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Lykaios based on this drawing by toy20243
by annaebell @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:38 am [Reply]

Officaially Open Again! (11/06/2021)
New MYO event open closes June 30th(11/06/2021)

Adopts/ Customs/ Nursery / Artist Search / Growths and transfers
Staff/ Rarity / Stamps
Discussion thread / Idea thread

A Lykaio (Or Lykaios if there is a group of them. Also called a swam.) are a cross between fish, otters and wolves. They exhibit traits and behaviours from these species. Some may also show behaviours unique to the species. Such as decorating the themselves with cloths and treasures.

Like wolves they have sharp claws and teeth that are used for hunting smaller prey. Very rarely will they hunt prey larger than them unless part of a large swarm. Unlike wolves though, they are very small. They are ever so slightly larger than a domestic cat.

Lykaios are omnivores and so eat meat and vegetation. Most prefer fish and shellfish but some have been recorded to eat only plants and fruits. The ones that live on land rather than in the water tend to turn to plants for their diet.

These creatures are adventurous and curious in nature and will often approach other species or even humans for a chance to learn more. They love treasure and lost objects that often sink to the bottom of lakes and oceans.

- All cs/Tess rules apply.
- This is a closed species and can only be made by the designated artists.
- Trading/Gifting is allowed but Annaebell must be informed of the user change.
- Don't use Lykaios that do not belong to you unless you have been given permission by that Lykaio's owner.
- Any Lykaios that are up for adopt and don't get any entries by the end date become FCFS however you must PM me before claiming that Lykaio.
- Do NOT post drama/bullying/arguing/Etc on any of the Lykaio threads.
- If you don't get a Lykaio you enter for please don't be sour about it. You'll have many more chances.

These people have helped to make Lykaios a reality!

V1 and V2 lines drawn by Jayfrost
V3 lines drawn by toy20243
Designed by annaebell and Firnenfire
And a big thanks to all the artists that create the adopts for us!

annaebell @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:38 am


Adopts/ Customs/ Nursery / Artist Search / Growths and transfers
Staff/ Rarity / Stamps
Discussion thread / Idea thread
Hello everyone :D I'm Annaebell and I'm one of two owners here at Lykaios. I helped to create this species and my main goal here is to help everyone to have a fun time. I want this species to be something everyone can get involved with and enjoy!

Guest Artists:
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop

-Anyone accepted as an artist for Lykaios will start off as a GA.
- Guest artists can make as many Lykaios as they would like over the period of a month.
- Guest artist will be able to move up to fulltime after their month if they'd like to.
- they may pick one of their entry lykaios to keep if they wish. (Must be uncommon or lower)

• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop
• boop

-Artists must try to make at least 1 or 2 adopts a week. More than that is okay.
- Artists may only have 3 open adopts at any time.
- These are not pay-to-adopt and shouldn't be offered as such.
- Any Lykaios that are up for adopt and don't get any entries by the end date become FCFS. (the form, if one is given, must be completed before one can be claimed).
- Artists will have 3 days after an adopt ends to judge. If its not judged by then then I (Annaebell) may decide the winner instead.
-If there have been at least three entries, a ru (runner up) lykaio can be given to a user who's form was as impressive as the winners! This ru will be a very similar Lykaio with a different colour pallet.
- Artists will get a custom of their rarity choice when they become a fulltime artist and then for every 20 Lykaios they make. However only one mythical and one legendary will be given per user.
Last updated at #000

None atm :)

- Mods can issues strikes to users who break the rules.
- Mods can issues bans (with owners approval)
- Mods can help out users who may have any small problems.

annaebell @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:39 am

All adopts here are unclaimed as of updating this post.
I shall be updating it each month with any unclaimed lykaios.

If you wish to claim one that is past its end date please pm me about it first!

Loads rip

None yet

annaebell @ Wed Jun 09, 2021 2:39 am


Adopts/ Customs/ Nursery / Artist Search / Growths and transfers
Staff/ Rarity / Stamps
Discussion thread / Idea thread
Clothes/jewellery or any item that can be taken off does not count towards rarities.
Common: #00BF00
- No edits
- Any colors
Uncommon: #0080FF
- Hair edits (any length)
Rare: #32127A
- coloured sclera
- Edits that go beyond hair or fur.
- Only 2 rare trait per Lykaio. (eg. wings, horn, different tail, spines instead of fins, less limbs)
- Baby lines
Legendary: #800000
- Any extra limbs
- up to 4 rare traits per Lykaio.
- Baby lines
Mythical: #FF80FF
- Unlimited edits
-Baby lines
Divine: #FFBF00
-Any Lykaios drawn by Annaebell off oekaki or off baselines.
If unsure you can message Annaebell and ask about rarities.

For Artists:
Use this to decide the rarity of a Lykaio if you'd like to make one higher than uncommon. You may roll up to 3 times

For non-events:
0-60 Common. 61-79 uncommon. 80-90 rare. Legendary 91-97. 98-100 mythical.
For events:
For events: No current event
0-50 Common. 51-110 Uncommon. 111-150 Rare. Legendary 151-180. 181-200 Mythical

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Lambabies Nursery based on this drawing by kittiehh
by ketsup @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:10 am [Reply]




Ave wrote:
"What is dreamfusion, you ask? Well, essentially, two lambicorns can combine parts of their life force and create a new lambicorn. This is done through a ritual where both give up a small bit of their life force. Lambicorns first tap their horns on a special gem called a horizon gem."
She motions to a softly glowing and gently humming orb, "These gems are said to be crystalline shards of Aurorae’s power. Horizon gems are rare to come by, most often being accidentally discovered hiding in caves or tangled in the roots of trees. Within the horizon gem the two life forces combine and over the next few weeks the gem gets bigger. Then it bursts open revealing anywhere from one to four baby lambicorns. The gem’s shards fade into the ground and will grow new horizon gems eventually. While Lambicorns' life forces are able to return to full force, it takes a full four weeks for it to fully regenerate.

I am the gatherer and keeper of these precious gems—be sure to check in with me to see if we've found any lately."




Dreamfusions are a fabulous way to combine Lambicorn designs and come up with something even more unique! Here, the creativity is bubbling over and new lambies are waiting to be revealed. You can claim a slot or redeem a nursery ticket/horizon gem to dreamfuse your lambies. Or, occasionally you can even find an orphan lambaby to adopt!

Artists will post their availability in this thread, and you can submit a form to claim the slot (as long as below conditions are met).
Artists can decide whether to offer a free slot, a Horizon Gem (Image) slot, or a paid slot.
Horizon gems are basically nursery tickets. They may only be used for slots that are specifically Horizon Gem-only!

If you don't own 2 lambies yet, definitely check out our fanclub and make a post to find another user for dreamfusing!
Or, buy a token to make your own lambie!

Please read through our Nursery Info BEFORE you make your first fusion post!

All good and ready to make some magic? Post a form!


~◆~ Dreamfusing Quick Guide ~◆~

⇢ The amount of lambabies for each fusion is rolled! Rolls are as follows:
1-10 results in 1 lambaby
11-65 results in 2 lambabies
66-90 results in 3 lambabies
91-100 results in 4 lambabies

**One exception to this is that if two users dreamfuse their lambicorns, then it's always guaranteed to result in at least 2 lambabies!**

NO clothes or accessories will be considered in this fusion process.
If the artist wishes to make a small exception for certain items they may, but it is not required or rolled and will be entirely artist's discretion.

⇢ You must provide an itemless ref if your lambie has accessories that cover the design.

⇢ Accessories/clothes/outfits may be added later with shop items.

⇢ Manes, halos, magical doodads, sparkles, glows, etc, are OK and will be considered a trait/feature.
These will be rolled, wished, or left to chance. See below!


To pass on a trait or feature to your lambaby/lambabies, you may:

⇢ To automatically carry over a non-accessory trait/feature (ie, ears, tails, horns, wings, etc), you may use a wish!

⇢ You receive 3 wishes per batch. 1 wish comes from each lambie posted, and then 1 free bonus where you may make a wish for a new trait/feature (ex: neither lambie submitted has a mane, so wish is used for a mane on the lambaby)

⇢ All other traits are for roll or you can leave to chance = artist's choice! Rolls are done with 1-100.

Rolls for each trait/feature are as follows: 1-50 failed, 51-100 passed.
Leaving traits up to chance can sometimes result in unexpected yet very desirable combinations!
This can even include traits/features that neither Lambicorn involved had, or sometimes entirely custom features for the new fusion(s).

⇢ If a lambie involved is UNIque, they are rolled for their UNIqueness to pass. Roll for this is 1-20 = pass.
If BOTH lambicorns involved are UNIque—the chance is 50/50! Roll for this is 1-50 = pass.
The actual combination/extent of a UNIque blend is entirely artist discretion.
If UNIqueness does not pass, it will simply involve the pattern/design and rolled features of the UNIque.


ketsup @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:11 am

Dreamfusion form!
Must be 100% filled out, NO wip forms!!
Please delete items in (parentheses), this is only to explain what is needed!
We will not accept posts without hex codes.

Code: Select all
[center][b]For artist:[/b] (must be an open slot)
[b]User #1:[/b] (link)
[b]User #2:[/b] (put N/A if only you)
[b]Agreement Proof:[/b] (Direct link or image proof, put N/A if only you)

[b]Lambicorn #1:[/b] (link to oekaki, must be itemless if design is covered by items)
[b]Hex codes:[/b] (REQUIRED)
[b]#1's Wish:[/b] (1 trait from this lambicorn to pass on)
[b]Other Traits:[/b] (put CHANCE or ROLL. If Roll, list all traits!)
[b]Is it UNIque?[/b]

[b]Lambicorn #2:[/b] (link to oekaki, must be itemless if design is covered by items)
[b]Hex codes:[/b] (REQUIRED)
[b]#2's Wish:[/b] (1 trait from this lambicorn to pass on)
[b]Other Traits:[/b] (put CHANCE or ROLL. If Roll, list all traits!)
[b]Is it UNIque?[/b]

[b]Extra Wish:[/b] (wish for an existing trait OR a new one!)
[b]Is fusion OOC or IC?:[/b] (out-of-character or in-character?)
[b]Payment:[/b] (put N/A if claiming a free slot, or proof if nursery ticket)[/center]

Nursery Artists
Image Image Image Image

Image Image Image


What is OOC vs IC on the form?

IC = In character, OOC = out-of-character!
Basically, it tells us whether to consider the lambies in a ticket as parents, or just a design mashup. So, if you want some lambabies that are the actual children of the parents (like a regular breeding!) then you'd use IC to get colors/designs that are similar to the parents! On the flipside, if you just like putting the two designs together but they're not supposed to look like the real children of the lambies, then use OOC for designs that are "inspired by" the fusionees instead and won't look like the "parents"!

As a sidenote to this, you can also expand on a OOC/IC tag if the situation demands. For instance, if I dreamfused two of my lambies and I wanted babies that are without-a-doubt their children, I might note "IC: these will be their canon kids!"

Or, for an out-of-character pairing that you'd still like for a result in lambabies that 'appear' similar— "OOC: Babies can look similar to the fusionees though!"

plan(e)ts @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:16 am


Monorail2.0 @ Sun Jun 14, 2020 6:33 am


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Slimoons! \Wip\
by Kitsu! @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 12:57 pm [Reply]

small goopy dragons the size of small dogs. feel free to mark <3

weary @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:07 pm


Queen Cupid @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 1:09 pm


batmaning @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 2:03 pm

mark 👀

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Hover Foxes based on this drawing by Aesse
by Metallic Dragon @ Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:59 am [Reply]


A genetics-based adoptable RPG

Hover Foxes are small, flying foxes with big personality. Originally hailing from Northern Europe, these foxes were highly sought after for their furs and feathers. Starting in the 1700s, many were captured and brought into the fur trade as traders sought to breed more desirable colors and markings. As years passed, wild-type foxes began to be more scarce and many worried that the fur trade would bring hover foxes to extinction. By the late 1900s, activists fought for and won protections for wild hover foxes and by the early 2000s many fur traders phased the foxes out of their programs.
Pet breeders picked up the phased out foxes and began breeding for friendly temperaments and trainability. Many foxes today are used for hunting small game(rabbits, quail, etc) and as environmentally friendly pest control. Others are bred for shows and sports, and still others enjoy a lifestyle of simple companionship.

Metallic Dragon @ Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:59 am

Oh hello! I see you've come to join the wide world of hover foxes! Are you here for pets? Hoping to enter the show ring? Maybe you're into breeding for fancy new foxes or just want to better the species? Regardless of your interests, we do have some pretty important rules that all of our fox handlers must follow if they're to remain here among the community!

    1. Civility is key. Be a good sport or don't play the game!
    2. Art theft isn't cool. We won't tolerate any sort of theft around here!
    3. Be patient! Raising foxes is quite an undertaking and we're doing our best to keep up!
    4. We don't have any tolerance for whining, begging, or guilt-tripping!
    5. Free Foxes can be traded, bred genomes can be sold for C$ or pets. You may not re-sell foxes you previously bought for more than you paid for them.
    6. If you're banned from the species, you may keep or rehome your foxes, but you may not interact with the community any further.
    7. Bullying will not be tolerated in any form. We are an inclusive group of people and will not allow handlers to mistreat one another.

Alright, you got all that? Good. Please submit your application for a handler's permit over there on my desk. The "In" box mind you, if you put it in the "Out" box you'll be waiting much longer for that permit you're after!

Metallic Dragon @ Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:59 am

Understanding your Genotype:

Every fox adopted or bred through hover fox adoptions comes with a genetic code called a genome. This genome will look something like this:
For now it looks like just a jumble of letters, but each set of letters translates to traits your fox carries! This specific genome is actually that of our mascot!
Let's look at each locus of our genome and figure out the phenotype of our fox!

The first two loci on every genome relates to the base coat of your fox!
The A's relate to the red expression of the coat, while the B's relate to the silver expression of the coat. This specific fox will have a red coat because when both alleles are dominant, the red allele expresses first. There are no dilution genes in this genome, so the red will express normally. Silver is only expressed when at least one of its alleles is recessive(homozygous recessive or heterozygous) or if the red is heterozygous or homozygous recessive.

Let's look at the next group of loci.

The first marking our fox has is Mask. This marking adds a black mask around the eyes and occasionally down the muzzle, some black striping on the wings, and the dark legs visible on most foxes. This is one of the most common markings and is very seldom absent in a genome. The only time it is not visible is when both alleles are recessive.

Our next marking is Unders. This marking gives our fox a white or cream belly, muzzle, and throat and can sometimes extend to the flight feathers on the wings and tail and the outer crest feathers. This marking is also extremely common and very seldom absent in a genome. Similar to mask, this marking is only not visible when both alleles are recessive.

Next we have ticking. This marking consists of dark speckles scattered across the fox's coat and sometimes wings. This marking is uncommon.

Then we have the marking Brows which presents as white or cream markings above the eyes much like a husky. This marking is also uncommon.

Our fox also has Barring. This marking presents only on the wings and is visible as dark bars on the flight feathers and inner feathers of the wing. This marking is common in nature.

Finally, our fox has Sable. This is a fairly common marking in red based foxes that presents as dark-tipped fur spreading outward from the spine that can extend down over the shoulders, hips, and sides.

Understanding your Phenotype:

Now that we have looked more closely at our genotype, the phenotype should be fairly easily understood. A phenotype is simply the genotype written out. This fox's phenotype is:
Sable masked red with unders, ticking, brows, and barring

Now take a look at our mascot. Can you see all of these genes present?

Not all foxes will have so many genes. Some may have extra genes that are present in homozygous recessive form and therefore not visible, but passable during breeding. If you're still confused or have questions about your fox's genetics, don't hesitate to ask

Metallic Dragon @ Fri Apr 23, 2021 6:59 am

Base Coats:

Hover Foxes can have one of three base coats. Which they have depends on their genome.

Red (AA/BB) - When in homozygous dominant condition, red should always be expressed unless combined with homozygous recessive silver. When in homozygous recessive condition, no red should be expressed. Reds in this range are generally orange-reds and can be quite bright.

Silver (AA/bb, Aa/bb, aa/bb, aa/BB, aa/Bb) - When in homozygous dominant condition, no silver should be expressed unless combined with homozygous recessive red. When in homozygous recessive condition, silver is always expressed. Silver foxes often have silver tips on their fur(similar in range to sable) but may also appear brownish-tinted black or simply black with no silvering present. The amount of silvering often depends on the parents.

