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Chicken Smoothie would not be possible without the huge support offered by our team, thanks everyone!

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I started up this website in early 2008 with just a little HTML knowledge and digital drawing skills to get things started. Nick (my brother) soon joined the site and his coding skills gave us the trading and adoption system, along with many other upgrades. A lot of the pets we use today are still based on my original lineart drawings from '08 and '09, but we have added more variety with our ever-growing artist team :) I employ many people nowadays to help put out the monthly pet designs, but I'm still around to control the site direction and keep things running smoothly.
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I'm the software developer, database architect, and server administrator behind Chicken Smoothie. I'm the one who builds the stuff that powers our website and the forum. I answer our support email address and handle payments and site privacy. I also maintain our cheating detection system to keep the game fair for everybody. Occasionally I draw some pets too :).
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I started out as a Global Moderator back when the site was still in its infancy, worked my way up to be an Admin Assistant until I lastly joined Tess and Nick in their ranks. I am mostly in charge of solving trade disputes but I still fulfill tasks assigned to my former titles. I also maintain the Pound, help a little around behind the scenes and occasionally you will find some pets designed by me.
Admin assistants
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I live in the Midwestern part of the US and am currently getting prepared to move into my semi-new house with my brother to go to college. I have 4 pets; A black lab retriever mix named Ashlyn, a long haired cat named Maestro, a Leopard Gecko named Ryu, and a blue betta fish named Pepsi. I love buffalo wings and drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee with cream. And lastly, I love wiggly weasels! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ☆
Hallo there. I'm Draca, a Belgian woman in my twenties with a weird sense of humour and a love for macabre things. I love drawing, writing, developing characters, world building, and of course CS. I started out as an Oekaki Moderator before getting promoted to Global Moderator and now I'm here. The Oekaki boards remain my favourite, though. I really love OCs (both mine and other people's), and I have a knack for talking about characters for hours on end. Please don't get me started if you're not prepared for that. When I'm not trying to break people's hearts with sad stories and art, I'm probably gaming.
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I'm a young woman living in Southern Canada, currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Museum Studies. I live with my wonderful boyfriend and an assortment of hamsters. We breed Syrians, so feel free to message me about hamsters or their care. I love animals and ride English hunter/jumper as well as have a scholarship to sing in two choirs. I am an avid reader when I'm not in school, and have run my own business. I'm interested in education and how to engage people with art and history. I'm always willing to help out, and I love to draw and write. I love working with rarities and trading as well!
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For years my life was pointe shoes and pirouettes, but now I just live on top of a mountain and never come down. I miss lightning bugs when the stars come out and use stolen moments to write my own fantasy. My wife and I have two adorable feline companions: Josie the tabby and Luna the Scottish fold. I'm an introvert who can have a hard time approaching people first but my PMs are always open, whether it be business or social!
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Hello from South Africa! I'm Verdana. I've been around CS since 2009, and it's my job to make sure CS stays fair, and fun (but mostly I help you guys get back into your accounts). I am an archaeologist in training, and when I am not in the field, I run an escape room. I am a passionate horse-rider, debater and I love to teach. I have two dogs, a very naughty cat, and I am raising a foal. Feel free to drop me a PM any time you need a hand!
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I am a college girl in her early twenties, proudly studying History and English in University. I also have a minor in American Studies, and most of my research particularly hits on Native American issues and Renaissance Literature. I hope to translate all of this into being an attorney. I am an avid equestrian, and a huge dog-lover. I have a corgi at home, as well as an Australian cattle dog/hound mix. I do a lot of reading and writing in my spare time, and I currently work as a bookseller in a bookstore. I also serve as a captain of my universities Mock Trial Team, and I have brought home multiple awards within Model UN, so I am very much so an unashamed nerd. As well, I am a very proud ginger! I am always up for a chat, so feel free to reach out to me if you need anything or are just looking for conversation!
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I'm an American audio producer who tends to an inherited love of the arts. I am gender-fluid and partially colorblind, and addicted to classic rock, collecting actual rocks, cars, Supernatural, video games, and learning (especially about animals). c:
I have an open-door policy, which means you're free to contact me and chat, but please refrain from typing in blue!
