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Site news

15th November 22

Mid Month Update - November 2022

Site Updates:

-Rarities are now updated, check out the rats from October for a shock!
-Our writing contest is now officially LIVE - we would love for you to participate!
-We celebrated Halloween and Guy Fawkes day!

What's coming up:

- Please vote on our New Year Poll!
- We are preparing for the Advent Calendar

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

November 2022 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"Arcade Of Wonder" by Gravy


6th November 22

Halloween trade-ins have now closed, we hope everybody enjoyed Halloween this year!

We've now returned to our regular "CSDullGreen" site theme, but if you're still feeling in the trick-or-treating mood, you can switch back to CSHallow from your My Account page.

5th November 22

Come celebrate Guy Fawkes Night with us!!

This giveaway will last till November 10th!

3rd November 22


Our Halloween candy hunt is now over! You now have three days to trade-in your event tokens.

Because timezones differ, please check the countdown timer to the end of trade-ins on the Halloween page

Don't forget to grab your free Halloween Hunter stamp pack! It's on the Halloween page at the start of the Free Gifts section.

1st November 22

November 2022

We have new limited store Jackets that fit dogs, cats and horses from Codex! Come grab them here! They will be available for two months!

We also have the Topaz Birthstone Set made by Yağmur available for November!

As always, there are new pets to adopt for November!

And last but not least, don't forget to check out our Dressup Challenges for this month!