Standard Cross (AA/Bb, Aa/Bb, Aa/BB) - Heterozygous silver can be partially expressed alongside homozygous red, resulting in Cross. When both Silver and Red alleles are heterozygous, they combine to create Cross. The reds expressed in cross foxes tend to be somewhat deeper in color than the more orange-reds of the red base. The amount of red or silver expressed on the coat is dependent upon the parents and alleles involved(eg. AA/Bb would contain more silver, Aa/Bb would contain equal amounts of red and silver, Aa/BB would contain more red)

Dilution Genes:

These genes dilute the base coat and markings depending on the genes expressed(subject to additional ranges in the future)

Pearl (pp) - Causes black fur to turn grey

Burgundy (gg) - Causes black fur to turn reddish

Amber (gg/pp) - Causes black fur to turn reddish grey, combination of pearl and burgundy. Lightly dilutes the red in cross foxes and most reds will fall on the lighter end of the red spectrum

Fire Factor (ff)- Causes red fur to turn pale orange or shades of yellow, only visible in red or cross based foxes. -UNCOMMON

Platinum (Pwpw, PwPw) - Adds white and dilutes/lightens the entire coat. Homozygous dominant genes can result in blindness and infertility - UNCOMMON

Browning (Brbr, BrBr) - Causes black fur to turn brown. Brbr presents as more yellow shades of brown, BrBr results in fur ranging from pale brown to dark chocolate, can result in blue-ish tinted foxes when combined with pearl.

Colicott (gFgF) - Causes black fur to turn reddish brown

Radium(Special) (rr) - Lightens the silver base and adds white guard hairs evenly distributed over the body - VERY RARE


Hover Foxes can have a wide range of markings associated with their genome. These are described below alongside their symbol and rarity, click on their name to see a visual of each marking's range! Remember that these images are just the range in which the markings can be found, not necessarily the appearance of the markings themselves! When markings are said to be "dark, or darker" they should be a darker shade of the base coat and may fall outside of the given ranges as long as they are not oversaturated or unnatural-looking.

Required Markings:

Minimum White - Not associated with a specific allele, all foxes have a white or cream tip on their tail. This may be covered up in melanistic foxes, but should be visible on all others.

Extremely Common Markings:

Mask (MM, Mm) - Presents as black markings on the muzzle, eyes, face, wings, and legs

[url=link]Points (PoPo,Popo)[/url] - Presents as dark markings on the face, wing tips, and legs

Unders (UU, Uu) - Presents as white/cream markings on muzzle, neck, and belly, as well as the primary feathers on the wings and tail at maximum

Smokey Unders (SuSu, Susu) - Presents as black markings on the muzzle, neck, and belly, as well as the primary feathers on the wings and tail at maximum. Can present at the same time as unders, in which case both must be visible.

[url=link]Toning (CC, Cc)[/url] - These are lighter, hard-edged markings that run along the bottom half of your fox. They are most often a lighter shade of the base coat and natural looking in appearance. They must show more than unders when both are present.

Common Markings:

Collared (CoCo, Coco) - Presents as white/cream covering 50-100% of the neck

Dorsal (DsDs, Dsds) - Presents as a line of darker fur that extends down the back and along the tail, following the dorsal line. Always shows above other back markings and should be darker than saddle or blanket.

Sable (SaSa, Sasa) - Presents as dark tipped fur most often extending from the spine and down the sides. Always has blurred edges

Saddle (SS, Ss) - Presents as a dark colored patch that extends from the shoulders to the hips. May be solid or broken. Edges should not be blurred in appearance

Blanket (BlBl, Blbl) - Presents as a dark colored marking that extends across the back from the nose to the tail. Must be lighter than saddle if both are present. Edges should not be blurred in appearance

Barred (BaBa, Baba) - Dark colored bars on the wings, visible on the lateral side of the wing and on the primaries and secondaries of the dorsal side of the wings.

Tipped (TpTp, Tptp) - White tips on all feathers

Uncommon Markings:

Dipped (TT, Tt - Presents as an extended white/cream tip on the tail

Brows (BsBs, Bsbs) - Presents as patches of color or white above the eyes, much like a husky

Ticking (TiTi, Titi) - Presents as very small, dark speckles of one color mixed in with the coat color. Not to be confused with Dalmatian which falls in the same range but contains larger spots.

Tuxedo (TuTu, Tutu) - White marking on the chin, front paws, and in a patch on the chest

Rare Markings:

Whitemark (Ww, WW) - White markings appear on muzzle and paws, heterochromia can occur with this marking. Homozygous dominant genes can result in blindness and infertility

Dalmatian (DD, Dd) - Presents as dark spots extending from head to tail. Not to be confused with ticking which consists of tiny speckles rather than spots. Falls in the same range as ticking.

Brindling (DnDn, Dndn) - Presents as striping black markings mixed in with the base coat color

Very Rare Markings:

Vitiligo (VV, Vv) - Produces a white, spotted effect within the normal coat

Georgian (NN, Nn) - Most of the body is white with patches of base coat color along the back, on muzzle, face, wings, and legs

Marbling (Mwmw, MwMw) - Mostly white body with color being restricted to the wings, head, and sometimes sorsal stripe or saddle, as well as markings on the tail and spots on the legs at maximum. Homozygous dominant genes can result in blindness and infertility

Special Markings:

Opal (oo) - White brindling in addition to large white markings on the body.


Achromia/Albinism - Can occur rarely in any breeding and results in complete loss of melanin, gives the affected fox pale skin and pink or pale blue eyes

Melanism - Hyperpigmentation results in fully black foxes, some markings may appear as "shadows" on the fur

Leucism - Can occur rarely in any breeding and results in partial or total loss of multiple pigments. Generally do not have blue or pink eyes

Snow Nose - A rare genetic mutation associated with recessive red genes that result in pale skin on the nose

Piebaldism - Can occur in any breeding, results in white spots or irregular white patterns on their fur which can be limited to just the feet or can extend and cover up to 50% of the fox's body

Eye Colors:

Eyes may be any natural color found in red foxes. Shades of red/pink are reserved for achromatic foxes.

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[ FanclubArchiveFAQNurseryMake Your OwnQuest BoardExploreArtist SearchStaff ]
Starclan has begun the search for new, brave leaders who will pass on their legacy to their clans
and lead with honor. They feel themselves fading among the stars and know that their time is
running out. Will you aid in their quest to pass down the legends? Or will you walk among the
darker side of the night? Claim your territory, fight to survive, and make some new friends along
the way. In this brand new immersive survival game, you'll develop characters and your own clan,
able to adopt an infinite number of cats not restricted by levels! Your cats will be tested in the
wild and must hunt, battle, and forage to survive. You get to pick where your clan lives, what
they eat, how they interact with others, and most of all: you will make choices that ensure their
survival or ultimate doom. Remember, we want this to be fun, so there are ways to keep your cats
alive. Starclan is generous with their gifts! So what do you say? Will you become a new legacy?


Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 6:45 am


i. please use all of tess’ site rules. you can find them here.
ii. there is no limit to the amount of cats you may have.
iii. please be kind and respectful to all staff and members.
iv. please do not beg for cats, food, herbs, or new adopts.
v. three warnings equals one strike, and 3 strikes is a ban.
vi. do not remake this game without my permission.
vii. any drama regarding other members must stay off the
main thread and be dm'd to me, please! i am available on
discord and chickensmoothie and will get to you asap.
viii. please remember that making adopts takes time and
so does judging competitions with tons of entries! do not
rush artists or a warning will be given out and may lead to
a ban. this is to keep our game stress-free for the artists.
ix. you may have custom ranks; using the original warrior
cat ranks is not required. this game is about creativity.
you may also use the tribe ranks if you prefer! you may
also choose not to use any ranks at all, and that's fine.
your cats may live in any survivable land, just make sure
the food you select to hunt is suitable to that land.
x. you must create an archive within 1 month of
receiving your founder, or else it will be readopted!
xi. if a user is banned or deletes their chickensmoothie
account, their cats may be readopted out to the
community. MYOs created by the user in question
will be considered 'dead' unless the user contacts
Swishy via Discord. [2/6/2021] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
i. describe your founder using the form below and post it on the main
thread! remember, males cannot be tortoiseshells or calicos! mutations
like vitiligo, chimerism, and albinism are for milestone adopts only.
ii. create your clan’s thread and clan name. you may use this board to
do so or create your own website. there is no rule for what you may
use to archive! remember to link your archive on your founder's page.
iii. read the game mechanics page completely then go exploring! if
you have questions, staff is readily available to answer them. make
sure to check the FAQ page before pming a member of staff, though;
it's quicker for you and all the staff involved!
iv. join the discord to get involved in the community. it's a great way
to get giveaway prizes, find out what new things are happening, and
make friends!

Code: Select all
[size=80][b][u]i want a founder![/b][/u]
[b]name:[/b] (include kittypet name and new warrior cat
[b]gender:[/b] (they may identify as anything!)
[b]age:[/b] (1+ year! as of right now, this has no in
game effect)
[b]appearance notes:[/b] (this may be artist choice or
 up to you! 1 common edit and below only <3)[/size]


Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 7:54 am


      please link your clan archive and all cat’s adopt pages when posting on the explore thread using the explore code provided on the exploring page. you may change the coding but please keep all the information from the base coding able to be seen clearly. no more than six cats can be sent at a time! in all explore missions, you have a chance to: find food, find herbs, engage in battles, gain experience, cure sicknesses, encounter friendly faces, find rare items and more! however, this is a survival game. cats may die when sent on patrols, receive injuries, or even get sick if you're not careful. HUP stands for hunger percentage and HP stands for health percentage. these are two very important concepts! you can read about them if you scroll down further.


      the most basic needs for survival is food, which is something your cats will have to explore to find. the more cats you have, the more food points you will need. if you are running dangerously low on FP, or food points, you may purchase them from starclan. (that’s me) you will need to feed your cats every time you explore, except for the first 3 explore posts you ever make. the penalty for not feeding your cats is +10% hunger. if it reaches 60 or above, a cat becomes unable to complete tasks like it normally can which can make surviving much harder. every cat starts off with 0% hunger, and can go 6 posts without needing fed. however, if you wait that long, you will need 2 food points per cat, as 1 FP = 10% HUP.

      1FP = 10% HUP. members still need to feed their cats every post to prevent +10HUP gain.
      If your cat has 10% hunger, but you want to use a 2FP item (20%), you would list it as in the next post after using it to feed your cat:
      item | x1/2 | 2FP

        scraps = 1 FP
        mouse = 2 FP
        vole = 2 FP
        shrew = 2 FP
        small fish= 2 FP
        minnow = 3 FP
        squirrel = 3 FP
        frog = 3 FP
        rabbit = 4 FP
        bird = 4 FP
        owl = 4 FP
        falcon = 4 FP
        hawk = 5 FP
        eagle = 5 FP
        vulture = 5 FP

      to survive, a cats health must be in prime condition. the only way to heal injuries (preventing further health loss after an encounter in explore) is to use herbs. you can find herbs through explore, purchasing them from starclan, or trading other users for them (go here to make a post about asking for trades). a cat may also gain health if their hunger is kept at 0%. every cat starts out with 100% health and should be kept above 40%. the only way to lose health is through encounters or sickness in explore. battles will occur if you choose to fight and sometimes even randomly during a patrol.

      during the colder season, there's a low chance one of your cats might get sick. but don't worry, you can use your herbs to heal them! any cat that gets sick will slowly lose health over your next posts unless you use the right herb or herbs to stop it, and if their health goes below 40% there's a chance it could spread to other cats they've patrolled with. you can find herbs through explore, purchasing them from starclan, or trading other users for them (go here to make a post about asking for trades).

      another way to gain experience, if exploring seems a little risky, is to try writing a response to a prompt. every now and then the staff will create a new prompt for everyone to write about and develop their clan with- and you'll earn experience based on how much you write. the questions that are asked each new prompt will vary from clan traditions to lore to anything as specific as your founder's favorite prey.

      gaining xp can only be done through exploring or participating in prompts! you will gain +10 xp for every patrol sent out [i.e explore post posted ] and + certain xp amounts for battles won, herbs discovered, and many other things. level experience is helpful when in combat or for the ability to make certain purchases from starclan. every time you level up, you get a reward!

      level one: 100xp | Rewards: +1 FP
      level two: 200xp | Rewards: + 1 FP + 1 Herb +1 Common Edit
      level three: 300xp | Rewards: + 2 FP + 1 Herb
      level four: 400xp | Rewards: + 2 FP + 2 Herb +1 Random-custom
      level five: 500xp | Rewards: + 3 FP + 2 Herb
      level six: 650xp | Rewards: + 3 FP + 3 Herb +1 Uncommon Edit
      level seven: 800xp | Rewards: + 4 FP + 3 Herb
      level eight: 950xp | Rewards: + 4 FP + 4 Herb +1 Semi-custom
      level nine: 1000xp | Rewards: + 5 FP + 4 Herb
      level ten: 1200xp | Rewards: + 5 FP + 5 Herb +1 Common Myo
      level eleven: 1400 exp | Rewards: + 6 FP + 5 Herb
      level twelve: 1600 exp | Rewards: + 6 FP + 6 Herb +1 Rare Edit

      to adopt a new cat, you must participate in competitions, buy a custom/myo, or breed your existing cats. there is also a slim chance, extremely rare, to find a cat during explore. competitions are immersive, creative, and everyone has an equal chance! buying a custom can be done at the myo shop and breeding existing cats can be done in the nursery with starclan's approval! unlike other adopts, your level does not determine the amount of cats you can own.

      AGING UP
      to age up a kitten resulted in a breeding or gained from an adopt, you must wait 3 weeks. then, you are responsible for bumping the kitten's adopt page (or breeding page) to remind the artist it's the day to age up. the cat will then become an apprentice. from that date, in 3 weeks they can be fully grown. they will have a date 6 weeks from the birth day and 3 weeks from the birth day posted so that you know exactly which day to bump the thread. you have the option to skip the apprentice stage and instead, simply wait the full 6 weeks for the adult version. there is also an item in starclan that you can use to completely skip the wait (star's grace). once this item is applied, the cat will be grown ASAP! you can read more about it in starclan's shop.

      sometimes an artist who has a difficult time choosing the winner of an adopt will award either an HM (honorable mention) or RU (runner up) to other players. you may use HMs to purchase customs. [we will not keep track of HMs for you, please keep track of them yourself.] RU's are a second cat designed by the artist that will belong to you.

    Swishy & Broken @ Thu Dec 19, 2019 8:26 am

      • Customs are available to be purchased. Artists charge differently for their customs & will include their price when they post that they are open for # of custom slots, but you can also find that information here. Also, remember that a refund cannot be requested after the time period of 7 days. Please PM if there becomes an issue with an order you have placed.

      You may also use HM's for customs! When using HMS, you must provide links to each HM.
      5 hms = 1 random custom (design chosen by artist)
      10 hms = 1 semi-custom (base color scheme chosen by player)
      15 hms - 1 full custom (everything chosen by player)

      Code: Select all
      [b]Custom form![/b]
      [u]Artist[/u]: Here
      [u]Type of Custom:[/u] Random, semi, or full
      [b]Edits: [/b] ( For any edit rarer than common, the player [i]will[/i] have to purchase or already own the edit item!)
      [u]Payment type: [/u] Here (HM or Artist chosen price)

      • Transfers occur when players trade other players. You may only trade a cat after owning them for 30 days. This includes kits resulted from a breeding. You may not trade outside designs, currency, or otherwise for a member's cats. You may only trade cats for cats at this time. This may change based on community input. Please post the form below on the transfers and trades thread found here. Both players involved in a transfer do not need to post unless you skip the proof part. Then, your proof will be your partner's post.

      Trade form:
      Code: Select all
      [b]I'm trading my cat/item![/b]
      [u]Cat/item being Traded[/u]: Here
      [u]Cat/item received from trade: [/u] Here
      [u]Proof of exchange: [/u] Show the other member confirming/have other member post form.

      • A user may decide to gift another user a cat or item. In order to do this, you're going to post the form below on this thread so the archivists can locate the cats and users associated easily. You may only gift a cat after owning them for 30 days. Both players involved in a transfer do not need to post unless you skip the proof part. Then, your proof will be your partner's post.

      Gift form:
      Code: Select all
      [b]I'm gifting/receiving a cat/item![/b]
      [u]Cat/item being gifted[/u]: Here, for items please include a link to post proving you own it
      [u]Proof of acceptance: [/u] Show the other member confirming/have other member post form.

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    Dragon Cats are Semi-Opened Species owned by Pollygussie and .pigeon.


    There are two types of Dragon Cats, Cat-claws (left) and Dragon-claws (Right)

    Cat-claws can sheathe and unsheathe their spikes on their back and tails, they rarely have tiny wings, which are useless.
    Cat-claws ears are large, making them able to hear very far.

    Dragon-claws have wings which are mostly useless except in rare cases in which the dragon-claw has very large wings that get tired after a minute of flying. oof.
    Dragon-claws antennae can sense movement, but they have a hard time sensing when the creature is far away

    Both types are very weak to water, as they cannot swim, they only settle by small streams and avoid huge lakes and rivers.
    Both types can breed, but they either look like cat-claws with tiny wings or dragon-claws with no wings.

