[UFA] HUGE Scenery item package! easy autos!

Put your most valuable pets, items or C$ up for auction and see how high the bidding will go!

Would you bid on any of these item packages in the future?

Halloween (items date back to '11)
Summer Vacation package (items date back to '11)
Easter (items date back to '11)
Some other package (feel free to suggest! i.e. hair, markings and mutations, etc.)
Not really interested (auction some pets instead!)
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[UFA] HUGE Scenery item package! easy autos!

Postby stormy and rescuer » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:44 am

ImageEntire Scenery Item folder UFA!Image
Hello item lovers! I have decided to auction off my entire collection of Scenery items. I've got backgrounds, plants, and all kinds of other objects! Please feel free to browse my items!
What this package includes:
~ Everything in the Surroundings tab
~ All of the following sub-folders under the Objects tab; Bricks and Tools, Candles and Holders, Flags and Banners, Flowers/Plants, Household Furniture/Fixtures, and Party Supplies

This auction will end March 1st.

~Please take note of the value of the items, and remember that some of these items are from '11 and events! Item worth guide can be found here.
~No whining about my rating please ^^
~I have the right to cancel this without a winner or extend the contest.
~Send your bid as a suggestion, and tell me that it is a bid for the item package! (no need to add every item! I will add them all to my side when you win and send the trade back for you to accept <3)


Bidding rules
~Please do not offer other items, or non-CS currency
~I highly prefer wishlist, but if you would like to offer non-wishlist I would like older pets of higher value.
~No very-commons or commons please. Preferably not uncommons either.
~The offer must be at minimum a fair trade. Don't worry, I am not harsh ;) please don't be scared! I don't bite or foe, nor will I get mad at you. I will be happy to help you out if you're not sure, and you are more than welcome to make an offer even if you aren't completely certain of values.
~DO NOT send a trade if you are not certain you want these items! And please do not trade away your bid. It is very rude. Though you are welcome to change your bid any time you like!


I tried to make these reasonable to the best of my ability...
~High september list or above
~one+ of my 2 missing lions (snowflake Christmas lion, and
August PPS)
~An AMAZING offer I can't resist
0 Boosters 0
~Wishlist horses, lions, cats, and dragons
~C$ (not whole bid)
~Older pets of higher rarity
~Wishlist, of course

X Anti-Boosters X
~Uncommons and below
~Rodents, bats, spiders, even on WL


- 8/10 link
ooh, a tier 5 advent, I like! none of those pets I'm specifically looking for, but still really good!
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