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Join the dressups challenge!


Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Collect new pets every month, watch them grow, dress them up and trade them with friends! Create artwork using our free online Oekaki app, and join clubs, roleplays, and discussions in the Forum!

Get started right away by clicking the "Adopt" button above!

Site news

11th April 21

Easter trade-ins are now closed! We hope everybody enjoyed the event!

8th April 21

🎊🎈🎉Today marks 13 years since Chicken Smoothie's creation!🥳🎂🎁

Click here to enjoy some of Chicken Smoothie's 13th birthday gifts!
Click here to show us your birthday dress-ups!

Today we're releasing a new feature, "signature scenes". We've created mini versions of our dressup scenes which are the perfect size to go into your forum signature. After posting your dressup scene to the forum, a new button appears labelled "set as my forum signature". When you click that, your scene will be used as your signature in forum posts and appear on your profile page.

Your pets in the scene will be clickable and will take people to see the pet's page. We're also going to add some clickable signpost accessories that you can use to direct people to your wishlist or trade page. These will be available soon! You can get more details or ask questions in our announcement topic here.

Click here to create a new dressup scene and try it out!

Thanks for celebrating with us! When we first started our website, we never would have guessed that Chicken Smoothie would make it to thirteen and become a "teenager"!

Our Easter Egg Hunt is now over, and you have three more days left to trade in your tokens. There is a countdown timer to the end of tradeins on the Easter Event Page. Don't leave it to the last minute! After the event ends your leftover tokens will just become regular items, you won't be able to trade them in in future events.

7th April 21

Today is the final day of token hunting! After today you'll have three more days to trade in your tokens. There will be a countdown timer to the end of tradeins added to the Easter page. Don't leave it to the last minute!


We've now added some Easter Hunter stamps for you to collect, you can get them from the Easter page!

4th April 21

Happy Easter!

We hope you've been enjoying the event so far! The fun isn't over yet, come back tomorrow for our final day of gifts and giveaways! After tomorrow we will also have two more days of token hunting (April 6th-April 7th). Once token hunting ends, you will have an additional three days to hand in the rest of your tokens before the trade-ins expire (April 8th, 9th and 10th in CS time).

1st April 21

April 2021

Things are looking a little upsidedown and backward today. Come celebrate This Special Day by adopting some new pets!

As always, don't forget to Adopt our regular monthly pets!


There are also new Store Pets available for purchase, made by Doglike!

Our Easter egg hunt is still going on, make sure to check back every day for brand new gifts and token trade-ins!

And finally, some new Dressup Challenges have started today! Don't forget to check them out and enter your amazing dress-ups!