    More coming later! I hope you guys are as excited for these guys as we are :D

    .pigeon. @ Wed Jun 16, 2021 10:31 am

    Hey guys! Just to be clear the lines and original concept of the Dragon Cats was Polly's idea. Im kinda just along for the ride and inserting useless comments and semi-helpful ideas at inconvenient times lol :lol:

    also hey pollygussie we better work on that official base thing lol

    Pollygussie @ Wed Jun 16, 2021 11:14 am

    .pigeon. wrote:Hey guys! Just to be clear the lines and original concept of the Dragon Cats was Polly's idea. Im kinda just along for the ride and inserting useless comments and semi-helpful ideas at inconvenient times lol :lol:

    also hey pollygussie we better work on that official base thing lol

    ye! :D

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the Technicat Pride Event!

    - - - - -

    here's what you need to know ;;

    • all main page rules apply
    • the event runs for the entirety of June
    • you may win multiple adopts from this event
    • marking this page is welcome
    • if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all

    - - - - -

    I hope everyone enjoys the first official Technicats Event!

    - - - - -

    SilhouetteStation @ Tue Jun 01, 2021 9:33 am

    officially open !!

    RatFloof @ Tue Jun 01, 2021 12:34 pm


    Marshmalli @ Tue Jun 01, 2021 12:35 pm


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      Technicats are the next step in pet ownership; both a biological and technological marvel, these pets are quickly stealing the hearts of the nation and becoming one of the most popular pets of all time. Their body looks like that of a standard household cat, while their head is a screen. All of the wiring and machine parts are hidden from view, and they're so lifelike you won't believe that they're not a real cat. Still soft, warm, and eager for a cuddle, while being so much more durable and lasting for years - what's not to love?

      We've included a list of a Technicat's best and unique features, which include;

      • Screen Head: easily their most identifiable feature, Technicat's do not posses the head of a regular cat, but instead a hardy screen. Most come in a standard shape and size, though a rare few do come with a customized screen head shape. These screens come in three types; blank, simple, and expressive. Blank screens are exactly as told; blank. Simple screens have some sort of icon or symbol. Expressive screens are a little harder to come by, but they do give your Technicat a bit more personality. With an expressive screen a Technicat can, as you'd expect, show different kinds of expression depending on their emotions. This makes it much easier to know how they're feeling. The screens themselves either have a glossy finish or a static overlay, the latter of which is also shown on their paw pads.

      • Static Whiskers: surely you know we couldn't make a cat without whiskers - and these ones are a lot more fun! They're made of static energy, which manifests itself into the shape of feline whiskers of many different shapes and lengths. Most of the time these are harmless, and tickle if you brush against them. Be warned; an aggravated Technicat may just use them to give you a shock.

      • Two Tail Variations: both have their pros and cons, so choose wisely! Technicat's who have 'biological' cat tails - that is, to say, a tail that resembles that of an actual cat - are solar powered, and soak up the sun through their fur. They cannot, however, be plugged in to charge, so may be more sleepy on cloudy days to conserve energy. Technicat's with socket tails can be plugged in to charge up - plug them in, and after a good sleep, they'll be ready to go! They are not, however, solar powered. This means that if your power goes out and your Technicat runs out of charge, they will fall asleep until you are able to plug them in again.

      More information on traits and their rarities can be found further below.

    SilhouetteStation @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:22 pm

      Well now, you can't own a Technicat without reading the user manual, can you? Make sure you have a good look at the rules below so that we can be sure that you're ready to become a Technicat owner. Careful - we don't take to rule breakers too kindly!

      • Technicats are a closed species, and you cannot make your own without permission

      • You can own a limitless amount of Technicats

      • Do not remove the sig; you must give appropriate credit, and link back to here if taken offsite

      • Please do not bump adopt pages (unless you are the artist)

      • Some Technicats will be free (raffles, prompts,etc) and some will also be available for payment (c$, pets, da points, money) as auctions or with set prices. Offsite currency payments will be discussed offsite (da, th, or discord)

      • You cannot resell your Technicats (for any kind of currency, no matter what currency you paid); there will also be no refunds. You can trade within the species using the appropriate forms. If you wish to leave the species but keep the characters you own, you are free to transfer them out of the species to different lines as long as you still give appropriate credit for the original design (but keep no lore from the species)

      • Do not bid / AB if you cannot pay/afford the price; you will have 24 hours to pay (contact the artist if you need another day to pay, but 48 hours is the max amount of time to send payment)

      • No mini-modding

      • No whining, begging, bullying, or intolerance of any kind; you get three strikes before being banned (or an instant ban will be dealt out in extreme cases)

      • If you are banned, any Technicats you own will no longer be counted within this species. You have the option to; move them off of these lines, or relinquish ownership (they will readopted out into the species community). You must still credit the artist for the original design of the character if you keep them, but other than that, they must have no ties to this species

      • You cannot edit your form once its been posted (excluding prompt posts); any edited forms won't be counted

      • You cannot edit your Technicat in any way without an item (and getting approval)

      • Technicats cannot be based on already-made characters (oc's, franchise characters, etc)

    SilhouetteStation @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:22 pm

      If you're looking into becoming a Technicat creator, be sure to read over these guidelines before applying to the artist search!

      • Do not create your own separate adoptions/species with this design

      • Guest artists will need to create at least 3 Technicats adopts a month, and will be granted with one Rare MYO

      • If you become a permanent artist you will need to continue making 3 adopts a month, and will be rewarded monthly with one Rare MYO

      • You may be removed as an artist if you fail to comply with these rules, or if you break any of the above

      • Following CS rules, if you sell a Technicat for offsite currency, please discuss payment offsite

      • Static must be at least 15% opacity

    SilhouetteStation @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 1:23 pm

      • whisker shape
      • accessories
      • weight
      • claws (short)

      • no edits
      • blank screen

      • simple screen
      • minor fur edit
      • tail edit (biological or plug)

      • expressive screen
      • major fur edit
      • ear edit

      • customized screen shape
      • extra limbs (max 6)
      • missing limbs (max 2)
      • extra tails (max 3, biological and/or plug)

      • wings (either non-functional or only capable of short-distance flight/gliding)
      • exposed mechanical parts (up to 50% of the body)
      • glowing markings

      Below you'll find a few handy diagrams, to help further clarify some traits.



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    shop opening info
    [ link to shop below ]

    Image ImageImage
    ⟡ intro + links ⟡ rulesstaffactivitiesaboutfaqstamps + affiliates

    announcementscatharsis chambernurserygame streamsfanclubdiscordartist search
    shoppromptsexploringmyos + item use [x]animated transfers + growths
    archiveitem archivearchive updatesv1/v2 archive

    floc - singular ⟡ flox - plural ⟡
    «the flox are a species of psychic, floating foxes whose powers have been sealed away since ancient times.
    unlocking flox with magic keys releases a burst of light or dark aura based on the floc's nature.
    by adopting a floc, you agree to assist in the mission to uncover the mysteries of their past.
    are you up to the challenge?

    ⟡ species created and owned by akami-chan and managed by allinianendorsement

      currently up for adoption:

    allinian @ Fri Oct 09, 2020 1:22 am

    intro + links ⟡ rules ⟡ staffactivitiesaboutfaqstamps + affiliates

      ⟡ flox are a closed species created and owned by akami-chan and managed by allinian.


        ⟡ you may not make your own floc without permission.

        please be aware of and understand all of cs' rules.
        ⟡ please do not spam, harass other players, whine, guilt trip, or beg for flox.
        ⟡ be kind and respectful to all members of the community. discrimination will not be tolerated.
        ⟡ COPPA users are not eligible to participate in this adoptable species due to the nature of our activities.

        ⟡ there is a standard limit of eight flox per user. this may change as the species grows.
        ⟡ flox previously purchased from akami with points or usd do not count towards this limit.

        ⟡ flox cannot be co-owned or fursonas.
        ⟡ alternate-universe myos of pre-existing characters are acceptable, just the floc alone cannot function as a fursona.

        ⟡ do not claim flox that are not owned by you. this includes using images that do not belong to you in your signature.

        please note that we do not add users to oekaki references due to the nature of how adopts are made.
        ⟡ if you would like a transparent version of your floc (at any stage) + pattern,
        ⟡ ⟡ ask the artist (or me if they are unavailable) and it will be provided for you!

        ⟡ do not edit or add to your oekaki floc's design or lines.
        ⟡ only slight expression changes are allowed (a smile, frown, small tongue, etc). do not edit the eyes.
        ⟡ do not edit your animated floc in any way, shape, or form.

        ⟡ requests for myos and customs will be ignored.
        ⟡ requests to join the staff will be ignored.

        ⟡ feel free to feature your animated flox in your signature. feel free to upload your flox to character sites.
        ⟡ if you do either of the above, you must link it back to either the main thread or its original adoption page.
        ⟡ if uploading to, assign credit to the main thread (or original adoption page) and the designer.
        ⟡ for image credits, credit akami-chan for the lines/base and the respective artist for the design.

        ⟡ a user must own their floc for at least fourteen days before it can be traded or gifted.

        ⟡ flox can only be traded for other flox. three-way floc trades are allowed.
        ⟡ you may not trade or sell your flox for any type of payment (real/virtual currency, art, etc).
        ⟡ do not ask a user if they are trading their flox unless they have specifically stated so.
        ⟡ there is some leniency towards v1/2 flox, but please be respectful when inquiring about trades.
        ⟡ all ownership changes must be approved by me or a staff member in the archive updates thread.

        the item system has restarted. all items obtained during fnk v1/v2 have been voided.

        ⟡ trading and gifting floc items is allowed. three-way item trades are allowed.
        ⟡ selling items for c$, pets, and/or art is allowed. offsite item and pre-made character trades are not allowed.
        ⟡ items may not be sold for any form of real currency.

        ⟡ do not take advantage of the ability to gift items. there will be consequences (for anyone involved) if a user is caught joining streams/participating in events only to get items to gift to a friend.
        ⟡ all item transactions must be approved by me or a staff member in the archive updates thread.

        ⟡ deliberate rule abuse will have consequences.
        ⟡ rule-breakers will be given one strike per offense. on the third offense, they will be banned.
        ⟡ if the staff feel anyone has severely broken the rules, they will be banned immediately.
        ⟡ art thieves and plagiarists will automatically be banned with no warning.
        ⟡ a situation does not have to be explicitly stated in the rules to result in a strike or ban.

        in the case of a ban,
        ⟡ the user can still keep their flox, but they can no longer participate in anything related to the species.
        ⟡ ⟡ this includes breeding/trading/gifting their flox, participating in events, interacting with any threads/adopts, etc.
        ⟡ if the user no longer wants their flox, they will be readopted. these readoptions can only be held by the staff.
        ⟡ only usd flox can be sold for the amount they were bought for.
        ⟡ all items are voided.
      ⟡ i reserve the right to add, remove, or amend rules if necessary.

    allinian @ Fri Oct 09, 2020 1:25 am

    intro + linksrules ⟡ staff ⟡ activitiesaboutfaqstamps + affiliates



      ALL STAFF MEMBERS (guest included) earn an unedited custom/myo upon initial hire.
      ⟡ this floc does not count towards the eight-floc limit.
      ⟡ it may be redeemed at any time, even if the user is no longer part of the staff / the one month guest artist period is up.
      ⟡ guest artists earn this custom/myo after making at least two new designs.

      ⟡ this custom/myo can be gifted or traded, but the doesnt-count-toward-slots perk is lost upon ownership change. the limit is still eight unless a golden keybox is bought, and this 'extra slot' can never be redeemed again.

      GUEST ARTISTS earn 15 tokens per design (so max. 75 tokens a month for 5 designs).
      ⟡ if hired as an official artist, compensation will stop being given per design and they will earn the standard staff compensation at the start of the next month.

      STAFF earn 100 tokens for every month active, paid on the 1st of each month.
      ⟡ as a perk, staff will not need to wait for a shop opening to spend these tokens--there will be a designated 'staff shop' to buy items.
      ⟡ no more than the monthly 100 tokens can be spent in this shop at a time, and remaining, unspent tokens will be put into the user's token bank. (may change in the near future)
      ⟡ yes, this means pattern tickets and golden keyboxes will not be able to be bought through the staff shop. however, after the tokens are banked, staff can use their earned tokens to buy these items from the general shop when it opens.
      ⟡ staff are welcome to offer their 100 tokens worth of items up for trade before actually buying them (but the actual tokens themselves cannot be traded)

      ⟡ an active artist is defined by a minimum of 4 designs per month.
      ⟡ if an artist creates less than 4 designs, compensation remains at 15 tokens per design.

      ⟡ artists will always be counted as active for the first month (when they were a guest artist + hired) and receive the active-compensation on the 1st of the next month after their trial. (this is so all staff get their compensations at the same time, on the 1st of each month).

      ⟡ an active moderator is defined on a case-by-case basis.

      ⟡ these amounts/numbers may change as the species grows.
      i will post in the discord announcements channel before any updates are made.

    allinian @ Fri Oct 09, 2020 1:27 am

    intro + linksrulesstaff ⟡ activities ⟡ aboutfaqstamps + affiliates
    catharsis chambergame stream hub

      the fox-n-key is an interactive adoptable featuring item collection through games and events.
      the key to unlocking your floc's true nature lies in how you nurture it.
      the two outcomes, virtuous and corrupt, manifest themselves in different appearances.
      if you raise your floc to be good, it will look different than if you raise it to be bad.
      the main method of nurturing your floc is to collect items.
      these special items will be given out during various games and events.
      once you and your floc have collected ten virtuous or corrupt points, you can apply for catharsis.
      catharsis is the process in which floc auras are released and their appearances change depending on their nature.
      once you and your floc have collected thirty more virtuous or corrupt points, you can apply for awakening.

      awakening is the process in which a floc's aura takes shape, their eyes open, and psychic energy reaches its peak.
      this is the final form of flox.

      both catharsis and awakening occur in the catharsis chamber. see the link to the chamber above.

      pictured above is an example of a game stream.
      during the game you have a chance to win tokens, virtuous Items (v-items), corrupt Items (c-Items), a keybox, or even a floc !
      navigate to the game stream hub for more information + to look out for future streams !

      during the game, players take turns choosing tiles on the board.
      when a tile is chosen the space under it is revealed to be a floc, keybox, go-again, lose-turn, v-item, c-item, 5-15 tokens or an empty space.
      after all prize tiles are uncovered, the game will end.
      winners may sell or trade their items for other fnk items, c$, cs pets/items, or art.

      v and c-items require a valid record of transaction to be legitimate during catharsis.
      visit the archive updates thread for details.
      all items (sold or not) will be checked for authenticity when applying for catharsis.

      selling or trading items that do not belong to you will be reported as art theft.

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    Honey Tempus Lepus based on this drawing by Sin Tsukino
    by Sin Tsukino @ Fri May 28, 2021 9:59 am [Reply]

    We have a honey loving lepus here! They've even got honeycombs in them and would probably be friends with any nearby bees? Or would they be scared of them??

    This guy is going to be UFA, either pets or C$ are accepted so you can offer anything!

    Auto can be 150C$

    Standard: arm clock
    Common: Helicopter ears
    Rare: nature based add ons (honey, honeycomb), tail edit (it's made out of honey)

    Sin Tsukino @ Fri May 28, 2021 2:16 pm


    Sin Tsukino @ Sat May 29, 2021 5:14 am

    Sin Tsukino wrote:^^

    Sin Tsukino @ Thu Jun 03, 2021 5:35 am

    Sin Tsukino wrote:
    Sin Tsukino wrote:^^

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    Tempus Lepus - Raffle based on this drawing by Sin Tsukino
    by Sin Tsukino @ Sat May 29, 2021 9:49 am [Reply]

    We have another Lepus here looking for their home ^^ ignore the timer, I left this open for ages, scarf is removable too

    This one is a raffle, to enter just full in the code below!

    Common: Helicopter ears, arm clock
    Uncommon: accessories(scarf), eye edits, damaged ears

    Code: Select all
    Lepus name:
    Tell me something about them!

    gardog @ Sat May 29, 2021 10:07 am

    Number: 1
    Lepus name: Marion
    Tell me something about them!: He was forced to learn how to fight at a young age in order to defend himself should he need to, but he hasn't really needed to use his full fighting potential... yet

    TheUnknown @ Sat May 29, 2021 11:15 am

    Number: 2
    Lepus name: Shade
    Tell me something about them!:
    Shades been known to sneak out at night, hiding their clock underneath their scarf. Many, who see them at night, believe they have been corrupted or their clock is broken. Instead, it works perfectly fine and they sneak by. They silently make their way to a lake filled with green-blue water, sparkling in the waning crescent moon. The new moon makes it even more spookier, as there is then no lights to illuminate them. They like to just sit there, beneath a lone tree, overlooking the lake while the night comes to a close. When the sun is just barely touching the tips of the land, Shade’ll get up and walk back, making it home before the sun has even reached the tops of the trees.

