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27th November 14


Today there is a special "Turkey Day" surprise on the Hatchery Adopt page!

For those of you in the USA, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

26th November 14

Image Image
There are some new goggles items available in the Acccessories page of the Store, made by DoctorDraca!

19th November 14

Hey everyone! Due to an outage at our DNS provider, Chicken Smoothie is currently inaccessible for about half of the planet. We're working to bring that back online, and hope that it will be mostly cleared up within the next few hours. Sorry for the interruption!

6th November 14

Our Halloween event is now over! I hope everybody had fun!

I've changed our site layout to our regular green theme. If you're still feeling the Halloween spirit, you can change your board style back to the Halloween one from your board preferences!

5th November 14

We're now in the final couple of hours of the Halloween event!

Make sure you visit the event page and spend your candy tokens before it's too late!

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