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Hiya I'm Dia, your friendly neighborhood celiac. I'm a young woman from Colorado pursuing my life-long dream of becoming a mad scientist. I'm absolutely obsessed with hedgehogs, especially my own little Thea. My other interests include playing the flute, drawing, designing, genetics and biology, and horses.

I'm just a nice little squish who is afraid of wheat, so please don't be afraid to approach me! I'm always willing to chat and offer my support.
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Greetings friends, I hail from Australia and am fortunate enough to reside on the traditional land of the Kaurna people. Kaurna miyurna, Kaurna yarta, ngadlu tampinthi. I'm a second generation Polish (Cześć, jak się masz?) individual who is owned by three Miniature Pinscher boys; Remy, Jacques and Étienne. I like long walks on the beach or in the forest, travelling, reading fantasy novels, table top gaming and kitchen experimentation. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Halloween. Would you like to know more? Please contact me at your earliest convenience! On a more serious note, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns - my inbox is always open.
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Despite all my efforts to grow up into a cat, I am instead an introverted fantast with a terrible addiction to sweets and bad movies...so I wear a lot of cat ears to try and make up for it ;3 I'm currently residing in Australia and studying interactive media. My door - well, inbox - is always open if you want to talk!
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I'm a young woman living somewhere on the east coast of the USA. I have a bachelor's degree in music performance, and am currently working on my masters in the same field. I love to play oboe and piano, read, write, spend time with my significant other, and care for all animals. I have a passion for animal rescue and currently work as an adoption counselor at my local humane society, and volunteer with my therapy rabbits whenever I can. My current pets include three rabbits, a cat, a corn snake, hermit crabs, and a varying assortment of fish, although one day I hope to have many more.

My dream is to (one day) be a stable functioning adult continuing my work in music and animal rescue!
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Just a female from chilly, chilly Scotland, though we aren't actually as cold as we are often portrayed to be. I am currently studying Zoology at University in my first year. I intend to go into field work when I have completed my degree as I enjoy working closely with animals and studying them in the wild. I enjoy reading, Netflix and far too many television shows. Here on CS you may have seen me hanging around the role-playing boards, usually the Semi-lit/Lit human role-playing board, or on various other parts of the site when I hop about. I am a first time moderator of the role-playing boards and I intend to do my best at it. I am here to help you guys so if you have any questions, I am here.
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Proud mama of 1.5 kids and a nerd bird named Sylvester.
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Ahoy, Nadine here! I'm a young college gal seeking a degree in the arts. Since I was young, I've always had a fascination with so many things, dabbling in everything I could. These days I'm commonly found hopelessly lost in my writing or art, reading a good book, or studying Japanese in my free time. I promise I don't bite, if you have any questions or need anything at all, my door is always open.
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Hai thar. I fancy myself an intrepid explorer, but rest assured I am just another broke British student. Whilst I'd love to have a time-travelling device -or even just a ship to sail the seven seas on- most of my adventures are of the literary sort, and when I'm not lost in a world of pure imagination, I'm rolling in mud on a rugby pitch. Oh, and I'm studying for a BA in Geography.
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Hey there! I am a young woman living in the South-Eastern United States, with way too many interests and way too little time. Working towards a degree in Biology with a Music Performance minor, I am currently under the impression that I want to become a veterinarian. Teeny, fluffy animals (like my Holland Lop, Oreo) melt my heart, but I do love our dorm room betta, Levi, and have always wanted a tortoise or snake, so just mark me down for all the animals. I play cello in and out of school and try to make time for the important things, like writing, reading, crochet, and my plethora of fandoms. Every now and again I do get out of the dorm and can be found hanging in my camp hammock and fighting off mosquitoes after a nice day's hike. Ah... and I love to chat, so feel free to hit me up any time! c:
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Hey there! As you can guess from my avatar, I'm an avid bunny lover and plan to once again own some little fluffbutts again as soon as possible. My other interests are reading a lot, trying to do some beginners pixel art or mini-hoarding many awesome CS pets. (I might have a tiny problem when it comes to hoards. But just a tiny one!) Of course you can find me in many discussion threads as I like to communicate with others! ^w^
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Hello! I'm Schuyler, a woman from New Jersey. Outside of CS, I love to pass the time by listening to any and all kinds of music, watching TV, reading and writing, taking long walks, and cuddling with my cats and dog. I am shamelessly obsessed with Doctor Who, Supernatural, Sherlock, and My Little Pony, and my other passions include language, animals, history, and just learning stuff in general. I'm an amateur conlanger and am currently looking into possibly making a career out of it.