    Sin Tsukino @ Sun May 30, 2021 3:40 am


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    Shadow Cats V2 based on this drawing by SkyGold
    by Sin Tsukino @ Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:16 pm [Reply]


    𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓪𝓻𝓮 𝓢𝓱𝓪𝓭𝓸𝔀 𝓒𝓪𝓽𝓼?

    Shadow cats are friendly but misunderstood creatures. They’re frightened of humans and will always run away if they spot one, leaving nothing behind but a small trail of smoke or they can ‘fade’ and go transparent, this is another way they hide from humans. Something to remember though is any items they are touching does not fade with them, if a shadow cat is wearing a collar for example when they fade a human will see a floating collar.

    Shadow cats have a long life span, averaging about 100 years and they don’t need to eat daily but they do need to eat a few times a month. Shadow cats only eat one thing – spirits. They don’t just eat any spirits though, they only eat malicious ones, they’re rather friendly with all of the other spirits. Their feelers on their sides help them sense when spirits are nearby, vibrating softly when they are near one. Their feelers can press flat against their sides or they can make them stand up to appear bigger. The average size of these guys are about the size of a lynx cat. They are often smaller like a regular house cat though and in rare instances can be a lot bigger.

    None of the shadow cats have a gender so can mate with any other Shadow Cat as long as they aren't related. They will occasionally meet up during breeding season with random Shadow Cats but once they've settled with a mate - they're set for life. They form a very deep bond and are inseparable; even if their mate dies, they won’t ever pick another.

    The amazing Nyarlathotep|Nathan made a size chart for Shadow Cats so here it is!

    𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓵 𝓡𝓾𝓵𝓮𝓼

    ·Please be kind and respectful to the staff!
    Being rude will result in a strike, if you get three strikes you will be banned. Any cats owned by a banned member will be revoked and put up for adoption again.
    ·If a member of staff is rude to you then report it to the species owner, staff should always remain polite and respectful.
    ·Follow Tess's Oekaki rules, which can be found here: Oekaki Rules
    ·You must keep the artist's signature.
    ·Don’t make your own without an MYO ticket. This is a closed species. Any currently existing characters with a similar design is purely coincidental.
    ·If you post your adopted cat on another site, please link back to here.
    ·Do not re-sell any cats. If you no longer want your cat you must contact a member of staff on here, we can arrange for your cat to be re-adopted.
    - Every cat has its unique ID number, with all the information about them kept here(coming soon, currently only Sin Tsukino has access to the archives but once I'm confident about the formatting it'll be uploaded for viewing). This archive needs to be kept up to date which is why it’s important we’re informed of any unwanted cats.
    · Do not transfer design to another species
    · Art theft will result in an instant ban.

    Species Lines by: SkyGold

    Since it was mentioned this species has nothing to do with a discontinued species of the same name which can be found here. The two species are very different they just share the same name.

    Sin Tsukino @ Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:17 pm


    No major lineart edits. Same coloured eyes, long or short fur, whiskers(optional). Smoke and shadow cat can be any colour and have any pattern.
    Heterochromia, patterns in the eye, tail edits (shorter, longer, different shape), extra-long claws, eyelashes, tongue edits, weight edits, teeth edits
    Horns, scars, bioluminescence, feeler edits, ear edits, different eye shape, having different length fur in places such as mane or ‘hair’ atop of the head, simple add ons/basic gene splicing (E.G. Bug antennae, gills)
    Accessories (clothing etc.), 2 tails, missing limbs, extra ears, elemental extras (E.G. leaking lava, poison, ice, fire etc.), gigantism, bones, having coat changes (E.G. Winter/Summer coat), holes in body, mechanical parts
    Very Rare
    Extra eyes, legs or mouths, 3+ tails, wings, feathers, sentient tail, scales
    Advanced gene splicing, major line edits
    Please note legendary cats will only be available by being own via an event or for very rare raffles

    The following traits are not allowed with this species:
    No feelers (they must have at least 1 on either side), no tail, no smoke, sclera (eye whites are fine but no sclera must be visible)

    If you’d like a trait not listed here feel free to post or PM a member of staff. The traits list will be updated whenever a new trait is asked for.

    Sin Tsukino @ Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:17 pm


    There is no limit on the standard – uncommon MYO tickets
    Standard MYO Ticket – 10C$
    Common MYO Ticket - 15 C$
    Uncommon MYO Ticket – 25C$
    Rare MYO Ticket [5 in stock] – 50C$
    Very Rare MYO Ticket [1 in stock] - 100 C$
    For purchasing MYO tickets send payment over to Sin Tsukino

    Custom Tickets:
    Standard - 15C$
    Common - 20C$
    Uncommon - 30C$
    Rare - 75 C$
    Very rare - 150C$
    Each full-time artist has their own stock of custom tickets that they set the limit on themselves.
    For purchasing Custom tickets send payment over to the artist of your choosing

    Sin's stock: 3 custom tickets from standard - rare. No very rares right now.
    GrimmKitty's stock: None right now - on hiatus
    MeepMorpLazuli's stock: 3 tickers - any rarity
    Nyarlathotep|Nathan: None right now
    TheUnknown: None right now
    Mastema-Rastus stock: 3 custom tickets from standard - rare. No very rares right now.

    Artists have the right to refuse a design if they aren't comfortable with it and an artist can negotiate their own prices with custom tickets at their discretion if they want.
    Either post on here or PM an artist if you want a custom ticket.

    Trait tickets

    These tickets are to be used on full-grown Shadow Cats to add a trait to them!

    Common ticket - 10C$
    Uncommon ticket - 25C$
    Rare ticket - 40C$
    Very rare - N/A

    Sin Tsukino @ Fri Jul 31, 2020 12:17 pm


    Species Owner:
    Sin Tsukino

    Artists - Full time
    Sin Tsukino
    GrimmKitty(on hiatus)

    Artists - Guest

    𝓐𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓼𝓽 𝓖𝓾𝓲𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼

    ·Full-time artists must make a minimum of 2 Shadow Cats a month to adopt.
    Full time artists are given 1x uncommon, 1x rare and 1x Very rare MYO for themselves
    ·Guest artists must make a minimum of 1 adopt a month to adopt.
    ·Guest artists are given 1x MYO common tickets for themselves
    -Artist tickets will refresh every month but they won't accumulate, you get a fresh set of tickets every month but if you didn't use your ticket from last month they don't rollover. The only exception is the very rare ticket, this one only refreshes every 2 months.

    ·Do not re-use these lines or remove the signature.
    ·Delete all unused layers.
    ·Full-time artists may list adopts made by them as whatever they like (Freebies, flatsales, OTA, raffles etc.) and can charge what they want. Guest artists may only list adopts as freebies of raffles.
    For paid adopts, pets, C$, etc. are all acceptable and up to the artist to set a preference. The only thing not allowed is real money, this is a non-profit species.
    ·Backgrounds are allowed or it can be left as it is

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    Welcome wrote:
    Welcome to the package cats!
    The package cats are boxes that have come to life, in the mind of a cat! They are playful little boxes that you could play, feed, and interact with them!

    The Package Cats are loyal and friendly cats who love to socialize. They love to play and spend time with almost anyone! You could teach them tricks, and they love attention.

    Q.N.A. wrote:Q; How do I get a Package Cat?
    A; There are constantly up for adoptions! You can get one in raffles, find one while going on a walk with your current P.C., and find different ones with different types of fish! Read below for more details.

    Q; Can I create my own P.C.?
    A; Nope, the P.C. is not open for making your own without a custom. Read below for more details!

    Q; Can I take my P.C. off-website?
    A; Only if it sends you back to this forum!

    Q; Can I edit my P.C.?
    A; No, but you can add items, and more! Read below for more details.

    Q; Can I breed my P.C.?
    A; If breeding is open! Look in the item store for details ^^

    Q; Where do I donate / trade / gift my P.C.?
    A; Above, there is a forum where you can do that!

    Q; Did this forum copy the Sweetens?
    A; Its only inspired by it! And yes, I asked the creator of the sweetens and they said Its alright if I make something similar to the sweeten thread, but not to copy the sweetens itself ^^

    Q; Im still confused, how do I submit questions?
    A; Just pm me, and ill answer when im online ^^

    Rules wrote:- Do not say that you created the P.C.

    - Do not claim the art as yours.

    - Do not mini-mod.

    - Do not be rude if you dont get what you want.

    - Do not try to claim a P.C. that is not yours.

    - Do not be rude or mean about anything.

    Strikes wrote:-None right now, lets keep it that way!-

    Bans wrote:-None right now, lets keep it that way!-

    Updates wrote:5/29/2021 // P.C. Grand Opening

    Nekro_Gaming @ Sat May 29, 2021 12:48 pm

    Admins, Moderators, And Staff wrote:Nekro_Gaming // Creator
    Nightime // Artist | Mod
    Squirrel.Flight // Mod

    Nekro_Gaming @ Sat May 29, 2021 1:33 pm


    Tape Payment methods wrote:OmgSC / Very common = 5 Tape
    Common = 10 Tape
    Uncommon = 20 Tape


    2021 - 2017 = 120 Tape
    2018 - 2015 = 230 Tape
    2014 - 2011 = 300 Tape
    2009 = 600 Tape
    2008 = 1000 Tape


    2021 - 2015 = 1300 Tape
    2014 - 2010 = 2500 Tape
    2009 = 3500 Tape
    2008 = 5000 Tape


    Omg SR and lists would be infinite!

    Shop wrote:
    Chests wrote:Image

    Common Chest ;; 150 Tape | Gives you a random Common Package Cat

    Uncommon Chest ;; 250 Tape | Gives you a random Uncommon Package Cat

    Rare Chest ;; 400 Tape | Gives you random Rare Package Cat

    more to come!

    Forms wrote:
    Purchasing wrote:
    Code: Select all
    [b][I]Id like to purchase![/i][/b]

    User ;;
    Items + Quantity ;;
    How much Tape you will have left ;;
    Other ;;

    Using wrote:Id like to use an item!

    User ;;
    Proof you own item ;;
    Item your using ;;
    If its being used on a P.C., what P.C. will you use it on? ;;
    Other ;;

    Nekro_Gaming @ Sat May 29, 2021 2:04 pm


    Open Closed

    How to buy and use a MYO wrote:First, you need to make sure that you have enough to purchase a myo that you want.
    Second, you need to post the form purchase form. (BELOW)
    Third, you need to do the myo create form. (BELOW)
    Forth, I will allow you to either create it yourself, or have me create it.

    Left Slots wrote:Common Traits ;; 0 / ∞
    Uncommon Traits ;; 0 / ∞
    Rare Traits ;; 0 / ∞

    Queue wrote:1 ;;
    2 ;;
    3 ;;
    4 ;;
    5 ;;

    Purchase wrote:X1 Common Tape = 100
    X1 Uncommon Tape = 150
    X1 Rare Tape = 250

    Forms wrote:
    Purchasing wrote:
    Code: Select all
    [b][u]Im purchasing a Custom Tape![/u][/b]

    User ;;
    Tape ;;
    How much should you have left? ;;
    Other ;;

    Using wrote:
    Code: Select all
    [b][u]Im using a Tape![/u][/b]

    User ;;
    Ref ;;
    Proof you have Tape ;;
    Other ;;

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    ~Season Cats~
    by SushiFoxx @ Mon May 10, 2021 2:57 am [Reply]

    Welcome~ to the Season cats~

    this is currently a work in progress
    { Archive }

    The season cats is a species that is based off of the seasons, as I work on this, the species will become more intractable with challenges, events and more, you'll be able to breed and customize, Each season cat has strengths and weaknesses and different accessories and styles, the leaves on their head show their season so when cross breeding comes you can still tell the season so you know everything else about them, You can have as many characters as you would like I would recommend following the thread for when updates come, as I get artists you'll be able to get customs aswell as well as adding accessories,better stats and changing the looks or even freely making a character but it will cost you a Wish to the Meadow of flowers. Only artists can make customs,adopts etc. You can make your own MYO,have another community member make it or have a artist make it.

    Joining! An artist will claim your forum whenever! if it has not been claimed within 2 weeks let me know!

    Code: Select all
    [b]I wanna join![/b]
    Perfered Season:
    Anything else?:

    Gift Line art!

    by vaiana70!
    by Anxiety Harbor!

    PM SUSHIFOXX FOR A DISCORD INVITE!! It is preferred but not needed for artists to be in the discord! <3

    SushiFoxx @ Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:19 am

    here are some items you can purchase! each item will do something different

    Currency: Meadow wishes (MW)
    5 MW=1 C$

    Random Wish: adding 1 random trait! ~ 5 MW
    Stars Wander: an extra kit item! (1 more litter that month) ~ 50 MW
    Stars Wish: Add an extra common trait to your season cat! (you choose) ~ 10 MW
    Rare Flower: Add one rare trait or below ~30 MW
    Magic dance: 3 kit litter (accepting artists only) ~ 20 MW

    More to be added soon! Some items might be randomly earned!

    Rarity list!
    Very common (free)~ Flower crowns,Claws,accessories,scars
    Common~Ear tufts,min floof edits
    uncommon~Mid floof edits,Torn ears/tails
    Rare~ Missing limbs (feet/legs/ears/tails)
    more added soon


    SushiFoxx @ Sat Jun 05, 2021 4:23 am


    Strike: max of 5
    Temp ban: can last anywhere from a week to a month+
    Perm ban: Your cats will be evacuated and transferred to other users, you are banned from the species, no acceptations because you have to have done something really bad

    banned/striked users:
    None currently, lets keep it that way

    SushiFoxx @ Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:15 am


    Q: Why do I need storage thread?
    A: So we can keep track of all your items,cats and anything else!

    Q: What can I use?
    A: you can use this thread here! or Toyhouse,weebly or any other good thing to easily have access to your characters!

    Q: How do I get a custom?
    A: Artists can sell these when ever they like! Each artist may have a different price!

    Q:What happens if I don't like my character any more?
    A: please contact me and we can work something out!

    Q: I want my season cat to have kittens, how???
    A: That is not currently added yet! please watch and it might be added soon!

    Q: what are HM's??
    A: HM's are Honorable mentions, they can be gived out during adopt comps if the artist likes your app but likes another more, HM's can be used to get customs from open artists!
    5 HMs: random!
    10 HMs: Semi random (you choose season!)
    15 HMs: fully custom you choose everything
    when using HM's please link where you earned them and make sure you never use one twice!!!

    Q: I wanna become an artist! How?
    A: Artist searches! More info will be there!

    more may be added soon!

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    AVIDAE V.2 - #50 Event, pg. 12
    by .lucifer @ Fri Feb 19, 2021 1:45 pm [Reply]


    [ main ] [ artist search ] [ discord ] [ activities ] [ bank & archive ] [ shop ] [ genetics guide ] [ starter roller ] [breeding roller]

    x x x Welcome to AVIDAE! x x x

    AVIDAE - Avian Felidae - Are one of the many hybrid creatures that emerged after Arkylia's magical catastrophe struck. Their species is defined as mostly feline, with some bird-like traits: namely wings and a lack of pawpads. Some Avidae have batlike wings instead, and rarely, these two can cross, creating an Avid with both feathered and leathery wings.

    Avidae make excellent familiars for magic users in Arkylia, as they can help with focusing and refining magic. Bat-winged Avidae are especially sought out for this purpose! Other than as familiars, though, Avidae can find themselves working as pest control or rescue workers! Still others have taken to various biomes and returned to a wild way of living, either alone or in groups.

    x x x Rules x x x

    Avidae can be any orientation or gender, however, due to the way cats' genetics are linked to their X chromosome, only opposite sex pairs can breed. Same-sex pairings may use a donor, or have one Avid act as the opposite sex for the sake of the breeding.

    Avidae use mostly-realistic cat genetics to determine their appearance. Refer to the genetics guide to learn more.

    A single User may only have one breeding accepted per month.

    AVIDAE does not use a "kit" lineart. Any kits that come from breeding will be designed- fully grown- on the main lines.

    Avidae may be feral, domesticated, or sapient. In Arkylia, their canon world, many animals are sentient and contribute to society as much as more humanoid creatures do. You may also use your Avid simply as an OC, outside of the canon lore, of course! However there will be activities available that are in-lore that can reward you with experience for your Avid, Avid Points (AP) to spend in the shop, and possibly items!

    x x x Acquiring an Avid x x x

    Avidae may be acquired from Adopts, Eggs, Starters, or Breeding.

    Adoptable Avidae will be posted below the cover with an "Adopt" sign placed above them. Any user may adopt an Avidae from these competitions.

    Eggs may be purchased in the shop. They can be hatched and designed when an artist opens egg hatching slots. Users can earn AP to purchase an egg via drawing Avidae. The user does not need to own an Avid to earn AP- gift art works for AP just as well as any other artwork!

