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Every time you adopt a horse or pony, you have a small chance to receive a very valuable zebra instead!

If you've found a zebra and would like to trade it, make sure you ask staff or knowledgeable members for advice so you can get a fair offer for it. You might be surprised by how much it is worth!
  • Entertainment Discussion
    Games, Movies, TV, YouTube, Books and Music - discuss it all here!
  • Animal Chatter
    Share your real pet photos and stories, tell us about your fav species, promote wildlife causes, or discuss animal welfare
  • General Discussion
    For topics which don't fit anywhere else! Discuss the weather, your mood, hobbies and interests. Remember, keep it child-friendly :)
  • Clubs and armies
    Join or create fan clubs about your favorite things!
  • International Board
    Discussion in other languages - Deutsch • Español • Français • Italiano • Nederlands • Polski • Русский • Svenska • 日本語 • 中文
  • Forum Games
    Just a little fun for when you have time to kill
  • Other Websites
    Discuss your favorite websites, or advertise your own website/forum here
Recent drawings from the Oekaki forums
by hi dqrling in 08:59
by Emoji66 in 02:49
by hi dqrling in 20:32
by Mimu in 42:11
  • CS Trades - Pets, items and C$
    Trade your CS pets, items or C$ with other members. A great way to collect any outcomes you've missed!
  • CS Auctions
    Put your most valuable pets, items or C$ up for auction and see how high the bidding will go!
Art Shops
  • Looking For Art
    Requests to buy art, code, or custom characters - using CS pets/items/C$ for payment.
  • Art Competitions
    Find a competition to enter your artwork in, or create an art competition for others!
  • Art Galleries & Discussion
    Share your creations or discuss artistic techniques with others - including drawings, sculptures, paintings, photos...
  • Animals/Creatures
    Drawings of real OR fantasy animals and creatures (excluding creatures which look more human than animal).
  • Anthro
    For art featuring anthropomorphic creatures as the main subject (animals with human-like characteristics /shape)
  • Human/Humanoid
    Drawings with a human or human-like character as the main subject.
  • Reference Sheets
    Create and share reference sheets of your original characters here!
  • Landscape/Scenery
    Drawings with the environment/setting being the main focus. This could be nature, city, or even fantasy settings.
  • Objects/Abstract/Other
    Drawings featuring objects as the main subject, or abstract concepts/creations which don't fit into any other category.
  • Editable Oekaki
    If you post your drawings here, other people can edit them and make their own versions!
  • Competitions
    For editable drawings posted as competitions with prizes
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