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Site news

1st December 21

December 2021

Today's the first day of our Advent Calendar!
There will be new gifts from December 1st - December 25th. Each gift is only available for 24 hours. Be sure to check every day so you don't miss any! The final gift on December 25th will be available until the end of the month, so don't worry if you can't come online on Christmas Day.

Discuss the Advent Calendar in the Events Discussion board.

We've switched over to our Christmas theme to get into the holiday spirit but if you want to go back to our regular green theme, you can choose CSDullGreen as your board style on your My Account page.

We are all excited about the Advent Calendar, but don't forget to adopt our regular December pets too!


There are also new store pets available for purchase! Get the full set of 5 pets for C$70, save C$30!

Lastly, we have put up some new Dressup Challenges today! Don't forget to check them out and enter some dress ups!

28th November 21


Happy Hanukkah!

Check our Hanukkah Event Page for some gifts our staff have prepared for you! Our celebrations last through to December 6th, and we will release a few more gifts during these next eight days. Don't miss out!

15th November 21

Mid Month Update - November 2021

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-We celebrated Halloween which was a major success! Our discussion threads were very lively this year - thank you for participating!

What's coming up:

-We are busy planning our annual Advent Calendar and holiday events! Can’t wait to share all the amazing content we have so far!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

November 2021 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"king of the green enchanted forest" by skullkid


8th November 21

Our Halloween event is now over, we hope everybody had fun!

We've now returned to our regular green site theme, but if you're still feeling the Halloween spirit you can switch your "board style" back to CSHallow from your My Account settings.

5th November 21

Our Halloween banner hunt has now ended! You now have three days left to trade in your tokens (Nov. 5th, 6th and 7th). These tokens just become regular items once the trade-ins end, you won't be able to spend them on future events.

CS runs on a different time zone than most members so don’t leave the spending until the last minute and accidentally miss out!

The Halloween Page has a countdown on it to the end of token trade-ins so you can check how much time you have left.