mod: you will be a sort of peace keeper and make sure everyone is following the rules. Filled


Code: Select all
[b]Position Applying for:[/b]
[b]How Active are you:[/b]
[b]Your Past Examples:[/b]
[b]Anything Else you want to Mention:[/b]

Rescue2001 @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 6:09 pm

this is now open :)

Rescue2001 @ Thu Jun 10, 2021 2:41 pm


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    So you think you want to be apart of the Technicat's manufacturing team, eh? Well, good on you! It's always great to have new ideas and designs thrown around here. Be sure to read up on everything you need to! People who fail to do so will most definitely not become a member of the team. If we can't trust you to read the user guide, we certainly can't trust you to make more beloved Technicats for the community. They rely on us to be reliable, after all!

    - - - - -

    • all main page rules, lore, and information apply here too
    • you cannot use these lines for fun, or to make your own characters - series entries only
    • you will need to make a minimum of 3 entries to be considered for a position
    • do not remove the sig or fake sign
    • edits must keep within the listed traits
    • no covers; post each entry individually, and link back to previous

SilhouetteStation @ Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:38 am

Glowingsaltshaker @ Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:42 am


✨goblin✨ @ Fri Mar 05, 2021 6:25 am


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Rules for AS entries!
- do not remove the 'FAKE!' sign
- make at least 2 entries before being considered
- do not create your own Sobagiya, we have myos for a reason :)
- It is preferred you use this to show which genotypes from each locus is there, as well as a description that's more understandable, such as "AWAW a | nn | bb | Wild sable with brown and recessive black", though the genotype itself is optional, the description is mandatory.

Anxiety Harbor @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 4:55 am

Please know these are still open, and will always be open <3

catonium @ Wed Jun 16, 2021 5:24 am

I'd like to apply but I don't understand the genetics. What should I do?

Anxiety Harbor @ Wed Jun 16, 2021 7:24 am

catonium wrote:I'd like to apply but I don't understand the genetics. What should I do?

You can always ask a staff member for help if you don't understand what genetics you're using! It helps if you use an image of a real life dog as reference for the fur. Custom genetics may become a part of the species eventually, but it hasn't been seen yet.

Jellidaes Artist Search based on this drawing by Rosemoon
by Rosemoon @ Tue Apr 20, 2021 7:48 am [Reply]

Main Page

Jellidaes are a species of anthropomorphic felidae with a clear, jelly-like membrane in place of ears, legs, and tails. They socialize and behave like humans, but still have feline-esque tendencies.


Hello everyone!
I'm gonna make this easy.

- I encourage you to make your own lines! The base is there and you can 100% use it, it's there to be used obviously. You are not required to custom line your entry, but it will boost your chances of being picked!
- Please write "fake" somewhere on your entries
- Please make at least 3 entries minimum
- No covers please
- If you are selected as an artist you are 100% guaranteed a special type of MYO slot after being staff for a certain period
- That being said please don't only apply for the MYO and then leave
- Artists will be sent a PM with some more info if picked
- Please list all traits used
- Entries can be used as MYOs
- That also being said don't enter just to make MYOs, you can freely make common customs so please use the appropriate thread for that instead
- You can make entries with whatever traits, I just want to see what you can do
- You can make as many entries as you want so long as you meet the minimum
- It would help to link previous entries but it's not required
- No off-oekaki entries please

Rosemoon @ Wed May 05, 2021 1:34 pm


relief @ Thu May 06, 2021 2:04 am


blood-moon @ Thu May 13, 2021 4:52 pm


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So here is the Artist Search for the species and if you want to try out to be a guest artist or full artist, this is the way to do it.

Full Artist Rules

1. Full Artists are allowed a custom every month
2. Full Artists, you can make adopts, but your only allowed to do two at a time
3. You are allowed to vote on who guest artists should be
4. You must make at least two-four adopts every year
5. You are allowed to have one MYO every two months
6. You can take custom commissions but make sure you can get them done
7. You must follow the traits and rules set for the species
8. Inferno’s are really not used for adopts, but it is ok to do one or two like that for adopts

Guest Artist Rules

1. You are allowed a free MYO every month your a guest artist
2. You must make one adopt every month your a guest artist
3. After your time is up, feel free to try out again
4. Your not allowed to act like a Full Artist
5. If you are making more than one MYO or not following the Guest Artist Rules, you will be immediately taken out of your role and you will be suspended for some time from trying out again.
6. All Inferno Tiers are not to be used for Guest Artists
7. Guest Artists are allowed to have back to back months if they are voted in again after there initial month is up.

People doing the artist search have to be ok with these rules being put in place.

Code: Select all
Time zone:
When are you active:
Why do you want to be a full/guest artist for this species?
Will you follow the rules:

This is the form that must be put on every Artist search. There is something you have to add for it to be ok. You must have the word fake somewhere viewable on the artist search entry and my signature has to be on there at all times.

