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Site news

1st October 17

It's October already and there are many things happening this month!

There are new pets to adopt on our Adopt pages!

We also have new dress up challenges ready for you!

It's time for new store pets aswell! These magical puppies were made by Swiftalu and you can buy a set for C$60!

Our annual Halloween Event will begin later this month too, so keep an eye on the news! :)

14th September 17

Oekaki outage

Hey everyone! There's a problem with our webhost at the moment which means that most Oekaki drawings will not be available for editing. They should be back soon!

Oekaki drawings should be back again now, you may need to refresh the page.

1st September 17

It is now September! That means there are new pets to adopt. Get them now!


September also means we are having our annual staff litter! This is a special litter that was put together by multiple staff members. You can find it on our dogs adoption page.

Don't forget to visit our dress ups page! New challenges have arrived so show us what your toybox has to offer! :)

4th August 17

Our Summer Event is now complete! We hope everybody had fun! I wonder where we'll go next year?

We've now switched back to our regular green site theme. If you're still longing to be under the sea, you can switch your Board Style back to "CSSea" from your My Account page.

3rd August 17

Today is the last day you can trade in your tokens for our Summer Vacation event! Don't miss out!

There is a countdown on the main event page to let you know how much time you have left.