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Summer Adventure

Site news

22nd July 17

OH YEAH, IT'S ON! Time for Avian & Totoro's 2017 Summer Vacation!
This year Avian is taking us swimming down deep to an underwater city!

Click here to join them on their adventure!
During our Summer Event there are new gifts and new challenges every day! Click around and explore so you can pick up all the available gifts and see if there are any new areas to investigate. Take your time reading the information on each page, as the citizens of this underwater city all have important things to tell us.

Our website has taken a dive into the watery depths of the CS Sea, but if you prefer our regular green layout you can change back to the "CSDullGreen" board style from your Board Preferences page.

21st July 17

Are you warm enough Avian? You look a little chilly

21st July 17

Avian, I hope you're only packing the essentials... are you sure you need all that stuff where you're going?

20th July 17

Woohoo, Avian and Totoro have been spotted packing their bags for their upcoming Summer Vacation!

You'd better get your pets ready too if you'd like to join them on vaca! But what kind of things will your pets need? Hmmm...

Join the Dress-ups Challenge!

1st July 17

July pets are available now!
Get them on the Adopt pages!

The new month also brings new Dress-up Challenges! Check them out. :)