Galaxystar01 @ Thu Jun 03, 2021 2:32 pm


Galaxystar01 @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 5:09 am


SilentMelody @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 3:32 am


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entry 1! based on this drawing by Swishy & Broken
by BigFrog4231 @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 2:40 pm [Reply]

they r just a silly guy,,,, solid black w low white :]

nr: scars, claws
c: ear placement, shorter tail, ear tufts, min fur edits, whisker edits
r: missing eye


rules - trait compatibility list - nursery -
- artist search - fanclub - discord



          Welcome to the Mouse dragons artist search!
          Mouse dragons need dedicated artists who are willing to put in the work!
          Please be sure to read everything, as all info is important!!

          The artist search is currently: OPEN!!

          - We will be looking for guest artists every few months. Please be sure to check the status of
          the artist search at the top.
          - You may make as many entries as you wish when the artist search is open.
          - No covers
          - Do not remove the fake sign, or my signature, however you may move both around.
          - Do not color this in as your own fursona, character, etc. This is not what this is for.
          - These entries may be turned into MYOs if you so wish, however you must have the right myo.
          - If chosen. you will be allowed to make 6 adopts in a two month period. Just follow the official
          artist rules. There are no limits on rarity aside from the rules listed on the rules post on the main thread.
          - All designs must be made ON oekaki. Off oekaki will not be accepted.
          - Do not use this base to sell designs for the species. You may use them as examples to offer your work
          to others in the community.

Lykaio Artist Search OPEN based on this drawing by annaebell
by annaebell @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 10:27 pm [Reply]

Adopts/ Customs/ Nursery / Artist Search / Growths and transfers
Staff/ Rarity / Stamps
Discussion thread / Idea thread
This will be an ongoing event! it may close and reopen at different times.
To enter, please crate a cover for your entries and fill out the form in the codebox below.

(Having this open to find artists while I set up the main thread)

-Do not remove the fake sign-
-Make at least one common Lykaio with no line edits-
-You will need to make a minimum of 3 entries.-
-Any Lykaios made with edits must have the edits and rarity listed based on here-
-Do not use to make characters or claim as customs-
-If drawing an entry with clothes or extras, a version without them must be made-
-all artists will start as guest artists for a month and can move up to full-time artist after-

Code: Select all
[b]I want to become a Lykaio artist![/b]

Examples of art (at east three please!)-
Previous adopt experience-
How often are you online?-
How many adopts can you make a week on average?-
Would you be able to make 1 adopt a week?-
Would you be willing to take part in events?-
Why would you like to be an artist?-

annaebell @ Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:21 pm


Artist/Guest Artist Rules

Guest Artists have a month to create three Temple Strider adopts of any method of adoption.

Guest Artists cannot make Temple Striders with mythical traits, and can use a rare trait on only one adopt.

Official Artists are allowed to make one custom lined Temple Strider per month

Official Artists must check with Glowingsaltshaker before adding a legendary trait to the adopt.

Official Artists MUST make three adopts a month to receive pay.

Guest Artists must see Glowingsaltshaker after creating their 3 adopts, if rejected they may try and become a guest artist again.

Do not remove the fake sign, or the signature

list traits used

Don't use a cover

If IRL issues come up, or if you would like to abandon your position, please contact Glowingsaltshaker.

Staff Payment

3 Adopts = Standard MYO
4 Adopts = Common MYO
5-6 Adopts = Uncommon MYO
7+ = Rare MYO

I will post on the main page and PM artists with their MYOS[/quote]

Please make 2 entries for this search. 1 needs to have line edits. 1 must be standard

Can't wait to see the entries!

Chill827 @ Sat Jun 12, 2021 10:19 am


Image ImageImage
main pageannouncementscatharsis chambernurseryfanclubdiscord
game streamsshoppromptsexploringmyos + item use [x]animated transfers + growths
archiveitem archivearchive updatesv1/v2 archive

floc - singular ⟡ flox - plural ⟡
«the flox are a species of psychic, floating foxes whose powers have been sealed away since ancient times.
unlocking flox with magic keys releases a burst of light or dark aura based on the floc's nature.
by adopting a floc, you agree to assist in the mission to uncover the mysteries of their past.
are you up to the challenge?

⟡ species created and owned by akami-chan and managed by allinianendorsement
    interested in becoming an artist for fox-n-key? or... maybe earning some tokens?
    well, this is your chance !! c:
    here, you can design //very exciting// floc backgrounds to either try out for a guest artist position, earn tokens, or both !!

    but wait––what are tokens?
    tokens Image are the official currency we use here in the floc realm.
    they may be used to buy items from the shop in the near future !

    listed below are the rules and guidelines for this search.
    please make sure to read and understand them thoroughly before entering.

    ⟡ you are to post a fully designed rectangle with a transparent background and the key with your design clipped to it.
    ⟡ there are detailed instructions under the cover, please read and follow them carefully.
    ⟡ entries that fail to follow these guidelines will be ignored.

    here is a helpful guide to see where the design will go on the animated floc. try not to crowd corners.

