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Join the dressups challenge!


Adopt free virtual pets at Chicken Smoothie!

Collect new pets every month, watch them grow, dress them up and trade them with friends! Create artwork using our free online Oekaki app, and join clubs, roleplays, and discussions in the Forum!

Get started right away by clicking the "Adopt" button above!

Click here for the Advent Calendar!

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5th December 16

Don't forget to enter the Dress-ups Challenge this month!

2nd December 16

It's Day 2 of our Advent Calendar!
Have you tried out our Seasonal Name Generator yet? :)

1st December 16

Oops, in all the excitement we forgot to put up December's 2nd Gen Litter! Available now, don't miss out!

1st December 16

It's now December on Chicken Smoothie!


Today is the first day of our Christmas Advent Calendar! We will have a new gift for you to adopt every day from December 1st - 25th :D Make sure to visit the Advent page every day to pick up your present!

There are just a few normal pets available to Adopt too, so don't miss those :)

Click here to join our Holidays Dress-ups Challenge!

We've now switched over to our Christmas site theme for December. If you're longing for the green days of summer, you can switch back to our default "CSDullGreen" board style from your My Account page.

11th November 16

November 11th is Veterans Day, Armistice Day, and Remembrance Day
A day to remember our veterans and those who died in service of our countries.

Pluma has made us some free items to mark the occasion, you can pick them up on the Dogs Adopt page.

Only available for a few days, so grab them now!