    Each user may adopt one starter Avid. A starter Avid is completely randomized, though optionally users can select a name and gender for the Avid when posting the form. A user may post a form for a starter Avid provided all of the following are true:
    The user has not had a starter done for them previously.
    The user does not own any Avidae at the time of posting the form.
    An artist has opened starter slots.

    Owners of V.1 Starter Avidae have the option to have their V.2 Starter look identical to their V.1 Starter. Other than this single instance, V.1 and V.2 of AVIDAE have no crossover. V.1 Avidae cannot be used in the new V.2 systems, nor can you earn AP for V.1 Avidae. V.1 Avidae will not be transferred over to V.2.

    Breeding may be done between any two Avidae. If both are the same sex, you may either choose to use a donor or designate one of the Avids to be used as the opposite sex for the purposes of breeding. A user may post a breeding form if all of the following are true:
    The user has not had a breeding accepted within the last month.
    The user owns or has proof of permission to use the Avidae involved.
    An artist has opened breeding slots.

    x x x Staff x x x

    running the gig

    making those pretty, pretty kitties

    keeping the place running buttery smooth

    Guest Staff
    less responsibility, less anxiety

    x x x Forms x x x

    Starter Form:
    Remember, only post this if an artist has starter slots open!
    Code: Select all
    [b]New Owner Incoming![/b]
    [b]Username:[/b] [here]
    [b]Name:[/b] [here] (optional)
    [b]Gender:[/b] [here] (optional)
    [b]V.1 Starter?[/b] [url=link]#000 - NAME[/url] (only fill this out if you own a v.1 starter and want your v.2 starter to look the same.)

    Egg Hatching Form:
    Remember, only post this if you have at least one egg in the bank and an artist has egg slots open!
    Code: Select all
    [b]Ready To Hatch![/b]
    [b]Username:[/b] [here]
    [b]Egg Type:[/b] [here]
    [b]Name:[/b] [here] (optional)
    [b]Gender:[/b] [here] (optional)

    Breeding Form:
    Remember, only post this if breeding slots are open!
    Code: Select all
    [b]Kitten Time![/b]
    [b]Username:[/b] [here]
    [b]Your Partner:[/b] [url=link]here[/url] (optional)
    [b]Avidae 1:[/b] [url=link]#000 - NAME[/url]
    [b]Avidae 1 Permission:[/b] [say "mine" if the avid is yours, or link proof of permission]
    [b]Avidae 2:[/b] [url=link]#000 - NAME[/url]
    [b]Avidae 2 Permission:[/b] [say "mine" if the avid is yours, or link proof of permission]
    [b]Donor?[/b] [delete/leave blank if breeding an opposite sex pair. if breeding a same sex pair- put yes/no. if yes, donor will be selected randomly from the list of donors. if no, specify which avid will be used as the opposite sex for the breeding.]

    x x x Advertising & Affiliates x x x


    Paste these into your signature to advertise AVIDAE!

    Code: Select all

    Active ARPGs and adoptable centers may PM me (.lucifer) to become an affiliate! Affiliates will have their adopt centers advertised in this space.


    Glowingsaltshaker @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:03 am

    Huge mark!

    DaniCalifornia @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:11 am


    Lex. @ Sat Feb 20, 2021 5:12 am


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    CDH Breeding #53 based on this drawing by acronymm
    by Honey~ @ Tue Sep 29, 2020 3:43 am [Reply]


    Main Page | Staff & Artist Search | Breeding Barn | Customs | Fanclub | Discord | Archive | Mascots | Rules | Staff | The Store | Tack Showcase | Event Hub | Public Studding & Brooding

    Owner: acronymm
    Show Name:
    Barn Name:
    Dam: Bonita
    Sire: Phobos

    Gender: Stallion
    Phenotype: Greying Sooty Cherry Chestnut Overo x Sooty Golden Red Dun
    Genotype: ee aa Gg Oo Stysty x ee Aa Dd Ststy
    Eye Color: Blue Whispers + Lilac Breath (Heterochromatic)

    Mane Type: Edited [Long]
    Tail Type: Long

    Breeding Notes:

    Chimera passes at 15%
    Heterochromia passes at 30%

    Code: Select all
        [b]Username:[/b] acronymm
        [b]Show Name:[/b]
        [b]Barn Name:[/b]
        [b]Halter Type + Colour:[/b]
    [b]Tail flowers? + Colour:[/b]

    acronymm @ Wed Jun 16, 2021 1:03 am

    was going through old posts,, never named this handsome boy. thank you so much honey<3

    Username: acronymm
    Show Name: BA Fearful Streaks
    Barn Name: Dyre
    Halter Type + Colour: navy green, regular
    Tail flowers? + Colour: yes please, navy green!

    CDH Breeding #92 based on this drawing by acronymm
    by Honey~ @ Fri May 28, 2021 11:21 pm [Reply]

    Main Page | Staff & Artist Search | Breeding Barn | Customs | Fanclub | Discord | Archive | Mascots | Rules | Staff | The Store | Tack Showcase | Event Hub | Public Studding & Brooding

    Owner: miraphoenix
    Show Name:
    Barn Name:
    Dam: Rowan
    Sire: Aspen

    Gender: Stallion
    Phenotype: Black Flaxen Chestnut Leopard Appaloosa
    Genotype: ee Aa ff Lplp
    Eye Color: Simmering Pool

    Mane Type: Roached
    Tail Type: Docked

    Breeding Notes:


    Code: Select all
        [b]Username:[/b] miraphoenix
        [b]Show Name:[/b]
        [b]Barn Name:[/b]
    [b]Halter Colour:[/b]

    miraphoenix @ Wed Jun 16, 2021 1:01 am

    I adore him? Thank you so much!!

    Username: miraphoenix
    Show Name: Wild Paper Mask
    Barn Name: Birch
    Halter Colour: Wide noseband in Simmering Pool

    Welcome to the 2021 Pride Event! The FWP staff would like to celebrate diversity this month with special pride-themed adopts. Pride is important for many people who identify as LGBTQA+, as a way to celebrate ourselves and to commemorate those who have come before us. Whether you are out, closeted, or questioning, take some time this month to celebrate who you are! This event will be running for the full length of June, ending on the 30th.

    In celebration of Pride month, we will be offering one free gamete editor, which allows same-sex breedings, to all users. Happy pride!

    For every adopt, an item raffle will be held and two entrants will win a gamete editor, which allows same-sex breedings between ponies. Additionally, throughout the month of June, we will be offering pride semi-customs to anyone who has participated in at least 3 competitions!

      ──── 𝐑𝐔𝐋𝐄𝐒 ───────────
      Under no circumstances will flags that represent adult-minor relationships be allowed in this event.
      You can win a total of 2 gamete editors from raffles during this event (this does not include the free claim).
      You can apply for as many adopts as you want, but you can only win a maximum of 2.
      Rudeness, hate, bigotry or otherwise offensive behaviour, whether explicit or implied, toward the LGBTQA+ community or individuals will not be tolerated.
      Free items can't be claimed after June 30th, 11:59pm AEST.

      ──── 𝐒𝐄𝐌𝐈-𝐂𝐔𝐒𝐓𝐎𝐌 𝐀𝐏𝐏𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐀𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍 ───────────
      If you have participated in at least 3 competitions, you can apply for a semi-custom with a pride flag of your choice! You may choose any common base coat, with 1 common marking. You can find the rarity chart here.
      Code: Select all
      [b]Flag Reference:[/b]
      [b]Coat Colour:[/b] (Must be common)
      [b]Marking:[/b] (Optional; must be common)
      [b]Links to entries:[/b] [[url=link]one[/url]] [[url=link]two[/url]] [[url=link]three[/url]]

      ──── 𝐈𝐓𝐄𝐌 𝐂𝐋𝐀𝐈𝐌 ───────────
      Post the following to claim your free gamete editor. You can only claim one.
      I want to claim my item!

    discontinued. @ Sun Jun 06, 2021 11:19 am

      I want to claim my item! <3

    Arkinhallow @ Tue Jun 08, 2021 1:50 pm

    discontinued. wrote:
      I want to claim my item! <3

    claimed ^^

    PeachyPie @ Thu Jun 10, 2021 1:58 am

      I want to claim my item! ^^

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    announcements | fanclub | nursery | suggestion thread | growths + transfers | customs
    archive | customs archive | archive update | item trade | transfers & off-oekaki
    artist search | nursery artist search | tumblr | kalon shop | bank | faq

    Welcome to the Kalon Nursery!

    The nursery is where little kits are born.
    When an artist posts that they have open slots you may request that Kalons become parents of their own kits!
    Occasionally, you may even find orphaned kits in need of a home.

    Previous Nursery Threads:
    v.1, v.2, v.3


      ◤--- Image

      • Please do not mark this topic more than once or post anything other than your ticket as it is considered spam or bumping.

      • Kalons can be any romantic or sexual orientation and have as many relationships as they'd like.

      • Kalons can breed with one or two other Kalons, regardless of gender, so long as the other owner(s) condone the breeding.

      • Kalons may breed a maximum of three times during their lifespan. The mate does not have to be the same in every breeding.

      • One breeding will result in 1-4 kits (number randomly rolled).

      • Incestuous relationships and relationships involving kits with adults are not allowed. You may not look for breeding/adult romantic partners for your kit until they have been grown and approved by staff; this includes kits that are "ready to be grown" or have a "growth in progress."

      • Users may not PM artists about obtaining breeding slots. Breeding slots will remain public so everyone has a fair chance at obtaining the slot. Proof of user and/or artist sidestepping this rule will result in a strike.

      • Users may not switch nursery artists for two weeks after they send in their breeding ticket/reserve a slot, unless the artist cancels their open slots. If switching nursery artists after two weeks, users must provide proof that they gave a week's notice to the initial artist that they would be switching. If the artist replies to you before the week is up acknowledging the switch you may go ahead and repost the ticket, otherwise you must wait a week between sending the switch notice and reposting your ticket.

      • Batches involving Legendary traits must be rolled for via live stream or public rolling channel in the Kalon Discord.

      • All breeding based items must be on the ticket when posting.

      • Users must wait one week after obtaining a new Kalon before they can breed it.

      • Users must wait 1 month after breeding any of their Kalons before they can request another batch. This cooldown starts when the ticket was accepted by the artist, not when the batch was posted.

      • Kits can be grown one month after their batch was posted.

      • Editing will disqualify your ticket in raffles/first-come-first-served slots. By extent, double posting to edit your first incorrect form will also invalidate your ticket.

      • Your form may not specify more or less weight.

      • A Kalon can only have one batch in progress at a time. If you have a current, unfinished batch with a particular Kalon you may not apply for another until the first is done.

      • Any participation in a ticket will count toward your cooldown. Whether you only supply an item for a ticket or just one parent you must abide by all nursery rules prior to and after the ticket's acceptance.


      ◤--- Image

      Code: Select all
      Artist: (required, must have an open slot)

      Owner #1: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so)
      Owner #2: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so, & proof of approval required)
      Owner #3: (link to last accepted ticket/if no previous breeding specify so, & proof of approval required)

      Parent #1: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if off-oekaki please include link to ref and to off-oekaki thread post)
      Parent #1 Hex Codes:
      Parent #1 Edits:
      Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)
      Where Did You Obtain This Kalon: (MYO/Breeding/Trade/Gift link)

      Parent #2: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if off-oekaki please include link to ref and to off-oekaki thread post)
      Parent #2 Hex Codes:
      Parent #2 Edits:
      Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)
      Where Did You Obtain This Kalon: (MYO/Breeding/Trade/Gift link)

      Parent #3: (name + link to cs oekaki reference thread, if off-oekaki please include link to ref and to off-oekaki thread post)
      Parent #3 Hex Codes: (if applicable)
      Parent #3 Edits:
      Previous Breedings: (link to all previous batches)
      Where Did You Obtain This Kalon: (MYO/Breeding/Trade/Gift link)

      Roll for Weight Edits: (yes/no)


    Species banner art by PrismicPuppy @ DA

    Rabbit @ Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:27 pm


    CSMintCat @ Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:27 pm

    Second is the best.

    AboveAspen @ Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:28 pm

    mark !

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    Mittumoths [V.2] | Shut Down based on this drawing by Kenino
    by Kenino @ Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:35 pm [Reply]

    It contains important information of how things are suppose to be done following the shut down.


    Mittumoths' will be officially closing down the 31st of May, and they will NOT re-open. Adopts are no longer to be made.
    People with MYOs' will have until the 18th of June to use their tickets, after that they will no longer be valid.




    > To credit me use my account, the username is Sunisio. It shouldn't change, but if it happens to do so you can find the profile here
    > My TOS still applies to designs I've created for this species. Disregard the guidelines listed under "Original, Closed, and Open Species" as information relating to this species is a bit different and explained more later in this post.
    > Make sure to still follow other staffs' TOS's and Guidelines when it comes to their designs. Be sure to also properly credit them for their designs as well.

    >> Mittumoths' are to NOT be sold for ANY type of currency, they may be only traded or gifted.
    > They cannot be sold for ANY kind of virtual currency or real money, they are to also not be sold / given in exchange of ANY type of art, whether it's written or visual.
    > You MAY give them in exchange of other characters, whether within the species or not.
    > If you end up giving your Mittumoth away, send the new owner a link to this post so they are aware of the guildlines

    >> You MAY edit your Mittumoths' traits, HOWEVER you MUST get permission from me first.
    Allowed edits;
    > Simple colour edits such as eye colour, nose colour, or pawpad colour.
    > Same rarity additions. Example; A Mittumoths' rarity is uncommon, if you wanted to add lets say, spikes to them, you could.
    > Trait(s) removal or edit. Example; A Mittumoth has spikes on them, you wanted to you could change their shape or length, as well as completely remove the trait all together. Remember that some traits are categorized by length or style.
    > Mittumoths' can have an optional anthropomorphic / "furry" form if you wish.

    Prohibited edits;
    > Species change. Example; Turning a Mittumoth into a wolf, dragon, cat, etc, is in NO WAY allowed. "Shape-shifter" forms ( Not permanent but can switch back and forth ) is in NO WAY allowed either. Mittumoths' are to stay in their original raptor form.
    > Complete colour changes. Example; A Mittumoth's primary colour is purple, you cannot change that colour to lets say, red.
    > Different rarity additions. Example; A Mittumoth's rarity is uncommon, you cannot add lets say, chimerism to them.
    > Unique traits are still off-limits to ALL Mittumoths that were created on either V.1 or V.2. Unique traits are traits because they were part of the "prototypes" of Mittumoths. If you own a Mittumoth with a unique trait, you CANNOT add another unique trait onto it. If you are confused on what counts as a unique trait ASK ME.

    >> Mittumoths' DO NOT have to follow the world lore, you are free to come up with your own world and lore for them.
    > While saying this I am aware that most people aren't even aware of what the lore of this species is, though for those curious if it matters, no it does not. You are free to include a Mittumoth in any type of world or lore you please, as long as it still abides by my guidelines in the long run.

    > When conttacting me reffer to me as Max, Maxime, or Suni
    > My pronouns are He / Him / His and or Xe / Xem / Xyr.
    > To contact me send me a friend-request on discord; Wyvern#3366, Message me on; Sunisio, comment below this post asking the questions, or ask me to give you another way to contact me by posting below.


    The Longer Story

    For those who made it this far, and are wondering what my reasoning is, this is for you;
    When I first started coming up with Mittumoths back in middle of 2017 I really had no idea what I was getting myself into, as before that I hadn't even explore the species side of art before. I had friends that were supporting my making of the species, which is how this species ended up on chickensmoothie to begin with. I came onto this site with the goal to make this species more 'professional' if that makes any sense, which for a while I was satisfied with such.

    Later on down the line, mostly in 2020 I had very very slowly started to lose both my motivation to keep going and attachment to the species. My urge to keep the species alive died out, and the species pretty much died because of it. The only activity were adopts made mostly by Troopercat, an OG Mittumoth supporter, and the co-owner Redbirdtrooper12, a long time supporter and friend of mine. Then there was me, I was no where to be seen, I had completely abandoned them.

    I had came back at one point, following an affiliates' event that included the species, I made new lines to participate that I thought would spark my motivation to keep going. It didn't not even a little bit, I still was on the sidelines, not doing much other than watching my team try to keep it going for me.

    Now, after four years of this species existing, and a year of me giving up. I'm finally ready to say farewell to what was once my pride and my joy.

    So, Farewell, and to all of you who have been here even for a minute, I appreciate your time and support.


    Thank yous'

    Thank you, Troopercat, for your contributions and dedication to this species, this species wouldn't have been possible without you.

    Thank you, Redbirdtrooper12, for your support and help throughout the years, you truly are an amazing person.