    ⟡ feel free to create as many entries as you like––this is an ongoing search until stated otherwise.
    ⟡ do not post entries under a cover.
    ⟡ it is preferred that you link all previous entries.

    off-oekaki entries are accepted, but only tokens may be earned from these designs.
    you will not be considered for a guest artist position. the psd can be found here.
    ⟡ once you have created a design, submit it by replying to this thread with the full transparent image of the pattern field.
    you are welcome to post as many entries as you would like. do not add new designs to old posts. they will likely be missed.

    ⟡ if we like what we see, one (or both) of these situations can happen:
    1) your design will be made into a floc !
    2) you will be invited to be a guest artist !

    1) if your design is made into a floc, you will be notified and rewarded with 15 tokens.
    1) if your entry was off-oekaki, it will be made into an official floc that will be given out in a game stream.

    2) if you are invited to be a guest artist, you are allowed to make up to five official adopts within a one month period––and earn an unedited custom floc that does not count towards your eight-floc limit.**

    ⟡ even though this is an artist search, you are welcome to post designs solely for the purpose of trying to earn tokens. you are not required to enter with the intention of being hired as a guest artist. if you are not interested in being hired, please state so. in this case, including the key is optional.

    guest artist guidelines
    ⟡ joining/being in the discord is highly preferred but not required.
    ⟡ you must create at least two new (not entries converted to adopts) designs before creating your custom.
    ⟡ you are free to turn one of your entries into your custom.
    ⟡ if you wish to turn an entry (that wasn't already made) into an official adopt, you are free to do so.
    ⟡ ⟡ however, of your monthly five, a maximum of two may be created this way.
    ⟡ ⟡ this is also discouraged, as the purpose of being a guest artist is to demonstrate (with more designs) what youre capable of !
    ⟡ after you have finished your trial, you will be released back into the wild and are free to try again !

    ⟡ by making an entry and posting it under/replying to this oekaki, you agree and understand that your design may be made into an official floc. if you do not want your design to be used, do not post it.

    ⟡ do not inquire about official artist positions.
    ⟡ if i am interested in your work, you will be invited via pm !!

    ...whew *o* that was a lot.
    thank you for reading and happy designing !
    if you have any further questions, feel free to post below or contact me privately.

    please note that users may only ever earn one such artist custom. other customs may be earned if hired as an official artist, but they will count towards your limit. this means that if you were hired as a guest artist before, created a custom, and are hired again, you do not get another. these customs are strictly limited to one per person, no matter how many times you are hired.

jasps @ Thu Oct 22, 2020 11:00 am

hope its okay 2 mark now!

Camouflaged Leafeon @ Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:58 am

Um.. when i opened oekaki to make an entry, i realized that there is no clipping button to clip layers together.. Or is it just the version of oekaki im using, which is ChickenPaint, doesnt have clipping masks?

Camouflaged Leafeon @ Sat Oct 24, 2020 2:03 am

Camouflaged Leafeon wrote:Um.. when i opened oekaki to make an entry, i realized that there is no clipping button to clip layers together.. Or is it just the version of oekaki im using, which is ChickenPaint, doesnt have clipping masks?

I JUST switched to ChickenPaint 2.0, so nevermind! XD

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mutatoes v2: artist search based on this drawing by allinian
by allinian @ Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:12 pm [Reply]

◀︎ get your starter 'tatofanclub | nurserymyos + customsshopbankarchivev1updates ▶︎

    - please give the mutato making guide a look and read before making an entry.

    - feel free to create as many entries as you like––this is an ongoing and open search until stated otherwise.
    - do not post entries under a cover.
    - it is preferred that you link all previous entries.
    - to be considered, you must make at least two entries.
    - entries can be claimed as long as the artist allows it.

    - if you are an artist for fox-n-key, you dont have to enter again mutatoes--just lmk you want to be an artist cx

    - guest artists earn one custom/myo upon initial hire, flametail only.
    - as a guest artist, you have one month to make up to five mutatoes.

    - during or after this period, i may ask you to join the team as an official artist !
    - there is a staff discord for official artists; joining it is highly preferred for easier communication but not required.

    if you have any questions, feel free to post on this thread, pm me, or send me a dm on discord @ alli#9595 !

    happy entry making ! ♡

allinian @ Tue Feb 09, 2021 4:12 pm

    open !

allinian @ Sat Jun 12, 2021 10:03 am


Pantry Puffs | Guest Artist Search based on this drawing by Dia.
by Dia. @ Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:24 pm [Reply]

Pantry Puff staff are busy busy busy and I want to keep spreading the love.
So here's a guest artist search.

Guest artists make one page of pantry puffs, following the same guidelines that artists follow.
This is ongoing.

