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my poems

Postby winterglaze » Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:53 am

here i'll be sharing my poetry.
Secret Rainbows- an LGBTQ+ poem
There are so many secret rainbows
We walk by you in grey
I know we live with our secrets
And trust me we live in secretive shame
We question if we can show ourselves
But society makes us think otherwise
I’ve been told i’m not living
However is walking around with our titles worth the outrage and hate?

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Re: my poems

Postby winterglaze » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:16 pm

more stuff
Poem about hate
How does it start
Will hate commence
Reflection of indifference
Emotive passion of future tense
A will to hurt devoid of sense
To one who cared
Who tried to please
Rejection came with so much ease
Effects are long to dissipate
Effects defined - defined as hate
For one who hates
Cannot relent
They care too much, with great intent
Their caring fell on stony ground
An insult they cannot relate
Searing passion known as hate

Normal isn't normal.
According to my daily journal.
For each unique day is abnormal.
For being anomalously usual.
Boring isn't boring.
It will get you thinking, To get you to do something exciting, and exciting is nowhere near boring.
Normal is boring.
For each usual day got me nothing.

Forever Falling
Falling from darkness,To a place I don't know,Everything's moving with no place to go.
I feel so alone and scared.
As I fall, I wonder, "Is anyone there?"
As the days and nights pass right by,I count the nights I just lay and cry.
Falling from faith, falling from love,Please, is there anyone up above?
Never did I want to feel like this,When the answer lies with the slit of the wrist.
My mind is racing to find another solution
Before it's too late and I'm just an illusion.
No one knows how I really feel.
I just want him to hold me and help me heal.
As I fall, I feel the rain
I begin to think that maybe he isn't the key to ease my pain.

What is it about the human mind
That refuses to be still
Just when you are on cloud nine
Thoughts begin to real.
All it takes is a simple word
A doubt or maybe a fear
To knock you right back down to Earth
And fill your eyes with tears.
When hope sparks high in the brightest flame
While birds sing in the sky
Here comes that single drop of rain
That leaves you asking why.
The mind feeds on its own processes
Never turns off, never shuts down
Feeding until you become obsessive
And insecurity starts to hound.
You try to turn off crazy thoughts
That will not leave you alone
But paranoia strikes again
To knock you off your throne.
You know you're reading way too much
Into the smallest things
Yet still the brain just keeps on feeding, feeding, feeding.
By then you are on the hunt and you're looking between the lines
Searching for things not really there that the brain will surely find.
Of all the roads you travel down
The lessons learned and such
It's all stored up inside the brain
The brain just will not trust.

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