    Thank you, Izayoz, even if you were never part of this aside from the one event, you've helped me a tremendous tons on how to manage species and are the reason why I am still doing what I do here. I couldn't be happier to call you my teammate, couldn't be happier to work with you, couldn't be happier to call you my friend.

    To those who have worked with me on this species, I thank you for being patient and helpful throughout these years.

    To those who were there back in 2017, thank you for giving me the support and help that I needed to be able to have done this in the beginning.

    To those who have been here since the original opening of this species back in 2019, thank you for your support and thank you for everything you have contributed to me and this community I had formed.

    To anyone who has spent any time here, only if you are just stumbling upon this right this minute, thank you for taking the time out of your day or days giving your undivided attention to see what this was all about.


    Kenino @ Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:42 pm




    30.4.2020; Mittumoths V.2 official opened,, Adopts can start being made. Transfers are available,, and Artist search is open.
    6.5.2020; Mittumoths have an official stamp,, archives are done / caught up,, 10 adopt milestone reached.
    7.12.2020; Revamp of lines !

    Kenino @ Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:54 pm

    Will be changed / added too when necessary

    Traits that are free to use and or free to add to any Mittumoth without needing staff permission
    Accessoires, Jewelry, clothing, etc, etc.

    Traits that are necessary and must be there for a Mittumoth to be official
    Sickle claws
    Head, back, Legs Feathers.

    Traits that are part of the lines without being edited
    Double fluffy end tails
    No ears

    Arm wings
    Any other nose except reptile
    Extra Fur
    Small Horns/Antlers

    Extra Feathers
    Any other tail but standard
    Back Wings
    Any other type of pupil except oval/round
    Medium Horns/Antlers
    Part Transparency (Wing film, fins, horns, claws, ETC)
    Tattered wings
    Larger teeth

    Large Horns/Antlers
    No Pupil
    Body Transparency (Body parts, such as limbs, tails, etc)
    Extra eyes (3+)
    Extra Ears (3+)
    Extra Wings (2+ sets)
    Halos (1-2)
    Wings placed elsewhere

    -Very Rare-
    Halos (3+)
    No Tail
    Exposed Bone
    Missing body parts

    Traits that we previously valid in past Mittumoths but since then have been retired
    Traits that are off-limits

    Fur covering arms + chest
    Floating crowns
    Tail separate from body
    Flight-type Fur/Wings

    Kenino @ Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:15 pm


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMay 2019 - CurrentxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxJune 2019 - May 2021
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+ Full-time Artist - Seventeen Adoptsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+ Full-time Artist - Ten Adopts
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMax - He / XexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRed - She / They


    Retired Staff


    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxRoleplayer123 | May 2019 - May 2021xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGød | November 2019 - May 2020
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFull-time Artist - Seven adoptsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+ Part-time Artist - Three adopts

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxTroopercat | December 2019 - May 2021xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNo U | July 2019 - December 2019
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFull-time Artist - Thirty-nine Adopts

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxShortyGinger | June 2019 - August 2019
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFull-time Artist - Ten Adopts

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRunyx | May 2019 - July 2019
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPart-time Artist - Four Adopts

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxDaisukina | May 2019 - May 2019
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPart-time Artist - One adopt

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWealthy Cat | May 2019 - May 2019
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPart-time Artist - One Adopt

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLilacpetals | June 2019 - June 2019
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPart-time Artist - One Adopt

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    WELCOMING QUOTE wrote:Shelter For Angels, Pet Adoption Agency- thats what we're all about! We try to give pets found on the streets or in tough situations a second chance at happiness through forms and filing to see who fits with who best. Some slip through our hands and decide to take their lives out into the wilds, but we always at the least have tried to help them. Come give some of these furry friends a new home to stay in! ♥

    || SFA Adopts || SFA Nursery || SFA Genetics Key || SFA Token Shop || SFA Challenge Thread || SFA Archives || SFA Artist Search ||
    || SCS to SFA Transferring || SFA QnA Thread || SFA Fanclub Thread || SFA Discord Server ||



    ♥ title fonts from 1001

    ~HєуRєι~ @ Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:04 pm

    || Past News Archive ||
    06/14/21 - 'Indefinite Hiatus' wrote:Hello all. Unfortunately with a heavy heart I've decided to put SFA on hiatus/indefinite closure. With both my artists not wanting to use the site's art program due to it being hard to work with (very understandable), having no others trying out in the artist search with the requirements, and having little to no energy to do adoptables on my own I think it would be the best decision for now to put SFA on hiatus/indefinite closure. It might return but it might not and I am personally not wanting to give the project to someone else as I don't feel comfortable with that.

    If you want to try your hand at doing something similar, feel free just make sure to ask before using any challenges or referencing the . Moving SFA designs/characters out of SFA will work the same (just be sure if you take any out successfully, that you abide by the original artist's ToS and the SFA rules on images), anyone can still try out in the artist search, you can do the challenges as you please and still buy items from the token shop if you have tokens (I will stay active on those at least) but adoptables, the nursery, and the transfer page will remain inactive (transfer page may become active again but otherwise not so much).

    Its unfortunate but my time is needed elsewhere and with lack of help I just cannot continue this for a while. If it re-opens I'll announce as much but for now, SFA will be here in the background kinda vibing.

    I'm open to roleplay of the characters on discord, mine will remain in SFA unless I feel I won't return at all. Feel free to ask to roleplay on discord or my TH whenever <3

    05/08/21 - 'Small Update!' wrote:Hey! I bet yall have been wondering whats going on with SFA? Dont worry, this isnt a hiatus or transfer of ownership or anything. Currently the artists and myself are having a rough time of things irl so adopts aren't being made as frequently. These sorts of things happen and since SFA is kinda chill with being more relaxed in adopts every once in a while. I hope everyone can forgive us for our slow activity ❤

    That being said its a good time to remind that the artist competition is ongoing and we truthfully need to hire more artists. You can find the public link on the main post! Remember that style isnt what matters, you dont have to be super realistic, photo of a dog/cat to get in, all that really matters is being able to properly translate the realistic coats. See on the artist competition for more instructions on how the entries work. Anyways, thats all for now. Hopefully May will see a return to activity for us!

    Have a good evening/day! ❤

    03/15/2021 - Transfers?!' wrote:This may not be too important to those who weren't part of SCS but after a bit of discussion with the owner of Second Chance Shelter, they are allowing me to give the opportunity for users who own SCS pets to transfer them to here! I will be the only one taking care of this and it wont be open all the time but first 3 transfers are entirely free!

    Theres more information found on the page, link of which you can find on the main post!
    Thats all! Have a good evening/day. <3

    02/01/2021 - 'Arrival of Nursery' wrote:The milestone we've been waiting on has arrived and so too has the SFA Nursery! The way the nursery works is users can post forms when artists announce they are open.

    They'll be as genetically accurate as we can manage but remember litters are not the main focus of SFA!
    With the Nursery now being revealed, nursery items and their prices are now in the shop as well!

    Reminder that you can gain tokens through doing challenges and posting them to the archive to be accepted and rewarded!
    A new check allows you to submit art and writing (so long as they meet the minimums and are cs friendly) at any time for whatever pet is involved! As a bonus- When doing the prompt for the nursery form, you can submit the writing/art from that form to the new check! You can only submit an artpiece or writing piece once to this check though, so remember that!

    A litter between the staff mascot and one of the donors will be done as an example soon enough so keep your eyes out for that! Offspring from that litter will be open to adopt on the adult pages and will be announced here!

    Hope everyone has a lovely Day/Evening <3

    01/20/2021 - 'Genetic Key Update!' wrote:With the sudden realization that there were quite a few things discovered about dog genes i was unaware of late last year I decided to give the dog genes post an over-all update! No longer are we using lazy keyboard symbols for the numbers and corner letters- we are now using proper (or as close to proper as i can, i use mainly one very nice source but cats are hard to find consistent things for) genes with minor modification so we don't have to add more slots onto the phenotypes.
    Genetic Key, for fast reference.

    going down the list for dogs-
    White Spotting-
    As you can probably tell, theres now 3 different things with irish. Its not required for artists to put the specific irish any dog is but its good to know the difference between True Irish, Pseudo Irish, Flashy Irish, and Piebald when looking at dogs. True Irish and Flashy Irish (unless flashy is gained through breeding for mutt/mixed) are breed specific while Pseudo Irish is basically everything else that isn't those breeds or pure Piebald allele.
    Piebald pretty much means the same as it always has, higher white, but i've chosen to include Extreme White in despite it being a theorized allele just because of how higher white affects the health of some dogs.

    Just changed it so it has the levels of Urajiro.

    I moved Dal ticking to under standard Ticking as its a modified version of that but the modifier isn't known. For now its using Tᵈᵃˡ until a modifier or allele is used.

    Black Series-
    Seal has been moved up and renamed to Ghost! The reason for this is while Seal isn't known why exactly it happens its theorized to be a failed Dominant Black gene, as is Ghost Tan, and since Ghost tan is now included I decided to put them down as an alternate. The listed gene for it, Kᵇ, is what Dominant Black is called (its also called K, which is what we've had a standard of using) so i've used it for that until something is found on Seal and/or Ghost Tan.
    Brindle also has the technical gene but some notes as well to clarify some things.
    Recessive Black (previously non solid black) is also using the correct gene.

    Nothing new there!

    Red Series-
    Now the reason for the change for the letters despite it still not being known how exactly the red shades are made/changed is because of some new research proving its separate from the C locus (used for Albinism). I is now used for red and as there are no other letter/number combinations used to represent genes for the others I improvised. Still works the same!

    Merle Series-
    Ah yes, the thing that caused this several hour spiral of genes in my brain. First off, Cryptic Merles are no longer a visual term for merle dogs that can appear/look to be not merle unless tested.
    It would be a really long explanation if i tried to explain all these but plain and simple, theres a lot more merle alleles that were found later last year! Including one thats also named as Harlequin Merle so Harlequin and Harlequin Merle had to be defined as different things.
    One cool thing though is that Cryptic Merles with a non merle recessive can breed with other merle types (not double merles tho!) as long as that merle also has a non merle recessive here in SFA! They're safe to breed in real life so it seems fair to include them as an exception as well once the nursery comes around <3
    Bits on the Cryptic Merles along with Mosaicism, Tweed, Harlequin Merle, Atypical Merles, and a little edited bit on Double Merles are all on the Mutations and Explanations post.

    Harlequin Series-
    Nothing changed outside specifying that they can only be gotten through Great Danes and Great Dane Mixes!

    Extension Series-
    New things!! Outside the obvious change for the phenotype, there are new things listed where Normal Extension used to be!
    Normal Extension is more dominant than these which is why they're lower. Northern Domino, previously thought to be Urajiro in Huskies and similar northern breeds, is in fact its own gene in the extension series! That along with the previously listed Grizzle/Domino (specific to certain sighthounds) and Cocker Spaniel Sable (which apparently is something special they have), those are some of the special Extension genes that can be found.

    Agouti Series-
    Not the biggest change but Saddle is no longer located with Sable! As it turns out, Sable and Creeping Tan are actually modified genes for Tanpoint affected by a modifier called RALY! So from now on thats the gene they shall be used under.

    Greying Series-
    Not too much change, just also showing different intensities in the genes to use when we actually have breeds that use them.

    and a small summary for cats as they didn't really change much-
    Color Point Series-
    Re-did these with the proper genes as it was clumsy and cluttered and i kept forgetting minkpoints cant be recessive apparently lmao

    Black/Orange Series-
    Simplified it and also have cinnamon's gene on there! O is used for red/ginger as well and i was tempted to separate Black and Orange but honestly that'd make things messy. They're still used in the same spot when its necessary.

    Both Agouti Sets-
    Changed the genes! Thats about it! Spotted was improvised as no matter where I looked I couldn't find the proper one.

    Outside of new additional things to the Mutations and Explanations (and the name change) theres nothing else really! The phenotypes still work as they have previously and anything my artists (that are active) need to look at are already easily available for them to look at. The genes on the page won't be changed (outside mine as i've already changed any i've made) unless either asked by myself or the pet is bred (more on that when the nursery comes into play).

    That should be it! Any previously used things in the phenotype are still put down in parentheses so you can see what is the same as what but this will be the new way from now on (or from now until something is discovered/changed and i have to do this all over again).

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Day/Evening! <3

    01/01/2021 - 'Community Update! Time to relax' wrote: Wow okay the holidays sure got us kinda wiped out. As such
    I thought it fit to make some minor additions and changes to the thread!

    First off, the addition of Ghost Artists!
    As you've likely noticed, as I've noticed, doing constant custom lined work twice a month can be a challenge when gambling with life. As such with the difficulty of keeping up with things I've made it a point to add a new staff position to make it less intimidating for people that want to jump in from time to time <3. They will still have to do their Guest Artist trial, and have some responsibilities, but are exempt from the minimum adopt number rule. However to make it so that its fair, they do not get the extra 2 customs in a year- just the birthday custom and guest artist end trial custom (if they choose to take either). I do ask for anyone interested in taking this position, please remember you will need to keep in contact with me through Discord! As well as the other staff.
    When a Ghost Artist goes mia, they will not be taken off the staff list unless fired for other reasons or requested.
    Ghost Artists and Regular Artists can switch between the two positions as pleased, all they have to do is ask. However please remember as a Regular Artist- you have to abide by the monthly adopts rule.

    I am still very lenient during those tough times of the year (holidays, known school times) with all staff members, just as long as I'm kept up to date on the situation.

    For more information on the Ghost Artist position, go look at the front page or the artist search!

    Second off, the new Past News Archive!
    Seeing as how 2020 is over, and the list was getting a tad crowded, I wanted to clear out the community news of old news to make it cleaner. However I did not want to remove all the updates in case someone wanted to look back at them! So, new Archive! When the list gets too long or things just feel a bit cramped on the page, they'll be added to the archives to help clean the page up a bit.

    Thirdly, some minor updates, reminders, and talking about future additions!
    I've both changed the Community Rules to Community Guide, and moved things around to help members find what they need better and feel more relaxed about reading the honestly very long list of things. If I have time I might go ahead and try shortening the list to make it easier to read, however for now all of the things up are to help clarify questions you may have and show what we do and do not tolerate here. Just because they name was changed to the list, doesn't mean they aren't still enforced!

    The suggestions post is incredibly helpful so I'd keep it in mind that, if you want to see a specific coat or breed or mix (and can suggest based on the restrictions on the post), please post your suggestions here!

    I've gotten a few asks in the past about Customs and the Nursery in particular, even if it was only a few. To clear up confusion I'll remind everyone that Customs are currently Staff Only. This may be disappointing to some but the reason behind it is to have a community focused on adopts and character development rather than getting their dream pet. This does not mean they won't be available in the future, just that they aren't available right now.
    The nursery is a trickier one but one you shouldn't have to wait too long for. Yes, there are plans for the nursery already down however theres a particular milestone we are waiting on to release it! I promise that the Nursery thread and any Nursery items will be here eventually, in fact we're fairly close to it! However we all need to be just a little patient for it <3. The Nursery will be only open when artists are requesting litter forms be sent and will generally have a cooldown for parents, as a small fact for anyone waiting on it. There is no plans to add Nursery Artists at this time.

    Small last reminder that the Artist Search on the front page is always open! With the new addition of Ghost Artist position, I hope that there will be a little more traction <3. If you are at all interested in becoming an artist for SFA, please do consider sending a few entries if you have the time <3. Unfortunately, Off oekaki submissions and pets still will not be accepted </3.

    Lastly, regarding Events!
    I as the owner am hoping to have at least one bigger event this year, however I need to know from the community if that is what everyone would like, and also a lot of time taken towards planning it. Mini events may still happen but less frequently and likely more time given around busy busy times, especially as we have only 2 artist working right now (who are both busy). Be patient with us please <3.

    I hope that relaxing things a little and making some updates for other parts of SFA helps the community continue, even if just a little. Love you all and hope you're having a swell day/evening <3

    ~HєуRєι~ @ Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:04 pm

    All rules below must be followed or risk a warning/banning! You mainly need to know the Community Rules and Adopt and Ownership Rules.