To enter: make up to 6 designs

you may only make one page of up to 6 designs
you must draw a food/food adjacent item
items should remain small
do not make other edits
use existing puffs as guidance for item type/size/placement

These puffs may NOT be used as official pantry puffs.
These lines are for artist entries ONLY. They are not for personal use.

certified @ Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:30 pm

Marking, omg

ForestOfDreams @ Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:34 pm

omg omg omg mark!! :o

glitchedpoison @ Fri Mar 12, 2021 2:52 pm


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Welcome to the artist search

~Don't remove the fake sign
~Using tack on your entries is allowed, but you must post a tack-less reference
~Don't reference off of models or other designs, photos however are fine, as long as you are following CS rules
~Make sure designs are natural!
~Use your phenotypes, genos are optional
~Don't use these designs as your own, or color in your ocs in the lines

Glowingsaltshaker @ Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:48 am


Glowingsaltshaker @ Tue Jun 08, 2021 5:50 am


Glowingsaltshaker @ Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:59 am


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Season Cats Artist Search based on this drawing by SushiFoxx
by SushiFoxx @ Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:54 am [Reply]

Welcome to the season cats artist search!!!

Must apply at least twice
Must follow all rules
Must not remove anything needed
only small line art edit are allowed
You can choose if your entry is claimable or not
If you win you must post at least 2 adopts per month
if you don't want your entry to be counted put so on the pge and don't fill in the forum
I will message you if there are more rules!
You are allowed to make line edits but please make sure you stick to the origin base! <3
You are allowed to add anything on the rarity list! besides forbidden ones!

Fill this in if applying and put it on the page

Code: Select all
season of the cat:
How much are you active?:
Will you be able to do the 2 a month min?:
Do you have any past experience with designing adopts?:
anything else?:

Wanna become a staff member of Destiny?
Well, you’ve come to the right place! Just color this in wit a realistic coat pattern and I will consider you on our team!

Minimum of 3 entries before considered. Please be realistic. Follow the rules. Thanks.

lambicorn tryout [2] based on this drawing by kittiehh
by disease @ Fri Jun 04, 2021 9:34 am [Reply]


          Classification: Unique maned cloven lambicorn
          Traits/Edit List: Mane, Ears, Tail, Eyes, 'chipped' horn,

          Username: disease
          How often are you active?: very active
          Can you meet the 2-a-month minimum?: yes
          Have you had previous experience with designing adopts?: yes
          What do you think of Lambicorns? (feedback is appreciated!): i love how flexible and open the species is when it comes to designing!
          What is your favorite thing about the species?: my favorite part of the species is the hardwork put into the layers/backgrounds of the species i was blown away!!
          Are you able to help out with events in the future?: absolutely.
          Extra: thank you for the opportunity!! this design is not for claims bc i like it so much dsfkjs

Spikies Artist Search based on this drawing by vaiana70
by vaiana70 @ Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:49 pm [Reply]


Spikies wrote:Spikies are the cuddliest, fluffiest pets you could EVER imagine! They are bears with reindeer horns and any wings you desire! This is the ARTIST SEARCH!

Welcome to the Spikies Artist Search! I need people to re-post the Spikie Events and the "Adopt A Spikie" post I made, and I need help designing the Spikies!
Dont forget to KEEP the fake tag!
To apply, fill in this form:

Code: Select all
[b]🐾🐻I'm Applying!🐼🐾[/b]
[i][u]Do you tend to follow the Spikie-Making rules?:[/u][/i] YES NO (See underneath this form)
[i][u]Show me what you will write in the reply when you're posting your finished order:[/u][/i]


Code: Select all
[b]🐾🐻I'm Applying!🐼🐾[/b]
[i][u]My username is over there >>>>
I will follow the Spikie rules!
I promise that I will do my best when making Spikies, and I wont have to write a reply.[/u][/i]

Thanks for applying!

vaiana70 @ Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:50 pm

SPIKIE TYPES wrote:Image
These are the "Classic" ones in a better way of speaking, and here are what they include:

ONE SMALL EYE EDIT. Eyelashes and/or eyebrows.
MEDIUM FUR EDIT. Not too hair-like, but more fluffy.
CLASSIC HORNS. This is where their magic comes out of.
TREEBRANCH WINGS. These can camouflage them when they hide on the tallest trees!
ONE BIG EYE EDIT. Includes longer lashes and/or brows and eye colour of your choice!
BIG FUR EDIT. You can do any hairstyle and add more fur!
STYLISH HORN. You can give them original horns, or a unicorn horn!
PEGASUS WINGS. These can have feathers, or just be smooth like angel wings.

Artist Entry #9 // Ratmaid! based on this drawing by kittiehh
by yoonvi @ Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:43 am [Reply]


Classification: UNIque Smooth Finned Lambicorn
Traits/Edit List: Custom eyes, custom mouth, custom hair, custom ears, curved horn, muzzle edit, tooth poking out, fins, rat tail, fin on back, slits in ears, whiskers // ratmaid friend, cheese, necklace

Username: yoonvi
How often are you active?: i'm on chickensmoothie daily multiple times a day
Can you meet the 2-a-month minimum?: yep!
Have you had previous experience with designing adopts?: yep!
What do you think of Lambicorns? (feedback is appreciated!): i think lambicorns is a very fun species to participate in and i get excited any time i come up with a new concept for a lamb
What is your favorite thing about the species?: my favorite thing abt the species is the community and the nursery outcomes
Are you able to help out with events in the future?: yep!
Extra: pre-claimed by Spottedpuppi

mmilk @ Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:38 pm


silver black-red caliby!
c: teeth, min fur
uc: heterochromia

time is not accurate! this design turned
out super good! thank you to the people who looked
over the design for me!!!

design is claimable!