I am always here if you ever need help with anything on CS or in general. I'm a very friendly and open-minded person, so there is absolutely no reason to be shy. :) Or if you just want someone to chat with about whatever you like, we can certainly do that, too! I know English, Deutsch/German, and basic русский/Russian.
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I'm a CS veteran who has been around since mid-2008, and I consider this place my Internet home. I'm an introverted college student majoring in biology, and I'd love to work with animals or study animal genetics and behavior. In my free time I enjoy watching anime, playing League of Legends, taking pictures, cosplaying, spending time with my friends and family (and pets), and going on outdoor adventures. On CS, I typically hang around Chicken Smoothie Discussion to talk about the monthly outcomes, and I'd love to have a complete collection someday!
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I'm a male college student who enjoys light roasted coffee, doodling in the margins of my notebooks, and studying the sciences and art. I reside on the eastern coast of the United States and grew up just a short drive from white sand and crystal waters. You may have seen me as a General Helper in the past but I am now a part of the Mod team. When I log on to Chicken Smoothie you will most likely spot me hoarding squids, discussing the monthly outcomes, admiring amazing artists on the Oekaki boards, and doing my best to better the community! I am very friendly, so please don’t hesitate to message me c:
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I've been a CS user since 2010 and joined the team in 2015. CS is always my go-to place on the web because the people here are amazing, the art is wonderful, and the discussions are always worth participating in! This little community has been a milestone in my progress as an artist – without it I may have never discovered digital art, which I am now pursuing study in. Outside of CS, I am a studious, book-and-computer-loving nerd who is surprisingly semi-athletic (?) with a huge love for metaphysical concepts, literary devices, anthropomorphism, and color schemes that incorporate every hue. I write novels that encompass my whole life and I think animation is more than cartoons in the way graphic novels are more than comics – communicating through moving pictures has always fascinated me.
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Hi there! I'm soli, a Finnish-Swede dude currently residing in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, most likely rambling about superheroes or feeding my awfully noisy cat as you're reading this. I have a grave passion for writing thus my title as a RP Mod, and I'm studying all things concerning technology with coding as my main priority. Got any problems with your computer or just wanna chat about something totally radical? You can always shoot me a PM, and I'll try my best to help you out!
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I am a mother to two of the best little girls, es.tea and pea.ell (CS usernames), and pregnant with another little girl! I share a loving home in Ohio with my best friend, my soulmate, everything I've ever wanted or looked for in a partner, Josh ♡. I am the fur-mommy to a brat of a cat...Momma, who is the most spoiled and beloved kibber cat on the planet! I have an obsession with zombies and zombie apocalypse theories/survival strategies. Kawaii from the womb to the tomb. Small birb, full of anxiety, use tiny voices. I love drawing, animals, and a multitude of other things that if I wrote them all down you'd need a longer blurb. Please do not be fearful about PMing me! I will gladly help you (if I can) or find you the help that you need. ♡
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Heya! I'm your average teenage girl currently attending university in the eastern part of the USA, with hopes to become a programmer for games when I get out. In my free time, I like to draw animals as I find it relaxing to do. I also try to draw frequently as I strive to improve and build upon or acquire new skills. You will probably find me lurking in the Oekaki boards or playing video games!
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Hey there! I'm an American writer and hobbyist of various things. You might see me floating around the art forums and all over CS. I love all kinds of art mediums, video games, music, movies and theater, traveling, and hanging out with friends! I love having more friends to talk to, so if you want to chat or have any questions, just PM me!
