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8th September 14


This year we are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival (or Moon Festival) with some special pets and items from sketchi!

You can find these pets/items on the "Other" species page in the Adopt list.

The Mid-Autumn festival is an Asian holiday which is celebrated by many countries including China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines

5th September 14
4th September 14


Atwood has added some more variety to the jackets and trousers in the Casual Clothes section of the store!

1st September 14


It's a new month, with a new set of pets to adopt, so adopt yours now!

This month we have our special annual "all-staff litter" to adopt, which has pets contributed by Atwood, Bentley, bel racat, Bernouli, Captain Kaycee, cataract, Cloudsong, DoctorDraca, Fiery Gatoh, Graham, Hekomi, Jadeghost, Liddi, Lilian Nightshade, MetallicDragon, OrchidSprig, PitchBlack, Pluma, Saikiyo, sketchi, Solloby, Soulwings, TheCalicoTabby, Tyr, Vampiric, Verdana, versicolor and Yağmur! Wow!

15th August 14

Our Egypt event is now over! Thanks for playing!

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