DarkestWerewolf @ Mon May 31, 2021 3:59 am

I’d love to claim omg

cqnstellations @ Mon May 31, 2021 4:01 am

DarkestWerewolf wrote:I’d love to claim omg

do you have an uncommon MYO?

DarkestWerewolf @ Mon May 31, 2021 4:02 am

I just dropped in a form to purchase it in the MYO thread. Would that be okay?

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Rules wrote:- Dont remove my sig and the fake sign.

- You can claim the one you made ONLY if you have a myo of the same traits.

- Dont claim the lines as your own.

- Follow all the main rules for P.C.

Nekro_Gaming @ Sat May 29, 2021 2:26 pm


Nekro_Gaming @ Sun May 30, 2021 2:30 pm

Package cats are open, so the Artist Search is up and running!


      the species
      arcanthera [ar-kan-theh-ruh] plural: arcanthera, arcantherans, adjective: arcantheran
      arcan- (from arcane) + -thera (from panthera) = arcanthera
      synonyms|| pantheryc plural: pantheryx

      xxxx1. a fictional species of big cat with magical properties, native to the domains of land arcana. can shift between feral/quadrupedal form (typical lion build) and anthro/bipedal form (walk on two legs, have hands and opposable thumbs for humantype craft). divided into the three subspecies of panfaera, pandemona, and pangelic, as well as the unclassed panneutroid.


      arcanthera is seeking artists! show me what you can do and you have a chance at being added as an official artist to the staff roster. i'm looking for people who are comfortable with designing characters, making line edits and navigating the oekaki program, as well as an understanding of the guidelines and an interest in lore-based adopts.


      the guidelines
    • familiarize yourself with the rules of the species before entering.
    • familiarize yourself with the lore of the species, especially essential design elements and rules.
    • don't make a cover, post each entry individually.
    • feel free to ask questions or clarify anything, whether about the adopts, the designs or the lore.
    • enter only if you have sure interest in becoming an artist.
    • you must make at least three entries to be considered. there is no limit on the number of entries you can make.
    • entries that the community expresses interest in may be converted into adopts. by entering you accept this possibility.

      if you are chosen
    • i will message you about accepting an artist position.
    • once you have been added to the lines, you can start making adopts!
    • feel free to tell me any suggestions for the species, i'm still building a lot of the groundwork and have future stuff planned.
    • a community discord will be made if this species picks up enough interest.
    • you are granted a staff custom upon hire. once you have created three adopts on the main page, you may redeem your first custom. there is no limit to the edits, so long as they are in line with the design guidelines. future staff custom guidelines will be put up eventually.

      the design guidelines
    • keep my signature and the 'fake' sign visible.
    • be familiar with and follow the traits and alignments.
    • generally, avoid using direct, tangible symbols as markings. lean more to natural designs based from nature, or abstract patterning.
    • if the wings intersect the mane, erase the intersecting parts of the back wing to have the mane in between the two wings.
    • the extra reference is optional to fill out/customize/complete. you can leave it be if you wish.
    • any add-ons like shading/texture can count as modifications to the lines.
    • you have to come up with a passive ability for each entry as well. refer to official adopts to see examples of passive abilities.
    • fill out the form below when posting an entry:

Code: Select all
[list][list][size=150][color=#BF00BF]artist entry[/color][/size]
[b]why are you entering?[/b] (only need to answer these two once, can delete on the 2nd+ entries)
[b]do you understand the rules, guidelines and lore?[/b] (if not you can message me about clarifications)
[b]any comments or suggestions for the species?[/b]

[b]subspecies:[/b] panfaera, pandemona, pangelic, panneutroid, or hybrid (parent 1 type x parent 2 type)
[b]lineart edits:[/b]
simple mods:
moderate mods:
complex mods:
[b]design coverage:[/b] solid color, simple, moderate or complex
[b]passive ability:[/b] (a quirk of their physical anatomy/body, a passive magic the individual pantheryc is born with, refer to previous adopts to see what i mean/the lore guidelines for passive abilities)

[guide for design coverage, delete when done, personal effort/difficulty with the design can be a basis too]
solid color - base color with at most differences in hues, minimal markings
simple coverage - base color with one layer of markings, 01%-20% coverage of design detail
moderate coverage - base color with one or more layers of markings, 21-50% coverage of design detail
complex coverage - base color with multiple layers of markings, 51-90% coverage of design detail

[guide for lineart edits, format is bodyregion (edit), delete when done]
unedited - adopt uses base lines with no edits
body region: n/a

simple mods - adopt has 01%-20% of lineart edited
[*] body region: nose, muzzle, whiskers, eyes, eyebrows, forehead, cheek, ears, nape, front neck, back neck, shoulders, front legs, front paws, back, belly, rump, thighs, back legs, back paws, upper tail, lower tail, tail tuft, top wing half, bottom wing half, wing mid-section, wing primaries, wing secondaries, wing marginal coverts, wing tips, wing scapulars

moderate mods - adopt has 21%-50% of lineart edited
[*] body region: head, neck, back, abdomen, torso, rear, tail, wings

complex mods - adopt has 51%-90% of lineart edited
[*]  body region: front body, middle body, rear body, full back, full sides, full unders, full wings[/list][/list]


zoocyte @ Fri May 14, 2021 8:41 am


PandoraWolf @ Sat May 15, 2021 7:45 am

oooooo im definitely interested. where would i post the enteries?