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Let's see... I guess I'm just some brazilian girl with an irrational love for biology, Sonic, dragons and a certain demonic cat called Billy... who is most likely either climbing my curtains or chewing my plushies as you read this. My interests involve stuff like cinema, cartoons, DC Comics, greek mythology, fanfiction and books. Writing is also a great passion of my life, so much I've been working on a book series project of mine for the past eight years. Getting it done and published one day is a huge dream of mine! Now, regarding my art, another of my massive passions, I'm a self taught artist who has been drawing since... forever! I specially love to plan up realistic species and headworld concepts. To me there's no better feeling than that of bringing your fantasy creations to life through lots of realism-based planning, writing and designing. The same for characters, since dealing with their personality and backstories through psychology is absolutely fascinating.

But oh well, I'd better stop before I babble about this all day XD. You're always free to toss me a PM, though. I love to chat and I swear my stupidity is not contagious.
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I'm a young woman, born in Colombia, but have lived in Denmark my entire life. I'm currently applying for the university to study German, while I wait for a pupil spot as a dog groomer. I got an Akita Inu dog named Silver, who I call my fuzzy bear <3 My hobbies are to draw and to cosplay. I go to conventions often, and uses a lot on time on planning my next cosplay. I'm obsessed with a Danish soda called "Squash", and loves to eat corn from a can too~ Feel free to drop me a PM if you got any question :>
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I am a Canadian college student. I’m currently studying animation (3D) and hope to work for DreamWorks someday. I’m a writer and I love art, sometimes I will mix the two and make comics, I hope to have one of them published one day. When I’m not drawing, writing or at school, I’m hiding away on CS or playing with one of my two cats. I love all things fantasy, nerdy and I love watching cartoons.
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I like to draw stuff!
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I'm an artist with many interests, happy to help when and where I can! If you want to know something in particular about me, don't hesitate to ask. ^ ^
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Greetings! Do sit down and join me for a spot of tea while I regale about myself. I'm a british lady, born and bred. I've been working on CS since 2008 and was originally a site moderator. I changed to an artist sometime around 2010 because I was making a loooot of items for the site. My work on site now mainly consists of creating various items for pet dressup, I do so love to see fashionable dressups! I mostly lurk around the forums and clean up a little here and there, I also do not mind a casual chat, so feel free to pop over for a chat but bring some cake, alright?
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The Ğ in my username is silent. I bet you've been pronouncing my name wrong this whole time.
Other team members
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JayfrostFanart archivist
Hello! I live in the UK with my ferret and four very noisy dogs. I can usually be found having arguments with art programs, playing video games, or listening to podcast episodes on repeat.
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I'm the site archivist, and occasional artist. My hobbies include art, character collecting and video gaming. I'm a big fan of Transformers and Zoids among other things.
General helpers
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Hello! I'm a young British cat lover who, with a bit of luck, will be starting a degree in Theology and Religion this autumn. On CS I lurk in most forums, particularly the introductions and CS discussion. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or just fancy a chat; I'm always happy to make new friends!
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Hey there, I'm a Dutch college girl living with my boyfriend & our two cats in a small town on the western side of the United States. I am currently working towards a degree in veterinary medicine, and I absolutely love animals of all sorts! I've been on CS since 2011, and am very experienced with rarities and pet values, so if you ever need help feel free to shoot me a PM - my inbox is always open!
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Hey, I'm an agender adult who is a full-time student and has a part-time job. I live in the US and I'm currently studying to become a computer tech, specifically helping users fix computer issues. I enjoy reading, drawing (and a particular passion for pixel art), and animated movies and TV shows. I spend most of my time on CS in my own small corner and especially enjoy answering help tickets. I'm very easygoing and my inbox is always open to anyone seeking help.
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Yo! I'm Irisid, a teenage dude living in the south of England! Right now I'm aiming for a media diploma with hopes of being a post-production video editor. On CS you'll probably spot me hanging out in the help, clubs and coding sections, or making new signatures. When I'm not poking around or studying, I'm probably editing graphics or videos, playing with my budgie Basil, or hanging out (usually playing video games or wreaking havoc in town) with my friends.
