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We have rules against sharing personal or identifying information. They are in place to keep our users safe but lately we have had an increased amount of users insisting on sharing their age by posting age ranges (i.e. 12-14) or just adding a plus sign after their real age (i.e. 13+). In your own interest you should not share any of your personal information or hint at it.

Adult members commonly place 18+ in their signature to signal they are an adult even if they are much older but this leads younger users to mistakenly believe there will be no issue when they do the same. So don't do it. There are other ways for you to express that you are an adult.

Please remember that not everyone on the internet is a good person and you can make yourself the target of predators when sharing your age. We think it's best that you stay anonymous online to keep yourself safe. Anonymous means no-one knows who you really are. So don't tell people your real name, your age, or where you live and go to school. Don't share photos of your face. Don't give out any information that someone might use to work out who you are or where to find you.

Please click here to check our privacy rules in more detail!
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by Daves in 4:32:42
by cosmiccalzone in 1:16:10
by Isabella45 in 10:19
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