*edit nevermind i think i see now. sorry i havent been on cs since 2016 LOL. just to clearify, we just color in the premade lines and submit it?

zoocyte @ Fri May 21, 2021 8:13 pm

PandoraWolf wrote:oooooo im definitely interested. where would i post the enteries?

*edit nevermind i think i see now. sorry i havent been on cs since 2016 LOL. just to clearify, we just color in the premade lines and submit it?

      yes! you can choose which of the different wing/mane/etc. linearts available underneath to use.

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This will always be open but has some specific requirements! Come try out to be part of the team as an artist!

|| SFA Adopts || SFA Nursery || SFA Genetics Key || SFA Token Shop || SFA Challenge Thread || SFA Archives || SFA Artist Search ||
|| SCS to SFA Transferring || SFA QnA Thread || SFA Fanclub Thread || SFA Discord Server ||


    ❥ To qualify, 3 entries must be made at minimum. In the minimum 3, there must be at least one dog and one cat.
    ❥ It is encouraged that entries be referenced from real images and not from other pieces of art.
    ❥ It is not required to know how to write phenotype, but encouraged to become familiar with coat/marking names.
    ❥ The linework style can be anything from simplified, cartoony, semi-realistic, lineless, ect! The style of the linework and eyes, ect, does not matter! However they cannot be "chibified" or really small.
    ❥ The coats themselves must be at the least a simplified version of whatever coat you are trying to recreate. They can be more detailed or fully realistic, but try to keep it along the lines of semi-realistic (but manageable). Fully solid coats with no blending on more complex coats may not be acceptable!
    ❥ You may do shading/highlights, however they must not obscure the design itself.

    ❥ Do not do a cover! Link the previous entries to eachother.
    ❥ Discord is a must for communication!
    ❥ The entry form must be posted on at least the first form. You may elaborate on questions as much as you would like.
    ❥ Each entry must have the description form, which you may add on to if you have references or attempted phenotype.
    ❥ Guest Artists, or Artists that have left can enter again with new entries unless stated otherwise. Must create at least the minimum again.
    ❥ Entries are not available for claiming by those not entering as a GA. GAs have the option to choose one of their entries as their GA custom if they are chosen and last to the end of the trial, but may not make the entries adopts available to the public.
    ❥ All entering participants start as Guest Artists, but will be asked after the trial if they wish to come on as a Ghost Artist or Artist.

    ❥ All staff may make or order themselves up to 2 free standard/classic customs a year, and a birthday custom during their birth month.
      ♡ Exception to this are Guest artists and Ghost artists. Guest artists may only make an optional free standard custom towards the end of their 30 day trial (this does not count towards the year customs). Ghost artists may only take a birthday custom during their birth month and their initial Guest Artist custom.
    ❥ All staff is considered when making decisions- including Guest Artists if any are there.
    ❥ All staff can and should answer questions that have clear answers- but SFA Owner should be asked about unanswered questions before answering.
    ❥ Guest Artist Staff are to prioritize-
      ♡ Creating regular adopts, at least 3 before the end of the trial.
      ♡ Judging adopts they create.
      ♡ Creating nursery batches.
      ♡ Existing for the 30 day trial.
    ❥ Artists may do the following-
      ♡ Be added to images make growths to litters or non adult adopts if the original artist can't make growths or has a previous agreement.
      ♡ Be added to images to make changes to the design if the artist is inactive but has agreed to add them and it needs to be changed.
      ♡ May make a image off the SFA thread with changes made to an adopt if the artist is completely inactive and it needs to be changed.
      ♡ May ask to re-adopt a SFA design they made when it is has been requested to be re-adopted if they feel uncomfortable with another member doing so.
      ♡ May choose to offer re-done art for older adopts of theirs or make a coat of theirs more genetically accurate.
      ♡ Add an item (such as a blanket, plush, something festive ect.) to adopts if permission is asked and received by SFA Owner first. They may not do this for customs.
      ♡ Add prosthetic legs or supports for pets with partial paralysis/issues walking or with missing legs.
    ❥ Ghost Artists may do the following-
      ♡ Ignore the minimums for adopts put out each month (still must be active enough to judge them or ask for them to be judged by another staff member!).
      ♡ May make a image off the SFA thread with changes made to an adopt if the artist is completely inactive and it needs to be changed.
      ♡ May ask to re-adopt a SFA design they made when it is has been requested to be re-adopted if they feel uncomfortable with another member doing so.
      ♡ May choose to offer re-done art for older adopts of theirs or make a coat of theirs more genetically accurate.
      ♡ Add an item (such as a blanket, plush, something festive ect.) to adopts if permission is asked and received by SFA Owner first. They may not do this for customs.
      ♡ Add prosthetic legs or supports for pets with partial paralysis/issues walking or with missing legs.