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I'm a laid back guy who spends a lot of his time either playing cello or chatting and helping out here on CS. I'm from the midwest US and work as a middle school teacher in a big city not too far from my small hometown. I've got two awesome dogs back at my parents' place and two crazy cats at home with my fiancé. My favorite pet on CS is the marionette dog - hence my avatar - and I'm always on the hunt for more to add to my hoard. I'm generally a pretty laid back person and I absolutely love meeting new people - random PMs make my day!
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I've been obsessed with ChickenSmoothie since 2009, and goodness has it paid off! I'm a female teenager living near the beaches of the US with my two rats, masquerade masks, and a passion to be a veterinarian. Besides CS, I love to read, write, draw, and spend lots of time outside in nature parks or old museums. You can usually find me on the Introductions Board or the Adoptable Oekaki, and occasionally a few roleplay threads. I'm fairly knowledgeable when it comes to most parts of CS, so don't be afraid to send a message or ask for help!
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Hello everyone! I'm a female university student who is currently a Resident Advisor with the passion to go into either Physical or Occupational Therapy. I reside in the Western portion of the United States and tend to travel to various places outside of the United States. Outside of CS, I love to read, draw, do photography, hike, spend time with friends, and watching mystery/crime shows. You can often find me on my mobile logging into CS between classes. I can be found on various threads around CS, but mainly in the Help and General Chickensmoothie sections. I'm fairly knowledgeable with most of CS, so feel free to send a message or ask for help! I have an "open door" policy ^.^
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I'm a young adult living in the midwest of the United States. I'm currently attending college to get a degree in economics. I absolutely love reading and can never have enough books. Other interests of mine include writing, and acting. I love shows like Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Supernatural. I have a fabulous border collie named Kandihar. Don't be scared to drop me a PM for anything; I'm a lighthearted person and I promise I don't bite. :3
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Välkommen! I have been a member of ChickenSmoothie since Oct 2008! I am a freelance artist in the United States though I will be making a move to Sweden in the near future! You can find me on a variety of other petsites as well, so dont be afraid to PM me!
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I am a female pursuing a Criminal Justice degree, hoping to become a prosecuting attorney! I live in the midwestern US where the weather is anything but predictable. I love the Indiana Hoosiers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, and crime shows are my favorite genre! When I'm not watching Bones or writing about my original characters, I'm playing with my chiweenie pup Bosworth or browsing the CS forums. I'd like to think that I'm pretty approachable! I mainly focus on running the GHAA and welcoming newbies to the forums, but I'm happy to answer your questions or become your friend! Don't be afraid to send a message my way!
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Hi! I'm a student from Germany aiming for a B.Ed in English and Geography. I'm very excitable about fiction, and spend much of my free time writing stories about quarrelsome magicians and talking pigeons. When I'm not doing that, you might just find me playing video games.

Here on CS you'll naturally find me on the Help forum, Introductions and CS Chat, but I also like to hang out on the Adults Discussion and International boards. Who knows, perhaps we'll see each other around!~
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Arouria was a General Helper from 2012 to 2015
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Lawliet was an artist with us until 2010. She worked with Tess to develop our lion, deer and fennec fox linearts
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Mausoleum was our archivist in 2009
Minimanta was a General Helper from 2011 to 2012
Moonflight was with us from 2008 to 2012. Her main role was archivist, but also filled various other positions including making pets and items
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Rosalind was a General Helper from 2012 to 2014
SaltyToothpaste worked with Tess to develop our new growable cat lineart, and created background artwork for special events
Satamoru was a global moderator from 2011 to 2014
Selcouth was an artist from 2008 to 2012
Serena was a founding member of the original "Newbie Helper" team in 2010, and continued as a General Helper until 2015
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Shima.Luan was an artist in 2009 and 2010
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winter & fireflii was a General Helper from 2011 to 2013
Wrath & Sacred was a moderator for our International Forum
Yulynh was an artist from 2010 to 2014 and created our horse, pony, donkey, unicorn and zebra linearts
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