      ❥ All CS Rules apply.
      ❥ Do not harass staff/community members for any reason. If you have an issue within the community, come to me about it.
      ❥ While feature, event, or milestone suggestions are appreciated- we ask that they are only suggested when expressly asked for by staff.
      ❥ Do not spam the threads.
      ❥ Do not adopt an SFA pet just to use as a breeding design/animal.
      ❥ Do not claim or use an SFA pet or art of an SFA pet that isn't yours.
      ❥ Do not change a design in any way without an item submitted. This includes adding scars or items to the official art.
      ❥ All gender identities, sexualities, nationalities, and religions are accepted here. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you are going to cause problems involving this, do not join SFA community.
      ❥ You may use the SFA character outside the community however you see fit for stories and roleplays! Just remember you cannot change the design yourself unless you have transferred them out of the community.
      ❥ You may breed your SFA pets outside the community, but the offspring and partner (should the partner be non SFA) will not be able to participate in any SFA events, challenges, or activities.
      ❥ If you are banned from SFA or CS-
        ♡ Your SFA pets will be considered inactive and unable to participate in future events, challenges, and activities. They will not be re-adopted. Forms involving your pets will be considered liquefied.
        ♡ Your unused tokens/items will be considered liquefied and will disappear from the archive.
        ♡ Any litter forms involving you or your pets will be considered invalid and will be cancelled or denied.
        ♡ Your SFA pets remain yours but you are not allowed to use the original artwork from SFA.
        ♡ You are completely unable to participate in any future events, challenges, or activities.
      ❥ Staff are the only members allowed to run re-adopts. Message the archivist, original artist, and myself if you want to re-adopt a pet.
      ❥ Non Staff, Ghost Artists, and Guest Artists are not allowed to be added to the adopts under any circumstance. Versions of the image that are transparent, not shaded/highlighted, and uncovered will be provided by the original artist when asked for.
        ♡ Exception to this is if there are 2+ adopts, where one is covering others, separate images without the covering pet will be posted shortly after posting or judging.
      ❥ Little tolerance will be given to aggressive behavior, harassment, ostracizing actions, severely overdue work, stealing of other's works/pets, and similar such actions and reactions in SFA- and as such only 3 warnings will be given if you express these behaviors in our community. After your third warning, you will be either temporary or permanently banned from SFA depending on how severe your actions are.
        ♡ Banning has no exceptions- staff as well can be fired and banned for similar actions.
        ♡ If you are unsure about a message or action you are about to take or have taken, please message myself or a moderator first to confirm any issues. Doing so will not count towards your warnings unless otherwise stated.

      ❥ Due to the inability to post on CS forum threads, COPPA users are allowed to post their storage names, acronyms, and links on the main page OR on the adopt they win officially. Use the forms below for any of their purposes and post them here on the main page-
        Code: Select all
        [b]COPPA USER FORM-[/b]
        [b]Username -[/b] text
        [b]Storage Thread -[/b] text and link
        [b]Acronym -[/b] text
        [b]Shared Thread? -[/b] Y/N, If yes list the name and link the user/s

        Code: Select all
        [b]COPPA USER FORM-[/b]
        [b]Previous Username -[/b] text
        [b]Current Username -[/b] text

        Code: Select all
        [b]COPPA USER FORM-[/b]
        [b]Previous Owner -[/b] text
        [b]New Owner -[/b] text
        [b]SFA Pet Number and Page -[/b] text and link
        [b]Traded or Gifted? -[/b] Trade/Gift, if traded list the return trade
        [b]Proof of Transaction -[/b] screenshot only

        Code: Select all
        [b]COPPA USER FORM-[/b]
        [b]Username -[/b] text
        [b]SFA Pet Number and Page -[/b] text and link
        [b]Changed Information -[/b] Name/Gender/Sex, list what the new information is

        Code: Select all
        [b]COPPA USER FORM-[/b]
        [b]Username -[/b] text
        [b]Storage Thread -[/b] text and link
        [b]Thread Change -[/b] list change/s

      ❥ When a COPPA user is no longer limited by COPPA, they must post in the official archive from then on. They must also PM me that they are no longer COPPA in a message so I can have that noted on their thread in the archive.
      ❥ COPPA users are not allowed to participate in challenges or purchase from the token shop until they are no longer COPPA, this is due to how it would otherwise become confusing between posting forms on the main page and the shop.
        ♡ COPPA users, however, are able to win items in events they can participate in and can collect HMs for future use. They can use the items they win and may ask questions about them on the event page or main page.
      ❥ COPPA users will not be allowed to join the official discord server.

      ❥ Adopts may pop up with mutations, scars, and disabilities.
      ❥ Adopts may not be accurately sized in terms of the room background but will at least be semi-accurately sized in comparison to any other pets in the same picture.
      ❥ Adopts will range from specific breeds, to simply being listed as 'mutt', 'moggie', or 'unknown breed'.
      ❥ Currently there is no limit for how many pets you can own once your storage is on the archive. Do not abuse this right.
      ❥ On all adopts you are allowed to add extras and pretty-up your form unless stated otherwise!
      ❥ Although it isn't needed to have a valid form for your first adopt- once you have an adopt a storage thread is required to be linked. Post your storage thread on the Archive to be officially listed!
      ❥ Although some adopts images that contain two, you can put in forms for both, there is no guarantee win both or any.
        ♡ The thread can share space with other adopts and characters, but it is preferred that only SFA pets be used in prompts outside of minor mentions!
      ❥ Adopt types have different restrictions in comparison to eachother-
        Re-Adopts - No changes to appearance may be made prior to judging (outside previous changes by the previous owner).
        Normal Adopts - May have multiple 'Standard' mutations/modifiers/coats or 1-2 'Common' mutations/modifiers/coats. No other mutations, coats, or modifiers are allowed unless specified by the SFA Owner.
        Milestone Adopts - Must have at least multiple (more than 2) 'Common' mutations/modifiers/coats or 1-2 'Uncommon' mutations/modifiers/coats. May also be wild mixed/crossed (max of 50%) or a non dog/cat species (no horses, insects, or other banned species). May also be developmental breeds. Milestones MUST have some kind of big/work intensive prompt/competition!
        Event Adopts - Must at least have special items associated with them, be unseen/developmental breeds, have a theme, or be of a non dog/cat species.
      ❥ Runner Ups and Honorable Mentions-
        ♡ RUs can only be given to big competitions such as milestones, event adopts, impress-me comps with 5+ complete forms, and regular adopts with 10+ complete forms. They will be discussed between staff for approval to give an RU but visible effort in a form is needed to reward one.
        ♡ RUs must at least be the same breed and can at most have the same genetic make-up as the adopt they are being rewarded from. However they cannot be identical to the other adopt. RUs are the only exception to being able to use the same linework as another adopt. They will be posted under original adopt and not on the main page.
        ♡ Despite the first RU rule, if the artist can make a good case to the founder for giving an RU (or multiple), a user/multiple users can receive an RU. Must be approved by the founder, however!
        ♡ HMs are considered tokens and can be collected like event tokens or challenge tokens will. They can be redeemed in the SFA token shop but must need a link back to the post giving the HM. HMs can be given on any adopt, for any reason.
      ❥ Bonus Prompts and 'Extra Credit'-
        ♡ These both are only counted when explicitly stated on the pet's post. Both are optional entirely for the artists to include but also for the users to complete. Will never be mandatory.
        ♡ Bonus Prompts can be given on any adopts as an extra way to make Tokens! Any completed answer to bonus prompts will be given 6 SFA tokens minimum. Can be given to anyone that completes the prompt, including the winner. The prompt is always something specific and cannot be a 'free for all'.
        ♡ 'Extra Credit' information can be given on any adopt as a way to make extra Tokens! This can be anything from a name's meaning to a full history and personality. This counts only for anything outside the base form, main prompt, and bonus prompt. For each extra thing added and completed the user receives 2 tokens per additional thing. Only counts for writing and art. There is no specific prompt included, simply whatever is added to the form without being required.
      ❥ SFA pets may not be co-owned.
      ❥ A change in ownership can only occur on or after the date stated on the pet's page. This date will always be 2 months after initial posting.
      ❥ Selling of SFA pets is strictly prohibited.
      ❥ Trade or Gifting of SFA pets are acceptable to other users both inside and outside the community.
        ♡ SFA pet Offspring may only be gifted or re-adopted if you do not wish to keep them immediately after posting. They may not be traded.
      ❥ SFA pets may only be traded for-
        ♡ Other SFA pets
        ♡ Designs outside SFA
        ♡ Artwork of another character/pet
      ❥ Any change in ownership must be posted on the SFA pet's page and the Archive with proof by both the previous owner and the new owner.
      ❥ Changes to design outside of collar/harnesses can only be done with items acquired from events, challenges, activities, or the token shop.
        ♡ Only exception is mutations. They may not be added to an existing pet under any circumstance.
      ❥ Changes to information or collar/harnesses can be done at any time for free. Simply update the archive and the pet's original page.
        ♡ Sex/Gender can be changed at any time regardless of nursery litters. Only exception to sex is sex linked coats need to be the sex they are linked to biologically.
        ♡ Biological familial connections can be added at any time but must either share 1 breed in common, or have a coat thats plausible for relatives if they have an unspecified breed.
        ♡ Collars/Harnesses may be pre-made by the artist and may only be changed after being won.
        ♡ Special jewelry or items outside collars/harnesses must be won as items in events, activities, or challenges.
        ♡ Collars/Harnesses are required and adopts may only be listed as 'Microchipped' if the artist is either completely inactive, or if the artist has spoken to the SFA Owner directly for approval.
          ❥ What counts as a collar/harness are non costume collars/harnesses, work collars/harnesses, and bandannas. Anything else will be considered special items.

      ❥ All staff may make or order themselves up to 2 free standard/classic customs a year, and a birthday custom during their birth month.
        ♡ Exception to this are Guest artists and Ghost artists. Guest artists may only make an optional free standard custom towards the end of their 1 month trial (this does not count towards the # of customs per year). Ghost artists may only take a birthday custom during their birth month and their initial Guest Artist custom.
        ♡ However all except the birthday custom can be refused if the Owner believes it is not earned by the staff member.
      ❥ All staff is considered when making decisions- including Guest Artists if any are there.
      ❥ All staff can and should answer questions that have clear answers- but SFA Owner should be asked about unanswered questions before answering.
      ❥ Artists may do the following-
        ♡ Be added to images make growths to litters or non adult adopts if the original artist can't make growths or has a previous agreement.
        ♡ Be added to images to make changes to the design if the artist is inactive but has agreed to add them and it needs to be changed.
        ♡ May make a image off the SFA thread with changes made to an adopt if the artist is completely inactive and it needs to be changed.
        ♡ May ask to re-adopt a SFA design they made when it is has been requested to be re-adopted if they feel uncomfortable with another member doing so.
        ♡ May choose to offer re-done art for older adopts of theirs or make a coat of theirs more genetically accurate.
        ♡ Add an item (such as a blanket, plush, something festive ect.) to adopts if permission is asked and received by SFA Owner first. They may not do this for customs.
        ♡ Add prosthetic legs or supports for pets with partial paralysis/issues walking or with missing legs.
      ❥ Ghost Artists may do the following-
        ♡ Ignore the minimums for adopts put out each month (still must be active enough to judge them or ask for them to be judged by another staff member!).
        ♡ May make a image off the SFA thread with changes made to an adopt if the artist is completely inactive and it needs to be changed.
        ♡ May ask to re-adopt a SFA design they made when it is has been requested to be re-adopted if they feel uncomfortable with another member doing so.
        ♡ May choose to offer re-done art for older adopts of theirs or make a coat of theirs more genetically accurate.
        ♡ Add an item (such as a blanket, plush, something festive ect.) to adopts if permission is asked and received by SFA Owner first. They may not do this for customs.
        ♡ Add prosthetic legs or supports for pets with partial paralysis/issues walking or with missing legs.
      ❥ SFA Owner is to prioritize-
        ♡ Making active changes or considerations to SFA
        ♡ Creating, planning, and running events
        ♡ Taking up work for missing staff roles or inactive staff roles
        ♡ Correcting and creating genotype/phenotype, coat descriptions, ect.
      ❥ Moderator Staff are to prioritize-
        ♡ Answering questions and clarifying issues
        ♡ Starting and judging re-adopts and adopts that have gone over a month w/o a winner.
        ♡ Keeping the peace on threads and servers
        ♡ Rolling, judging, and rewarding for challenges and event threads
      ❥ Artist Staff are to prioritize-
        ♡ Making adopts for the main thread and event threads (at least 2 main thread adopts per month)
        ♡ Taking on litters at the nursery thread (optional, but can take on max of 3 at a time)
        ♡ Making Milestones
        ♡ Judging adopts within a month of the end-date
        ♡ Making growths within a month of posting
        ♡ Paying attention to numbering
        ♡ Being active and able to make changes or edits as needed
        ♡ Creating RUs in a timely fashion
      ❥ Ghost Artist Staff are to prioritize-
        ♡ Making adopts for the main thread and event threads (no minimum per month, but need to be at least up to date with me)
        ♡ Taking on litters at the nursery thread (optional, but can take on a max of 3 at a time)
        ♡ Making Milestones
        v Judging adopts within a month of the end-date
        ♡ Making growths within a month of posting (or requesting another artist to do so shortly after posting)
        ♡ Paying attention to numbering
        ♡ Being active in communicating with staff, and able to make changes or edits as needed
        ♡ Creating RUs in a timely fashion or quick to request another staff member help in doing so
      ❥ Archivist Staff are to prioritize-
        ♡ Keeping up-to-date on any archives they are in charge of
        ♡ Keeping up-to-date on any active shops they are in charge of
        ♡ Actively communicating with staff
      ❥ Guest Artist Staff are to prioritize-
        ♡ Creating regular adopts, at least 3 before the end of the trial
        ♡ Judging adopts they create
        ♡ Creating nursery batches
        ♡ Existing for the 1 month trial

      When transferring out of the community, you need to message the community owner [HeyRei] with links to the pet/s you want to transfer out of the community. Consider the following options before messaging-
        ❥ OPTION #1- Pet still being part of the community, but you can use them as a regular oc.
          ♡ You don't have to message HeyRei to do this, you can simply do this on your own.
          ♡ You can always come back and have them earn tokens and participate in events or activities- such as breeding SFA litters or doing SFA challenges officially.
          ♡ You can use the original artwork for the pet offsite.
          ♡ You can use SFA items on the pet.
          ♡ Can always be transferred out of it officially (using other option) later on.
          ♡ You can still use them as regular characters in other stories and such!
          ♡ The pet still cannot be sold.
          ♡ May be traded or gifted but you must post about the ownership transfer in the archive, and the new owner has to abide by the community rules.
          ♡ The design cannot be changed without use of SFA items. This includes species, scars, and minor parts of the visible design.
          ♡ The design cannot be transferred or used in other ARPGs or Adopt species.
        ❥ OPTION #2- Requesting the pet be noted as inactive, which takes them out of the community. Must message HeyRei if choosing this option.
          ♡ You can change the design however you like.
          ♡ You do not have to abide by the community rules or guidelines.
          ♡ You can sell, trade, or gift the character as you please (note- artist's ToS may still apply)
          ♡ If gifted/moved you do not have to archive the change in ownership.
          ♡ The pet may be transferred into an ARPG/Adopt species (note- artist's ToS may still apply)
          ♡ You can still use them as regular characters in other stories and such!
          ♡ The pet cannot be transferred back into the community, even if gotten from a sale, trade, or gift.
          ♡ The pet cannot participate in events, challenges, or other SFA activities.
          ♡ The official art cannot be used. You will need to make or request a new reference be made for the character.

    ~HєуRєι~ @ Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:05 pm

    Here provides the rules on how you can suggest breeds and coats on the main page! These are not customs, but instead are suggestions to the artists on what breeds/coats you'd like to see most!


      ❥ Suggestions are not guarantees and may not be picked up quickly if at all. They are not customs.
      ❥ Suggestions will be removed as artists use and post adopts using them.
      ❥ Breeds or specific mixes can be suggested, as well as coats.
      ❥ Only realistic coats will be accepted. It is encouraged to give image references of real dogs.
        ♡ Coats incorrectly described or using non genetic language will be changed to be genetically accurate.
      ❥ The following is not allowed for suggestions-
        ♡ Wild mixes/crosses of any kind.
        ♡ Developmental breeds.
        ♡ Non Cat/Dogs unless staff asks.
        ♡ Mutations, coats, and modifiers under the 'Uncommon' category in the Mutations and Explanations Key
        ♡ Specific mutations, coats, injuries, ect. to be stated. Breeds that come with a guaranteed mutation (ie. the sphynx cat) will have that mutation. Only the coat color/pattern and the breed will be stated.
      ❥ It is encouraged that personal pets not be used for suggestions as they may not be won by you.

