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7th December 17

These ponchos and capes by Swiftalu and Vampiric fit just about all species! :D

Click here to go collect today's gift!
Click here to show us which crazy species you dressed in today's items!

4th December 17

Don't forget to visit the Advent Calendar every day to pick up a new gift :D

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1st December 17

Today's the first day of our Advent Calendar!
There will be new gifts from December 1st - December 25th, but they only stay for 24 hours each so make sure to check every day so you don't miss any! The final gift will be available until the end of the month so don't worry if you can't come online on Christmas Day.

Discuss the Advent Calendar in the Events Discussion board.

We've switched over to our Christmas theme to get into the holiday spirit but if you want to go back to our regular green theme, you can choose CSDullGreen as your board style on your My Account page.

We are all excited about the Advent Calendar, but don't forget to adopt our regular December pets too!

There are also new store pets available this month!
You get an exclusive outcome when you buy the whole set! This litter was made by our retired artist Chia!

And lastly, we have put up some new Dressup Challenges today!

30th November 17

It's now the 30th of November on CS! You know what that means?

The Advent Calendar starts tomorrow!
25 days of gifts await you :D don't miss it!

5th November 17

Our Halloween event is now over, we hope everybody had fun! We've now switched back to our regular green site theme. If you're missing Halloween already, you can change back to our CSHallow board style from your My Account page.