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Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie! You can sign up for a free account to save your pets in, or if you like you can adopt pets without creating an account. Unlike some other websites, you don't need to click on your pets to make them grow up, they grow up without you needing to do anything!

Get started right away by clicking the "Adopt" button above!

Site news

29th July 14

Don't panic if you feel like you're not keeping up very well with the event so far. We're only just starting day 5 of the event, so there is still plenty of time for collecting those pets and tokens before the event ends!

The event is likely to run for about 10 - 14 days. When the end date has been set, we will post in the news to warn people before the event is over.

All the token quests have been unlocked now, so don't worry, there are no more surprises to save your tokens for later!

Oh no! When CS tourists opened the Queen's chamber, a curse was unleashed. Now there are beetles everywhere!

The Queen seems to be angry about something. Maybe we can help her?

28th July 14

The guards have now let people into the pyramid, but it seems to be impossible to enter the Queen's chamber...

Maybe the entrance is just temperamental, and we should try again later.

27th July 14


Thanks to the valiant efforts of thousands of Chicken Smoothie members, the map has been completed!

However, the guards in the entrance chamber aren't letting anybody inside. Maybe if we give them our bricks they'll let us through?

26th July 14


The Pyramid Map is nearly complete!

Wary travelers have been combing the desert for map pieces all throughout the night, cursing CS for the insomnia epidemic, but the fruits of their efforts will soon be known. Will the pyramid offer gold and jewels, or a deadly curse?

If you want to find out then turn in your map fragments as soon as possible so Archie can finish piecing the map together!

Archie will still accept map fragments after he completes this map, as he has many more incomplete maps in his collection. So don't worry, you still have the whole event to work on your pet collection!

Remember to visit the stores each day to see what free gifts they have for you :)

25th July 14


Avian and Totoro have made it to their destination!

Click here to join them on their summer vacation!

Remember to check all the locations every day for more free gifts! And don't forget: each user is only allowed one account. If you create extra accounts to cheat for extra event rewards, then you will be banned.

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