    Code: Select all
    [b]Username-[/b] text
    [b]Cat Or Dog?-[/b] Cat/Dog/Both
    [b]Breed Or Coat?-[/b] Breed/Coat/Both
    [b]Reference/Description-[/b] text


    Username- text
    Suggestion/s- text

    Username- ~HєуRєι~
    see list here

    Username- conversett
    -Alaskan Malamute

    Username- DVTProject
    Cat Or Dog?- Both
    Breed Or Coat?- Both
    -Pyrenean Sheepdog - Fawn with Black Sable
    Username- text
    Suggestion/s- text

    Username- Spiritstar3
    -Australian Mist
    -Irish Wolfhound


    128 replies not shown, show all

    MYO prices
    Common MYO: 50c$ [ 34/40 AVALIABLE]
    1 Uncommon MYO: 85c$ [12/15 AVALIABLE]
    Unlimited Uncommon MYO: 170c$ [ 9/10 AVALIABLE]
    1 Rare MYO: 250c$ [4/5 AVALIABLE]
    Unlimited Rare MYO: 380c$ [0/2 AVALIABLE]
    Mythical MYO: Not available [0/0 AVALIABLE]

    Edit Prices
    Common edit: 30c$
    Uncommon edit: 55c$
    Rare edits: 100c$
    Mythical edits: Not available

        1. You may have someone make your MYO for you.
        2. You can only buy myos from me. Please do not send
        payment for a myo to another player or it will not
        be added into your bank!
        3. It is not a real cat until either myself or user "I Like
        Bees" approves it! It cannot be added into your clan
        unless I have posted underneath it saying "this cat has
        been approved!"
        4. Please label MYOs consecutively as such:
        Stars MYO #001, Stars MYO #002, #003... etc.
        Please double check your number is correct
        or I won’t approve your cat until it is fixed!
        5. You must post the proper forms!
        6. We will not refund ticket purchases after 7 days.

    Disclaimer: Prices may rise or lower due to different
    circumstances. Please be aware of this!

    If you intend to pay with pets, please message me so I can
    do the math of how much each pet is worth for you <3

          Purchasing form.
          Code: Select all
          clan: [link please]
          item purchasing: here
          total number of c$: here
          Posting your MYO. (Put this on your cat's page!)
          Code: Select all
          clan: [link please]
          myo using:
          coat description:
          edits: (any edit the cat has, see here for list:
          obtained how?: trade, bought,
          found in explore, etc.

    Swishy & Broken @ Fri May 07, 2021 12:32 pm

    Current sales/deals:

    Swishy & Broken @ Fri May 07, 2021 12:40 pm

      Q: How long should we wait for approval/banking of our purchases before asking about them?
      A: Usually, I will approve purchases ASAP- no poking necessary!

      Q: Who can approve my MYO?
      A: The only users permitted to officially approve MYOs at the moment are myself (Swishy & Broken) & I Like Bees!

      Q: Does my Common MYO get unlimited common edits?
      A: Yes!

      Q: Can MYOs be kits/apprentices?
      A: Yes!

      Q: Can I buy MYOs with Stardust?
      A: Not usually, but sometimes there might be a sale that will use some SD!

    Swishy & Broken @ Fri May 07, 2021 12:43 pm

    Feel free to mark this thread now!

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    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThe World of Euphorians

    Hello! Welcome to the nursery. It is here that you can breed your horses you've adopted from ERRP.
    We have some adorable foal lines that your new horse will stay on for two weeks before being transferred to the main lines. These horses will have another set of numbers different from the main and will have a 'F' on the front.
    Please read the rules and pay attention to them. "Having an updated barn" just means important information like name and slots. You must have a barn and have updated slots in order to breed. See the "how to create a barn" section in the info hub for more information.
    ERRP cannot wait to welcome new foals onto its fields!

    * To be able to breed, both parents must have an updated barn page.
    * To keep the species realistic, only mare x stallion breeding is valid
    * Mares and stallions both have 5 breeding slots.
    * Unless discussed, whoever posts the form gets the foal.
    * Do not harass/spam/annoy/bully owners for breeding slots.
    * You cannot breed foals until they grow (2 weeks)
    * Stallion and mare breeding slots may only be obtained via gifting or trades.
    * You may not sell slots for real money, or CS currencies.
    * Do not ask for a foal unless it is being offered or readopted.
    * If you are searching for slots, post an advertisement on the Discord or the Fanclub.

    Feel free to mark the page so you know when an artist is open. They will post saying they are and only then can you post your form on the thread. Make sure to fill it out correctly or it will become void. The artist will pick the number of slots being taken, how long they will review slots for, and if they are FCFS or not. Do not pm an artist a form or ask them if they are open. Scroll back to see for yourself.

    Code: Select all
    [b]Artist;;[/b] (whoever is open)

    [b]Mare name;;[/b]
    [b]Mare barn post;;[/b]
    [b]Slot one;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot two;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot three;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot four;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot five;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Permission;;[/b] (a screenshot, n/a if your own Euphorian)

    [b]Stallion name;;[/b]
    [b]Stallion barn post;;[/b]
    [b]Slot one;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot two;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot three;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot four;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Slot five;;[/b] (link to foal; n/a if unused)
    [b]Permission;;[/b] (a screenshot, n/a if your own Euphorian)

    [b]Blanket color;;[/b] (optional)
    [b]Additional info;;[/b] (optional)

    skip @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:17 am


    clarke, @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:27 am


    mierose @ Tue Aug 13, 2019 6:43 am

    mark <3

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    interest check? based on this drawing by Extinct_species
    by Queen Cupid @ Tue Jun 15, 2021 11:19 am [Reply]

    new lines?

    anyone interested? i really like the concept but idk if its a popular interest


    rules - trait compatibility list - nursery -
    - archive - artist search - fanclub - discord

    Welcome to Mouse Dragons!
    We're so thrilled to have you!



            Image Mouse Dragons are small, mouse sized dragons with tiny wings
            on their lower back. They trill to call to each other, and alert others of danger.
            Their small size makes them perfect house pets for those with smaller homes.
            They're small enough that they can even wear things like thimbles and bottle caps
            as hats!
            xxxx Mouse dragons have fluffy and soft manes and crests down their backs,
            while the tuft on their tail is of a wirey texture for self defense. Their tails are
            prehensile, and they love to hang upside down, whether from a comfy branch,
            a hanger in your cozy closet, or your very own finger!
            xxxx There eyes are big, but their hearts are bigger, though their love is stored
            in their heart shaped pawpads! Their peets are very tiny, and oh so cute! The
            scales on their bodies are hardened for defense, to protect from predators, like
            xxxx Mouse Dragons are omnivores! While they can't eat nearly as much as humans
            do, they are still able to eat meats, dairy, fish, fruit, and various greens. Each
            mouse dragon is unique in what foods they like and don't like. Some will eat
            anything, others are the pickiest little eaters you'll ever have to feed!

            xxxxMouse dragons have babies via eggs! Though they hatch fully grown, they have
            the mentality of a baby for upwards of 3 months before they learn more
            and more. On average, they are very smart critters and are easy to train!

            xxxx Overall, mouse dragons are the perfect pet to sit on your shoulder, and
            trill happily in your ear while you cook or scratch it's chin! They love people
            and would love to come home with you!


            Mouse Dragons have PRESET edits- meaning that a lot of traits have premade lineart,
            HOWEVER, many are at least partly customizable! Please also note that this list is very much
            NOT final! I am open to suggestions for preset edits anytime!

            Mouse dragons must ALWAYS have:
              - Wings
              - Horns
              - Scales at least on face and front legs

              - Tiny bat/dragon wings OR Feathered wings
              - Small horns
              - Scales on face and front legs
              - Dragon tail with tuft on end
              - Mane on head that turns into a back crest
              - Otherwise no edits

              - Minor mane: Minor mane edit allows you to edit 1 and 1/2 parts
              of the natural hair on the body. (Head, back crest, and tail tuft).
                For example, you may fully edit the head fur, and half
                of the tail tuft, but no more.

              - Whiskers: may only be natural whiskers like a cat or dog would have

              - A few extra scales: these are a few extra scales found on the shoulders
              - Fangies! These are tiny fangs found in the mouth of the dragon. Watch
              out! Dragons with fangies tend to bite!
              - Major Mane: like minor mane, this allows you to edit the mane,
              crest and tail tuft, however, you can edit all of them completely.

              - Pupil edits: pupil edits are anything that is not the standard rounded
              pupil- however, if uncommon, the pupils may only be edited to look
              like other NATURALLY OCCURING pupils, such as slits or goat pupils.

              -Ear Edits: like pupil edits, ears should remain MAMMAL ears, such as a
              dog ear, deer ear, etc. The ear MUST look like the animal you chose.
              Dog ear should look like a dog ear, deer ear should look like a deer ear.

              - Feathering: Feathering effects the fluff on the fetlocks of the front and
              back legs. This trait is usually longer fetlock growth, though it cannot be
              longer than a certain amount.

              - Smooth Horns: This trait is also a semi custom trait! You may do any horns
              so long as they remain SMOOTH! So no antlers! Unicorn horn, so long as
              smooth, falls under this rarity trait.

              - More extra scales: like the common few extra, this is extra scales on the

              - Medium sized wings: whether feathered or dragon, medium sized wings is
              an uncommon trait. Likely still cannot fly with them.

              - Partial heterochromia: partial heterochromia is like full heterochromia,
              however only a section of the iris of one eye may have a different color.

              -Different scale shape: these uncommon scale shapes are natural scale shapes
              such as round scales, square, etc.

              - Complex Horns: Like smooth horns, this trait is semi customizable!
              This trait is for horns that are more antler like, or have more complex shapes.

              - EVEN MORE extra scales: This is the max amount of scales a dragon will
              have on it's body, but is a rare occurrence, save for a dragon with the
              legendary Guardian trait.

              -Large wings: another size feathered or dragon wings can be. These size wings
              allow for flight.

              - Pupil edits: these pupil edits are any unnatural shapes, such as stars or hearts.

              - Different scale shape: unnatural scale shapes such as stars, hearts, etc.

              - Full heterochromia: full heterochromia is rare, and is displayed by one iris
              of an eye being a completely different color from the other.
              Note: Legendary traits work a little different! They are sets of
              edits a dragon will have. Often times, these will not have any other edits
              as these sets aren't compatible with most other traits. There are some
              exceptions which are listed on the trait compatibility list.

              Second note: all the legendary sets are HUGE wips and will be worked on
              more overtime.

              -Fairy set: this set replaces a dragons usual natural wings with pixie
              wings, beautiful glowing scales, and a fancier mane, crest, and tuft, as well
              as light gem or flower growth on a few parts of the body! (flowers or gems
              is up to you)

              -Angel set: The angel set amplifies the size of the feathered wing variant,
              and gives a halo, and a second set of smaller wings.

              -Guardian set: the guardian set's main focus is scales! This dragon is heavily
              armored with scales, even more so then the rare trait of extra scales. It's
              wings are larger, and have spiked ends for defense, as well as sharp claws, fangs,
              and a pair of immensely sharp, longer horns.

    cheetahss @ Fri Jun 04, 2021 2:44 pm


    rules - trait compatibility list - nursery -
    - archive - artist search - fanclub - discord



            By partaking in Mouse Dragons, you agree to all rules and terms.
            These rules are subject to change.


            1. Above all else, respect is KEY in this community. We respect one another regardless of race,
            ethnicity, sexuality, gender, etc. Hate speech will not be tolerated.
            2. Mouse Dragons is a closed species- you may not make your own adopt unless you are on a guest
            trial or are on staff. However, MYO tickets are available.
            3. Mouse Dragons staff reserves the right to revoke any mouse dragons for any reason, especially
            in the case of a strike or ban.
            4. You may, currently, own a max of 15 mouse dragons, however, there are ways to earn more slots.
            5. Any content you create must be kept CS appropriate and follow all CS rules.
            6. Do not mini mod any mouse dragons threads if you are not mouse dragon staff.

            Buying and Selling:
            1. You may only resell a mouse dragon for what you originally bought it for. If you paid for additional
            art, you may add on that cost.
            2. Mouse dragons obtained for free may not be sold for currency of any kind.
            3. Mouse dragons that are sold may only be sold for: C$ or scales (a currency offered in place of RUs).
              This rule may change as we work on conversions for other things (Such as FR Gems).
            4. No unsolicited asking to buy a mouse dragon unless the user has explicitly stated that it is for sale/trade.

            Character usage:
            1. You may give your mouse dragon any sexuality, gender, etc you wish. You may also write,
            roleplay, draw, etc your mouse dragon as you wish.
            2. You may use your mouse dragon in any writing, rp, art etc.

            1. Edits may not be applied to a mouse dragon unless you have the proper item.
            2. You may give your mouse dragon any accessories, so long as they aren't mimicking traits.
            2. You may not use a lower rarity trait to mimic that of another trait.
            4. Mouse dragons may not be co-owned. This only causes issues.
            5. Premade edits that aren't customizable may not be edited.

            1. Mouse dragons can be any sexual orientation, and can breed with any gender.
            2. Mouse dragons can breed up to 5 times in their life, as most of the time they
            only yield one egg. (Though users may purchase twin potion in the nursery).
            3. Mouse dragons cannot be in/have incestuous relationships.
            4. Mouse dragons cannot be in relationships of pedophilic nature. This is a bannable offense.
            5. No unsolicited asking for a breeding with someone who hasn't posted they are looking for one.

            Staff rules are posted publicly for accountability.
            1. All staff should compose themselves in an approachable, transparent, and professional
            manner when conducting official staff duties, but are otherwise welcome to joke around and
            have fun when just participating in the community.
            2. Staff should be active in discussions and be able to be active overall. We ask that you
            let the admin board know if you need time off for any reason.

            Artist rules:
            1. Please be respectful and courteous to your fellow staff as well as community members.
            2. Competitions should last no longer than a month and a half, and judging should take no
            longer than one month. If you think you are going to have trouble, please ask another staff member
            to step in.
            3. Please try to make at least three adopts a month.
            4. Normal number adopts may be any rarity up to uncommon, however, please do not do more
            then three uncommon edits per adopt.
            5. Adopts must include what number they are in the title, and have a list of traits in the description.
            6. Off oekaki adopts will not be accepted. The only exception is for custom lined adopts should they
            not fit on the oekaki canvas.
            7. Artists may run any competition or sale that they wish.
            8. Artists may only make sale adopts once every two free. (2:1).
            9. At this time, the only currencies accepted for adopts are c$ or scales.
            10. Artists must require at least a name on the form for archiving purposes.

            Moderator Rules:
            1. Mods are required to check threads, pms, and various other species related threads regularly.
            2. Mods must be calm, respectful, and fair when responding. They must also respond in a timely fashion.
            3. Mods must ask permission from a board member to deal an official strike against someone.
            4. Mods are expected to answer community questions and cite rules when needed.
            5. Mods should contact a member of the admin board if they are unsure of a question's answer.
            6. Mods may not initiate official species bans- that is within the power of the owner and board members

            Archivist rules:
            1. Archivists should be able to update their section of the archives in a timely manner.
            2. Archivists are responsible for any archive updates, such as mouse dragons ownership transfers (trades,
            sales, and gifts).

    cheetahss @ Fri Jun 04, 2021 2:44 pm


    rules - trait compatibility list - nursery -
    - archive - artist search - fanclub - discord



    owner- lead admin/board

    board member

    board member












    cheetahss @ Fri Jun 04, 2021 2:45 pm


    rules - trait compatibility list - nursery -
    - archive - artist search - fanclub - discord



            This post will outline what is and isn't compatible for each trait.
            This post is subject to change just like the rarity list.

            Standard edits don't really have a "compatibility" thing - its just the most standardly
            seen mouse dragon. If it has edits outside of what is considered standard, then it is
            not a standard rarity dragon.
            - Dragon wings:
              Not compatible with feathered in any trait. The opposite is true for feathered.

            - Minor Mane:
              Compatible: any edits but non compatible
              Non compatible: Major Mane, fairy set
            - Whiskers:
              No non compatible traits at this time.
            - A few extra scales:
              Compatible: uncommon scale shape, rare scale shape, and any other edits
              Not compatible: scale edits that give a dragon more scales, guardian set
              No non compatible traits at this time.

            - Major mane:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible.
              Non compatible: Minor mane, fairy set
            - Pupil edits:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: rare pupil edit
            - Ear edits:
              No non compatible traits at this time.
            - Feathering:
              No non compatible traits at this time.
            - Smooth horns:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list.
              Non compatible: Rare complex horns
            - More extra scales:
              Compatible: uncommon scale shape, rare scale shape, and any other edits
              Not compatible: scale edits that give a dragon more scales, guardian set
            - Medium size wings:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: other wing sizes, angel set
            -Partial Heterochromia:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: rare full heterochromia
            -Different scale shape:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: rare scale shapes

            - Complex horns
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: uncommon smooth horns
            -Max amount of extra scales
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: other scale amount traits, guardian set
            -Large wings:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: other wing size traits, angel set
            - Pupil edits:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: uncommon pupil trait
            -Rare scale shape:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: uncommon scale shape
            - Full heterochromia:
              Compatible with anything but non compatible list
              Non compatible: partial heterochromia

            Legendary sets:
            -Fairy set
              Non compatible: wing size traits, major and minor mane, feathered and
              dragon wings, any scale traits (save for shape).
            -Angel set:
              Non compatible: fangs, dragon wings, fairy set, guardian set
            -Guardian set:
              Non compatible: scale edits (save for shape), dragon and feathered
              wing (has specialized wings), fangs

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