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Site news

13th November 15

There's another new Dress-ups Challenge this month!

The theme is: Guess Who? Famous characters
Dress up your pet as a TV/movie/game character or famous person!

9th November 15

Our Halloween Event is now over!

Thanks for celebrating with us this year :)

We've now switched back to our regular green site theme, but if you're still in a Halloween mood then you can change your "board style" back to "CSHalloween" in your My Account settings.

8th November 15


There's a new Dress-ups Challenge available!

For this challenge we put your creativity to the test with a limit of up to 7 items per dress-up! Let's see your Simple-but-Sweet dress-ups!

8th November 15

Today's the last day to trade in your Halloween candy, don't miss out! Remember that Chicken Smoothie's timezone is probably not the same as yours, so check the countdown timer on the Halloween page to see when trade-ins will close.

4th November 15

Our Halloween candy hunt is now over!

I hope everybody had fun! You'll still be able to trade in the candy you've found on the Halloween page for another 5 days. Be sure to trade in early so that you don't accidentally miss the end of the trade-in period!