Should you need an idea of what a form should look like, please take a look at the link below with a pre-made example!

Code: Select all
[b]Username -[/b] text
[b]Have you designed for adopts before? -[/b] Y/N, if yes then list/link as references.
[b]Are you fairly active? -[/b] Y/N
[b]Do you have discord? -[/b] Y/N, if yes please provide discord username and #.
[b]What position are you looking for? -[/b] Artist/Ghost Artist
[b]Have you read the rules? -[/b] Y/N
[b]Do you have experience with writing/understanding the phenotypes? -[/b] Y/N
[b]Are you open to constructive critique/advice? -[/b] Y/N

Code: Select all
[b]Breed -[/b] text
[b]Coat -[/b] text


~HєуRєι~ @ Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:20 am

The Artist Search is now open to entries! Be sure to read up and try your best ❤️. Feel free to mark the thread as well.

clouds-move-on @ Mon Jan 20, 2020 4:54 am


Mythz @ Mon Jan 20, 2020 8:09 am

Mark for when I get my new PC!

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I'm seeking some help with my foxes! If you're interested in becoming an artist, please feel free to design a few foxes!

1. All foxes must follow the markings guidelines.
2. A genome and phenotype must be listed on your entry(so I know you understand how the genome system works)
3. Do not make fake foxes for yourself
4. No art theft please
5. All rules for Hover foxes apply here.

Application form: (must be present on all entries)

Code: Select all

Genome and markings information:

Base Coats:

Hover Foxes can have one of three base coats. Which they have depends on their genome.

Red (AA/BB) - When in homozygous dominant condition, red should always be expressed unless combined with homozygous recessive silver. When in homozygous recessive condition, no red should be expressed. Reds in this range are generally orange-reds and can be quite bright.

Silver (AA/bb, Aa/bb, aa/bb, aa/BB, aa/Bb) - When in homozygous dominant condition, no silver should be expressed unless combined with homozygous recessive red. When in homozygous recessive condition, silver is always expressed. Silver foxes often have silver tips on their fur(similar in range to sable) but may also appear brownish-tinted black or simply black with no silvering present. The amount of silvering often depends on the parents. This silvering can be seen even in silver foxes with dilutions applied.

Standard Cross (AA/Bb, Aa/Bb, Aa/BB) - Heterozygous silver can be partially expressed alongside homozygous red, resulting in Cross. When both Silver and Red alleles are heterozygous, they combine to create Cross. The reds expressed in cross foxes tend to be somewhat deeper in color than the more orange-reds of the red base. The amount of red or silver expressed on the coat is dependent upon the parents and alleles involved(eg. AA/Bb would contain more silver, Aa/Bb would contain equal amounts of red and silver, Aa/BB would contain more red)

Dilution Genes:

These genes dilute the base coat and markings depending on the genes expressed

Pearl (pp) - Causes black fur to turn grey

Burgundy (gg) - Causes black fur to turn reddish

Amber (gg/pp) - Causes black fur to turn reddish grey, combination of pearl and burgundy. Lightly dilutes the red in cross foxes and most reds will fall on the lighter end of the red spectrum

Fire Factor (ff)- Causes red fur to turn pale orange or shades of yellow, only visible in red or cross based foxes. -UNCOMMON

Platinum (Pwpw, PwPw) - Adds white and dilutes/lightens the entire coat - UNCOMMON

Browning (Brbr, BrBr) - Causes black fur to turn brown, only presents in silver foxes. Brbr presents as more yellow shades of brown, BrBr results in fur ranging from pale brown to dark chocolate, can result in blue-ish tinted foxes when combined with pearl.

Colicott (gFgF) - Causes black fur to turn reddish brown

Radium(Special) (rr) - Lightens the silver base and adds white guard hairs evenly distributed over the body - VERY RARE


Hover Foxes can have a wide range of markings associated with their genome. These are described below alongside their symbol and rarity, click on their name to see a visual of each marking's range! Remember that these images are just the range in which the markings can be found, not necessarily the appearance of the markings themselves! When markings are said to be "dark, or darker" they should be a darker shade of the base coat and may fall outside of the given ranges as long as they are not oversaturated or unnatural-looking.

Required Markings:

Minimum White - Not associated with a specific allele, all foxes have a white or cream tip on their tail. May be large or small as long as it is visible and does not resemble dipped. This may be covered up in melanistic foxes, but should be visible on all others.

Extremely Common Markings:

Mask (MM, Mm) - Presents as black markings on the muzzle, eyes, face, wings, and legs

Unders (UU, Uu) - Presents as white/cream markings on muzzle, neck, and belly, as well as the primary feathers on the wings and tail at maximum

Smokey Unders (SuSu, Susu) - Presents as black markings on the muzzle, neck, and belly, as well as the primary feathers on the wings and tail at maximum. Can present at the same time as unders, in which case both must be visible.

