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Site news

15th May 21

Mid Month Update - May 2021

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-Pet dress-ups have now been Optimized for Mobile!
-We celebrated Earth Day!
-We celebrated Eid - "Festival of Breaking the Fast"

What We Are Working On:

-We are continuing preparations for our Summer Event!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

May 2021 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"buy plants" by Apollo's Coffee


13th May 21

For the first time, we are celebrating Eid ("Festival of Breaking the Fast") !


Come grab these pet and item Giveaways made by Yağmur! These are available until the end of the month.

1st May 21

May 2021


Hooray, it's May!

We have a new batch of limited-release store wigs from Yugi! Click Here to browse the latest additions and make sure to get them before they expire! They fit Dogs (with multiple ear types!), Cats, Rats, and Fennec Foxes! These will be up for two months.


As always, we have new Monthly Adopts and Dress-Up Competitions, don't forget to check them out!

22nd April 21

Happy Earth Day!


We have a special gift to celebrate. Check it out at our Special Event page!

This gift will be up until the end of April!

15th April 21

Mid Month Update - April 2021

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-Our Item Archive now shows which months have been completed
-Our Servers were updated
-We implemented Mini Dress Up Scenes that you can set as your signature (now with links as well!)
-We've added a new "high contrast" mode you can turn on for viewing forum posts, read more about it here
-Also, we have some Recent Staff Changes including our new GH and RP Mod hires!
-And finally, we celebrated our annual Easter and CS Birthday events

What We Are Working On:

-We are starting to prep for our Summer event! :0

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

April 2021 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"blini. 🥞" by dwarjam