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Join Avian and Totoro on their Summer Adventure!

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17th July 21

It's time to join Avian & Totoro on their Summer Vacation
Welcome to our 2021 Summer Vacation Event! Pack your spelunking gear, this year we are going on a cave exploration vacation! After hearing about our various adventures, a group of scientists have recruited us to put our unique problem solving abilities to work on finding a mysterious “chamber of crystals” that legends have foretold.

Click here to visit the cave!
Click on different areas of the map to help conduct research on the cave!
Remember to come back every day to discover new free gifts, deals, and new locations!

There is so much to learn! As you explore the cave, make sure to collect samples for our research.
To collect these items look for a prize banner that will sometimes appear at the bottom of the page. It doesn't appear on every page, you will need to keep browsing around the site until you find one!


Click here to ask questions and discuss the event with other players in the Events board
Click here to enter the Dress-ups Challenge

So what are you waiting for? Let's go check it out!

16th July 21


15th July 21

Mid Month Update - July 2021

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-Smartphone support has been added for the ChickenPaint Oekaki tool

What's coming up:

-Our Summer Event starts this weekend! I wonder where we'll be visiting this time?

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

July 2021 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"Flamingo!" by Moonstqne


1st July 21

July 2021


New limited store items just dropped! These houseplant items are made by Doglike! Click Here to browse the latest additions and make sure to get them before they expire! We've included a new option to purchase them all as a set for a discounted price! They will be available for two months.


Additionally, we have new Monthly Adopts and Dress-Up Competitions, don't forget to check them out!

15th June 21

Mid Month Update - June 2021

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-We celebrated pride month by releasing a Free Item Pack!
-Don't forget to adopt the outcome which was accidentally left out of our 2nd Gen litter!

What We Are Working On:

-Smartphone support for the ChickenPaint Oekaki tool is coming soon
-Our annual staff litter's color scheme has been selected and is underway! Stay tuned for September when this special litter will be released!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

June 2021 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"Unnamed" by Yetaet