Chicken Smoothie Help: Pets and adopting

Help! The code for my pet isn't working!

Please email us with a link to the page the code won't work on. There are some forums which have certain codes blocked, but there are usually ways to get around this.

Will you please make rabbits/ferrets/tigers...?

Please don't bother requesting new species unless I've specifically asked for ideas. I have my own ideas and plans for the site and I'll make new species if and when I feel it is necessary to add something different.

I think it is worth mentioning that I don't have the skills to draw every species in the animal kingdom, so it's better not to get your hopes up that we'll ever have, for example, adoptable hermit crabs. ;)

How do I breed my pets?

Chicken Smoothie pets cannot breed. We sometimes draw "2nd-gen" pets which are the children of pets we've released. Our artists pick the pairs to breed themselves, so please don't send us your suggestions :).

How do I feed my pets?

Chicken Smoothie pets don't need to be fed.

How long will my pet take to grow up?

Different species take different amounts of time to grow, but you should see your pet grow up to a puppy in about 12 days and into an adult in about 25 days.

Is my pet a male or a female?

CS pets don't have gender. You get to decide! :)

Will my pet die?

No! Your pets will live forever!

What is this text PPS on my pet?

This means that your pet has been born with a special syndrome called "Peter Pan Syndrome". Your pet will never grow up past the puppy stage, so you get to play with it as a puppy forever! Yay! :)

Can I make my own pets?

No, only our artist team can make pets for Chicken Smoothie. You can't add your own pets to our website. We have a special topic in the forums for suggesting new pet design ideas, please suggest them there because we'll never be able to keep track of them all otherwise!

We're not currently looking for more artists to join our team. When we need some more artists, we'll post a call for applications to the forums so that everybody gets the chance to apply. Please don't send us emails asking to be an artist.

Where do all the fancy pets I see in people's signatures come from?

We release new pets every month, and stop offering the older pets for adoption. So the people who have been here a long time have lots of pets that aren't available any more. But don't worry, if you adopt a rare new pet you can probably trade with other people to get the older pets in our trading forum!