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Site news

14th September 23

Mid Month Update - September 2023

Site Updates:

-Our rarity update/overhaul is now officially live, for more info check out our announcement thread! You can head over to your Pet Display Settings (at the bottom of any of your pet groups) to see all of the new rarity bars.
-We released new items to the store permanently, check out the new country flags.
-Our annual staff litter was released, who is enjoying the staff dogs so far this year?

What's coming up:

-Halloween prep is underway!
-Additional security features are scheduled to be completed, and will be announced Oct 1st

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

September 2023 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"Ghost Children" by SnapDragonJoy


13th September 23

We have added 64 new country flags to our store (made by our Artist Koikee) !


Additionally we have changed what was previously the "Prussia" flag to a "CS" flag based on user feedback!

3rd September 23

    Our rarity update poll has ended and will be introducing 11 rarity levels in approximately two weeks!

    What you need to know:

    1) Please be aware that pets are gaining a finer rarity distribution, as a result your pets may seem to move up or down in rarity

    2) Based on user feedback, we have designed multiple versions of rarity bars that users will be able to pick between in settings

1st September 23

September 2023


We have new limited store items from Codex! Come grab this Magical Hunter Set! It will be available for two months!

We also have the Sapphire Birthstone Set made by Yağmur available for September!

September is our Annual Staff Litter! Participating staff this year the following:

Aaron✦, AquilaFuga, Burrito Bunny, castiian, Codex, Concept, Desmond, Doglike, dogtreat, Emberwolf, Fawnie, FleshCanvas, hellevi, June Bug, Kazin, Koikee, Lacuna, MissionFlight, Nadine, Raire, reynard, Saikiyo, Schuyler, Seasonal, Shy, Solloby, Spaceinmyhead, Vampiric, ~Trompy, winx, Wobbuffet, xem, Yağmur and Zeena


As always, there are new pets to Adopt for September!

And last but not least, don't forget to check out this month's Dressup Challenges!!

15th August 23

Mid Month Update - August 2023

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-Speaking of rarities, we need your help revising our rarity system! Please vote on the poll, discuss, and share your thoughts HERE. Our options are:

1) Keep our current rarity categories, but spread the pets out to make better use of the labels
2) Add one new rarity category,Β "very uncommon", and spread pets out to take advantage of that
3) Add four new rarity categories, which will allow even finer distinctions between the rarity of pets

-We hope you enjoyed our camping/cryptids summer event! We loved asking for user input on the theme this year, and we hope it lived up to your expectations! We apologize for the last minute stamps, since they were only up for a day we've now credited all those who adopted from the event with the stamps
-We’ve now added past summer event games to the Archive page! If you’re ever bored and need to pass time or want to feel nostalgic about past events, you can visit this page to play these past games!

What's coming up:

-Our staff litter is coming next month! Any guesses on what colors we went with this year?
-We are also starting to prepare for Halloween!
-We are still working on tightening up some security features. Unfortunately, we are unable to add two factor authentication - read why here.

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

August 2023 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"Fishing" by Woof17