🎄✨🦄 LF: COONTAIL + H: 1365C$ + P. SLEIPNIR + sorbet 🦄✨🎄

Trade your CS pets, items or C$ with other members. A great way to collect any outcomes you've missed!

🎄✨🦄 LF: COONTAIL + H: 1365C$ + P. SLEIPNIR + sorbet 🦄✨🎄

Postby ~Kærlighed~ » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:19 am

Hi guys!
I will keep it short and simple, you don't have to read much, just send me a trade if you are interested ;3

I can offer 900C$+VRs/rares+some items if wanted for noncoon/nontag

I am looking for:
~wishlist pets. Mostly, although I may make an exception if I will love an offer.
~squids (highly appreciated, I love them)

I can offer:
~rares, including ones from 2009 and so on
~items (but be aware of fact that there are ones I am not willing to trade)
~C$ (I have quite a lot of them, but since I paid real money for it I am going to offer it only in several cases)

~Any groups that are named "Wish [...]" are mostly not for trade so don't be disappointed if I will cancel
~Please try to leave at least short message in the trade

And that's mostly it :3 Don't worry, I don't bite, I don't mind suggestions and editing trades but please remember that it doesn't mean I will always accept trades, some of my pets are quite special to me and I don't want to trade them off. Feel free to ask though ^^
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