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Halloween Event

Site news

23rd October 21

The Halloween Candy Hunt has begun!

This is an annual tradition on Chicken Smoothie. We will have lots of free gifts and special prizes for you to collect! If this is your first time, we recommend you head to the Event Board board so you can get advice from seasoned players :)

To maintain our usual event length and allow two weekends of token hunting we will continue to release new token and free pets/items for two extra days (through November 2nd).

Click here to go to the event page for free gifts and more information!

How do I hunt for Candy?
Check the bottom of every page as you browse around the site and forum. If you're very lucky you might find a prize banner! You might have to check quite a few pages before a banner appears, but don't give up! When you spot a prize banner, click it to collect your treat. You can bring your candy prizes to Totoro on the event page, and swap them for a reward.

Totoro is adding new rewards and new freebies to the Event page every day, so check back daily and see what's on offer!

Click here to enter your pets in our Halloween Dress-ups Challenge!

22nd October 21


15th October 21

Mid Month Update - October 2021

Site Updates:

-Rarities have now been updated!
-We celebrated Red Panda Day!
-We released a new (very fluffly) batch of store pets!
-We've switched to our spooky Halloween site theme! If you like, you can switch back to our regular "CSDullGreen" theme from your My Account settings.

What's coming up:

-Halloween is set to start soon! Who's ready for some Trick-Or-Treating?!
-Expect some new/fresh "Question Time" threads in the near future! We want to hear from/discuss with community more :]

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

October 2021 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:
"Pumpkins!" by connoreatspants


1st October 21

October 2021!

It's the start of a brand new month so you know what that means, time to drop everything you’re doing and go grab our brand new Monthly Adopts! You don't want to miss out on the litters from this month!

We have a brand new set of fluffy alien-inspired store pets as well courtesy of Schnuffel Bunny Available for Purchase! !

We're excited for our Halloween event later this month, so we've already switched to our spooky Halloween site theme! If you like, you can switch back to our regular "CSDullGreen" theme from your My Account settings.

Finally, we have some new Dress-Up Competitions for everyone to enter!

18th September 21

Image Image

Red Panda Day 2021
September 18th is the international day of the Red Panda! Help us celebrate by adopting red panda pets and items from our Special Event page.