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21st July 17

Avian, I hope you're only packing the essentials... are you sure you need all that stuff where you're going?

20th July 17

Woohoo, Avian and Totoro have been spotted packing their bags for their upcoming Summer Vacation!

You'd better get your pets ready too if you'd like to join them on vaca! But what kind of things will your pets need? Hmmm...

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1st July 17

July pets are available now!
Get them on the Adopt pages!

The new month also brings new Dress-up Challenges! Check them out. :)

18th June 17

Don't miss this month's Dress-up Challenges!

1st June 17


It's now June on CS!
There are new pets to adopt this month and additionally our General Helpers have put together a special litter for you. Adopt them now!

There are also new Dress-up Challenges!
Enter your own pets or view the entries of other users. :)


And check out our new Store Pets!
These cute fennec foxes were made by Swiftalu, and you can buy a set for just C$60!

Our last store pets came in late so they'll stay for some extra days!