Site update news

5th May 09

Frequent 'General Error' pages and lots of lag (slow loading times) present on Chicken Smoothie:
These problems are due to an overloaded server (there are just too many of you guys now) We need to upgrade to a faster server but we can't afford it just yet.
We are looking for a solution to the problem and expect to upgrade in around a months time.

Please have patience in the meantime, and you don't need to report the general errors to staff. We're all experiencing them, and there's nothing we can do about it while on this server. Try setting up trades and adopting pets when there are fewer people online - so don't expect to get a lot done at peak times (this is generally during the afternoons & evenings in the US)

Thanks for the patience through this frustrating time ;) <3 Tess

26th April 09

You now have more control over who can and can't send you trade offers. Check out the new feature here:

20th April 09

We've now switched back to our old, slow server. In future, we hope to be able to afford to run the faster server all of the time.

19th April 09

The Easter Egg Hunt is over! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Easter at Chicken Smoothie. I hope you enjoy your bunnies and Easter eggs.. :).

13th April 09

There's an Easter egg hunt on in the forums, look around some pages and check the very bottom of the page. If you find an egg, you'll see a big banner there which says "Click to claim your prize!"

12th April 09

We've added some Easter bunnies to the Chicken Smoothie birthday celebrations, click the birthday icon on the left navigation to adopt yours!

10th April 09

Help us celebrate Easter and Chicken Smoothie's first birthday! There's heaps of new pets and items available, click the "First birthday" image at the top of the navigation on the left.

9th April 09

Welcome to the new server! Over Easter we will be trying out a faster server, so you should see less delays as you browse around the site. Enjoy.