Common Markings:

Collared (CoCo, Coco) - Presents as white/cream covering 50-100% of the neck

Dorsal (DsDs, Dsds) - Presents as a line of darker fur that extends down the back and along the tail, following the dorsal line. Always shows above other back markings and should be darker than saddle or blanket.

Sable (SaSa, Sasa) - Presents as dark tipped fur most often extending from the spine and down the sides.

Saddle (SS, Ss) - Presents as a dark colored patch that extends from the shoulders to the hips. May be solid or broken.

Barred (BaBa, Baba) - Dark colored bars on the wings, visible on the dorsal side of the wing and on the primaries and secondaries of the lateral side of the wings.

Tipped (TpTp, Tptp) - White tips on all feathers

Uncommon Markings:

Dipped (TT, Tt - Presents as an extended white/cream tip on the tail

Brows (BsBs, Bsbs) - Presents as patches of color or white above the eyes, much like a husky

Ticking (TiTi, Titi) - Presents as very small, dark speckles of one color mixed in with the coat color. Not to be confused with Dalmatian which falls in the same range but contains larger spots.

Tuxedo (TuTu, Tutu) - White marking on the chin, front paws, and in a patch on the chest

Rare Markings:

Whitemark (Ww, WW) - White markings appear on muzzle and paws, heterochromia can occur with this marking. Homozygous dominant genes can result in blindness and infertility

Dalmatian (DD, Dd) - Presents as dark spots extending from head to tail. Not to be confused with ticking which consists of tiny speckles rather than spots. Falls in the same range as ticking.

Brindling (DnDn, Dndn) - Presents as striping black markings mixed in with the base coat color

Very Rare Markings:

Vitiligo (VV, Vv) - Produces a white, spotted effect within the normal coat

Georgian (NN, Nn) - Most of the body is white with patches of base coat color along the back, on muzzle, face, wings, and legs

Marbling (Mwmw, MwMw) - Mostly white body with color being restricted to the wings, head, and sometimes sorsal stripe or saddle, as well as markings on the tail and spots on the legs at maximum. Homozygous dominant genes can result in blindness and infertility

Special Markings:

Opal (oo) - White brindling in addition to large white markings on the body.


Achromia/Albinism - Can occur rarely in any breeding and results in complete loss of melanin, gives the affected fox pale skin and pink or pale blue eyes

Melanism - Hyperpigmentation results in fully black foxes, some markings may appear as "shadows" on the fur

Leucism - Can occur rarely in any breeding and results in partial or total loss of multiple pigments. Generally do not have blue or pink eyes

Snow Nose - A rare genetic mutation associated with recessive red genes that result in pale skin on the nose

Piebaldism - Can occur in any breeding, results in white spots or irregular white patterns on their fur which can be limited to just the feet or can extend and cover up to 50% of the fox's body

Eye Colors:

Eyes may be any natural color found in red foxes. Shades of red/pink are reserved for achromatic foxes.

Metallic Dragon @ Sat May 08, 2021 12:50 pm


Metallic Dragon @ Tue May 11, 2021 12:52 pm


Metallic Dragon @ Sun May 16, 2021 7:33 am


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Title says it all really, this is the artist search for Tempus Lepus ^^

The feral and anthro lines are in there, the anthro lines are more important than feral but you can work on whichever one you like. Keep the fake sign on there though!

List all traits you use, if you want to use a trait that's not listed either message me or make sure to put in the description what the trait is so I can add it to the trait list.

If chosen as an artist you can keep your tempus lepus, as long as you have a ticket to match it's rarity.
If you make more than one entry at least should have some kind of line edit so we can see how you handle them.
I use pen size 4 to draw but I am very light handed so for most people size 3 will likely be enough

This is for artist try outs please don't colour these in for fun and keep the logo and sigs on there

Kamiluna @ Thu May 20, 2021 3:24 pm


TheUnknown @ Thu May 20, 2021 3:24 pm

-mark :)-

gardog @ Thu May 20, 2021 4:15 pm

Marking ^^

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[ Main ThreadArchiveFrequently Asked QuestionsNurseryExplore • Artist Search • Staff ]
Welcome to artist search! We are seeking active, creative members who can apply
realistic cat coats to this base. You will join as a guest artist for any time between 2 weeks and a month,
and if chosen, make a minimum of 3 adopts. Displaying your ability to create edits in artist search is a
great way to showcase skills, but any guest artist adoptables must not have edits above uncommon. You
may review staff rules here. You may make a maximum of 6 entries a month and a minimum of 4
(in general) before being chosen. Remember to use realistic coloring and semi-realistic markings. Any
questions can be relayed to me! Feel free to mark. Make sure to link all previous entries!

Thank you, again, to clarke, for the coding!

inuyashas @ Sat Dec 21, 2019 3:41 am


I Like Bees @ Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:00 pm


Token found!

FooeyJam @ Wed Jan 08, 2020 5:14 pm


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